The Weekly Dump 9.25.20

Time for the latest news and views from Santa Cruz! This week, a Watsonville man was arrested for possibly murdering his stepdaughter in Miami, COVID strikes a Watsonville nursery facility, the latest local COVID numbers, the fires are contained, fire in Zayante quickly extinguished, mischief in the mountains, dirty laundry, bums being bums, our number one public safety hazard, pick 3 for the city, and we say farewell to Atlas.

The Weekly Dump 9.18.20

Another week, another Weekly Dump! This week, we’re talking about the guy stabbed to death in Depot Park, we’ve go the latest local COVID updates, we’ve got a guy swilling vodka from a bottle with a fake gun on Main Beach, guys selling guns in the Costco parking lot, why resist, rounding up perverts in Watsonville, if at first you don’t succeed, ruffling progressive feathers, local voting updates, and more!

The Weekly Dump 9.11.20

We’re back with another week of trying to stay sane in Santa Cruz. I know it’s not easy. I struggle to find my mojo to keep doing this every week. But I plod on. Our COVID numbers went down a little, then they went back up and now we’re worried about another local spike, the local fires are starting to see good containment, twins from Watsonville got arrested for attempted murder, tased and confused, felons with guns and drugs, homeward bound, beats a penny, hanky panky at the county jail, Watsonville’s dumbest criminals, the only three names you need to remember, Manu, and we remember the day the world changed forever.

The Weekly Dump 9.4.20

Summer is over! This week Santa Cruz leaders finally have an epiphany moment about closing our local beaches, updates on COVID and the fire, a man was arrested for stabbing his grandfather in the neck and killing him, another guy was arrested for trying to burn his housemates alive, firefighters find a pipe bomb in the burn zone, gangbanger arrested in Watsonville, picking low hanging fruit, Ocean Street robber arrested, turnstiler of the week, Kaiser Arena opens it’s doors to evacuees, and the Rangers are getting thrown under the bus by SCPD. Typical week!