The Weekly Dump 8.27.21

Aptos Suicide Linked to Capitola Murder

This past Monday around 12:30PM, Capitola Police responded to the 4300 block of Diamond Street for a welfare check on a 65 year old woman at the request of the woman’s daughter, who lives outside the area and hadn’t heard from her mother over the weekend. When they arrived, the found the woman dead with visible trauma to her body. They also found evidence linking her 62 year old estranged husband to the scene, so they responded to his Aptos home on Alta Drive. There they found the estranged husband dead inside of an apparent suicide.

Nails Plus the Bum in the Attic

Early Tuesday morning, Santa Cruz Police arrested a burglary suspect connected with several local ATM burglaries after a five hour standoff with law enforcement. Just after midnight on Tuesday, SCPD responded to a commercial business alarm in the 2100 block of Mission Street. When they arrived, officers could hear and see someone inside the business. After being told to come out, the suspect barricaded himself inside and refused to come out. During the 5 hour standoff, SCPD utilized a recon robot and called in a drone operated by the Sheriff’s Office. After police made entry into the business with the assistance of the SCPD K9 Unit, the burglar was arrested. During the standoff, the suspect caused thousands of dollars worth of damage attempting to create an escape route through the roof. He was charged with commercial burglary, felony vandalism, and resisting arrest. He’s also on probation out of San Joaquin County for burglary, and his connection to other commercial burglaries in the area. His bond was increased to $100K and last check he’s still in jail. On Monday, the same guy burglarized and robbed a business on the 1100 block of Fair Avenue. He was charged for that burglary as well.

This One Didn’t Take 5 Hours to Apprehend

Also Tuesday morning around 3:30AM, SCPD responded to the 400 block of Beach Street where they arrested a 41 year old male and charged him with felony commercial burglary, felony false impersonation, drug possession, trespassing, and a felony parole violation. Last check he’s still in jail on a no bail hold for the felony parole violation.

Suspected Carjacker Arrested on Ocean Street

Wednesday morning around 5:30AM, SCPD responded to the 300 block of Ocean Street After getting a report of a possible carjacking. Police arrested two men as suspects. One is no longer in jail, the other male was charged with robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, grand theft, and possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $50K and last check he’s still in jail.

The Homeless Drug Garden Projects

Tuesday morning around 10AM, SCPD responded to the 1200 block of Shaffer Road (Skid Row!) where they arrested a 37 year old male and charged him with drug trafficking, drug possession, and being a felon in unlawful possession of a tear gas weapon and a stun gun. He’s still in jail on a $100K bond.

Brawling on Twin Lakes Beach

Friday night around 9:30PM, SCSO responded to Twin Lakes Beach after getting reports of a brawl on the beach. When they arrived, they found a man and woman with bloody faces leaving the scene. They ended up arresting at least 3 people.

Huge Bond For Cabrillo College Felonious Battery Hate Crime

Around 11AM on Friday, SCSO responded to a building on the Cabrillo College campus for a report of a physical fight. When they arrived they found a person known to have mental health issues had assaulted a staff member, and there was some kind of hate crime enhancement added to the felony assault. The suspect was also on local probation. Bail was increased to $250K and last check he was still in jail.

No His Last Name Wasn’t Colby

Last Saturday, Santa Cruz Police got a 911 call about a driver intentionally following another driver.  After they located the person who reported the stalker and the suspect’s vehicle in a traffic stop, they pulled the suspect over and found a handgun concealed in his jacket, and another firearm in the vehicle, both loaded. Officers arrested the man and charged them for carrying concealed firearms and stalking. Last check he’s still in jail on a no bail hold after his bail was increased.

When a Problem Comes Along

You must whip it! Last Saturday, a couple guys burglarized a dentist office in Aptos, stealing two large nitrous oxide tanks and a large oxygen tank valued at around $1,500. They probably stole the oxygen tank by accident thinking it was nitrous. The suspects appear to be two male adults who were driving a 90’s silver and maroon Ford F150 with an unknown plate. Someone check San Lorenzo park and listen for a hissing sound. Or people selling balloons.

Zooming in on the Santa Cruz City Council

At the most recent Santa Cruz city council meeting this week, the city council directed city staff to create a proposal to expand outdoor seating on private property and on street parking spots. This would include new fees and design rules for downtown parklets or seating areas built on public parking spaces.  During the pandemic, city leaders created an emergency program to allow free temporary permits for dining on sidewalks, public parking spots, alleys and private property. The program is set to expire on December 31st, and the city council is expected to vote on an extension of that program through 2022. City leaders also discussed the downtown street closures on Cathcart Street and on Pacific Avenue between Cathcart and Lincoln streets. During the pandemic, those streets have been closed to car traffic to allow outdoor dining. City staff have recommended an extension of the partial Cathcart Street closure until the end of 2022.

The council will hold a special meeting at 4:30PM on August 31st to discuss the city’s possible transition to district elections by the November 2022 elections. A draft map of the districts is due in November. It will be based on 2020 census data and public comments. The council is expected to vote on a law to finalize a transition to district elections by March 2022. The August 31st meeting will include public comment and a presentation by city staff and a demographer.

Pour One Out for Martin Bernal

This week, we pour one out (a small one) for soon to be former city manager Martin Bernal. If you’ve read this column over the past 5 plus years, you’re probably aware of the fact that Martin (pronounced Marteen for the uninformed) has been a frequent target of my criticism. As he should be. He’s the city manager! He’s the one constant in the past 25 odd years or so of leadership failure at the city government  level. Highlights just in the past 5 years include having a festering homeless camp named after him and being oblivious to the harassment of women on the city payroll by former city council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover. The community had to recall them to clean up the mess Bernal left behind. Now we have a new “interim” city manager, who happens to also be the Water Department Director. Bernal’s last day is August 31st. It will be odd to not talk about him anymore, as he’s going off my radar. But there’s plenty of other odd to talk about.

DUI Checkpoints Are Back on Ocean Street!

Tonight from 10PM until 2AM. You’ve been warned and reminded!

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  1. What? No penny bail this week?

  2. Nothing about the Ride Out bike mob fiasco and the usual ineffectiveness of the SCPD? Could have been a whole column just about that.

  3. MuyDeplorable

    Regarding that Cabrillo thing, “and there was some kind of hate crime enhancement added to the felony assault”: Bah, I say. Nut cases often shout out various ethnic insults. Doesn’t mean a thing. I will never convict anyone of a “hate crime,” if put on a jury, except in cases of systematic terrorism. Real crimes, yes.

    Other possibility is that the crime victim said to the perp, “You’re nuts!” and is being prosecuted for hating nut cases. Penny bail for the battery, year in jail for the opinion.

    I happened to be walking my friend’s elderly dog along Delaware Avenue, near Fair, when that bike ride came along. Many of the riders were playing audio, which could be heard by bystanders (not counting earbuds). Being of a scientific inclination, I counted 34 instances of foul-language rap, and 14 instances of other audio. Nearly all riders were male, various ages from young to old, but I did see one mom with her boy. The riders had not completely passed when the dog and I turned away.

  4. Paige Concannon

    It is nice to know that the jail is actually being used these days!! Thank you once again for all the Mierda!!!

  5. If the Water Dept is the same as the Sanitation Dept then you will be happy with one of them stepping in. I have dealt with a couple of them in the past and they are the nicest guys. Really responsible and professional. IMO

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