The Weekly Dump 4.24.20

Summer is Over Before it Began

Anyone else feeling that way? There’s a strong possibility that the Boardwalk will stay closed this summer due to the coronavirus. Even if the shelter in place is lifted, the 6 foot rule will be difficult if not impossible to enforce at the Boardwalk. And what about the rides? Boardwalk employees won’t be able to wipe everything down and sanitize after every ride. And I just don’t think people would come here right now even if it were open. Truthfully, the people that would come here from outside Santa Cruz are the people I want to stay the fuck away. I’m fine with taking the summer off from tourists. The city on the other hand would probably have to declare bankruptcy if that happened. It would be a serious blow to the city (and county) revenue streams. City jobs would get cut. Services will inevitably get cut. But I’d much rather be safe than sorry here. We’re waging war against an unknown enemy right now. No need to make that worse than it already is.

The governor this week said there is no fixed date to ease coronavirus shelter-at-home restrictions. He addressed testing, saying the state has set a goal to test 60,000 to 80,000 people a day, up from about 16,000 coronavirus tests being conducted daily currently. He also said he had a phone call with Trump, and they agreed to significantly increase testing across California, with hundreds of thousands of new swabs coming and 86 new testing sites opening.

Face Masks Required While Shopping in Public in Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz County, the county health officer (who seems to have omnipotent like powers over the public right now) just declared that everyone has to wear a mask when engaging with essential services businesses or in group public settings. The order impacts public, commercial and governmental spaces where face-to-face interactions may pose a risk of transmission, including grocery stores, health care offices, restaurant pickup counters, public transit, essential government offices and more.

And if you want to ride a local bus, better cover your face!

New Leaf Closes Aptos Store After Employees Test Positive For COVID-19

New Leaf Community Markets has temporarily closed their Aptos Village location after seven staff members were recently diagnosed with coronavirus. The Aptos store previously closed and reopened recently after a deep cleaning but has now closed again after multiple employees were diagnosed positive. New Leaf said they are working with health care providers to test all of their Aptos staff and will cover all costs of screening staff members for the virus, as well as continuing to pay their staff while they are home.

K9 Luna Drops the Hammer on Local Bum

Wednesday night around 7:30PM, SCPD responded to the area near Broadway and Clay Streets for a report of a person randomly smashing out car windows with a long pipe and a hammer. Shortly after that, they located the suspect wielding a machete in a parking lot on the 200 block of Ocean Street. After refusing to drop the machete, even holding it to his own throat at one point, he finally dropped it but continued to be non-compliant so officers deployed a 40 mm non-lethal round at the man. He continued to be non-compliant before throwing a hammer at officers. Officers shot with with more non-lethal rounds and with the help of K9 Luna, the man was quickly incapacitated and arrested. The 31 year old man was treated at the hospital for injuries sustained during his arrest before being carted off to jail on charges of resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner, assaulting a police officer, and felony vandalism. A judge granted a $50,000 bail increase and a no release order.

It’s a Get Out of Jail Free Party!

Saturday afternoon around 4PM on Saturday, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 5200 block of Prescott Road in Soquel after neighbors heard breaking glass coming from a nearby home. They called 911 after seeing several suspects inside the house. After deputies arrived, one deputy spotted one of the suspects walking towards the creek right behind the home and the other two suspects climbing up the hillside from the creek. With the help of a K9 and several other deputies, all three suspects were arrested and booked for residential burglary, vandalism and resisting arrest. Of course all 3 got out of jail free! It’s the new normal!


Tuesday afternoon, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 1000 block of Emeline Avenue for a report of a robbery where two homeless subjects armed with a machete apparently sliced open someone’s palm and stole his wallet and cell phone. SCPD joined in the search for the suspect, who was located near the Tannery and after a short chase was arrested along the side of Highway 1 near River street at gunpoint . A second suspect known only as “Billy” and/or “Dread”, was not located or arrested. The victim and suspects all knew each other from a nearby homeless shelter. The bum they caught was arrested for robbery and assault. Last check he’s still in county jail on a $25K bond. And he’s been arrested 22 times locally since 2013. We get what we’re willing to tolerate!

Sudden Impact

Tuesday night around 6PM, Watsonville Police responded to the 200 block of Sudden Street after getting reports about a shooting. After they arrived, they found a 29 year old male suffering from a gunshot wound to the arm sitting in a car with a 4 year old child. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. Watsonville police said the suspected gunman was last seen running east on California Street and believe he was wearing a mask at the time of the shooting. They think the shooting could possibly be gang related. No arrests have been made.

Brawling For Big Gulps

Thursday afternoon around 5PM, SCPD responded to the 7/11 on Ocean and Broadway after getting reports about 4 people fighting with some kind of weapons. Three of them left in a black Mercedes heading towards the Boardwalk while another man jumped in a silver Chevy and tried to leave before being stopped by SCPD. They caught up to the 3 people in the Mercedes along Broadway where they executed a high risk stop. They also found a gun in the Mercedes. At least 4 people were detained.

Watsonville Home Invasion Turns Out to be Bounty Hunters

Last Friday around 2:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 100 block of Atkinson Lane in Watsonville for a report of a possible home invasion. Turns out the invaders were actually bounty hunters capturing a fugitive. All’s well that ends well, except for the guy who jumped bail.

Bum Evacuated From Bum Camp

Saturday morning around 6:00AM, SCPD responded to a 911 call in Sycamore Grove for a subject in need of medical attention. Dispatch relayed that possible armed and confrontational individuals were also on the scene. SCPD patrol team formed a contact team with shields, N95 masks, and non-lethal weapons. Officers located the patient, who was taken down the trail to the ambulance.

Road Ragers From Morgan Hill Arrested Near Rio Del Mar

This past Monday, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to witness reports of a driver pointing a firearm at another person during a road rage incident. After getting a description of the vehicle and the license plate number,  deputies found the car near Rio Del Mar Beach. They contacted and detained the 20 year old driver and an 18 year old passenger from Morgan Hill. The passenger was in possession of a stolen firearm and the driver had a firearm that was not registered to him. They also had about 5 ounces of marijuana in the vehicle. Both were arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and gun related charges. Both guys are out of jail on bond.

Turnstiler of the Week

Monday afternoon around 2:30PM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Safeway on the 6200 block of Graham Hill Road to deal with a local recidivist bum who was under the influence and causing problems. He was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and his usual probation violation. He’s been arrested a whopping 53 times since 2013. And yes, he got yet another “PTA” AKA “Jim Hart’s Get Out of Jail Free” card. He was released on his own recognizance, because of course they know this guy by name by now.

Vibrantly Honest With Ticked Off Vic

This guy is my new hero.

Get Your Swagger On!

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  1. My Grandma lived on Sudden St about 7 years ago I have fond memories of that street. Watsonville has an obvious gang problem but a LEAST they don’t wander the streets 24/7 some actually have jobs and places to be but there still scum of the earth just not as scummy as the parasites in SC. And when WPD arrests them they stay in jail a while not like around here. I fear the public will start taking the law into there own hands and then good decent people will be locked up or worse for trying to clean up and defend the people in this town of Santa Mierda. Guy with massive tent,hand wash station and BBQ pit is still there…..

    SC should take this opportunity to rid itself of all the parasites and help the ones that need and deserve help. The parasites will just find somewhere else to be, that’s what parasites do.

  2. The enemy is a not so unknown anymore. All of this lockdown is without our consent. How is a family business not essential to that family. We’re about to see how much free Americans are willing to take. Poverty kills too.

    • Austin Twohig

      Couldn’t agree more Eugene. The cure has become worse than the virus.

      • …and its not even a cure. Is it gonna come to a point where we have to choose between a virus, starvation , and homelessness? Can we at least make a plan that works to ensure one of these wont happen, and not trample over our freedoms in the meantime?

    • Being stupid kills more. 50,000 plus dead in the USA alone. But you want business as usual?

      • I agree with Jim. Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s deadly.

        • What do you mean by ignorance is bliss? If it is an assumption that I haven’t considered the ramifications of freedom, then it’s mind reading. Mind reading is loser think.

        • No one said anything about “business as usual”, but for those not getting a check for 2 months, what are they supposed to do in the meantime?
          It’s easy for those who work from a computer to say “stay home”. We CAN go back to work if we do it responsibly.

      • Are you talking about the 7,000 people that die every day normally?

  3. Yep, it’s becoming increasingly clear the blanket lock down is not the right approach.
    Your chances of dying from Covid if one is K-12 is almost zero. The vulnerable are old with existing health problems.
    THEY should be given the priority so THEY stay out of the hospital.
    The rest should be allowed to go back to work, perhaps in smaller crowds. Herd immunity can’t come fast enough and no sane person thinks we can go on like this until a vaccine is available (except the now totally freaked public and health care power grabbers). If you feel safer knowing hundreds of people are getting $1000 tickets , 26 million and counting have lost jobs and your under 55, you are fooling yourself.
    Starting Tuesday extra beach personnel are going to be able to write those tickets. I see lotsa beach tickets.
    We need a conversation to priority protect the elderly, and the young need to realize they aren’t going anywhere and most would not even know they had Covid.

    • Sad viewpoint. Stay home, stay safe and be a good community member. At least that is my opinion. I have no clue if I have had it. I can’t get tested. Can you?

      • The data from New York says if one is under 50, the chances of dying is at 5 in 100,000, less than suicide, and nothing like the 90 in 100,000 from other reasons.
        The “everyone (except the government mandated “essential workers”) stay at home folks are going to find out the hard way that approach is not the best for them or anyone and allowances for age must be made in the response. The body bags for the economic damage come later.
        I never got a flu vaccine ever until I started doing it every year well into my 50’s and “everyone gets a flu shot” wan’t really a thing until relatively recently.
        I survived, and yes I had the flu once in my 30’s and it was awful. I never thought I was going to die and didn’t go to the hospital. This is a policy error worse than IRAQ+VIETNAM put together. The wrong message is going out. People under 50 who need to work should and stay away from people over 50, and 50 and up should stay away from everyone, especially 70 and up with health issues.
        Most people it turns out on ventilators die, and most of those have other comorbid health conditions. Largely those who survive are doing so because their immune system saves themselves. With more herd immunity, the transmission rates go way down. No sane person thinks we can do this this way until a vaccine or cure is developed. I am following isolation rules because I’m 66 and can both afford to and not afford to get sick. 100% different story for the young. One size does not fit all, other agendas are at work.

      • Austin Twohig

        And I find your viewpoint sad. Many more will die from the economic meltdown than from corona. Sweden got it right. Everyone else got it very wrong.

        • Yes! Agreed! Does everyone telling ppl to be “a good community member and stay home” think all of this is gonna end sometime soon? Um, think again. This thing isnt going away for months, if not years… are we all supposed to “stay home” for months, or years? How is that gonna work exactly? Do they think the economy will just run itself? Stop looking at this as a short term problem that will be solved by hiding and “flattening the curve” will mean the end.

  4. MuyDeplorable

    Angry Vic made my day. Also, he looks and talks like one of my uncles.

    Surveys imply that the average person is OK with the shutdown. I would like to know how many of them are government workers, who keep their jobs.

    Other news: This morning, it took about 8 SCPD cars (more than 8 cops) to do a bust across the street from the downtown CVS. Wonder what the problem was? Could not have been bike theft, vagrancy, or drug dealing. You don’t get arrested for that, do you? Maybe selling black-market toilet paper?

  5. The same people who allowed the bums to overrun our town, gave them free needles so that the local drug cartels can stay in business and allowed most of our public housing to be used by illegals (since we’re a sanctuary city) are the same people who are now bullying regular citizens into compliance with their draconian measures. Today’s news from the county is that you need to stay in your own neighborhood to exercise and if you wander too far from your home you can get fined $1,000. If we citizens get one of these tickets do we have to actually pay the fine or can we just ignore it like the homeless are allowed to do?

    This was a free county and we’re now sacrificing our freedom and our livelihoods to avoid a virus so we can live forever as subjects of the same government that failed us in so many ways. Ask the waitress who’s out of work how long she can live off her “stimulus” check. The small business owner who literally makes it from month to month who is now unable to earn a living and had to lay off his employees. The poor immigrant who used to clean motel rooms that are now empty. How long do you think these people can survive during this shutdown? On the other hand our government flunkies – like the Health Department Director who now finds herself with God-like powers even though she’s the local dealer for free needles and refused to declare the Ross Bum Camp a health hazard – continue to get a paycheck. Celebrities cheer us up (not) with their videos from their palatial homes admonishing us to all stay at home and be obedient serfs. Bill Gates – who wants a lockdown indefinitely – just bought a $16 million dollar mansion in San Diego so he can “shelter in place” near the ocean. None of these elites are economically impacted by these stay at home orders and business closures (although I did see one Hollywood star complaining that her gray roots are starting to show because she can go to the beauty parlor). So, the Elites are showing who’s boss. Even petty tyrants like our incompetent Health Director and village idiot Chief Mills are having their day in the sun. Finally SCPD can arrest someone – you and me.

    Being alive without freedom is no life. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m heading to West Cliff Drive to take a walk and look at the ocean. If I have time I’ll start throwing those signs blocking the parking lots into the ocean. Time to resist real tyranny.

    • Exactly pablo! I am that waitress (for a small business no less) that lives off tips and has yet to see any stimulus. My boss is staying open just for the employees to have work and losing money daily. What’s he supposed to do till the government kicks in? Close and throw away all that expensive perishable product? Close and hope things change soon? I’m all for being safe, but when safety outweighs logic that means fear has rule. And we all know how well thi gs play out under duress and panic.

    • Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

      I agree with everything you are saying Pablo.

  6. Gail Macdonald

    Love your weekly updates. What exactly do you mean by the get out of jail card? Doesn’t a judge decide on bail and not the sheriff? Have been wondering about this.
    Thanks for all the great information you provide to the community.

    • Yes, the presiding judge decides this. I was on John Leopold’s town hall phone call the other day and asked the sheriff this exact question. We don’t hear much about the judges in this town and obviously should take a deeper look.

    • Yes I am tired of all the blame being dropped on law enforcement when clearly the blame lies on the judges and political leaders who actually MAKE the decisions on whether they stay in or out of jail.
      Being any kind of law enforcement officer in this county is a job equivalent to shoveling shit against the tide (DA and judges), with one hand tied behind your back (political leaders/law makers).
      And all those complaining that we need more enforcement… go out and apply! I know most departments are currently hiring as well as first alarm.
      Go ahead and do what guys like Dave do for a day.

  7. MuyDeplorable

    This would be a good time to ask the public colleges (UC, State, Community) how many students are enrolling straight from China.

      • MuyDeplorable

        Why? Because non-California students must pay full, non-subsidized tuition and fees. This is profitable. There is a financial incentive to enroll as many non-California students as otherwise permitted. Remember that the decision-makers keep their jobs and salaries no matter what happens. In particular, UCSC has many such students, particularly from China.

  8. I want to second Julie’s suggestion that we look into who are the turn-stile judges, who may very well be in cahoots w/ Sheriff Hart, but are still a direct cause of the problem. Any chance Ben that you could include this info in your reports? We promise to pay attention to who they are.

  9. The bigger we make The Weekly Dump/Santa Mierda the bigger our voice will be for change in the proper direction. I’ll keep trying to be the cheerleader I’ve already told and still tell everyone who will listen about this blog and wear my gear when I can” lock down” ya know. Ya we need to know the why and how and who about why SC just lets repeat offenders go so dam fast then tells news and media not to air the dirty laundry who are they trying to protect well we all knows it’s not the regular good folks that for sure cause it does the opposite. If someone starts going on YouTube about SC we all know I got tons of footage just got to go about it so it doesn’t get me fired again. Oh and the guy on River st next to the 3 story parking garage next to Wells Fargo I think may have finally got the boot I’ll verify tomorrow but I saw him and his tent hand wash station and BBQ pit were gone. Maybe he’s going back home with mom and dad, that’s the case with many of these parasites they have a place to live and work from but rather be on the streets doing well…. we all know what’s out on the streets

    • I’ve noticed a reduction in bums sleeping on the sidewalk in front of my building the past few days and am wondering why…?
      Usually I have 3-4 bums taking up each door way of my building, a river of pee trickling down the sidewalk comming from their sleeping bags they lay passed out.
      Is there a new order that they cant sleep on the sidewalk that I’m unaware of?
      Nah, cant be. That would be too logical that everyone has to follow this lockdown and not just us productive citizens.

      • Ya the guy that I’ve been mentioning that’s been in the same spot almost 7 months is gone and where he used to be is bare dirt basically but there are still bums in sleeping bags where the bus for the “techy” people get picked up. Like I’ve said the only good thing that can come of this virus is that the true parasites can get filtered out and those who truly need help in the manner they need can get it then some balance can be restored or actually balance can finally come to SC. My wife says in SF there putting there parasites into hotels witch I think is a dumb idea mainly cause it’s going to be hard to then get them to leave and we all know parasites only destroy where there habitats (trash every they are) till it’s unrecognizable and beyond unsanitary. So I’m guessing that’s what SC is doing putting the parasites somewhere then good luck getting them out and then the worst parasites the Fng Activists I don’t like the word but I hate the dam activist in SC luckily LUCKILY I was already going to another company when they got me fired though I was out of work for 2 months cause the company I’m now with has high clearances that take awhile to get. But I still call PD on BS I see I even know some of the dispatchers that worked with my mom they’ve know me since I was about 6. This town needs to take a lesson from SVPD And WPD and there judges and probation departments ect ect. So this can stop being- Santa Cruz Free for Criminals and Drug Addicts Expensive for Everyone Else. I’m glad more people have joined us hear and wow are they smart great additions:)

  10. Mugshotssantacruz is now forbidden. I hope it’s a glitch or else WTF it’s public records

  11. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    • Like the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Easy to do when you have nothing to do all day except whine and ask for hand outs.
      Guess us productive taxpayers have too much self respect and pride to squeak that much.

    • Sad, and perfect, that this was written 100 years ago, right after the first world war. What does it take for humans to break from the loop of history repeating itself—

  12. Just the Facts

    Your sidewalk sleepers have probably moved up into the Pogonip along with everyone else Spooky. That picture of the SCPD officers at Sycamore Grove turnout is the new reality. Armed and in pairs is how they have to enter our open spaces because of the danger involved. Keep that in mind when your mountain-biking and out enjoying nature! Would love to hear Biers’ take on this, being the long-time defender of Pogonip that she is. Bone-dry underbrush and campfires don’t mix.

    • Ya police to things in pairs for safety…. ya there are no dangerous people roaming in SC. The powers that run this Circus Town really need to change things. Or does an innocent person need to get killed-again. before this town changes it many policies that keep this place so dangerous!?!?

  13. Yup! The homeless by CHOICE, addicts or Parasites as I call them are back at it again and queen Alicia K still has a “throne”. I got a heads up from my boss she’s trying to get me fired again cause I still park in the same general area I did when I worked the Galleria. And when I get off after Midnight I’ve had to tell a few “bums” to not hang out so close to my car, they then go crying to Alicia K then she start messaging people. She took pics of my car and plate knows the building I Gaurd and is trying to figure out my schedule. I’d consider that stalking.

    she had me fired cause she threatened the owner of the Galleria that if I wasn’t fired she tell all her “homeless” to start trashing the Galleria. He bent to there commands and had the security company fire me. In the message she’s under “homeless union SC” or something like that she claims it’s her and that union that hire the guards cause she refers to them as “our guards” and also said she told those guards that they are FORBIDDEN to associate with me. Make no mistake the wrong people in SC have actual power and leverage here. Why the “F” is that.

    I won’t be surprised if my car gets messed with or worse since if even if someone is caught vandalizing my car they will be given a ticket and released to keep doing it again and if I step in and try to stop them ILL GET INTO MORE TROUBLE THEN THEY WILL FOR MESSING WITH MY CAR-W-T- to the freakin-F!!!! I’ve been told to get an attorney. I know dam well it won’t do any good the parasites are to protected and probably do what they do so calculated they know they won’t get into trouble. But regular folks can if they mess with them. This town is so assbackwards and I’ll keep saying it.

    I mean crap now that all the rest of us are forced to shelter in place all I see are parasites roaming around hanging out in groups and SHARING CIGARETTES!! And the PD and the S.O keep getting there legs cut from under them or long arm of the law amputated. And if anyone were to see my vids it’s just me doing my job, how else to you enforce-No Trespassing No loitering/Camping/Sleeping on Private Property when the parasites don’t believe that those thing just don’t apply to them at all.

    And all the death threats and threats that if I wasn’t recording or if they found me when I wasn’t working they’d “beat my ass” all because I’m trying to do a job that if I wasn’t doing it someone else will and that was the case I was fired but guards for the same company Panther are still there. The activists are actually using the “homeless” as there own little army and also feed them false information “ freedom of speech crap”to further keep them on there side.

    Not if but when this all comes to an all out war Parasites VS the good citizens of SC I’ll be there on the front lines and am more then willing to sacrifice my life so SC can become the place it never was and pretends to be-a safe place to be and live.

    I’m stuck in the middle of the arguments about shelter in place vs getting people back to work. I’m lucky to not be affected work wise and I’ve always kept to myself and just don’t visit people to often cause I just take care of my wife and her daughter. And it’s a touchy subject and I know my problems are a grain of sand compared to a lot of others people immediate problems because of the pandemic either cause there out of work or they themselves are sick or people close to them are sick or have died. We all are friends here and so far looks like everyone is being civil ( agreeing to disagree) stay strong try to stay sane I’ll do my best to do the same/;)

    • It’s back up now. I think they had a database error.

    • That’s was a while ago I doubt the site going to be taken off. But if it does it’ll be complete B.S and will just further show S.C in some twisted way wants and or likes the fact that criminals and drug addicts can more then thrive here. I’m actually beyond glad it makes the jail money if people want to be taken off the site. This town is AssBackwards!!

  14. Put up 2 vids of my dog Moo-moo if you ever wondered what a Rottweiler/Pitt bull-chihuahua/papillon looks like that watches and reacts to TV. Any night of the week in Santa Cruz you’ll find my dog,cat and motorcycle and the only vid I could leave up about the Galleria.

  15. My bad I didn’t know the message board could get filled up. Just trying to do my part and keep everyone informed. I’ll still post but try to keep it a lil shorter.

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