The Weekly Dump 7.29.16

New Weekly Dump! This weeks topics include Downtown Rangers program, local wildfire dangers, downtown OD, bicyclist mowed down, City Council watch, new Starbucks coming to Ocean, new restaurant coming to Pacific, Taylor Dayne, DeCinzotized, weekly shoutouts, local food porn, and more!

The Weekly Dump 7.22.16

Big Weekly Dump! Topics include earthquakes, wharf to wharf, downtown shooting, transient fire in Wilder Ranch, Steve Clark, West Nile virus at Neary Lagoon, Toad, Maddy remembered, weekly shoutouts, community love for SCPD, and an updated city council election watch. You know where to get the local dirt each week. Share it with your friends!

The Weekly Dump 7.15.16

A 29-year-old Santa Cruz transient man was arrested Wednesday night after he broke into Central Home Supply on River Street, initiated a standoff with police, then set the building on fire, police said. Police believe the man targeted the landscaping and construction materials business because of ongoing problems with illegal camping in a wooded area between the business and Highway 1.

The Weekly Dump 7.8.16

This week’s Dump covers homelessness parallels in Santa Cruz, Lighthouse field, “Privates” beach access, listening to SCPD in real time, Seabreeze Tavern changes, the Family Stone, weekly shoutouts, Decinzotized, and the city council race review!

The Weekly Dump 7.1.16

In large part because the city of Santa Cruz refuses to have an official, city-sanctioned fireworks display for the 4th of July, Santa Cruz will look and sound like a war zone as thousands of people descend into Santa Cruz to shoot off their illegal fireworks. The city has tried to prevent this seemingly every year, and every year the problem not only seems to get worse, it starts a week before the actual holiday.

The Weekly Dump 6.24.16

Topics include a discussion of what’s next for the Cotoni-Coast Dairy Property, street improvements come to Santa Cruz, Woodies on the Wharf, Pleasure Point street fair, Tannery weekly art markets, Freedom Sleepers, Free BOC at the Boardwalk, Weekly shoutouts!, and an update on the city council race candidates.

The Weekly Dump 6.17.16

Members of the Santa Cruz community, including the mayor and city council members, turned out to show support for the victims of the recent Orlando shootings. Dozens of people congregated at the clock tower downtown, showing their support for the LGBT communities. For what it’s worth, some of them sang songs and carried signs that mostly said hooray for our side.

The Weekly Dump 6.10.16

The last place you want to be this weekend is sitting in a car trying to get somewhere in Santa Cruz. It’s going to be a parking lot. Bring snacks and lots of patience. Here’s a schedule of graduation ceremonies taking place in and around Santa Cruz this weekend:

The Weekly Dump 6.3.16

Nothing brings out every local progressive like a free Bernie Sanders rally! Doesn’t anyone work in this town? Apparently not the thousands of people that lined up for at least a mile on a Tuesday morning. Sanders made a quick stop at Kaiser Permanente Arena in downtown Santa Cruz on May 31st, and the line to get in went all the way into the Beach Flats neighborhood. They love their Bernie in Santa Cruz!

The Weekly Dump 5.27.16

It’s the week after Memorial Day weekend so I guess summer has officially begun. Let’s get this party started! Gridlock is expected pretty much everywhere. Roads to definitely avoid: Ocean, Mission, River, Front, Center, Pacific. These roads will lead you to nowhere and have you wishing you never left home.