The Weekly Dump 3.13.20

Coronavirus Invades Santa Cruz 

Shit got real this week with this Coronavirus. School district superintendents and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education decided on Thursday, in concurrence with the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, to close all public Santa Cruz County schools for the week of March 16th-20th. This comes after UCSC cancelled all classes until sometime in late March. In a move I predicted days before it actually happened, UC Santa Cruz basically cancelled their remaining classes until after their spring break at the earliest over fear of the coronavirus outbreak. It was announced last week that two staff members with UCSC’s Genomics Institute were possibly exposed to the Coronavirus through a contract worker while in Redwood City, who later tested positive for the virus.

Guess who saw this coming before it happened?

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic, meaning the virus has spread worldwide, with over 1,000 cases in the United States. Last check, there have been 7 reported cases in Santa Cruz County. The biggest problem we all face, beyond the complete mierda planning by our local, state, and national leaders here, is the lack of testing available. We have literally no idea who has this right now. We are driving at night coming down Donner Summit with our headlights off in a raging blizzard. Back when I was younger, I once walked down the Mist Trail in Yosemite in total darkness (it’s a long story….). This is what that feels like right now. Drive off a cliff, swept over a waterfall terrifying.

But fear not! City manager Martin Bernal enlightened us all with his newsletter about what the city is doing about the coronavirus! He never mentions testing, or where to get tested, or how to get tested. That’s because testing is pretty much non-existent in Santa Cruz! In order to get tested, you first need to get evaluated by a local doctor with county health services. If you pass their sniff test, you get sent to Santa Clara for a test because we don’t have any tests here apparently. And the test itself? Someone takes a Q-Tip and swabs your nostril and sticks it in a bag and ships it off to a lab. Wow, such a difficult, machine intensive, cost prohibitive test to have locally! As a result, we have no actual local testing and “reported” numbers mean nothing without real data and not garbage data. If we can’t administer free tests to everyone, we have no clue who has it.

And will someone please ask Martin Bernal and Andy Mills why they continue to allow a makeshift homeless camp to squat along the sidewalk of Water Street adjacent to the downtown Post Office, an area frequented heavily by the public, creating an enormous public safety hazard for spreading the coronavirus within the city? Local incompetence and dysfunction is no way to approach a pandemic. 

Man Arrested For Kidnapping and Attempted Rape on Pacific Avenue

Last Thursday night around 11PM, SCPD arrested a 33 year old male on the 800 block of Pacific Avenue and charged him with kidnapping, attempted rape, and drug possession. He’s been arrested 4 times locally. Twice in 2013, once in 2018, and this time. Last check he was sitting in county jail on a $25K bond. I’m kind of surprised the county didn’t just give him their old “get out of jail free” card (aka their “PTA” program).

Good Morning Santa Cruz!

Friday morning around 9AM, SCPD arrested a 45 year old female on the 300 block of Washington Street on a number of charges, including battery, criminal trespass, resisting arrest, assaulting a peace officer, and the usual drunk in public. This is a block from the SCPD main station.

What Could Go Wrong With a Cache of Guns and Meth?

Last Thursday, Detectives with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Team served a search warrant at a residence on the 2700 block of South Main Street in Soquel. During the search, nearly a pound of methamphetamine was found, along with packaging and scales. They also found 17 firearms, including 2 unregistered assault weapons, 2 shotguns, multiple handguns and more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition. A 39 year old male was arrested on narcotics and weapons violations charges and was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail. His bail was set at $1,000,000.

Loaded Glock Found in Stolen SUV 

Officers from SCPD located a stolen SUV this week on the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. While processing the vehicle for evidence, they found a loaded 9mm Glock 26 in the center console.

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day

Monday afternoon around 5:30PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Coral Street (aka “Skid Row”) for a report of someone being assaulted with a skateboard. They took a witness report but nobody was arrested.

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day – Jethro Tull

Local Skidmark Wonders Where the PTA Is?

Friday afternoon around 2:30PM, SCPD arrested a 21 year old bum along the railroad tracks on Coral Street. Skid Row! He was charged with aggravated assault, burglary, vandalism, and drug possession. Last check he’s still sitting in jail on a $500 bond. Yes, a $500 bond. All that bad shit for $500! Where’s the PTA? Someone call the PTA!

Fake Report of Shooter Leads to Arrest in Felton

Monday afternoon around 3:30PM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies went to a home on Hillview Drive in Felton to arrest a male for three outstanding warrants. When they arrived, the suspect ran from them so they quickly set up a perimeter to locate him. While he was hiding, the male tried to lure Deputies away from him by calling 911 and claiming there was a man with a gun at the San Lorenzo Valley High School football field. The school was placed on lockdown and searched, but no one was found. Dispatch traced the call back to his neighbor’s home, a number the man had previously used and was associated with. Deputies then found him in his neighbor’s backyard and he was arrested for his outstanding warrants, as well as felony obstruction and making a false report of an emergency.

Battle of the California Homeless Unions!

Lost in all the other local turmoil this week, it came to my attention that a group that registered the name “California Homeless Union” (as well as the website) let Bad Mom and her grifter friends know they should stop using that name. Well it doesn’t take much or long to get Bad Mom triggered so she and her other litigious grifter friends contacted their crack legal team through his Yahoo email address and he sent some kind of letter to the group registered with the state to stop bothering his “clients” Bob Noise and the mentally unstable homeless woman from Ventura who keeps magically finding her way back up here. But the sheer level of laughable inept coming from Bad Mom and Friends is comic relief in this bad week. They’ve been bleating about their fake “homeless union” for months now, led by their grifter lawyer (who had his law license suspended in California a few years ago for not paying his bar tab), and nobody bothered to actually register the name with the state, or even register a URL for a website. I’m sure it all just fell through the cracks for them, but their plumber’s butt is giving me a chuckle and making me think it’s kind of karmic payback for their running grift. Speaking of grifters!

Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe Discuss Homelessness in Santa Cruz

I never get tired of watching this video. Thanks Big Joe!

Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe Discuss Homelessness in Santa Cruz

Obstinate and Oblivious Right to the Bitter End

Drew Glover and Chris Krohn refused to have it any other way and why would I expect any less? After getting soundly fired in the recent election, they continued to show a general lack of remorse and contrition at Tuesday’s city council, when we finally got to hear about the latest ethics violation from Glover. I say latest only because the mayor refused to discuss it until after the recall election. It didn’t matter when we heard it. It doesn’t even matter now if we hear it. It will all be water under the bridge as Glover and Krohn get flushed from city hall in the next 30 days.

Daily Affirmations With Andy Mills


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  1. Here’s hoping Krohn and Glover don’t become turnstilers.

  2. Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

    “And will someone please ask Martin Bernal and Andy Mills why they continue to allow a makeshift homeless camp to squat along the sidewalk of Water Street adjacent to the downtown Post Office, an area frequented heavily by the public, creating an enormous public safety hazard for spreading the coronavirus within the city? Local incompetence and dysfunction is no way to approach a pandemic. ”

    I have been saying this very thing for weeks now. And Newsom’s decree of no gatherings over 250 people, does that apply to the homeless tent cities??! What do they think is going to happen with a “vulnerable population?” Is that the ultimate answer to the problem? Powder Keg meet match. Insane.

    • Have you seen, I’m sure you have the guy that “lives” at the corner of the three story parking garage on river st right next to the Wells Fargo the guys been there now 4 or five months Straight. And treats Woodstock stock pizzas bathroom as his own then helps himself to the soda fountain, hot water and napkin area there as well then begs for pizza every day. But be nice to be coddled in this lovely town and not pay rent or bills.

      • Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

        Hi Dave, I have seen that. Why is that allowed? Santa Cruz needs to learn basic English or Spanish for that matter and use the word “NO”

        • Or Nien, Dim,Cha, Nan I googled obviously:) I randomly go back and read old blogs here and you can just change the date to last weeks it’s ALL THE SAME INSANELY UNBELIEVABLE AND TOLERATED CRAP! sometimes I lose all hope. I love to see reactions from outsiders when they read this stuff if they ever find it, that’s why I advertise when I can but tell folks everywhere I go about bens blog. But we all know regular folks have so much regular responsible live to lead they probably forget or whatever. Hopefully slow and steady wins the race. OR here a thought those whose JOBS AND DUTIES it’s is actually do something but 40-50 years of this so far we got generations of scum bag addicts and advocates dug in so deep with actual Leverage it’s not going to be easy. But it needs to get done either by the ones in charge or those of us that will take charge if we must. VIVA LA REVOLUTION/;)

  3. There are tests at the ER at both county hospitals, Dominican and Watsonville. However the meager 1000 tests that are made available on a weekly basis must be shared amongst 6 western states. Mierda for sure!

  4. We can thank the Clown Administration for the lack of test kits. It is unfair to blame local governments, this is a national problem. The Grifter-in-chief didn’t think this was a big problem and refused to obtain the readily available test kits from the WHO and instead opting to develop our own, cuz America First. On another note, I would be more worried about getting Covid-19 from a wealthy business person who travels all the time than a homeless person.

    I do agree with your support of socialist testing available for everyone. Another reason we need a single payer health system. Even the homeless would get free testing, imagine that.

    • If the homeless applied for Medi-Cal they would get whatever testing that body can muster, which is probably no better or worse than anyone else, single payer my booty. When choice is taken away, you don’t get that back, ever.

    • Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

      I agree with Garrett. single payer is a nightmare, just ask any Vet who has to go to the VA for health care.
      On another note how many jet setters in Santa Cruz right now vs. the immune compromised IV drug addicts (housed or unhoused)? The homeless by choice IV drug addicts already get a free pass on everything, so what if they get tested for free, then what? Where are they quarantined? A big tangle I think, or as I said before, powder keg…

      • Our health business system is ranked something like 37 in the world in overall performance. Yet we are ranked first place for highest cost per capita. The data doesn’t lie, this capitalist healthscam system is not working. Guess what kind of healthcare systems make up the top 10. Universal Single-payer systems. The reason the VA is not working is the constant gutting and attempts to destroy it by conservatives. Republican cons have handicapped all systems they deem as “socialist” so that they fail and can be replaced with for-profit systems.

  5. Rant. As I have essentially said many times, the only people who should be licking the boots of unions, or collectivists, or socialists are the LOSERS who cannot create value on their own, and would deprive others of their value by extracting some of it for themselves without having to achieve it. OK, LOSERS is a little harsh, but yes, as humans we both co-operate and compete for resources. They seem not want to complete, but make up 101 excuses to blame others for their situation. Wowee, do they blame. Not that their aren’t oppressors, but they are in Washington and high corporate offices, not here. This is cold, but as I said in council in matters of human suffering no one gets to DEMAND their suffering be reduced, and there is no automatic obligation to do so by those who could affect that. Moral obligation is a matter of moral evolution, but all of us must do everything we personally can to reduce our suffering, then our family, then extended family, then friends, and probably last community. If there are enough community left that still have that to give, a moral obligation may be formalized, but “reduce my suffering” isn’t a command that must be followed. Imagine near death demanding that from God. I think it’s always more of a prayer. If for instance no one is willing to move to reduce their suffering like “I demand to live here”, or obtain better skills, I have not much sympathy.
    This last council meeting was probably the most mean, self-righteous, socialist bunch of accusing other blaming losers I have ever seen, and I’ve been to every meeting for a year now.
    American values play no part, the purpose and jurisdiction of city council plays no part.
    There is no acknowledgment who the real bad guys in America are. Making the bad guys (i.e. Federal government among others) more powerful isn’t the answer.
    Here’s the entire Oral Communications
    Here’s the entire public speaking in the censure
    I’m the one in my “Enjoy Capitalism” tee, and the laughter you see in the background after the speaker after me dissed me when he said “I feel like I need to take a bath” (showing his displeasure with my speech) was because I immediately said from the back out of mic range “You probably should!” . OK, I don’t suffer disrespect easily. When Golder is elected I gotta stop going to that poo-show as it is making me angry.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • Email me when you can or want to I’d like to know more and also when these meetings take place how to go about attend and what to expect and I also have tons more questions.

    • So stop driving on our socialist roads, and using our socialist internet, and don’t ever call the police, or fire department, and don’t take your Social Security checks, and opt out of medicare, and don’t expect the military to protect you. The real bad guys are the capitalist pigs that hoard obscene amounts of money and then toss pennies to trickle down to us peasants. As I have said before, billionaires should not exist. If you are a billionaire, you have ripped somebody off, you have underpaid someone, you have exploited many. There is no way around it.

  6. I presume the Santa Cruz homeless population will post a higher percentage of fatalities as COVID-19 takes roost here due to their lifestyle and living conditions. Another fail for “compassion”.

    Hey, the guy with a pound of meth and 17 guns was just a “prepper” – he doesn’t trust the government to take care of him! 😉

    Just another day in paradise.

  7. Also this week…

    This really is a big win for those in Santa Cruz who don’t want to see our beach turned into a giant cat box.

    “California Coastal Commission votes 7-4 to grant city of Santa Cruz a five-year beach management plan permit, formalizing an overnight “dry sand” curfew at Main and Cowell beaches (midnight to an hour before sunrise). Commissioners debated social justice, public access concerns” (J. York).

  8. On my way home around 4:41 On EMELINE st “one of many coddling sites for parasite addicts” I came across a mid 90’s white ford thunderbird that the addict owner “ or driver at least” thought his boat of a car could turn around on that street in one shot, hit the wooden 3 foot fence across the street. Icing on the cake was he knew the vehicle had no reverse!! Any regular non addict person knows if a vehicle has no reverse gear knows how to deal with this problem in more ways then one. 3 First Alarm guys came out and help me try to push his car” I’m a guard as well” for those that don’t already know. But gravity was against us also his car was packed full of junk and we could only push from a small front corner of his car. A nice lady in a Jeep offered to help pull his car free if she had a chain or strong rope she also helped direct traffic I did as well for a bit. Guy was obviously an addict, not to mention he was wearing black tights with pink polka dots and grey shorts over and a funny lil jacket looked like a woman’s jacket. He could not stop himself fidgeting and rocking back and forth hoping the cops wouldn’t come. He also kept insisting that the guards must have chains in the building. He asked me if I had a phone”what if I said no I sold it for drugs:)” I let him use my phone his conversation was most interesting to say the least I told me wife how it went and she couldn’t understand it. The person he was talking to kept asking him if he knew so and so after 5-6 names/times he hit a bingo and the guy on the other end said “Ok I’ll message him on Facebook” then they hung up. So this guy has no money for a phone no money to fix his car but has Money enough to be a drug addict very typical.
    I don’t mind helping it’s apart of being a active member of society and mainly I wanted to make sure no one got in an accident over this freakin idiot. He asked me a few times if jumper cables could be used to pull him free “REALLY??” Geeez and crackers!

    Even after a 12 hour shift and getting only 4 hours sleep cause I got off work at 10pm last night and had to be back at 4am today I still had energy and patience to help out this parasite. I don’t know what’s wrong with me:) to be honest I do it cause it’s just how Iam.
    I wish everyone would stop saying SC has a homeless problem we have a drug addict parasite problem plain and simple. Parasites is the best way to describe the problem in SC. We are over run and infested with Drug Addict Parasites. That also includes the ones that are coddling them as well. THE WAY I FIGURE IT NOW IN SC YOUR CAN BE PART OF THE PROBLEM OR PART OF THE SOLUTION, staying out of it all is almost impossible, but more power to those that can. Ben you deserve the Noble Peace Prize. Thanks for all you do! You can never get enough praise.

  9. Oh in describing the vehicle I think I set off an alert

  10. Could you let me know what words to avoid. I like it here and want to be always welcome. Sorry if it helps. Thanks.

  11. Keep up the good work highlighting the PTA Ben. I think probation somehow reports to the DA’s office and that someone there must be reading your blog and see how the PTA is under Fire as being the root cause of the turnstile effect. I’ve also had a funny feeling that Chief Mills has got something to do with turn styling because he thinks it’s too much work for his people to keep grifters in jail. Anyway your focus on turnstyling and incompetence of the legal system is appearing to have benefit so keep up the good work. Who the hell sets bonded $500 anyway this is just outrageous.

  12. Tina Gorman

    Different day

  13. There is no vaccine for the novel covid-19 virus. That means that no one is immune from it unless you have been genetically blessed with an outstanding immune system before it evolved into a community spreadable disease. This means that if you do contract the virus, you will either recover naturally or die. Your fate is already determined.

    As such, demanding testing at this stage of pandemic spreading is meaningless for control, that train has left the station. Testing does play an important role for those interested in determining the correct denominator for establishing a valid death rate of the infection, however. It would also be prudent in preventing the next pandemic, so be sure to insist that your congress person does not fail to campaign on improving the testing research situation as they did when SARS and MERS first appeared. They really dropped the ball on proactive remedies with those prior warning shots.

    But take heart. As in all past pandemics, time is your friend. This too shall pass. Wash your hands often, don’t stick your fingers in your mouth, nose and eyes, limit contact with crowds, stay calm and carry on. And stop hoarding toilet paper, water, beans and rice which is ridiculous.

  14. Really agree with Doonman. Our regional authorities are having to take the lead to fill the void left by our incompetent and corrupt federal regime. We need to support them and all do our best for our community.
    Where is Dave?

    • Right here :). I spent some time telling a lil story I went thru on emeline st yesterday but it didn’t get posted. Not sure if I overstepped my boundaries with Ben so I’m waiting on a response. M new job is beyond super ultra AWESOME! Like hyacinth bouquets would say you can be a Guard Richard but do it “Executively!” Read last weeks comments it’s always going to be valid unfortunately. Your pal Dave 🙂 oh and my old boss did not lose the Galleria account the Gaurd I spoke to there said people keep asking for a Dave or David:)

      • Dave, how can I get in touch with you privately about the Galleria?

        • Depends what are your intentions, What kinda of questions, who,what do you represent if at all. If it’s ok with you and mainly Ben we can chat here. I have nothing to hide actually I’ve been waiting to be asked more questions. But since I’m a Huge target at the moment I tread lightly on shaky ground. I think theres a way to set up a gmail account I’ll see about doing that I’ll contact you here if I can you can try to do the same. I respect Ben and his blog I don’t want to do anything to get kick out here. You can can give me a way to contact you and I’d be honored to answer your questions to the best of my ability honestly no matter what the content

          • Dave, I understand your concern. I have no questions to ask you. I’m the person who posted a letter here that I wrote to the property mgmt at the Galleria supporting you. After that, I spoke to him on the phone; I’d like to share that conversation with you. It’s not relevant to readers on this thread, but it may be of interest to you.

        • Just set it up it should work. We can go from there

  15. The Water St. Bridge situation is allowed to fester and as someone who travels over it during the work week either on bike or by foot, it’s gotten more dirty, more disgusting and the filth is allowed to spill on the walkway. 3/13/20 there was a plastic garbage can on it’s side under the camper’s tarp. There were bike frames under the tarp. My complaints fall on deaf ears thanks to the City Council and the PD. the more it’s allowed to be “okay” the more the problem will grow.

    • You know they pee right onto the river from there and poo on paper and just drop it right onto the river and probably just throw there needles and garage in as well. Not like they will admit it but of course I’ve seen it thanks to you I just remembered it.

    • It appears that Chief Mills just doesn’t give a damn about the safety of those using the bridge. Or the downtown post office. He needs to move on, the sooner the better.

      • From what I’ve gathered it the addict and the Activist for the wonderful addicts that has the foot on the throat of SC that includes the P.D. And many store owners actually enable by actually going against the rules of the FDA and hand out “leftovers” and allow them to use there bathrooms and just let them hang out around there businesses. Hiring Guards doesn’t cost that much especially when Guard companies under bid each other to get accounts. We here can start a resistance if volunteer to lead if I wasn’t married but I’d join in a heartbeat and be a full member and do all I could to support our resistance. What happened to take back Santa Cruz or was it just a front for something else or did they get strong armed like I did!?

  16. MuyDeplorable

    How long do you think it will be before, in the name of preventing virus spread among confined populations, they let EVERYONE out of jail?

    • Good point but I hope it goes the opposite way and the city of SC is forced to change and no longer allowed to keep doing what’s it’s been doing to make SC what it’s become i.e GET RID OFF ALL THE SCUM BAG ADDICTS, filter though all the “homeless”to find the truly homeless and truly mentality Ill and get them the help they truly need and DESERVE. LUCKILY I lived out in the woods of SC for the passed 22 years so besides going to work in a super clean environment with only a handful of people around I only go shopping twice a month. My step daughter does work with the public at a gas station but doesn’t work at a grocery store or mall so we don’t really worry and my wife’s retired.

  17. Not BLC, but Tues on my way back from Costco but at the Front St round a bout, the police had a guy pulled over with a truck bed stacked 4 ft high with toilet paper wearing a surgical mask, possibly toilet paper profiteering, and was getting his ID out. HaHa. Costco was out of items, that was one of them. Someone selling home made hand sanitizer for $5 just outside Costco.
    Things are different at Costco. Set up for long lines, one at a time stuff in and out, no on-site food eating, out of 10 mostly paper items, leave stuff in cart to checkout, but was actually pretty empty at 2 pm. Things are different.

  18. Who was the rapist guy who got arrested?? Attempted rapist and kidnapper on Pacific Ave?..

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