The Weekly Dump 6.23.17

More Lurid Details About Suspected Child Rapist Released

New information released last week alleges suspected child rapist Dr. James Kohut of Soquel sought to impregnate women to have sex with their children according to Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore, who wrote this in his opposition to a bail request by Kohut’s attorney. In the current case, Kohut now faces 11 felonies. He previously faced 10 charges. All charges are linked to sodomy, lewd acts with children and other forced offenses. The allegations started with three victims. The Watsonville Police Department’s investigation had information about the possibility of up to seven victims. “Kohut has a sexual compulsion and has solicited victims for decades,” Moore wrote. “Multiple police agencies have investigated the defendant over the last 20 years, including: Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Seaside police, Australian Federal Police as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation have investigated defendant for similar crimes going back to 1997.”

PEOPLE HAVE KNOWN THIS GUY WAS A SEXUAL PREDATOR FOR 20 YEARS! AND HE’S BEEN ALLOWED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY WHILE THIS INFORMATION WAS KNOWN. It’s pretty hard to get around that fact, no matter how hard the county and others might like to bury it.

Read more in the Senile

In further developments this week, a Santa Cruz judge agreed to his bail but has yet to set the amount.

Video from ABC 7 News.

I also heard about some local folks who are planning an onsite protest outside the courthouse on Wednesday, June 28th, from 7:45 until 9:30AM. That’s the date of his next bail hearing. Here’s what the organizers are saying: “James Kohut and Rashel Brandon have been accused of raping multiple children. Both will appear in court on June 28th at 8:15 am in Department 7. A judge denied the DA’s no bail request for Kohut so bail amount is to be determined. Let’s send a clear message to the judge that child rapists are a threat to our community. The victims of these crimes have not had a voice. Let’s be the voices for them. Bring signs and meet us on the courthouse steps at 7:45 am”.

More details can be found here. Personally, I’d love to see hundreds of folks show up. Tell a friend. Make it happen.

County Gang Task Force Arrests Local Gang Member Downtown

Last Friday, reports came out that agents with the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team’s Gang Task Force arrested a 30 year old male downtown for carrying a loaded gun, and possession of a controlled substance. As agents were patrolling the downtown area near Front and Spruce streets, they spotted a car with blacked out tail lights and tinted windows. After stopping the man, agents noticed a plastic container hidden under the dash, which revealed almost 12 grams of heroin. After a continued search of the car, they found 3 more packages of heroin, as well as a loaded revolver with its serial number removed.  The man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance while armed, possession of a controlled substance for sales, transportation of controlled substance and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. I’d like a little more ICE in my Kool-Aid please!

Burglary Suspect Arrested Camping Along North Highway One

Last Friday at around 2:30AM, a burglar broke into Ambrosia Restaurant in Aptos and after removing a window, stole cash and checks from the cash register drawer and safe. With the aid of surveillance video, deputies took note of unique clothing worn by the suspect. About three hours earlier, two Deputies were patrolling the North Coast of Santa Cruz when they noticed a couple vehicles and a camper parked in a turn out marked, “Emergency Parking Only.”  They spoke with a 48 year old man from Ben Lomond and a woman. The man happened to be wearing the same sweatshirt worn in the surveillance video from the Ambrosia burglary video. As word circulated through the Sheriff’s Office about the Ambrosia burglary, the North Coast deputies recalled the man and his sweatshirt. Within hours of the burglary report, body worn camera footage of the Deputies conversation with the man was reviewed. This showed the suspect and the suspicious sweatshirt as well as other suspicious items not initially thought to be related. The man was arrested last week for the Ambrosia burglary and booked into jail.

Domestic Violence Call Yields Handgun

Tuesday afternoon around 2PM, SCPD responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 200 block of Pearl Street. After arriving on scene, officers detained an 18 year old male from Santa Cruz. When they searched the suspect, officers discovered a loaded revolver in his possession. After quickly defusing the situation, officers took the suspect into custody for resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon. So he wasn’t actually charged with domestic violence (the original reason for the call)?

Shots Fired at Vehicle on Highway One

Thursday night around 7PM, i heard reports that shots were fired at a vehicle on Highway 1 near Soquel Avenue, and CHP and SCPD had shut down the highway while they searched for bullet casings and evidence. Witnesses reported having to exit the freeway and seeing officers walking around in the road where the reported shooting occurred. Very few details as usual from the mainstream media on this.

Field of Bad Dreams

Last Sunday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies were called for a report of a man and woman trespassing in a field on the 2700 block of Mattison in Soquel. A 43 year old male was stopped and it was determined he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. In his backpack, Deputies found an ounce of meth, concentrated cannabis, a scale, packaging materials, illegally possessed prescription pills and an illegal weapon. Stevens was arrested for the warrant, drug sales, and illegal weapon possession.

Just an Angry White Man Lunging at People With a Knife on Pacific Avenue

Around 6PM on Sunday night, reports came in about a man waving what appeared to be a hunting knife and lunging at people on the 1300 block of Pacific avenue. Witnesses described the man as an “aggressive white male with a bald head”. When SCPD arrived and saw the suspect, he ran into the parking garage where SCPD lost him. SCPD may have had a run in with the suspect a few hours earlier in the day.

Raging Granny Terrorizes Safeway on Mission

Monday afternoon around 1:30PM, reports came in that a woman described as a “woman in her seventies” came recklessly barreling into the parking lot with her car. After running the red light and parking in the front loading zone, the woman went inside Safeway and started randomly yelling at people. A customer took the keys from the vehicle while the woman was inside Safeway.

Truck Thief Arrested in Scotts Valley

Last Saturday, a man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen truck and several other charges after an officer spotted the truck, which was allegedly stolen from Santa Cruz, driving in the area of Scotts Valley and Disc drives. Inside the truck, police said the officer found keys to four different cars, replacement ignition key locks, and two catalytic converters. The suspect was arrested and booked into county jail on multiple charges. In the city of Santa Cruz, a car is stolen on average once a day.

Another Mass Rescue on a North County Beach

This one happened on Saturday night after sunset when 11 adults and 2 dogs apparently had to be rescued from a cove near Davenport when rising tides cut off their access and stranded them on the beach.  Cal Fire and other participated in safely rescuing everyone.

Cowell Beach Improves to Third Most Contaminated Beach in California

In another arguably dubious reason to celebrate locally, Cowell Beach was recently named the 3rd most contaminated beach in California. Why would we celebrate this? Because usually, we’re number one! Usually Cowell Beach is THE most contaminated beach in California. And I’m not DreamInn here! But this year, the city tried to address the issue of gull guano under the wharf leeching into the water. In the annual “Beach Bummer” report card issued Thursday by Southern California environmental nonprofit watchdog group Heal The Bay, Cowell Beach slipped to the third most contaminated beach statewide. It had held the No. 1 position for the three previous years, and hovered at least in the top two slots for seven years. The report relied on E. Coli bacterial contamination data taken at the beach from May through October of 2016. In October, the city released data that showed recent steps to address the issue had reduced bacteria counts by about 50 percent. City officials called the latest Heal the Bay assessment as a “modest improvement.” I’ll say! Modest is right. Moving from worst to 3rd worst is something we can crow about!

Pleasure Point Street Fair This Weekend

The 5th annual Pleasure Point Street Fair is going on this Saturday at the point. Featuring live music, a kids’ zone and a beer & wine garden (for big kids).

The fair will be held on Portola Drive between 41st and 38th Avenues from 11AM until 5PM. with bike parking available and free admission.  Eight local bands will perform a variety of styles of music on two stages. In addition, nearly 100 vendors will sell arts, crafts, local services, food and beverages. An expanded beer garden will offer New Bohemia Brewing Company’s lagers along with Mimosas and wine provided by the Pleasure Point Business Association.

The nonprofit beneficiary of this year’s fair is the Jay Moriarity Foundation. More info here!

Nest Fest! Mini Beer and Music Festival This Saturday

Taking place this Saturday from 3PM to 7PM, The Nest Fest is a craft beer and mini music festival hosted by Humble Sea Brewing Co. and the The Heidi Krueger Foundation for Giving with the singular goal to throw a massive party and scholarship the amazing students graduating from Digital Nest’s program based in downtown Watsonville. It’s all going down at 2129 Delaware Ave. (at Swift). There will be live music, food trucks and gourmet food popups, and specialty one-off beers from Humble Sea and other Santa Cruz County breweries. Then from 7-10PM, there’s an after party at Humble Sea Brewing (820 Swift St. Santa Cruz). All proceeds generated by the Nest Fest will go directly towards scholarships for Digital Nest graduating high school seniors heading to college through the Heidi Krueger Foundation. Good cause, good beer, what’s not to like here? Tickets are available here.

Woodies on the Wharf This Saturday

The annual Woodies on the Wharf is going on this Saturday at the wharf. Northern California’s largest woodie show features more than 200 wood-bodied cars.  Admission is free. Free bike valet is available on the wharf. More info here!

Free Friday Concert at the Boardwalk

This week features Brian Howe, former singer for Bad Company. Brian is also the former lead vocalist for Ted Nugent’s band, who he left to join Bad Company in 1984. He also sang with Damn Yankees, which featured Nugent and Tommy Shaw of Styx.

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  1. That Safeway on Mission sounds like quite a place! “Pepper Spray? Isle 4”

  2. It’s been brought to my attention (by arguably Santa Cruz’s biggest Damn Yankees fan) that Brian Howe never sang for Damn Yankees. Jack Blades, formerly of Night Ranger, was the singer for Damn Yankees. Brian Howe sang with Ted Nugent and Nugent played with Damn Yankees.

  3. I’m continually perplexed by the Senile’s lack of reporting of Santa Cruz ” bad behavior” incidents we learn about Thursday in the Dump. Is it incompetence or whitewashing on their part.

  4. The Brain Surgeon had his Bail set at 6.45 Million. Let’s see if he’s able to post it, or if a Bondsman will.

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