The Weekly Dump 7.10.20

COVID Cases Spike in Santa Cruz

Gee, who could have seen this coming? Everyone but our greedy, willfully ignorant city “leaders”. Last week, Santa Cruz was the only county along the central coast who kept their beaches open. We got fed a litany of completely bullshit lame excuses like “the people refuse to be governed”. More like the people we put in charge and pay overinflated salaries for are refusing to govern. They say they can’t. We know they won’t. And now you know who to blame. The people who didn’t have the moral fortitude to close our local beaches. Wear the mask. You can’t count on anyone else around here to keep you safe.

The Threat Of Fines Mean Nothing Without Enforcement

As usual, Santa Cruz was like a war zone on the 4th of July. Only this year, thanks to the infinite stupidity of our city and county “leaders”, we imported all the kooks who wanted to to go to the beach and shoot them off because every other county BUT Santa Cruz closed their beaches to the public. Here we like to be different! We like having outsiders burst our self imposed quarantine bubble and bring their festering COVID and fireworks to town. Oh the city and county threatened “triple fines” for fireworks, but as usual it’s just a bunch of flatulent lip service. I heard SCPD were not even responding to calls about people shooting off illegal fireworks. It was on the police scanner. So tell me Chief, how you gonna fine someone if you don’t bother responding in the first place?

Moron Almost Shoots Child on the 4th of July

Around 9PM last Saturday, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a bullet going into a home on Miller Avenue, barely missing a 10 year old girl. Deputies arrived and shortly after arrested a man who had been shooting a gun at the ground to celebrate the 4th of July. That’s when a bullet ricocheted into the nearby home. After a search of the home, 3 firearms were recovered including the gun that was used. The man was charged with negligent discharge of a firearm and resisting arrest. By Monday, he was out of jail.

Racist POS Arrested in Santa Cruz

Last Sunday around 6:30PM, SCPD responded to a disturbance near San Lorenzo and Broadway involving two men. One man pulled a knife and started slashing at the other man while he screamed racial slurs at him. on  The 43 year old knife slashing racist was arrested and charged with a hate crime. Where’s Gilligan?

The Boy is Back in Town!

Around 1PM on the 4th of July, SCPD responded to the 100 block of River Street where they arrested a 38 year old male and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. He was previously arrested 4 times locally back in 2014 and then nothing until he’s been arrested 3 times in the past 3 weeks. Guess who just got back today? That wild eyed boy who went away. Hadn’t changed that much to say. But man I still think that cat is crazy.

Biker Beef Sends One Man to Jail

Monday night around 6PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 200 block of 30th Avenue where they arrested a 49 year old Aptos man after he reportedly tried to hit another man on a motorcycle with a tire iron. He missed the motorcyclist but hit the man’s bike, causing damage. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and vandalism. His bail was set at $25K and he bonded out of jail.

Assault Someone Get a Ticket

That’s where we are now in Santa Cruz. On the 4th of July at around 9:30AM, SCPD responded to the 600 block of Front Street for a reported disturbance. Instead of arresting a 64 year old male for battery and trespassing and refusing to leave private property, they just gave the guy a ticket. I guess that’s one way to make sure your reports show “crime is down”. Arrested 10 times since 2013. We coddle this guy. Now we just give him a ticket he’ll throw on the ground for someone else to pick up.

Watsonville Man Suspected of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girls Arrested

Watsonville police this past week arrested a city of Watsonville employee on sexual battery charges, and booked the 17 year old into Juvenile Hall for the alleged sexual battery and false imprisonment of at least two teenage girls in 2017. In June, detectives began investigating social media accusations against the male. They later identified one of the victims when they got a cross report from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, and the second victim was identified during the investigation. Police said the suspect was hired as a Recreation Leader for the Watsonville Police Activities League in late 2019 and was also a member of the Watsonville Police Cadet Program.

An Actual Fireworks Arrest!

Monday night around 11PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to Hilltop Court in Soquel after getting complaints about several loud fireworks being set off in the area. Deputies made contact with a 20 year old male in the area.  He was also one of the suspects in an arson investigation involving fireworks from last month which happened near Soquel High School and resulted in a hillside catching fire. He was arrested and charged with arson. His bond was set at $5K and he bonded out of jail.

Penny Bail Instead of Jail

I just wrote about this guy last week. Arrested at least 26 times locally. And counting! No wonder he gets arrested so much. He has a penny for bail!

Turnstiler of the Week

Monday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to the area of Spruce and Cedar streets in downtown Santa Cruz for a disturbance of some kind. They ended up arresting a 43 year old male and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, vandalism, and of course, a probation violation. Last check he’s still in county jail on a $5K bond. He won’t be there long. His history here has shown an unwillingness to keep him in jail by the Sheriff. He’s been arrested 15 times locally since 2014. Coddling.

Trouble at the Transient Gateway

Last Friday around 2AM, Santa Cruz Police responded to the Gateway Plaza where they proceeded to arrest a 40 year old male on charges of carrying concealed weapons, possession of stolen property, and drug possession among other charges. Nothing’s open at 2AM over there so I think we all know why he was there. For now he’s still in county jail on a $50K bond. He’s been arrested locally 21 times since 2013. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Santa Cruz City Council Election Updates

So I heard a couple more names this week but I’m not at liberty to say them yet. One for each “side”. I’m not really familiar with either one, so i guess it’s safe to say they are new to this. I’ll hold off on any more rumors until after July 13th, which is the opening of the candidate declaration period. But I’ll know a lot more next week.

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  1. “flatulent lip service” ha ha

  2. Last Wednesday around 400 pm there were perhaps as many as 18 SCPD and Highway Patrol vehicles at West Cliff and Woodrow vicinity. Anyone know what the heck was going on?

  3. Paige Concannon

    Unducking believe able !! Why do we put up with all this mess !! And it is such a mess!!
    This circus needs to stop!
    Thanks for telling it like it is!

  4. I don’t like crime. I don’t like criminals. There must be consequences. Once they’ve done their time, I understand starting with a clean slate. Until then, it looks, to me, people like criminals and they like crime. Throw out the welcome mat!

  5. I follow the local Santa Cruz COVID-19 issues with the County website information posted here:

    My view is that we are all still at risk and that situation will not improve until the Effective Reproductive Number, Rt, is well below one. I have also seen it defined as Ro, RRo, RRt, and the like on other sites. The Santa Cruz County trend can be viewed in the County website. It is a page deeper than the plots (see Forecast Models ) Ben provided in the Dump this week. The plot is updated once a week, every Wednesday. Just before all the openings started Santa Cruz was showing less than one and that was encouraging.

    Just wear a mask and practice social distancing. City Council: Pay attention to this local page.

  6. Pablo Cruz

    I don’t think we could see a spike in cases already from last weekend. I may be raining on the BLM parade but has anyone addressed the possibility that the protests might be a factor in the spike, along with more testing? People spread out on a beach are less of a threat than hundreds of people chanting together, so much so that Newsome has now outlawed singing in church. The real issue is not how many people are infected but rather how many people require hospitalization or die and those numbers are still too low to justify shutting down our lives. Plus the media seems to keep avoiding the per capita rate of infection in order to keep the panic/fright level high. When they tell us that the raw number of cases have spiked they always fail to give you numbers on how many more people have been tested and what percentage of the population that is so the numbers have context. We can expect the number of cases to rise as there’s more testing but we need more honest data than just raw numbers to put the threat into context. For example, we have 3 deaths (all with pre-existing conditions) in a county with just over 273,000 people. That works out to you having a .0000109% chance of dying from the virus – just slightly over 1 death per 100,000 people. In that context we should be asking if that risk is worth people losing their homes, their jobs, their businesses, children missing school and any sense of normalcy. Obviously there are precautions that are justified and we need to be careful but I think that we have allowed fear to overcome common sense.

    • Breath of fresh air, thank you. 235 active known cases = .08%. My wife just tried to get a test at Kaiser, they will only give you one if you have symptoms. Nurse said they had been giving them to anybody that wanted one until a week ago, but we’re running out of tests, so they restricted it. It’d be interesting to know how many of the active cases are asymptomatic. Rand Paul gave some interesting information to Congress about data from other countries that have opened schools to little negative effect.

    • Theodora Kerry

      Totally agree w/ you Pablo! The BLM marches brought hundreds of people together literally. While many wore masks, social distancing was not observed, lots of chanting sending microscopic spray through the macroscopic weave of our chosen muzzles. Meanwhile, at the beach, not a lot of masks, but, from what I saw, people social distanced from other groups, spread out their blankets and inhaled oxygen in celebration of their freedom to do so. More testing = more positive cases per capita, but the falling death & hospitalization rates per capita = natural herd immunity in action, in which case there’s no reason to continue to keep our stores, our schools, our libraries, our restaurants, and our entertainment venues shut down, let alone to order “No Singing in Church” as Newsom did last week. Somebody’s benefiting from this arbitrary shutdown of “non-essential” businesses & activities, and it’s not “We the People”!

  7. MuyDeplorable

    So much…

    1. I note that a rather small portion of the new COVID is known to be due to “community,” which I assume means general contagion among unrelated persons. How does that portion compare to elsewhere? And how much of it is due to non-vaction activities, such as planning for demonstrations (even if not yet demonstrating)? Also, as noted above, more testing lately.

    2. The racist slasher may just be another nut case drifted into town. I despise the label “hate crime” unless it can be shown that the kook only slashes selectively. What he says is ireelevant, IMHO. Bet he has a long history of assaulting just about anybody.

    3. That Wasonville guy… He was age 14 at the time of the events described?

    4. Seems like a lot of the turnstilers have weapons these days. Eeek!

  8. very minor typos
    The people who didn’t have the moral fortitude to close out local beaches. Wear the mask.

    You can’t count on anyone else around to here to keep you safe

    please delete comment. tks

  9. re: “Racist POS Arrested in Santa Cruz”

    I heard this call come across. It happened in a city park. Mike Fox Skate Park to be exact. A place our kids should be able to use for exercise and fresh air amid the pandemic…but no. Not in “Paradise.” Our parks, supported by tax money, are for transient criminals.

    (I also heard dispatch return the “Wants & Warrants” request form SCPD for this “character” come back as a “No Extradition Warrant” from out of state. Swell.)

  10. Seems to lots of complaining, and very little doing.

    • What are you doing besides complaining about the complaining?

      • MuyDeplorable

        Ben: Maybe here’s another chance for swag, while we complain about complaining.

        Visualize this t-shirt slogan:
        keep mouths shut
        6 ft distance
        at all times

  11. I’ll risk Ben’s ire by suggesting we need a new advocacy group named Block Heads Matter. Except that there are too many of them in SC. Make it a 12 step program outlining the path to rational existence and discussion.
    I would argue there is no one more concerned with saving everyone’s lives than the police. No one.
    The strange-o’s that call the council in copy-cat form letter en-masse to de-fund the police are asking for real trouble. Don’t think it can’t happen here. Many cities are cutting police budgets hugely, and I don’t like their chances vs violent crime.

    • MuyDeplorable

      Speaking of copy-cat: Think about how rapidly large protest demonstrations were organized, right after the initial incident in Minneapolis. Thanks to online Email lists.

      Many years ago, I was in the choir at Holy Cross in SC. One Friday afternoon, a correspondent mentioned that he just got some talking points from the Democratic Party. Shared them with me. That Sunday, the priest’s sermon was those very talking points! Bible be damned. I quietly left.

  12. Thanks P.E.

    • You are welcome.

      The County site also tracks/models hospitalizations. That number is also growing. Hopefully we are not yet on a path to steep exponential growth of the infection. State and National statistics suggests we are heading into trouble. Today the risk is relatively low but the infections here are growing not attenuating. Exponential growth can quickly become uncontrolled. I continue to be surprised that so many individuals are not taking even easy steps to retard the spread of the virus.

      Too bad the County doesn’t update the plots more frequently.

  13. Jerry H Satterberg

    The situation in Santa Cruz County is not sustainable for posterity unless some citizens, and your leaders grow sone balls and say no to homeless takeover of your once beautiful destination town! Your Council are nothing but a crew fresh off the socialist boat, and hell bent on no law enforcement in your county! Who in their right mind wants to come to your homeless filled, violence plagued streets! Wake up folks, your grandkids future is giving way to anarchy!!

  14. Speaking of those densely packed “large protest demonstrations” — they certainly weren’t practicing “social distancing” as they screamed with spittle flying.

    Curiously, no one seems willing to suggest they have anything to do with the pandemic recently rebounding.

  15. Just the Facts

    Everyone go take a look at the San Lorenzo “camp”. No masks, not even on “support” staff. No social distancing. No more “individual” sites. This thing is a sham. Ross Camp Redux. Meth labs and chop shops. A line of refuse cans down the center and the place still looks like the dump. This is “protecting” the homeless? From what? Social responsibility?

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