The Weekly Dump 9.10.21

Multiple Overdoses at the County Jail

Friday afternoon around 3:30PM, Santa Cruz Fire and medics responded to the County Jail on Water Street after getting reports of multiple overdoses at the jail. At least five people were treated at the scene, with multiple ambulances sent to the jail. I don’t think anyone actually died. But it’s not like people don’t die at the county jail. We know they do. I think the jail has had more overdose calls today than the benchlands. That’s a bad look. Our jail is a dumpster fire. Maybe that’s why the Sheriff is always kicking people out of it.

Welcome to Paradise

Last Sunday around 1PM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies got a report of a possible stabbing at Paradise Park after a stabbing victim walked into Dominican with stab wounds. According to the victim, a male approached the victim and slashed him in the neck with a knife. The victim survived the attack and is expected to be okay. Nobody’s been arrested but according to the victim the suspect hangs out in the park. Of course he does! It’s paradise!

Drunk and Out of Control in Downtown Santa Cruz

Wednesday night, SCPD responded to the 400 block of Lincoln Street in downtown Santa Cruz after getting reports of a woman who crashed her Jeep into a car and a fence. She was arrested for drunk driving and her passenger was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and possessing cocaine.

Green Grass and High Tides Forever

Sunday night around 7:30PM, U.S. Coast Guard crews rescued a man stranded on Greyhound Rock off the Santa Cruz County coast. According to Coast Guard officials, a bystander contacted the Coast Guard and said a person was stranded on Greyhound Rock at Greyhound Rock County Park. Coast Guard officials think the man may have walked out to the rock at low tide and got stranded when the tide came in. The Coast Guard dispatched a motorboat and a helicopter to Greyhound Rock. The helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer to the man and hoisted him to safety.

Drive Thru Raging at Jack in the Box

Saturday night around 11:30PM, SCPD responded to the 600 block of Ocean Street at the Jack in the Box, after two vehicles were reported to be playing bumper car in the drive thru and the parking lot. I’m guessing some kind of road rage was involved. Two people were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Three Penny Opera

Saturday night around 5:30PM, SCPD responded to the 200 block of Pelton Avenue after getting reports of a male sleeping in the bedroom of a rental house that was supposed to be unoccupied. The suspect apparently broke in through a window and was passed out or sleeping in one of the bedrooms. The 41 year old male was arrested and charged with trespassing, vandalism, and drunk in public. He got penny bail on each charge.

Running Down a Dream

Friday night around 9PM, SCPD stopped a 28 year old male after getting reports about a transient making threats and camping in the Seabright area. After doing a warrants check and finding out he was a wanted man, the suspect took off running. Police shut down the area and a K9 was deployed, but the suspect continued to evade police until he was located in the back yard of a nearby home and arrested at taser point. Last check he’s still in jail with bail set at $75K.

Less  Than Penny Bail

Last Friday morning around 2AM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriffs department responded to the 600 block of Burns Avenue in Aptos. They arrested a 43 year old male for possession of a stolen vehicle, forging a vehicle registration, and possession of stolen property. He’s out of jail hours later after getting an “emergency bail release” from our Sheriff.

More Less Than Penny Bail

Friday morning around 5:30AM, SCPD responded to the area of Locust and Center streets after getting reports of a burglary. They arrested a 47 year old male but the Sheriff let him out hours later for nothing after he “promised” to appear in court.

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day

Last Thursday morning around 10AM, SCPD responded to the 600 block of Water Street for a report of a battery where the suspect tried to prevent the victim from calling 911. The victim was also pepper sprayed. The suspect was known to law enforcement and was last seen skating away on a skateboard. It sounds like both the victim and the suspect were both transients who knew each other. The suspect was on probation. Nobody was arrested. The suspect was last seen headed towards the benchlands in San Lorenzo Park.

Turn the Cheek

This past Tuesday morning, members and friends of the Bonny Doon community met in front of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse to protest to the court their opposition to the release of Michael Cheek, a sexually violent predator scheduled to be housed in Bonny Doon. About 50 people demonstrated out front of the courthouse before the placement hearing and more than 900 emails were sent to the judge. Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Syda Cogliati asked for more information about the proximity of a home school site near the home he would live at, and expressed concerns about power outages since he will be required to wear an ankle monitor. This issue is scheduled to be revisited by Judge Cogliati on October 14th. If the judge approves the re-entry, Cheek will be supervised by the Liberty Health Care Corporation Sex Offender Management Program, an agency contracted with the California Department of State Hospitals.

Water Rescue Near the Lighthouse

Friday afternoon around 5PM, Santa Cruz Fire and medics responded to West Cliff Drive and Columbia after getting reports that someone was pulled out of the water near the lighthouse not breathing. Sounds like surfers managed to get him to Its Beach where a couple of lifeguards on scene managed to get him breathing again and he apparently suffered some kind of head wound and possible neck injury in the water.

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  1. Paige Concannon

    Thank you for giving us the info that we would never know about !! It is absolutely horrid and so sad, about all the Mierda ? that happens in Santa Cruz.
    I just can’t believe what happened at the jail, yet I know it is true!! Will Sheriff Hart talk about this?? Will he have a press conference?? Probably not. ?
    When will our officials tell us truth?
    Thank you for all you do !

  2. Why is crime so rampant in Santa Cruz? It’s such a small town that it should easily be controlled!

    And who is in charge of police budgeting? The UCSC students, as a group, commit enough SERIOUS traffic crimes to fund better crime prevention for the whole county. But they’re rarely ticketed. Nobody is patrolling as these privileged out-of-towners ignore stop signs. Daily these jerks blow through the red light outside Westlake Elementary.

    Are any adults in charge of this town?

    • Actually, that area IS patrolled, typically by UCSC police (who can patrol anywhere in town, and often do). I have seen them there. So what you are saying is that drivers should pay $250 so that thieving drug addicts can get penny bail? Are you trying to persuade voters to defund the police?

      Many years ago, when I lived on the other side of the hill, if I were in an exceptionally bad mood I would drive to Palo Alto, and cruise the local streets with my Ford, at exactly the posted speed limit of 25 MPH. Of course, the locals in their BMWs and Mercedes would get quite angry about that.

  3. Don’t know if it’s true, but I read the sexual predator was to be released in Bonny Dune to live in a $6500. per month rental paid by the state.

    • Well, gosh. For $65,000 per month I’d rent to 10 sexual predators, then live like a king in some foreign country. Best of all, I’d feel just soooooo progressive.

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