The Weekly Dump 3.1.19

Murder Suspect Extradited From Mexico back to Santa Cruz

A murder suspect who fled to Mexico nearly ten years ago after stabbing a local teen to death near downtown Santa Cruz in 2009 has been caught in Mexico and was extradited back to Santa Cruz to await trial. Tyler Tenorio, a 16 year old junior at Santa Cruz High School, was stabbed to death after he and his friends got into an argument with a group of gang members outside the 7-11 at Chestnut and Laurel Streets. The 32 year old man has long been considered a suspect in the murder case. The District Attorney’s office extradited the man back to the United States to face murder charges this past Sunday. He is being held in custody on charges of murder and is awaiting arraignment in Santa Cruz Superior Court.

Santa Cruz City Council Fails Again

The Santa Cruz city council had another meeting this past Tuesday. The meeting began early in the afternoon and lasted until after midnight. And the city calls this a “part time” job. That’s laughable. Well, it might be if people like Chris Krohn and Sandy Brown didn’t ask 25 questions for every item on the agenda. I honestly wonder if they even prepare for these meetings in advance. I think Krohn does, I think the 25 question thing is just narcissistic tendencies and the fact he loves the sound of his own voice. Sandy Brown I think is just winging it 95% of the time. There was a lot discussed in another marathon 10 hour meeting, but the main topics I’m gonna talk about here are the fake “emergency” declaration that Sweety Muffin Top and his band of interns decided we needed to declare, and the closing (or should I say “non closing”) of Camp Bernal. The fake emergency declaration, which would have opened up a section of Delaware Avenue in west Santa Cruz as a free for all, RV and car campground, was defeated by a vote of 5-2. And it wouldn’t have just been RVs and cars. You’d get detached campers staking a long term claim along Delaware. You’d have tents, tarps, shopping carts, basically a shanty town in a section of town that is actually thriving with successful local businesses. How long would that last? Thank God saner heads prevailed here. But again, it was much ado about nothing. It wasn’t allowed before the meeting. It wasn’t allowed after the meeting. The whole stupid, misguided attempt here by SMT was a colossal waste of time and money. I guess Krohn sided with him on the losing side, I didn’t see the actual vote.

On the other matter, the city council decided to “rescind” the Camp Bernal eviction notice “until further notice”. That’s right. They caved in and showed no spine. They decided it’s better to continue to pollute the San Lorenzo River by leeching HAZMAT into the river and into the bay, better to let the homeless squat in a mud pit human sty filled with disease and drug addicts and dirty needles, it’s better to do NOTHING than to actually do something. The vote was 4-3, and Dr. Do Little cast the deciding vote. He could have made a statement, taken a stand, been bold, and instead he pandered and caved. The other 3 were predictably stupid, but I had hopes for the Doctor and he failed us here. He didn’t fail us by picking a side, or pushing an agenda. He failed us with complacency. He had the chance to FORCE the city and county to do something differently, which would benefit EVERYONE here, the homeless and the community at large, and he chose not to. He said the status quo is fine. Does anyone really think the status quo is fine here?

Santa Cruz Attorney Gets Two Years for Elder Abuse

This past week, a Santa Cruz County attorney was sentenced for elder abuse against his wife, in one of the most horrifying cases I’ve ever read about. In April of 2016, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office and Adult Protective Services visited the home of the victim, who was dependent upon the defendant for care. They found her lying in bed emaciated and dehydrated. Her skin was fused to the bed sheets. She told authorities she had not been out of bed for two years. After the victim was taken to Dominican Hospital for treatment, the emergency room doctor testified during the trial that this was the worst case of elder neglect that he had seen in his 30 years of practice. At the sentencing, the defendant was in denial of his conduct and showed no remorse. And how much time did Judge Paul Burdick sentence this monster to serve? Two years. Welcome to Santa Cruz.

Crowbar Wielding Nuisance Gets Taken Down by SCPD

Saturday night around 8PM, reports came in about a guy in some kind of confrontation with a crowbar at Younger and 2nd. SCPD sent multiple units to shut down the area when the suspect took off running up 2nd street once he saw SCPD. After a short chase, SCPD got him. Paramedics also responded for possible injuries to the suspect.

Brawling and Baked Alaska at Bonesios

Friday night around 11PM, there was a report of some kind of brawl outside of Bonesios that required multiple SCPD units to respond. The main instigator was apparently from Alaska.

A Literal Dumpster Fire

Sunday afternoon, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies were responding to a report of a person who had just lit a dumpster on fire in the city of Capitola and was headed into the unincorporated county. They found the male suspect near the on ramp to Highway 1 at 41st Avenue, and turned him over to Capitola Police.

He’s Wearing the Evidence

A couple weeks back, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office investigated a burglary at St. Abraham’s Classical Christian Academy in Aptos. Surveillance video from the school provided them with a good description of the suspect, who they were able to identify. Last Saturday night, deputies found their guy and arrested him for the burglary and warrants. If getting caught on video wasn’t enough, the suspect was wearing a stolen St. Abraham’s sweatshirt when he was arrested.

He Runs Like a Deere

This past week, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Cabrillo College after their John Deere Gator was stolen. Deputies were able to identify a suspect from surveillance video cameras on campus. They tracked him to Watsonville, where they found him wearing the same clothes he was wearing in the video. They also found methamphetamine, a pipe, and burglary tools in his car. The Gator was discovered in Aptos and was returned back to Cabrillo College. The suspect was booked into the County Jail on charges including felony grand theft and drug possession.

Burglar on the Roof

This past Tuesday, Watsonville police arrested a 32 year old man wanted for a number of local burglaries after surveillance video helped police identify him. He’s been connected to 5 out of 6 rooftop burglaries in Watsonville. He broke into all of the businesses by accessing the roof to make entry. After he broke into the AT&T store on Rodriguez Street, a witness reported seeing him on the roof and called police. K9 Axel found the suspect hiding on top of a storage cabinet on the third floor. He was arrested, released, and ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. According to WPD, this week he cut off his ankle monitor and broke into an office building on Main Street, where he stole a TV from the fourth floor. He was well known to Watsonville police and was arrested near West Lake and Walker Streets.

SCPD Has No Time For Nonsense

Wednesday morning around 4:30AM, a 63 year old woman was arrested in the lobby of the SCPD main station for basically being a nuisance. Reports show she called the dispatch phone from the lobby repeatedly after she was apparently told to stop, and was eventually arrested for trespassing and refusing to leave. At least they didn’t have to go far to arrest her. She came to them. I think she’s new to town. She’s been arrested 3 times in the last week but nothing before that.

Picking Up Other States Garbage

Sunday afternoon around 3PM, a 37 year old female was arrested at Pacific and Spruce on a homicide warrant. Out of New Mexico! Last check she was still in county jail.

Ben Lomond Man Killed While Walking on Highway 9

Thursday afternoon around 4:30PM, a 22 year old Ben Lomond man was walking southbound on Highway 9 north of Graham Hill Rd when he was struck and killed. The 47 year old driver from Boulder Creek stopped and was not arrested at the scene, and cooperated with authorities.

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  1. Great work as always Ben.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but didn’ the previous person arrested for trespass at the police station turn out to be the clock tower rapist?
    I wonder if county mental health will pronounce this latest person “sane” as well and release her back into the wild? Wonder what heinous m8erda she’ll end up doin’?

  2. SLV Resident

    The pedestrian who was killed in Brookdale was actually lying down in the middle of the road prior to being hit. When the driver turned off of Hwy 9 and onto Larkspur, the man was ran over and pinned under the truck. It is not known why the man was lying in the road.

  3. Ben another excellent job! Your colorful words describing Camp Bernal are some of the best I’ve ever read.

    I thought I knew your monikers for the clowncil pretty well but who is Sweety Muffin Top and who is Doctor Dolittle?

    Also please note that your writings this week seemed to support my hypothesis that the root cause of many of our problems are the Sanctuary City Police protecting cartel drug dealers that sell the drugs that causes these drug addicted homeless to go crazy and be recorded on surveillance video doing dumb stuff and then getting caught by the sanctuary City Police and then released through the revolving door to get more meth and do it again

    Can someone please throw the repeat offenders in The Slammer for enforced withdrawal and at the same time ask them who sold them the drugs and get the cartel drug dealers off the street and stop protecting them.

  4. this blog is great for my diet.. symtoms of reading santa mierda include nausea, loss of appetite, head spinning in circles spewing green vomit all over the place..

    summer is almost here… if u wanna get ur beach body on just read about santa cruz crime and politics!!! ;0)

  5. I would like to second the request by “grattchos” and request ID on the council members and their nicknames. What a joke that council is. So glad I don’t live in the city limits. It is terrible we have so many homeless-mentally ill not receiving the care they need but frequently refuse. there are not enough 5150 beds in this town. Raise taxes on the wealthiest and fund more mental health services. IMHO

    • Hi Garrett, I’m glad you’re chiming in on this. I don’t think Santa Clara has provided anywhere near the same incentives for homeless to stay there as Santa Cruz has for homeless to stay here – as Ben has pointed out in his fine reporting in past years.

      In my view the attraction of problems to Santa Cruz is as simple as providing a pigeon with a grain of corn when it picks the a green triangle, as was proven so effective as using Skinnerian reinforcement techniques in the 1960s.

      Speaking of the positive reinforcement of a kernel of corn, we give away free needles, we have an absolutely incompetent City Clowncil and court system with no negative reinforcement for anything , we have nonprofits that tell addicts how to get up to $70,000 a year in free stuff. And we have no one who is taking a hard line on crime (except Ben) and he can’t really bring himself to bring the hammer down – (even though he’s as hardline as you can get in a town like this) We have even declared the city a Sanctuary City and hired a police chief who protects the illegal aliens who are run by Mexican cartels and who sell the drugs to the homeless that create the problems.

      Our Police chief even protects the drug dealers that shoot and stab the people that Ben writes about every week and who then hide out in Mexico until our FBI manages to find them. Law enforcement in this town has been effectively castrated by the Sanctuary City mistake of the Clowncil – that goes back to the inclompetence, [new term] of the Clowncil.

      We even have a group that wants to set up a place for illegal migrants in Wilder Ranch add will dwarf the homeless population buy a hundredfold.. So I encourage you to expand your thinking from whether or not we’ve got our fair share of homeless to whether or not we’ve got our fair share of more people want a free stuff, because that’s going to change the whole equation on a mega scale . Holy cow when does this end.

      So there is no need to wonder why we have more homeless in Santa Cruz and San Clara since we have more druggies and drug dealers in Santa Cruz County than in Santa Clara County who are attracted by the free stuff and more protection from the Feds. Just think of the pigeon pecking the green triangle for a kernel of corn

      I thought your analysis of demographics was excellent but the answer really lies in my opinion in the psychographics as described above.

  6. Who is the wealthiest and why should they pay more? How many tens of millions have already been thrown at the problem? It hasn’t worked. Funding isn’t the issue, it’s the course of action that is being taken that doesn’t work. Time for new thinking.

  7. Thank you for the helpful information and your wonderful snark. I love reading it.

  8. Interesting times !! I appreciate all the news that is NOT told to us. It blows my mind each and every week. truly it does !
    I would love for someone to start enforcing laws (Mills)! We need to stop Denise’s recklessness of handing out of Needles and Narcan at Camp Bernal ! (harm reduction with no training or qualifications to reduce harm)
    such bullshit insanityy !!
    No consequences !! No health care worker, nurse etc.
    Seems to me that handing out needles and narcan you are just allowing them to enable/ kill themselves. It is Sickening. Nurses and trained medical personnel should be the only ones doing that !!

    I will say I am pretty impressed that the city council meetings are being attended by so many of our city folk. Is it because we all care what the three city council members do or don’t do, or is it just to watch “the show”. Either way, it has been entertaining to watch the three throw fits and temper tantrums. Then take it all back. Loose cannons is what I watch and see with those three.

    Thanks again for your help in getting the stories out to the community. By the way, I love that Joe and Melissa where on the podcast !

  9. Thx for saying who is Sweety Muffin Top and Dr DoLittle. I guess the rest of my comment did not go over too well. I do think that the money spent for services could be better spent on 5150 beds, medications and forced de-tox. Lying around in tents getting sicker and sicker is not humane. There are no easy answers.

    • Thanks Leigh. “Forced de-tox” could be as easy as increasing options at the county jail. But talk about increasing jail funding and people will have a progressive seizure.

    • if someone has the measles… they are quarantined so everyone else doesnt catch it. if someone has meth addiction and it leads to extreme violence, defecating in public, voluntarily transience and drug dealing which directly contributes to the spread of this disease… they should be quarantined! how sad the people in charge plan to trash the parks and neighborhoods even more. this seems like an impossible fight to win :0(

  10. Pat Kittle

    Most of us realize that the immigration status of criminals is rarely disclosed.

    Massively unending immigration & over-crowding, we are continually informed, is to be “celebrated” unconditionally — OR ELSE. Americans IN EFFECT are surrendering our 1st Amendment to an invading army & their collaborators. Meanwhile our army is invading the world.

    This insanity is known as “Invade the world; Invite the world!” Despite the war-mongering of our chicken-hawk politicians (Trump, Schumer, ad nauseum) Venezuela, North Korea, & Iran do not threaten us, and we should not be theatening them. Our military should be defending our own borders — NOT violating the borders of other countries.

    If we understand this but remain silent, we deserve our fate.

    • Thanks for keeping it clean and not going there. And you know exactly what I mean by THERE. Don’t make me moderate.

  11. Stir it up!

  12. Your forum, your rules.

    But “keeping it clean” implies I do something dishonest of disgusting. I meticulously try to present verifiable FACTS, without obscenity, threats, or slurs. I make it clear I will sincerely apologize if proven wrong.

    I play by your rules here, but I “keep it clean” wherever I am.

    • “keeping it clean” refers to the comments section, not to you. It applies to everyone. “Your forum, your rules”. Exactly. You get it. Please don’t forget it.

  13. Ah, Baked Alaska at Bonesios. Brings me back to those halcyon days of the 80’s when the smell of malt liquor in paper bags was in the air at 7-11 and Bonesios and later in the evening the Hobo Fight Club, sponsored by the Neary’s Lagoon denizens would put on a performance at the old abandoned Union Ice Company warehouse. 40 years later – not much has changed, eh?

    • Hey, you might also remember how before they reconfigured Washington street around Depot Park, it used to be lined with RV “campers” that the city would just basically look the other way at. The city cleaned all that up when they built the park and the parking lots. It’s nothing new. It’s been around (and a problem) forever. It’s just gotten exponentially worse.

      • I do remember that. I also remember that the scattered hobo encampments around Nearys Lagoon didn’t keep us from catching monster bass in the springtime. Things are the same now as then, only with a little harder edge and different place names and different so-called leaders.

        I caught myself reminiscing about the Spring Fair when it was held in San Lorenzo Park on the bench lands. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream, hippies, hobos and suburbanites all just grooving to the sunshine.

        I harbor no fantasy that things will return to those eras. Too many people, too little action, lots of permissiveness and nothing but whack-a-mole with the associate problems. The solutions are too hard to implement because “we” collectively lack the discipline to administer them.

        C’est la vie.

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