The Weekly Dump 3.6.20

Who’s Sorry Now?

It was like scraping a couple of human barnacles off the city hull but the community at large came through big this past week, tentatively recalling BOTH Drew Glover AND Chris Krohn and essentially firing them. With all precincts reporting, the Yes to Recall Krohn was ahead by about 9% points. The Yes to Recall Glover was ahead by 13% points with all precincts reporting. I understand, there are still mail in ballots to be counted but that is a huge deficit unlikely to be covered by mail in or other ballots not counted yet. In sheer numbers alone, Krohn needs to make up more than 1000 votes and Glover would need to make up more than 1500 votes. Time will tell but I’m comfortable calling this one. And Renee Golder was crushing her opponent to replace Glover. In what I’d consider a kind of shocking surprise, Don Lane was losing to Katherine Beiers to replace Krohn.

What a turn of events this is. Let’s look at the collateral damage. Both Glover and Krohn are toast politically. They will forever be damaged goods now. Sure, they have their little fan bases but the stain of this recall will be a skidmark they can’t wash from their virtual briefs. Google their names and what comes up? Bad stories and bad stuff about them. Good luck washing that out of your brand. Still, I’d bet their egos won’t let them walk away and they will want to run again in the fall. Let them. They’d lose. As for the local far left and the fake Bernie group pushing lies and money against the recall, their “brand new council” is getting even more brand new now. Only half of their chosen team just got fired and replaced by people they have no control over. A year later, two of their “brand new council” make history for being the first two people ever recalled from the Santa Cruz city council. A dubious achievement indeed.

For Justin Cummings, his time as the most powerful person up there just ended with a thud. Hello Renee Golder, your new “swing vote”. Justin can hang with the semi lucid Sandy Brown and the octogenarian Katherine Beiers all he wants now, he’s not needed anymore. Cynthia Mathews, Martine Watkins, and Donna Meyers will be singing “Sisters are Doing It For Themselves” now, and Renee is part of that chorus. The toxic sausage party is over. Martin Bernal has to be absolutely elated to be rid of these two clowns. I might hate Bernal, but I wouldn’t wish these 2 on my worst enemy. And the poor bullied and harassed women at city hall can breath a sigh of relief that they won’t have to look at Glover’s fat head or Krohn’s bad combover anymore.

Who’s Sorry Now? – Connie Francis

Janet Doesn’t Blink and UCSC Strikers See Pink

This past week, a number of UCSC graduate student teaching assistants were fired by the university for their failure to turn in undergraduate grades in a timely manner, among other reasons. Letters of dismissal sent out last Friday notified more than 50 teaching assistants that they will be out of their jobs. At least 13 are international students whose legal status in the country could be jeopardized. Oh well! Usually there are repercussions for bad behavior. I know. Earth shattering news for nobody outside of UCSC.

Beware of the Bogey Man

While out on patrol on Sycamore Street last week, officers from SCPD witnessed a person walking away from a parked vehicle with a six months overdue registration. While waiting for a tow, they searched the vehicle and found a golf ball size chunk of methamphetamine and counterfeit cash located in plain sight. They impounded the vehicle. No idea if they arrested the guy walking away.

Speedballs and Power Tools

Monday afternoon around 1:30PM, SCPD located a woman who was wanted for a prior theft of tools from a construction site on the 100 block of Fern Street (and captured on video). She was found in a vehicle parked on the 1300 block of Highway 9. The 50 year old woman was on probation for narcotics sales in the vehicle. She was searched per probation terms, and officers found the stolen tools in her possession, as well as a large rock of methamphetamine and drug packaging materials. She was arrested for felony possession of stolen property, methamphetamine for sale, and felony probation.

Flash and the Can

Sunday morning around 2:30AM, SCPD units responded to a report of a driver in an Audi flashing a handgun. A high risk felony car stop was conducted on the 700 block of Ocean Street, and two males and two females were removed from the car. A search of the car located a loaded revolver. One male driver and one female were arrested for carrying a loaded and concealed firearm. Another passenger was arrested for her participation in concealing the gun, while the fourth passenger was arrested for public intoxication.

The Turnstile In Action!

Last Saturday night around 8:30PM, a 31 year old male and a 32 year old female were arrested by SCPD on the 900 block of Pacific Avenue for resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, and being drunk in public. They’re both out of jail already, courtesy of the Santa Cruz County “Get Out of Jail Free” program, otherwise known as “PTA” (Pre Trial Assessment). This IS the “turnstile”.

Morning Bum Fight Near Skid Row

Last Friday morning around 11:30AM, SCPD responded to the corner of Highway 1 and River Streets for some kind of bum fight. After they arrived, they arrested a 40 year old male and a 56 year old male for brandishing some kind of deadly weapons at each other. Of course, they’re also out of jail already, courtesy of the Santa Cruz County “Get Out of Jail Free” program, otherwise known as “PTA” (Pre Trial Assessment). This IS the “turnstile”.

Why Bother Having Stay Away Orders?

Last Saturday around 3:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the CVS on the 6200 block of Graham Hill Road where they found a 35 year old Ben Lomond man on searchable probation. He had stay away terms from CVS and terms not to possess alcohol. He was found in CVS with alcohol. He was transported and booked in county jail. He’s out of jail already, courtesy of the Santa Cruz County “Get Out of Jail Free” program, otherwise known as “PTA” (Pre Trial Assessment). This IS the “turnstile”.

Shitty Dad of the Week 

Last Friday around 4PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1400 block of Jose Avenue where they arrested a 53 year old male on charges including domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, and child endangerment. Last check he was still in county jail on a $100K bond.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

The shit has hit the fan! (as Warren would say). Watsonville Police arrested a 31 year old man after a months long investigation into reports of drug dealing in a local neighborhood. Officers served a search warrant at a home on the 100 block of Maple Avenue, where they found cocaine and marijuana for sale. The also found five guns, including a handgun that was reported stolen, and thousands of dollars in cash. The man was arrested and charged with possession of drugs for sale while being armed with a loaded handgun. He was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Breaking Up the Breaking Badmobile Brigade

SCPD was out on the Westside this week, towing vehicles and RVs with expired tags over 6 months and for vehicle abatement related reasons. I’m sure the local business owners and residents in the area of Natural Bridges and Mission Street Extension are thrilled.

To Get Nuisance Vehicles & Parking Violators Off Neighborhood Streets
Parking Enforcement & Complaints throughout the City of Santa Cruz – Public Works, Parking Department enforces, and issues parking citations citywide call 831-420-5185.

Report Abandoned Vehicles to SCPD Vehicle Abatement 831-420-5863. Be prepared to leave the following information on the abandoned vehicle hotline:

  • Location of the vehicle
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • License plate number

SCPD Public Safety Town Hall Meeting Next Week!

SCPD is looking for community feedback on proposed “Quality of Life” ordinances at a public safety town hall meeting this coming Monday, March 9th, at Delaveaga Elementary School (1145 Morrissey Blvd.). If you can’t make that one, there’s two more next week as well! Another one takes place on Wednesday, March 11th, at Louden Nelson Community Center (301 Center St) and Thursday, March 12th at Peace United Church (900 High Street). You can learn more about the proposed ordinances, including the opportunity to leave comments here. Each town hall meeting runs from 6:00 to 7:30PM.

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  1. Alfred E Neuman

    Hopefully the Glover recall vote will be confirmed soon. If so, that should end his upward political mobility. No jump to supervisor or state senate etc, political career over… If not, he will be even more emboldened, verbose and disruptive in our city. How about a criminal bum revolt with a new leader??? I do solemnly pledge “A poop on every porch; and a needle in every driveway”.

  2. There are still about 10,000 votes to be counted and Krohn really works on the students at UCSC to change their address to vote in Santa Cruz and the results did change an Glover got elected because of votes from students. A lot of students registered a voted on the last day that didn’t get counted until several days later.

    • All true. I’m still not worried. UCSC Democrats supported the recall this time instead of supporting them like they did last time. It will be a smaller turnout than Fall 2018 because it’s not a Presidential election, so those numbers are like apples and oranges. And when Glover won, the margin between him and Greg/Richelle were thin, nothing close to more than a thousand votes that need to be made up. And many non UCSC have not been counted either. It’s wishful thinking for a losing side. Thanks!

      • Ben, you are likely correct. An important question is whether the uncounted ballots include the entire county or just the City of Santa Cruz. If the 10,000 ballots are countywide, there is no statistical precedent that would indicate Krohn and Glover would be able to close the gap. I’ve worked on a number of grassroots campaigns and if the voting percentages changed that dramatically, I believe that would trigger an internal audit and investigation. If the percentage gap was 1% to 2%, there might be some cause for concern, but at 10% plus, it’s game over.

  3. Hey Ben what is this PTA? How did it get passed? It seems to operate independent of a judge.

    Also the recall is partly due to your tireless support; so thank you very much.

    • Yes, more info please on the “Pre Trial Assessment”(PTA). You say this is a “program.” Run by whom? Who appointed them/him/her? When, where and how are its assessments determined? Since, once again, our taxes are undoubtedly paying for this in some way, the public should have access to the way its run.

    • All good questions. It seems to be the county’s way of reducing the county jail inmate population. I think it’s run by the County Probation department. It seems to be the new equivalent of an ROR (Released on Recognizance). And I have no idea how the fuck they get away with it. But I’d love to know so I plan to keep shining a light on their non transparent bullshit. What’s the number one public safety hazard in Santa Cruz? Without a doubt, it’s COUNTY PROBATION.

      • I have a feeling we’re making real progress in understanding the revolving door. How in the hell the stuff like this go on?

  4. Winner winner chicken dinner!
    I was so happy to wake up and see the results Wednesday morning. Thanks for helping to make it happen Ben ?

    • Thanks Austin. I was just a virtual cheerleader. Thanks to so many who tirelessly worked to help make it happen.

  5. Congratulations to the City of Santa Cruz for succeeding in the recall. I think this little local newspaper is due at least a nod of thanks. Thanks Ben.

  6. BraaapLord

    Ben (et al),
    A bit off-topic for this week but do you know if the huge eucalyptus tree that fell at the Hwy1 San Lorenzo bridge caused any casualties or fatalities?

    I had seen one lone tent sitting near the base of the tree and then the high winds brought the tree down. A cross made of sticks and some flowers now adorn the stump. I’m suspicious a life may have been lost in this case.

    Also notably, a (what appears to have been) a standing nearly-dead Douglas Fir also came down on the former site of Camp Glover. This, presumably would have impacted several tents if the site was occupied as it had been previously.

    With all of the hullabaloo around the closing of the camp resulting in dispersing “campers” and resulting in a fatality from a downed tree in the woods, it seems particularly noteworthy that TWO massive trees fell recently fell on the former camp site.

  7. I have to say this is the most satisfying local election I can recall (I know, I know).

    As far as the UCSC graduate students are concerned , being fired is a valuable lessen as they enter the adult world. It’s called “You signed the contract”.

  8. MuyDeplorable

    I am not student or staff at the U, but I pay them to use some facilities. So I see things that other townies might not see. It should not surprise you to know that in the past few weeks, anti-recall posters were plastered everywhere, evn though pro-recall posters (from the campus feminists, apparently) soon disappeared.

    As for the strike, it’s too bad that I am not a UAW union godfather or whatever they are called. I’d send in some enforcers to remove the UAW signs that they are waving around, in violation of their own union. Anyone remember when the auto workers union represented auto workers?

    What is most disturbing is that over a dozen of the fired TAs were international students. I cannot imagine going to a foreign country, getting paid there, refusing to do my job, telling the locals what to do, and blocking the education of others.

    I have asked their honchos for a breadown of the protestors by major. Might it be economics, computer science, or the like? Or might it be programs with “studies” in the name, with no economic value, requiring future government jobs? But do not cry over those fired TAs. They can put “I obstructed the education of other people for my own monetary interests” and be on the fast-track to a college teaching career.

    • Spot on. As you know Christopher Krohn was a primary figure rooting them on; as were Sandy Brown and Drew Glover. They’re all for causing dysfunction with collateral damage to the general public to get their own myopic way.

      • MuyDeplorable

        Yes, around here it’s “all about me” in the name of progress and public interest. Within the past few weeks, twice I have walked out of local pubs (reputable ones) because the bartender didn’t like the way I wasn’t paying attention to his personal concerns. When I mentioned this to a friend, she said that she had had a similar experience in town. And yes, the bartenders were born-here locals.

        Back at the U: Lost in Tuesday’s news about the election and Steph Curry, was a front-page Sentinel article about the TA strike up there. Three sob stories were interviewed, being Ph.D. candidates in Politics, Cultural Anthopology, and Computer Science. Unless I miss my guess, the politics was Democratic party only, and the Cultural Anthropology is all about telling Americans that we are evil. The CS was an international student. Staple a green card to the degree, say our politicians! There were a lot of applicants for those programs, but the rejected ones were not interviewed.

        The article went on to mention that courses in Psychology are greatly affected, which agrees with a friend’s observation. How many psychologists do we need? Doctor, let me tell you… What do you mean, I am here to listen to you, rather than the other way around? And what do you mean, I can’t get a diagnosis unless I pay more than we agreed upon?

  9. Judi Grunstra

    Here is a story about the FIT Program (Focused Intervention Team).

    A lot of public agency investment in a few “lost souls”. We need to monitor how much lasting success results.

  10. I wasn’t surprised to see that Don Lane lost. I was surprised that he was running as a moderate. Probably, putting out a mailer promising he wouldn’t vote like Don Lane always has if elected this time was a poor idea. I’m thinking people thought that Katherine Beiers was the moderate since she said nothing and didn’t campaign at all. Of course in Santa Cruz, you always have the choice between insane radicals and normal radicals. Sometimes silence is golden.

    • I couldn’t figure out why Lane was on the ballot, Got the mailer but didn’t read it—I wasn’t buying whatever he was selling.

  11. I have no idea how they counted 12,000 ballots here Tues-Wed overnight, then only have an additional 4,000 counted by Friday, but the lead is holding for recall. That’s about half the ballots. The initial ballots were random precincts, it’s supposed to be predictive with only provisional, same day, and yes late mail-ins to go. These guys are goners. I strapped on my bike gloves, got a big stick recall sign, and stood in front of the Bay/High No recall Bernie table for 2 hours. Such filth came out of their mouths, they think they are baby antifa, well some anyway. About half of two generations now think “equity” means everyone gets an equal share of ownership of everything. Really. Krohn didn’t appreciate it when I explained bully also can mean tyrant who acts against the peoples expressed wishes. The usual socialist grievance mongers were there in shifts giving rides and conning students. One ultra triggered wanna-be leftist meltdown screaming at top of her lungs. Only one other person was a) brave, b) ice-cold don’t give an f that was there earlier. It is good I eventually left after my 2 promised hours. It could have gotten ugly.

  12. Leigh’s comment above about “this little local newspaper” woke me up. I’ve gotten more info about SCruz from Santamierda than I ever got from the Sentinel. Keep up the good work, Ben. You are of great benefit to the whole community.

  13. I never pretend to understand politics and I dam sure don’t understand SC’s politics! All I’ve seen and experienced is all I know. And if I didn’t see all I saw and go thru what I went thru I’d probably have a different outlook and opinion about SC. But I know what I know now and I cant unsee what I’ve seen and still can’t believe that there are ACTIVISTS THAT BACK UP ALL THIS CRAP. THERES GOT TO BE MONEY BEHIND ALL THIS “ACTIVISM”. Or certain groups of people just want SC to be a place to do drugs 24/7 My wife read me a comment she read on “Next Door” this guy was saying that SC has a bad reputation cause of all the “people calling cops on people for sleeping on the street and begging”.

    I’m mean ya I know there’s all types of people on this mud ball we call Earth and there entitled to there own opinion no matter how wrong it is. I mean who would say something like that my guess was an Activist or an actual addict that has the time to check in on Next Door. If it wasn’t for all the crime and VIOLENT CRIME that these addicts do or the guns and violence that goes along with keeping the drugs and drug dealers coming around the general public really wouldn’t care about addicts and dealers. But since that’s not the case YA the general public doesn’t want that around, most of us are not against Actual homeless or even pan-handling but if it’s just to support a serious drug addiction that the addict really doesn’t want to remedy or truly enjoys being an addict witch are the MAJORITY cause those that want help get help.

    we don’t want it around. Preaching to The quire I know but I’ve been advertising the weekly dump/Santa Mierda so long now I’m SURE more “undesirable type folks” are reading this stuff and since this blog is against drug addicts and the parasites they’ll just read and not comment. Shoot they have enough support in SC as it is so screw em! Prop 47 hasn’t been around that long so it’s not the main problem but it is adding to the problem, SC has been a drug addict-parasite safe heaven forever now.

    In my opinion and observation it’s whatever allows SC to be the city that has all the free benefits and way to laxed laws about “camping” then these dam “Activists” that seem to be “regular “ type folk that for some reason don’t see a problem with drug addicts living on the streets and doing crimes because of there habits force them to and are against anyone/anything against there beloved drug addicts. That’s what I really don’t understand stand maybe some one here can explain why or what started all this.

    I truly want to believe the council with the right people in it can change SC for the better. But when I do read or see on YouTube what goes on with the council it makes me sick to my stomach it’s like the council does not know what goes on 24/7 in SC-like legalizing magic mushrooms that I hear wasn’t even voted on it was just POOF put into existence. So if the council has the power to do such a thing and the government doesn’t even step in-Then what! Does that mean if the council was run by different people they can just POOF and make laws that MAKE IT ILLEGAL DO BE A DRUG ADDICTED PARASITE IN SC cause we all know what those type are capable of duh! Keep in mind I’m taking about the ones who COMPLETELY INSIST ON BEING A DRUG ADDICTS LOVE DOING CRIMES AND ESPECIALLY VIOLENT CRIMES LIKE RAPE AND ASSAULT HATE LAWS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. the sad reality is that’s about 5 out of every 15 street roaming addicts that occupy SC I’ve seen it and heard it from “THEM” myself and I know I’m not the only one.

    And one thing these addict parasites will NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND IS THAT- without working class people that build city’s and towns ,STATES vehicles,bikes/Skateboards, industry, cultivate food process food, erect buildings for businesses and stores/restaurants/grocery stores to be in, organize government,water,power,ambulance and hospitals, police and fire departments they would NOT EVEN have a place to even do there drugs there would be nothing to steal for drugs there be no homes or cars to break into for drugs no restaurants to beg from or grocery stores to shoplift from/steal booze. Or if all those people just started doing drugs like they do all that stuff wouldn’t last long. It’s because the majority of the PLANET ISNT HAPPILY AND INSISTENTLY HOOKED ON DRUGS THEY THEY HAVE A PLACE TO DO DRUGS.

    I’m sure this is one of Many things that got Ben’s fire started when he started doing all this and I’m glad I found this place. Don’t the powers the run SC know/understand what SC IS!! Unless you walk/drive thru SC with blinders on or truly don’t care and just want to shop and have drinks at the bar and/or pretend that the boardwalk is something great I just really don’t know what to say to those types of folk.

    I’m glad those 2 got booted from the Clowncil. I got a friend of a friend who actually belly’s up to the bar with them on a regular basis at the Jroom or at least used to not to long ago. Hope my rant wasn’t to long. I’m still busy fighting the good fight and defending myself from those who chased my out of SC. Ding ding ! Round 2 is just beginning I still have all my vids on my phone and flash drives. They can’t SNUFF THE VIRGO ROOSTER YAAA YAAA!

    • Of course there is some money behind activists, it’s the non-profits that benefit directly from bleeding heart liberal donations and government grant emergency (we’re always in an emergency it’s so bad) assistance. Since 8 of the top 10 employers are government entities which have no clue where real accountable money comes from, there is some support there also. Homelessness is a local business here almost. A ton of people would have to get “real jobs” if they were not here. There is a lack of political sophistication where compassion, envy,resentment of wealth (anyone with more than they) gets hi-jacked by the free stuff for all socialists. There is a considerable “economy of the poor “, i.e. welfare, Section 8, Medi-cal , and the city,county,state people in charge of administration of it.

  14. Ya well my new job and location now let’s me see the day life of SC and I literally just want to get out of my car and yell at the top of my lungs- “WHAT THE F****,GET OFF THE F****** DRUGS OR GET THE F*** OUT OF SANTA CRUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s wveb worse during the day so no excuse any and everyone knows what’s going on. This town is so small it’s impossible to hide what’s going on I feel like I’m in a movie cause it like all the SCUM BAG ADDICTS are the extras I’m waiting for the director to yell CUT!! Ok that’s a wrap everyone go home and come back next week. And watch them all grab up there sleeping bags blankets and tents and go away and watch them take off there make up and ask those around them do I look believable do I look like a real junky from Santa Cruz.

    the scum-addicts that has his “set up” on River st next to the Wells Fargo and on the corner of the 3 story parking garage I guess lives there permanently and no law enforcement or city ordinance can or will tell him to get the HELL ON! he has a bigger tent full FULL of crap and a sign outside of it saying something like I’m building bikes and need part YA RIGHT!! My wife asked me if she chose to could she just do the same thing I said unless your a drug addict you can’t cause for some reason it takes the sheer nerve of an addict to put up the kind of fight and possess the kind of nerve to dig your heels in and just stay wherever you want. This is the same guy who treats Woodstock pizza as his personal bathroom spot hot water , soda and ice spot then sticks around and strong arm the young employees to give him “LEFT OVER PIZZA” that’s actually deemed un-serve-able Abe by law and the FDA IS SUPPOSED TO BE THROWN OUT. ya there might be some sometimes ok to eat but these scum addicts are worse then Crows and Seagulls combined they just hover around or actually just go inside and basically demand they get free pizza they usually just give in to get them to go but like crows and gulls they come back ever dam day and night and piss and poo around the corner or just go to the galleria. I mean if you regular type person did they they’d call the cops but since the police seem to not be able to intervene when I comes to drug addicts IDKWTF but they just let them do whatever whatever.

    Come to find out the galleria is worse then ever. Had a buddy of mine take me down town we parked in Trader Joe’s the second I got on the property I heard a skin and bones tattooed female addict going thru her bags as they just do and was yelling at herself about that she needs to yell At herself cause know one listens to her Just in the 45 seconds it took me to walk around the Sereno building I saw 12 or so scum addicts acting like they being there with no F*****g shame but just the opposite ENTITLEMENT!

    It’s never going to stop being like this in SC I guess it is a business keepn SC just the way it is now. I’m giving my vids over soon once I feel the momentum is right but sadly I think that will never happen but I want so much to be wrong. My new bosses hired me basically because of what I did and they say I’m one of there most professional employees they’ve ever had and the more vids I show them the more they wonder how I survived more then a weeek. They also are amazed at my self control and that I told them I would of still stayed at the galleria if I didn’t get recruited. I turned them on to this blog as well. Oh and wow I got it made now 19$ an hour full benefits an executive position tons of OT available some assignments have a company vehicles, gas bonuses. But my sinister side would like to take my spot back over at the galleria and just call PD every single time a scum addict comes on the property and just freakin lie and say I contact then already and they said they were not going to leave cause Pd told me tons of times that as long as the property is private and and has a Gaurd put there to keep people from trespassing or loitering or sleeping it IS AGAINST THE LAW. I JUST WANT TO STAND UP FOR THE REAL SC. I figure 3-5 more years with no change in SC and it’s going to be another Seattle or SF or Salinas “China town”

    But since the working class are to busy working and maintaining family’s and students are just trying to keep there heads above water and both have to pay RENT OR MORTGAGES they just can’t put up the proper resistance. ISNT THAT THE JOB OF THE CITY COUNCIL!?!? But we all know where there focus is REALLY ON!

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