At the recent city council meeting, council members Cynthia Mathews and Donna Meyers drafted a motion to censure council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover over their well documented abusive behavior towards female city staff. The item was added to the agenda but 4 city council members (including the 2 being censured) voted to “table” the item indefinitely. Justin Cummings showed a lack of spine and Sandy Brown showed she’s not a feminist in any sense of the word. Mathews, Meyers, and Watkins all took strong, defiant positions despite being constantly heckled by what I can only describe as sad, misguided, morally bankrupt people.

I just wanted to thank Cynthia, Donna, Martine, and Susie for showing character, courage, and conviction. Something the others sadly lacked that night.

Please sign the petition below, which sends an email to the Santa Cruz city council, as well as to the city manager and Susie. You can edit and customize the message as you like. Thanks! Show them how much you appreciate their efforts and support them.

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