The Weekly Dump 1.13.17

Atmospheric River Pours Through Santa Cruz

I see a chocolate river but where are the oompa loompas?

Last weekend, Santa Cruz was smacked by what the National Weather Service called an “atmospheric river” of rain, wind, and general bad weather misery. There was a lot of scare in the air, mostly brought on by a heightened sense of media coverage that included a lot of fear mongering (but better safe than sorry I guess!). I kept hearing predictions about ark inducing floods, and feet of rain. There was some isolated flooding in low lying areas, the usual accidents, mudslides, and downed trees along 17, and the San Lorenzo river did run pretty high through downtown but was never really in danger of breaching the levee there. The flooding issues related to the San Lorenzo were more contained to upstream, from Ben Lomond and Felton through Paradise Park and to the Tannery area. So despite the hype, I think we fared pretty well here. The bigger problem was with the roads, the infrastructure failures, trees falling on wires, trees falling on cars, trees falling across roadways (old Gillian Greensite must be having a coronary over all the trees falling…). By midweek, the flooding had grown in some of the areas like Paradise Park and areas of Felton. Aptos also had a number of weather related issues to deal with. But the biggest problem by far seemed to involve getting in or out of Santa Cruz, since there were so many random mudslide closures on 17 and 9 for days. Traffic was a nightmare. But it’s supposed to dry out this weekend. We need it. 

Too Much Rain Prompts Emergency Water Rationing in Santa Cruz

Yes, I know. That really makes no sense. Only in Santa Cruz. Early Monday morning, a portion of the Newell Creek Pipeline in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park was damaged by a still undetermined cause, believed to be storm related. The underground Newell Creek Pipeline carries water between Loch Lomond Reservoir in Felton to the city’s Graham Hill Treatment Plant as needed. The city issued a request to its 96,000 customers to cut back use by about 30 percent. The city’s emergency declaration was issued after an effort to weld the leaking pipe segment failed to hold Wednesday morning. More information on the water shortage is available here, including frequent community updates.

I always hear about the “social services safety net” that we blow huge chunks of tax dollars on to make sure we can service our ever growing transient homeless population (despite it being a COUNTY and not a city responsibility). How about we start a “infrastructure safety net” where we can invest some of our tax money into our infrastructure improvements for those of us that actually pay to live here, like fixing broken down roads and bridges, pruning and cutting back tress and vegetation, and insuring water pipes are safe and secure, and money for additional public works emergency services in an actual emergency (like we are having now). I know fixing roads and water pipes isn’t “sexy” or likely to get on anyone’s immediate radar, but as we can see now, it’s pretty important mierda

President Obama Creates Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument

In one of his final conservation acts before leaving the White House next week, President Obama on Thursday granted national monument status to the Coast Dairies property, a 5,800-acre scenic coastal expanse between Santa Cruz and Davenport that stretches for six miles along Highway 1. Obama added Coast Dairies and five other pieces of land to the existing California Coastal National Monument, an area set up 17 years ago by President Bill Clinton to protect offshore rocks and islands. The properties, all owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, total roughly 6,200 acres. They include rugged oceanfront bluffs along Humboldt County’s Lost Coast and the historic Piedras Blancas lighthouse near Hearst Castle.

“We are grateful to President Obama for this national monument designation. It is essential to the continued protection of California’s precious coastline, and the redwood forests and marine terraces that are connected to the coast. We look forward to the community planning efforts that will assure conservation of these lands and public access.” said former Santa Cruz Assemblyman Fred Keeley, now a board member for the Sempervirens Fund, a non-profit environmental group that led efforts for the designation.

Critics who live near the Santa Cruz property, which is officially now called the Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument after the Ohlone Indians whose territory once included the area, urged a delay. They feared the designation will bring large groups of people to the area along Highway 1. Supporters of the effort, which include environmental groups and several members of Congress, said it is likely to help draw in private and federal funds to pay for trails, rangers and other features that will allow it to be opened to the public. Last year, the BLM began patrolling the land. But it has not yet set a date for broad public access because of the limited number of rangers and funds. Although BLM has owned the property for two years, there are no signs, parking areas or restrooms, or a management plan for the land, which is padlocked. 

I discussed why I supported this back in June of last year in case you missed it

Registered Sex Offender Strolls Into Santa Cruz High School Gym

A convicted sex offender was arrested on outstanding warrants after he walked into the Santa Cruz High School gym about 12:30PM Tuesday, according to SCPD.  A registered sex offender thought it was a good idea to walk into the gymnasium at Santa Cruz high school. I wonder why? He was also apparently a “transient”. Imagine that! The transient male was seen walking into the gym by coaching staff where campus security stopped him. He was arrested about a block from Santa Cruz High School after he was escorted from campus. The suspect also faces two Nevada County warrants on suspicion of sex with a minor and burglary, both felonies, according to Deputy Chief Dan Flippo. According to court records he was was convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor in January 2015 in Nevada County. Transient sex offender from Nevada County ends up where? In Santa Cruz of course. Where else would he go? Give us your tired, your poor, your transient sex offenders. Parents of students were notified about the man’s arrest. The suspect was in custody at Santa Cruz County Jail on Wednesday and was being held without bail.


Let’s look at this multiple probation violation transient, WHO WAS FACING 6 FELONIES IN GRASS VALLEY FROM LAST YEAR, who was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child in a case involving a girl younger than 14 with whom he had had inappropriate sexual contact, a case he would plead no contest to in July to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse on. Did I mention he was also arrested in Santa Cruz on 12/26 locally? Of course he was given the “County Shuffle” of going from being a local homeless bum on the streets to county jail to back on the street (in probably less than one day on 12/26). Arrested 12/26. Creeping on high school girls at SCHS 2 weeks later, thanks to our local courts and county probation. This guy is the poster child for the failure of Proposition 47 and 57. And our local courts and district attorney’s office. How many other creepers are wandering around out there that are byproducts of the failure of our state and local government to keep the community safe?

Hash Oil Lab Explosion Damages Three Rooms at Pasatiempo Inn

A makeshift hash oil lab at the Pasatiempo Inn blew up and caused damage to 3 rooms at the inn last Friday. Nobody was injured and police arrested a man in connection with the lab. The man reportedly told the front desk he wanted a room “far away from everyone else” because he didn’t want to be disturbed while he studied. Numerous complaints about the smell of marijuana prompted the inn to ask the man to check out. The same day, a housekeeper entered the room and noticed hash oil manufacturing equipment. Before Scotts Valley Fire could clear the room, the lab exploded, damaging 3 rooms. 

More from KSBW

Speaking of hash oil labs, I had a few people tell me recently that a friend of theirs who got caught up in another local hash oil lab case (apparently he wasn’t involved but was in the wrong place at the wrong time) had his case dismissed in Santa Cruz county court on Wednesday. I remember the case, because a handful of local losers tried to shame the poor guy on their little circle jerk websites and social media pages, mostly because he was seen as a local public safety advocate and had past ties to certain local community groups by association. This handful of fear mongering hypocrites, who constantly rail about people being shamed in the media, gleefully shamed this guy publicly, railroading him though their progressive court of public opinion. Oh, did I mention his case was dismissed Wednesday? By a real judge in a real court of law. Do as they say, not as they do. 

Man Dies After Fall From Davenport Beach Cliff

A Los Gatos man is dead after falling about 40 feet from a cliff near Davenport Beach at around 3:45AM on Tuesday morning. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is calling it an accident. A group of people hanging out at a bonfire on Davenport Beach heard the man yelling for help. The man apparently slipped from the cliff and fell into the ocean. People on the beach called 911. The man died during transport to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Sad. I wouldn’t recommend scrambling around on the trail to Davenport Beach at 3:45AM. Or even after dark. It’s pretty scary in the daylight, can get really slippery on the rocks and it’s usually muddy most of the way, and one slip and you’re going over a high cliff and into the cold, deep, unforgiving Pacific Ocean. And that’s a fall I never want to take. 

Woman Rescued From Branciforte Creek 

Monday night, Santa Cruz Fire rescued a woman from Branciforte Creek after someone saw her in the water calling for help near the 500 block of Ocean Street. Branciforte Creek, which flows through a 25-foot deep concrete aqueduct in downtown Santa Cruz was anywhere from 3-5 feet deep due to storm runoff. Firefighters threw a rope bag down to the woman and tied her off to ensure she was not carried away by the current and rescue swimmers entered the water to assist her, according to fire officials. Three rescue swimmers jumped in and brought the woman to an extraction point further downstream and lifted her from the creek using a technical rope system. The woman spent almost an hour in the water and was exhibiting symptoms of hypothermia. She was subsequently flown to a Bay Area trauma center. Information about her condition was not immediately available. 

Man and Woman Rescued From Felton Creek

Around 4PM on Tuesday afternoon, a couple of local morons took an inflated raft down Boulder Creek and had to be rescued by rope in the rain, according to the Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Three rescue swimmers descended steep banks at the 13000 block of West Park Avenue to retrieve one of the rafters who climbed atop a debris pile after the raft overturned, Fire Chief Kevin McClish said. The other person, a woman who later got out of the river on her own, was not located during the initial rescue. Someone living at West Park Avenue heard the man yelling for help from the debris pile, McClish said. The man was wearing waders that had filled with water. McClish didn’t know the water’s temperature, but he said it is cold enough to generate hypothermia. He said it is fortunate no one was hurt in the rafting expedition, which carried on about a half mile. “People should not be getting in the river right now,” he said in likely the understatement of the year. 

Car Drives Off Boat Ramp Into Water Near Crow’s Nest

Saturday night around 7PM, a report came in that a car had driven into the water next to the Crow’s Nest at the Santa Cruz Harbor. I heard about a water rescue that took place, with multiple rescue units involved. Apparently, 2 people ended up in the water and being transported to Dominican. CHP was also involved and suspected the driver of a possible DUI, so they followed to the hospital. It’s possible the bad weather could have also played a part here. It was pouring rain when this happened. I heard a number of employees from the Crow’s Nest jumped in the freezing cold water in the pouring rain and pulled an elderly couple from the vehicle. It sounds like they would have died if these folks hadn’t intervened here. Really lucky couple here. 

Man Robs Bank in Felton With Umbrella

Tuesday around 10:30AM, a white male in his early 40s walked into Liberty Bank in Felton and told a teller he had a gun and demanded money, according to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. The man, who carried a wet umbrella, remained at large in connection with taking an undisclosed amount of money from the bank at the 6000 block of Highway 9, Sgt. Chris Clark said. The man is described as a white male about 6 feet tall, wearing light-khaki pants and a green jacket and a multicolored beanie with a tassel and flaps that covered his ears, stated the bank manager. She said the experience was frightening, but the man was not intimidating. “He spoke very softly. He walked up to the teller, told her that he needed some money and handed her a withdrawal slip”. She said the man mentioned that he had a gun and again demanded money. “He had an umbrella that was not in good repair so he fussed around with that,” the manager said. “He had it open when he walked in the bank. He was trying to use it to shield his face and the teller kept having to tell him it was getting water on her desk. That was before he told her he had a gun”. There were no customers in the bank at the time. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information to call 831-471-1121.

Could it be? Nah. It couldn’t be. 

Shots Fired at Burger King on Soquel

Friday night around 11:30PM, numerous calls came in of shots fired at the Burger King on Soquel. SCPD found multiple shell casings on scene near the drive in entrance. SCPD was looking for a Black Honda, late 90’s model that left the scene at the time of the shooting. It sounds like they had witnesses but were having a hard time locating them. It doesn’t sound as if anyone was hit or there were any victims of a gunshot wound, at least not at the scene. 

Woman Hit By Car on Mount Hermon Road

Wednesday night around 5:45PM, a woman was run over by a vehicle on Mount Hermon Road in Scotts Valley. The reports I got were that it happened near the CVS and KMart, and that the victim ended up being flown out to a trauma center over the hill. Apparently it involved a younger woman (the victim) and an older woman (the person driving the car who hit her). Witnesses and bystanders tended to the victim until the ambulance arrived. Another witness reported that the victim might have been jaywalking and the woman driving the car slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting her but was rear ended by another car and this pushed her into and possibly over the victim. No word on the victim’s current condition here, and I’ve still heard pretty much nothing in the local mainstream media news on this story. 

Bum Threatens Staff at Marianne’s Ice Cream

A bum on Ocean street wandered into Marianne’s on Ocean on Saturday night and refused to leave, threatening to throw a flashlight at one of the employees. SCPD found the guy wandering along Ocean a block away and ran his name, and they found out he’s from New Mexico. His most recent prior was earlier that day. I don’t think Marianne’s wanted to press charges, but they mentioned wanting the guy kept away. He was also wanted in Florida for outstanding warrants but they wouldn’t come get him. We’re a bum magnet. 

Meth Bust in Harvey West Park

A Santa Cruz man and woman are accused of selling methamphetamine from a vehicle in Harvey West Park, where police said witnesses saw customers apparently making purchases from the parked drug source on Thursday, according to SCPD. The man and woman were arrested on suspicion of having a controlled substance for sale. Police recovered 9 grams of meth during the bust, which took place last Thursday at about 5:30PM. The officer who observed the vehicle talked to the couple and others present tried to interfere and prevent the officer from searching the vehicle. Other officers were called in to assist in the arrests.

Former City Councilman Has Planning Commission Hearing 

A certain local slumlord (who also happens to be a former city councilman) has applied to put “a 264 square foot addition to create a duplex on a parcel exceeding 5,5000 square feet in the R-M zone district.” There is a public hearing on Wednesday, January 18th at 10am. This is the same guy who was caught renting out a shed with no bathroom while he sat on the city council. The same guy who was censured by his peers on the city council. The same guy who possibly had ethics violations with a long pattern of questionable reporting his property income. 

Hugh’s News

City Council Meeting January 10, 2017
Did anyone else catch Cynthia Mathews giving the female version of “mansplaining” to Chris Krohn when he went all Leeroy Jenkins on everyone trying to force his motion on the agenda calendar? And the way she patronized him by calling him “Christopher” (all maternal like) instead of the preferred protocol (Councilmember Krohn). Loved it! It’s setting the tone for the next 3 years and 11 months. And they have to sit next to each other! – BD

Well we have our new council! Chambers were pretty packed. Taxi Cab Industry Regulation – this is a motion to convert several loading zones downtown into taxicab stands between the hours of 8pm and 2am and directing staff to contact local travel network companies (Uber/Lyft) requesting data on local drivers, and to direct the Mayor to write a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission urging stronger regulation of the TNC industry. Did you know that Uber and Lyft drivers do not go through a fingerprinting process? I understand the convenience of Uber and Lyft but do we know who we are getting into a car with? Each cab driver is vetted, has to get finger printed in each city they work in. So if a cabby is driving in Santa Cruz and also Capitola they have to pay for fingerprints in each City. Uber/Lyft drivers are taking away their clients, not having to pay these fees. Cabbies are paying them and now have less customers. Doesn’t seem fair to me at all.

The Resolution to Maintain Trust and Safety for Local Immigrants. After the election many Santa Cruz residents had shared with Council that they were concerned about the potential policies and actions of the President-elect. Residents wanted the City of Santa Cruz make a statement of support to the local immigrant community and for the City to be a place of sanctuary for immigrants in that no City resources would be used in enforcement of Federal law. This is already in place by the way but this resolution is to reaffirm that fact. Cynthia Mathews made a heartfelt presentation to assure immigrant people that their safety will be maintained here in the City of Santa Cruz. I strongly suggest anyone who wants more information on this or any City Council agenda items go to their website, click on the agenda item and read the supporting documents. I couldn’t possibly cover everything here but I really appreciate Cynthia Mathews statement and the full support of Council and SCPD in this matter. There were a lot of public speakers. Several of which requested that City Council be advised any time ICE comes into the City. Of course the “activists for everything” were peppered into the crowd. It is hard for me to take them seriously anymore so I am really glad other people showed up, spoke their voice and did so in a completely respectful manner. Their shares were very touching. Some speakers asked for an actual ordinance in this matter but ordinances have to have a 1st and 2nd reading and wait 30 days to take effect. Staff was directed to look into ordinance but the resolution was passed unanimously. All council members were in agreement that they should be notified if ICE comes into the City. Council received a standing ovation! Then council gave the audience one. It was a bonding moment.

Oral Communications – Self-proclaimed activist says Blah blah blah blah blah. Just like every other time she speaks. Overly dramatic and incessant whining from clearly over medicated anti-corridor people. Where are they coming up with this information? This is excruciating to watch. Calendar Items – I am usually ready to jump out of a window at this point and zone out this particular part of the meeting but I couldn’t help myself. Khron spoke and said he would like a resolution to reconstitute the Corridor Advisory Committee (seconded by Brown) apparently he is under the belief the people aren’t being heard, they feel like they aren’t part of the process. WTF, how many public meetings have there been? If you go to the corridor plan on the city webpage there is a list of public meeting and workshops. Since the majority of Oral Communications was on corridor plan it sounds like this was all set up ahead of time. We get it. You are anti-growth yet you are promising cheaper housing for people. How does that work again? The committee was composed of Council members and community members. I think the only reason he brought this up is because he wants to be on the committee. You know how he could have done that? He could have served on the committee when he was a community member. We don’t get to re-create new committees because we didn’t serve on the first one. Apparently he didn’t like the answer he was getting from other members and actually said “I have to question why I am actually up here” Ohhhh… so many answers. I feel like we should hold a contest for people to come up with the best answer for that one. Hey! Let’s do it! Just write The Dump, Attn: Hugh Jorgan. Send me your answers! How would you answer this statement by Chris Khron “I have to question why I am actually up here” I will think of something fun for the winner. Peace!

by Ernie Douglasernie_1968_4x5_72dpi

Golden State Warriors: 
The GS Warriors were back to their old, bad defense ways in losing to the Memphis Grizzlies in overtime 128-119. They gave up 128 points to one of the worst offensive teams in the league. That’s pretty sad. After the game. Draymond called everyone out and read them the riot act. They came back the next game and beat the Sacramento Kings in Cowtown at their new arena. And again, it took overtime to get it. When teams like the Grizzlies and the Kings are taking the Warriors to overtime, it’s time to admit their defense stinks right now. I can’t blame Draymond but I pretty much blame every other guy here. Draymond might be defensive player of the year and he’s surrounded by a bunch of underachievers on the defensive side of the ball. Tuesday night they took on a scrappy Miami Heat team and Hassan Whiteside dominated the paint or most of the game. Curry and KD had their usual good games, while Klay had the night off. And Zaza had another solid game, coming up big late in the 4th to help seal the win. I heard Jim Barnett compare Zaza to former Celtic center Dave Cowens, who was also an undersized scrapper with a high motor. Zaza’s a scrapper. His game’s not pretty like the other 4 but he helps Draymond take out the trash. Through his career, I’ve also thought of him as a thug first, a scrapper who can’t jump and disrupts other teams’ big men. He’s still that, but I have new appreciation for his energy, his passing, and just the way he’s fit in with this team. He’s destined to be another fan favorite. And I think he feels McGee stealing some of his shine and his minutes and he’s fighting back. The competition internally between Zaza and McGee is great for the team. Both know they are role players, but they push each other for minutes. Thursday night they took on the Pistons at Oracle. Another game where an inferior opponent kept the game close into the 4th quarter. Detroit is 18-22. The Warriors are 33-6. They’re playing at home. They should be blowing the doors off this team. Instead they take a 2 point lead into the half. 12 turnovers through 3 quarters. But they blew it open in the 4th quarter and won going away 127-107. Cavaliers next!

Upcoming games this week:  1/16 vs. Cleveland (at Oracle), 1/18 vs. OKC (at Oracle)

Santa Cruz Warriors:
The Santa Cruz Warriors lost to the Grand Rapids Drive (11-10) last Friday night by a score of 126-124. Pretty exciting game. 21 lead changes and the score was tied 14 times. All the Santa Cruz starters scored in double figures, led by LaDontae Henton with 26 points. Phil Pressey had 17 points, 7 rebounds and 12 assists, and Scott Wood chipped in 18 points. Damian Jones, the GS warriors first round pick on rehab assignment, had 13 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Sunday they flew to Austin to take on the Spurs, where the Warriors won 111-108 in overtime. Phil Pressley led the Warriors with 27 points and 5 rebounds, with Dennis Clifford contributing 22 points and 10 rebounds. Off the bench, Alex Hamilton added 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Monday night they took on the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in Hidalgo, Texas. In a game that featured literally no defense, the Vipers scored a season-high 155 to defeat the Warriors 155-148. That’s not an overtime score. Santa Cruz’s LaDontae Henton led both teams in scoring with 32. Wednesday night, they were back at Kaiser to take on the Canton Charge. The Santa Cruz Warriors (12-10) defeated Canton 109-105 on Wednesday night in front of a 17th straight sellout crowd at Kaiser Permanente Arena. Alex Hamilton led the Warriors with 22 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds off the bench. Phil Pressey added 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, while Cam Jones chipped in 12 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds.

Upcoming games this week:  1/13 vs. Salt Lake City (at Kaiser), 1/14 vs. Salt Lake City, 1/19 vs. Oklahoma City

Weekly Shoutouts

Weekly shoutouts to Santa Cruz city council member Richelle Noroyan for being the only one up there to tell Chris his mierda stinks. 5-2 pal. Get used to it. Huge shoutout to the local community member who donated $8500 for “Cash”, a new police K9 dog that was gifted to SCPD by this local anonymous donor

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  1. Anonymous neighbor

    The slumlord also recently killed his neighbor’s cat because he couldn’t be bothered to let any of his neighbors know he was tenting his house. It was not a very nice Christmas present for the neighbor’s daughters, who happened to love that cat. There’s not much love for him in this neighborhood.

  2. The Obvious Answers

    “Why is Chris Krohn actually up there?” – Voters in Santa Cruz were dazzled by his brilliant articulation of the issues. Or they were baffled by his bullshit.

  3. Johnny at the Harbor

    BUMs, BUMs and more BUMs….when is this nightmare going to en for our wonderful city of Santa Cruz? What are they busing this scum in from all the western states? Free , Needles, Food and you name it for the BUMs and the people and businesses get shit on…

  4. Arthur Macmillan

    J at the H:
    I have know way of knowing if this was a true story but last summer I met a young man who was taking a break from pushing this company that, it seems to me, tries to pretend they are PG&E offering to sign up residents for a special plan that will same them money. I consider it a con, but that’s another issue. I actually like talking to young travelers who are trying to work and make their way in the world, and not obvious drug addicts milking the system. He was frustrated. He wanted to talk! He said he was in the foster care system in Colorado, when he saw an add offering to pay bus fare to Santa Cruz to work for this new alternative electric company. They promised to pay an hourly wage, and provide transportation and a number of other benefits. When he got here he was told a different story. He would get paid on commission only, he could try to get a spot at the HSC (good luck!) and someone would drive them to the target neighborhood and pick them up at the end of the day.

    The question I put out there is: Could this happen in Santa Cruz? I would say probably. Could it happen in Palo Alto, Mountain View, or Sunnyvale? I seriously doubt it. Having spent many years on those cities I can tell you they don’t just stand by and watch people being exploited. In Santa Cruz exploiting people seems to be the main industry. Sanctuary city! Sanctuary for suckers and victims! And now foster kids turned 18 with nowhere to go. Well, that’s my example. And…where is he now?

  5. Drowned and out

    Well…that bridge (above) was new (ish) because it was trashed in the 82 floods so maybe the National Weather Service is on to something?
    Love Creek was sudden and deadly..I remember. ..don’t you?

  6. Drowned and out

    We’re not a bum magnet. They drift over from San Jose. Santa Cruz doesn’t have a monopoly on “bums”. From Seattle to San Diego Portland to Eugene, Arcadia to San Francisco, Santa Rosa to Berkley, OAKLAND to Modesto, Fresno to Bakersfield NAME IT they’ve got a bum population. We’re not special. We’ve just become less tolerant. I remember when deadhead kids going to hang out on every corner and every Beach of our community selling acid and doing drum circles, there wasn’t an uproar then….just saying

  7. Why is Khronover up there?? We needed some comedic relief because we all thought there was no way Trump was going to win the presidency….Now we have two blowhards to listen to.(atleast the other Brown isnt full of herself.)

    • I don’t think she’s articulate enough to be a blowhard. I know I’m being hard on Sandy. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong. Maybe she’s more that the accidental candidate with an opportunistic last name. But so far she just seems like Krohn’s chump here. If she’s gonna hitch her wagon to his narcissistic rhetoric and lies, it’s gonna be a long and lonely 4 years for her. Thanks for reading and commenting Tim.

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