The Weekly Dump 4.3.20

Santa Cruz is Still Basically Shut Down

Here are some relevant coronavirus updates for Santa Cruz:

  • Santa Cruz County has extended the shelter-in-place order until May 3rd. The orders were originally set to expire on April 7th.
  • So far Santa Cruz County has reported 54 cases of coronavirus and one death. So far, 848 people have been tested, which amounts to 0.003% of the county’s population. That’s three tenths of one percent folks. We have literally no clue who has it. Which is why people need to stay the fuck indoors.
  • Santa Cruz County announced Wednesday morning that all local public schools will remain physically closed for the rest of the school year.
  • The county has ordered vacation rentals on websites like AirBNB to cease renting their properties to the public until further notice.

Santa Cruz Woman Murdered on Graham Hill Road

Around 11:30AM on Tuesday morning, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home on the 800 block of Graham Hill Road for a report of an unconscious woman. When they arrived they found the 55 year old woman dead. They are treating her death as a homicide.

And in late breaking news, Phil Gomez from KSBW broke the news that 2 transients had been arrested in San Bernardino County. Robbery is believed to be the motive.

Twenty three? They both like to be about fifteen! Little Bonnie and Clyde here are old to enough to spend some significant time in the big house.

Man Arrested in Watsonville For Murder

Sometime early Monday morning, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 30 year old male on the 100 block of Holohan Road in Watsonville for murder. I don’t have any other details since the local news isn’t covering anything unrelated to the coronavirus. He appears to still be sitting in county jail on a $375K bond.

I know they don’t list his name (just like me) but I know his name (I’m resourceful). He’s been arrested six times locally since 2014, and three times in the past year.

Drive By Shooting Near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Just past midnight on Monday night, SCPD responded to multiple reports of a possible drive by shooting on the 100 block of Leibrandt Avenue in Santa Cruz. When they arrived, they found a male victim who was shot in the hand and ankle and was sent to a trauma center over the hill. While all this going on, officers noticed a man running through the same apartment complex. After stopping him, they determined he had more than 3 ounces of heroin packaged for sale, a scale and over $1200 in cash on him. And he is currently on probation for drug sales. Of course he’s on probation. SCPD took him to jail for selling heroin.

Santa Cruz Voters Fire Drew Glover and Chris Krohn

It’s official. Both Drew Glover and Chris Krohn were recalled by the voters of the city of Santa Cruz.

I know there’s lots of whine and cheesy excuses going around (cue the Daryl Hall!). I noticed both Krohn and Glover left long, whiny manifestos on their Facebook pages about why they lost, who to blame (not them of course) and who they imagined was behind their historical firing, the first in the history of Santa Cruz. The fuck if I’m reading or having any of that nonsense. Krohn especially whines about the margin of his loss. It really doesn’t matter how much they lost by. We only needed to win by one vote. We won by much more than one vote. He complains the results show how “divisive” the community is over the recall. Well no shit Sherlock. You two are the ones who made us divisive with your nasty rhetorical bullshit you spread like butter every chance you get. Only now your audience just got much smaller and less public and you both just got a lot less relevant. The majority of people will move on from all this because that’s what normal people do. A few people will remain butt hurt about it for awhile, and that’s fine too. Being a keyboard, social justice warrior tends to make your ass hurt a lot.

Burglar Arrested For Looting Downtown

Sunday morning around 5AM, officers from SCPD were patrolling downtown when they got a report about people fighting in public on the 800 block of Front Street. Apparently a resident of the St. George heard breaking glass below his apartment so he got dressed and confronted the suspected burglar. Police arrested a 21 year old transient male who was already on probation for burglary! Is anyone surprised? Probation! The gift that keeps on giving us guys like this. SCPD arrested him again for burglary, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of stolen merchandise.

Fremont Couple Get an Expensive Lesson

Wednesday night, a couple from Fremont thought it would be a good, inconspicuous idea to drive their car around on Cowells beach. When asked why they weren’t back in Fremont sheltering in place, they told SCPD they weren’t worried about it and it wasn’t serious. Police gave each a $1000 thank you ticket for being so arrogant and stupid in public. To make sure the pair were able to get home, police said they did not impound their car. Should have impounded the car!

Shark Attack Closes Santa Cruz County Beaches

Several beaches temporarily closed from Capitola to Sunny Cove after a paddle boarder’s board got bit by a shark while he was paddling near 38th Avenue. The paddle boarder was ok and managed to paddle back to shore safely. His board had a bite in it.

He’s Driving His Life Away

Early Wednesday morning, Scotts Valley Police stopped a male who was driving his father’s four wheel drive truck after he ran over a concrete median. They soon learned he was also carrying about an ounce of methamphetamine, heroin, and Xanax pills. And he was on probation. Of course he was on probation! He was arrested and taken to jail.

Tased and Confused

Monday night around 10PM, SCPD responded to the Rite Aid on Soquel where a man was causing some kind of disturbance and threatening people inside. When they arrived, the man refused to comply and was eventually tased before being handcuffed and arrested.

Up to No Good

Last Friday around 4:30AM, SCPD responded to the 2100 block of N. Pacific Avenue where they arrested a 39 year old woman for drug possession, burglary, theft, and resisting arrest. Nothing good ever happens being out in public at 4:30 in the morning. She also had three outstanding warrants out of Santa Clara County. Last check she was “sheltering in place” in our county jail on a $25K bond.

He Looks Cozy and Comfortable

Last week, Scotts Valley Police responded to a local business where the employees reported a man had busted open the locked door and was arguing with them about why they were closed due to COVID-19 precautions. When officers contacted the man, he resisted arrest telling them he wasn’t going back to jail. He was wrong. He went back to jail charged with burglary, resisting arrest, DUI with priors and driving on a suspended license.

Turnstiler of the Week

Last Friday morning around 8:30AM, a 42 year old Boulder Creek woman was arrested on the 1900 block of Mission Street for stealing someone’s car and the usual probation violation. She was still in jail last time I looked on a $10K bond. But that’s not likely to hold her for long. She’s been arrested 13 times since 2015.

It’s All Downhill From Here

Tuesday morning, a couple of local farmers found a Honda Accord parked at the beach near Sunset Beach. Much to their surprise, they also found people sleeping inside the car. When CHP Officers arrived, they learned that the 18 year old driver was driving around celebrating the birthday of his 21 year old passenger when he failed to see a downhill embankment and ended up stuck at the beach.

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  1. Coral street zoo is cleaned up!

    • What? I would tell you to look again, but the city has closed the street to through traffic. Only people doing business on Coral St can drive through when the guards are posted at either end. Somehow I still see a lot of drug traffic. Not as much as before though.
      Two guards were walking the street Wednesday night. Drug traffic came to a screeching halt. It’s increasing already now. The guards have not been around after hours.

      • Ya they hire guards when they should hire police or military for that place in particular-what the hell is wrong with this freakin town! I’m a guard and I know from experience we are just civilians that are allowed to do things and be certain places to obverse and report and call police when someone doesn’t comply with are directions. We can’t arrest or enforce authority but you put us smack in the middle of criminals drug addicts and drug dealers witch all kill people every day- everyone knows that. And don’t get me started on the Advocates that pretend all the people on the street in SC are just down on there luck Hobos not full blown addicts and criminals

  2. Have to be honest. Not liking the logo. Can you have Zeus with a lightning bolt?
    I already have to deal with you know what every day. I don’t want to wear it.

  3. Ya nothing bad ever happens when you let people just “hang out” in this town knowing dam well there just drug addicts with nothing better to do and nowhere else to go that lets drug addicts do as they please 24/fkn 7. I guess they killed that lady cause she tried to fend them off. You think with all these drugs around the police would set up more stings or start setting up stings. How hard would that be just dress and smell like a bum and ask people where to get “ nighttime” “ dark” or “ black” for HERION or daytime white or crystal for meth or cocaine. I do a shift during the day in SC it take me less then an hour to see who’s dealing and who’s buying they use grocery store parking lots cause they can’t be bothered by police even though there junk cars that are loaded full of crap at least 2 people in the vehicle and usually a dog or 3 usually out of state plates and people who obviously look like drug addicts inside the vehicle usually smoking cigarettes. But NOOOO police just drive by cause I have no freakin idea why. I guess they can’t put 2 and 2 together that drug addicts do drugs and all type of crimes, drug dealers are usually addicts as well or at least supplies to the drugs.

    Oh I also overheard a lady in a Toyota Avalon talking to another guy on a bike of course saying “ a shelter won’t help me I need a hotel” as she put sunblock on her face and just left the lol box it came in on the ground-parasites. She then went to her car. I then saw her later in a parking lot closer to my post and I overheard her talking on the phone about talking to the “judge” my wife guessed probation. Just one day a week for 8 hours and I can spot these parasites within one hour what’s wrong with this town and towns like it. I’ll keep saying it Scotts Valley and Los Gatos, Aptos and Watsonville (police departments) don’t put up with crap. But Santa Cruz welcomes it so much there are Activists here who have real power and admit people should be ALLOWED to do drugs here and get free stuff and ignore the fact that drug addicts to crime and KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. parasites-Parasites-GO AWAY- get some help or underground you soon will lay, I just made up that lil tune up :). I will where my Mierda gear proud.

    Oh I now have a different view on those who wear “Santa Cruz” apparel. Unless you blind to the fact SC is just infested with drug addicts why would you be wearing that stuff. To me drug addicts were it cause it’s where drug addicted parasites are allowed to be and flourish just so comfortably and they like to advertise it. This I a drug culture town. Maybe some that wear it are young and Don’t know better but the only people I see on skateboards are addicts and 1 out of every 5 people I see on bikes are addicts. So ya I think most that just wear Santa Cruz apparel are advertising there are for the drug culture in SC and proud. So I’ll wear my Mierda gear in protest to ever dam thing wrong with this town.

    Oh and one more thing basically every homeless addict you see go into any type of store 8 times out of 10 is shoplifting since I’m next door to 2 grocery stores just one day a week when I can I watch them go in and like I just said 8 out of 10 times I watch as they pull things from there person and put them in there back packs. But I don’t Gaurd there I’m just on the same parking lot Gaurding a clinic, bank or some other place that uses a security Gaurd

    gees I got one more a younger guy and girl go into a store girl was riding the bike with a trailer guy just a bike. They get out guy straps his backpack to trailer and tell girl to use the other bike, guy wants to head one direction girl want to head back the way they came. From what I gathered the girl paid for the stuff and the guy then just took off with it cause as she passed me she said out loud “it was my money” I just said to her “TYPICAL!” I then see tossed all over the side walk men’s sunglasses men’s pants and sweatshirts toothbrush and stuff I guess he took off with her bag and the food or booze she paid for so she just jumped out his bag on the sidewalk in revenge witch isn’t smart old people and woman who live on the street constantly get beat up by the younger guys who make up the vast majority of PARASITES in Santa Cruz. Yup just one day a week for 8 hours on a small post and I see all this and more but I’ve written enough for now. Not like this crap is ever go in to end. We can wish but you can wish in one hand and poop in the other and see witch one fills up first 🙂

    • Hey Dave, I have thought for a long time that it’s bizarre that the cops don’t arrest the drug dealers as you pointed out so clearly. It would be so easy to do. This sheriff is a complete waste of oxygen.

  4. Spent my lunch break on a reply it didn’t go thru

    • Hey Dave, sorry it didn’t go through the first time. You probably triggered a moderation filter. See above.

      • Oh ya I put b and w in there dang. Know what I’ll write in my notes first then read it 3 times then cut and paste to post that way if it don’t go thru in an hour or right away I can edit then post the proper one. I’ll get better

  5. Alright then I’m outa here

  6. I think it’s fair to say that the youth and college vote kept Krohn and Glover closer that they would have been otherwise. The vote wasn’t divisive, it just illustrates that many voted on emotion, political ideology or were completely uninformed. Anyone else who was paying attention, knew the clown car was missing two inhabitants. Honk! Honk!

  7. Thanx to Ben for being a source of local info. Congrats to the City for ridding itself of the two aging hippys just longing to identify with the idealistic youth at UCSC. I agree with Jami and would prefer just Santa Mierda printed on a mug or T-shirt. The logo is ugly and looks just like the emoji. I do want to support your efforts. You remind
    me of the pamphleteers of Revolutionary Days. I think Benjamin Franklin was one of them. Ben.
    The pictures this week are especially funny/tragic! I agree with not towing the car of the two idiots, lets make sure they can get home to Santa Clara County!
    To Dave: don’t descend into a rant. I love your idealism but don’t forget some of us are not drug addicts just because we ride a bike and look a bit scruffy.

    • Here you go! New logo with just text!

    • Wasn’t a rant just stating what I’ve been seeing. If you were to read more carefully I said to dress and look a certain way if you wanted to buy drugs not that dressing and looking a certain way labels you a drug addict parasite, just if you dressed regular and look to clean and try to buy drugs chances are you won’t have any luck- it was mainly for undercover sting type scenario. If you read my old posts I’ve ranted here and there but I respect Ben and so far I haven’t got so much as a warning. When my post don’t go thru I’ll put a few sentences in to see if they go thru like last night I put ok I’m outa here cause I was done with my shift. And compared to what I hear on the street from those I consider parasites no one here has truly ranted the way they do, but we for the most part have common sense and we know rants do really get anyone anywhere unless your a Parasite on the street it seems to be ok for them to do so most folks don’t even bat an eye over it and just keep on with there day.

      So today just 3 hours ago I saw a guy laying in front of a building parasite obviously cause of what I witnessed- another guy same status joined him and they were sharing a bottle of vodka and a cigarette. Then 3 more parasites joined them in sharing the bottle cigarette was gone by then the 3 did a lil dance as they walked away. 45 min later the guys sitting on the ground were singing loudly shoulder to shoulder btw and trying to talk to the folks and kids passing by. I called PD when I heard them cursing at another parasite passing on a bike- fights happen quick and we don’t need them using up out resources and going to the hospital possibly infecting people. Keep in mind I feel I’ve earned my stripes to call them parasites by getting assaulted by them getting more death threats then I can remember seeing first hand what they do and are about then getting fired because of the Activist(parasites as well) have enough power all because I said some “mean words”

      So I turned on my scanner app and wow so many people just gathering together likes it’s the thing to do. People I’m guessing more parasites calling police and ambulance on themselves cause they want to “ hurt themselves” one guy wanted to surrender himself to Janus (good for him) if he takes it seriously and follows thru I know many many people that are still clean/sober just cause of Janus. I can’t be optimistic anymore this town is Mierda to say the absolute very least and personally I like the logo on Ben’s stuff but I’m sure deleting the mascot is easy, supporting Ben is the important part.

      Ya the angle of understanding and sympathy went out the window 3 hours into my first shift at the galleria when I told a group of people no trespassing no loitering on Galleria property and they cursed me out saying what I’m not and what Iam and they can be wherever they want and touch us and we will beat your ass- tv edit version. In my 8 months there I only felt sorry for 2 individuals out of geez maybe 3-400 ejections so about150-220 people cause I’d see them over and over especially the ones that just came by to do drugs and the ones that rode or skated by to give me my nightly death threats.

      I’m still listening to the scanner as I write this like I used to at the galleria mainly to get a heads up Incase a BOLO was aired- be on the look out) and the “blow torch lady “ just made an appearance- Uber driver had to refuse a ride cause she had to many things and she then pulled out her famous blow torch and threatened to burn his tires. I was warned about her never came across her or maybe I did and she didn’t pull it out for me, like I’ve said before I look intimidating but I’m actually a nice guy my wife still reminds me but she just tells me once I open my mouth or smile people can tell I’m not how I look like I should act-a thug 🙂 shaved head doesn’t help either.

      But I got a small victory the young guard at the Galleria is going to join the company I now work for soon. He’s only been there a month and can’t believe what he sees and has to go thru he has to take pictures of the people he ejects as I did. He’s already almost has been assaulted many times he has means of defense but not good enough against the types he has to deal with-“it’s not worth it” he said is your company hiring so my boss who recruited me has written up a letter of recommendation and so have I. If the owners of the galleria want there place to be Parasites free hire the SCPD or 2-3 Guard’s like they used to do 14 years ago per shift. And I’ll keep recruiting every Gaurd I see there mostly for there well being these parasites kill people that’s a fact mainly cause of drugs

  8. How about Santa Mierda face masks? What could be more viral?

  9. Ben, I’ve tried to post something twice…didn’t go through. Nothing in the post would trigger a filter, so???

  10. While we are stuck indoors get a scanner app on your phone listen to all the Mierda that’s going on in SC. Stupid craziness;(

  11. Thanks for keeping us informed!
    But there’s a mistake. You’re correct that 848 people are “three tenths of one percent” but that should be written 0.3%, not 0.003%.

  12. MuyDeplorable

    Regarding that pair arrested in San Bernadino county for the local murder: How were they identified so quickly? Gosh, even if they were clearly visible on security cameras and left fingerprints and DNA all over the place, that was speedy work, and could not have happened unless at least one of them had priors that made ID easy. I did not see any priors for the chick at our local mug shots site, other than the current one. Yet she looks familiar, and I don’t hang out where the low-lifes do. I wonder if she’s a local, and was identified by neighbors? Or did those two have a car, with its license plates identified? Or did they wander around SB telling their friends how cool they were?

    • MuyDeplorable

      After some research: They were arrested in Santa Barbara a couple of months ago, before they drifted here. I don’t know how Santa Barbara prosecutes, but it sounds like they’d get 2 hots and a cot plus a free pass, around here. Apparently the guy was also known to police for something else, somewhere. The news article didn’t say, but he has a car known to police, and maybe its plates were captured on video.

  13. Ya everyone knows Santa Cruz is THE place to go if your a criminal or addict and just do whatever-cops won’t bother you,locals are numb to the fact they know this and on top there Activists that make life easy if you want to live on the streets get high/drunk and harass the locals and steal what you can. Then soon enough if you have to just commit murder you have a 50/50 chance of getting away with it, if they ditched there car and just “camped” out I’m sorry to say I bet they would never be found or on would take a long time. I guess the powers that be in SC don’t see the harm of making a safe heaven for anyone that wants to free load hear aka be a parasite. Human rights

  14. Got something to do as well as listen to the/A scanner app. I’ve said before mugshots Santa Cruz is good to see if you recognize anyone and get there name BUT if you click on there name it’ll show you previous mugshots and dates of there arrest And us here won’t be surprised the average is 2-4 arrests a year and you can see there faces get worse and skinnier. I just did this to see if those with face tattoos have mugshots of before they got them and a couple guys I’ve already found before they decided to make themselves MORE EASIER to recognize-stupidity runs strong in some folks. Our murderers are there as well the guy was arrested 2 months ago here or maybe elsewhere but his older mugshot is on the site the girl just has the one but one is all we need there both done

    . I’ll try not to rant I’ll try to be more informative and entertaining and real like Ben is but we all know it’s hard and I know I’m preaching to the quire here 🙂 guy who I guess lives now at the corner of the 3 story parking garage next to the Wells Fargo on River st is still there 6 months + now. How can he be allowed to just live there there are no bathrooms anywhere near he has people hang out inside with him ya I’ve been watching him lately. And a group of parasites hang out around him and across the street during the day using the galleria as there personal bathrooms and hide out drug use/stolen bike chop area/prostitution area( I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t see it first hand MANY TIMES mostly males) I never mean to write so much but there’s so much wrong in SC and a lot on my mind about it all. And this is just a small portion of SC I know about. How’s your neighborhoods

  15. OK, trying to post this again.
    Just got my mierda t shirt and love it, logo intact. Not sure why some people want to change the design; it represents exactly what this site and the shirt are both about. Mine is orange because, well, orange is the new black, so I chose that color in recognition of the fact that so much of what we read here has to do with people who belong behind bars. Thanks for the swag, Ben. Every time I’ve worn my shirt I’ve had people ask where they can get one; let’s hope they actually come through—it would be very cool to blanket this town with santa mierda.

  16. Just the Facts

    Love the new logos! Sheltering in place is the perfect opportunity to upgrade the wardrobe. Just ordered mine.

  17. 6-14,7-14,7-14,7-14,10-14,10-14,11-14,11-14,11,14,11-14,12-14,12-14,3-15,4-15,4-15,6-15,8-15,8-15,9-15,11-16,3-18,3-18,7-18,7-18,7-18,8-18,8-18,2-19,5-19,8-19,8-19,8-19,9-19,11-19,11-19,2-20,3-20,3-20 and 4-20 arrest record of one John Garza done by month and year. I decided to just check out an arrest record of some arrests just today. And this is what I got I wouldn’t doubt he holds any kind of Bens,Santa Mierda record. But wow we know how to practice catch and release. 38 times since 2014 put that on a shirt.


  19. And I’m going to order another one when I get home

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