The Weekly Dump 12.21.18

Happy Holidays!

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, I hope they are safe and happy. And now, for the airing of the grievances!

Possible Meteor Freaks Everyone Out

Wednesday night just before 6PM, some kind of odd light display was visible in the night sky over Santa Cruz, and was reportedly seen as far away as Lake Tahoe. According to a number of news reports, it was apparently some kind of meteor? Meteor right? Meteorite? The really odd thing was the timing. It happened right as lots of people were outside watching for a rocket launch that was scheduled to take place at the same time in Southern California. The rocket launch was actually cancelled minutes before scheduled takeoff, but then everyone reported seeing this and blew up social media with questions about what they were seeing.

The Poster Boy for Downtown Santa Cruz

Last Wednesday afternoon, an SCPD officer noticed a familiar face riding a bike near the town clock in downtown Santa Cruz. He was familiar because SCPD has arrested him so many times they are on a first name basis with him. The officer remembered the 28 year old man from Watsonville had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. After stopping him and placing him in handcuffs for the outstanding warrant, they also noticed he was in possession of liquid methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and vandalism tools. Oh, and of course, the bike he was riding was confirmed as stolen. He was charged with felony vandalism in addition to the outstanding warrant and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail.

And here’s the part that shows how county probation continues to fail us. Apparently, he has 2 “layers” of “concurrent” probation (but here he is, out at the town clock with meth on a stolen bike). This was actually his 3rd Misdemeanor arrest SINCE being placed on probation (third times a charm?). He has 22 priors and he has 12 Cases with 25 charges just in the past 12 months (thanks to Big J for the research here). WHY THE HELL IS HE ON PROBATION?

Stabbing on 7th Avenue Sends Victim to Trauma Center

Sunday afternoon around noon, I heard a report that a man was stabbed on the 500 block of 7th avenue. I have pretty much no details but I know the suspect was arrested and the victim was taken to a trauma center for their injuries.

Perhaps Decaf Would Help With His Anger Management Issues

Friday morning around 10AM, I heard a report of a male involved in some kind of physical confrontation on Felton Empire road. A male suspect pushed his girlfriend to the ground, before hitting another male in the head with a chair. He also threatened both of them with a knife. The suspect was arrested and taken to county jail.

Local Grinch Steals Christmas

Here’s a screen grab from a surveillance video of some local thief stealing a package from a home on Washburn Street. She’s driving some shitty old green car with a little dog in tow. If I spent enough time studying our local mugshots page, I’m sure this face would likely turn up. Thieves just feel too comfortable and nonchalant about doing this. But then again, we do make career criminals feel comfortable and nonchalant here!

And stop the presses! Thursday night, it was announced that SCPD received numerous reports from the community who saw The Grinch driving a green Toyota Camry on Ocean Street on Thursday morning. The Grinch was even wearing the same clothes, driving the same car, and had the same innocent little dog in the video. She was stopped and detained with two other people. SCPD recovered numerous stolen packages from inside the car, which was also stolen. The 30 year old woman “from Santa Cruz” was arrested for possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen car. She was previously arrested in September, so she’s obviously no stranger to law enforcement.

Overdose at Camp Bernal

Wednesday night around 9PM, I heard a report of an overdose at Camp Bernal. Fire and medics were sent to the scene along with SCPD. The witness apparently wasn’t very cooperative.

Family Squabble Gets Ugly

Monday SCPD arrested a male for assault with a deadly weapon on the 100 block of McCormick after he put a family member in a choke hold and threatened to stab him with a kitchen knife.

Just a Couple of Transient Bums in a Stolen RV

Monday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Benito avenue for a complaint of drug activity coming from an RV that was parked nearby. After checking with local CHP, they also determined that the RV was reported stolen. A high risk stop was initiated, and two transient males were found inside. Both men were arrested for possession of stolen property.

The Boys are Back in Town

Tuesday night, CHP Officers stopped a car for driving with no headlights which lead to a DUI investigation of the juvenile male driver, according to CHP reports. During the stop, officers found weapons inside the car and discovered a loaded handgun in the waistband of a juvenile male passenger. The driver was arrested for suspicion of DUI and both he and his passenger were booked into juvenile hall for the weapons charges.

Watsonville Cheerleading Coach Busted

Thursday morning, a 36 year old Watsonville cheerleading coach and teachers aide at Pajaro Valley High School was arrested for attempting to make child pornography, soliciting a child for sex, and trying to meet with an underage girl. The Watsonville Police Department said Davis spent 3 weeks pressuring a teenage girl to do a nude photo shoot. The victim refused and reported the suspect to school administrators. Police monitored text messages between the victim and suspect before arresting him. School officials said the man is on administrative leave.

Spare Me Some Change?

Tuesday around 4:30PM, reports came in about a drunk panhandler falling into traffic at Highway 1 and River streets. Witnesses reported seeing the man standing and panhandling in the center divide on the median with an open bottle of wine next to him, where he kept falling into traffic. Haven’t we all seen this at least once in the past week?

Failure Behind the Wheel

This Monday, SCPD cited a man for driving with a suspended license after he claimed to have a brake failure in the area of Mission St and Greene St. The male ran over several city traffic signs, struck a fire hydrant and finally stopped on a support cable for a PG&E pole.

Comfortably Numb in Aptos

Tuesday morning, Santa Cruz County officials took matters into their own hands as they tore down a controversial green fence which blocked public walkway access to nearby Rio Del Mar Beach in Aptos. The county determined that since the land is public property, they made the decision to tear it down. County crews took a chainsaw to a gated fence and wall along Beach Drive put up by residents and the Rio Del Mar Beach Island Home Owners Association.

Coddling Felons on Probation With Free Needles Get Us This

Thursday morning around 9:30AM, a deputy from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office stopped a vehicle on the 2500 block of Graham Hill Road in Felton. The driver was on felony probation with search terms and after submitting to the search, deputies found more than 10 grams of meth, along with numerous needles. He was arrested and taken to county jail.

You Can’t Hide Your Lion Eyes

A couple of Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies were exactly what a couple stranded in the Santa Cruz mountains wanted to see last Thursday night. Their VW bus got stranded and stuck in a muddy ditch, and while they were attempting to get it back on the road, a local mountain lion was spotted nearby eyeing them up. Deputies helped dig out the vehicle, and no mountain lions were killed or hurt in the process.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Burglarized

Tuesday night around 2AM, Santa Cruz Bicycles was apparently burglarized. According to reports, someone broke into their business on the 2800 block of Mission street and stole several bikes. Nobody was arrested.

3rd Annual Christmas at the MAH

This year, the Friends of Christmas and the Veterans for Peace are pleased to be partnering with the Museum of Art & History for the “3rd Annual Christmas at the MAH”. They invite the community to not only find a few holiday dollars to contribute but also to donate warm clothes which they will distribute to diners on Christmas Day. Please join them in making this season one of joy and generosity for less fortunate friends and neighbors. Meal service will begin at noon on Christmas Day and dinner will be served until 3:00pm. More info here.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours ?

  2. That porch thief getting caught warms the cockles of my heart. A big ‘thank you’ to the people who saw the video and called in when they spotted the woman driving around!

  3. Love that “lion eyes” comment. Nice to start the day with a smile. Great column, as usual.

  4. Merry Christmas, Ben! Thank you for being the only source of actual local news.

    On a less positive note I drove by the bum camp by Ross and noticed that there are several bikes in the process of being “worked on” (code for chopped) right out in the open. Are SCPD officers even entering the camp to look for issues like this or is it a “Cop-Free Zone”?

  5. The black glove at the feet of the porch thief reminds me…………….if it doesn’t fit you must acquit…….she’ll be out on the streets again in no time………sigh.

  6. administrative leave? for a teacher using his job to bully kids into child pornography? wow – are we really supposed to believe they are waiting to see what is proven in court? gonna go throw up now

  7. In Wednesday’s Sentinel, our new mayor has outlined her objectives for the community …. all citizens should study it carefully! We are going to be “a healthy community where all people can thrive, beginning with our children!” We’ll do this with community input and will build on the good work of prior councils! Some highlights –

    Adverse circumstances that contribute to inequities will be voided or mitigated through sound government policies that will be implemented by our council.

    The council will help our citizens self-actualize by providing employment, housing, education and less exposure to environmental toxins.

    A new, collaborative approach will incorporate health into all decisions. The mayor provides a good definition of “community health” … “the social and physical conditions in which individuals are born, live, learn, work, play and age”.

    The council will provide safe neighborhoods and parks for all!!!

    The mayor will work to prioritize “upstream, preventative policies”, and will invest in children because the science says that these policies provide social and economic returns.

    Folks, our mayor has boldly set a new direction! We are “embarking on “a journey of action and progress!” All citizens should fall in line.

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