The Weekly Dump 2.21.20

Bum Fight Blocks Downtown Footbridge

Wednesday afternoon, SCPD responded to the footbridge at the end of Felker Street for a report of a man beating another man with a 2×4. After arriving, they arrested a 38 year old man who said he attacked the victim over a family squabble. Officers also found the suspect had two guns in his vehicle. Given the recent incident and charges, and the fact the suspect had apparently shot himself in the leg recently while practicing his “quick draw” (I can’t make this kind of stupidity up), SCPD requested and received a Gun Violence Restraining Order. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The victim had multiple cuts on his face as a result of the incident. Hey, this is next door to Brent right? Where’s his video?

Free Speech Isn’t Tolerated at the City on the Hill

Last week, a couple of seemingly drunk UCSC assholes thought they were being cute but turns out they were just fugly. While members of the College Republicans Club at UC Santa Cruz were tabling in an outdoor plaza area on campus, two students attacked their display by ripping down a banner and tearing it up, then trying to steal a flag before spitting on it. Campus police released a statement on social media saying they were aware of the incident and are investigating. A viral video of the incident that made the rounds on social media made the story a national one.

What? Young progressive assholes from UCSC? You don’t say!

Tulare Murder Suspect Arrested in Santa Cruz

This past Wednesday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 19 year old suspect in a Tulare attempted homicide that took place last October. During the investigation, police said they identified the primary suspect  and they served a search warrant at his home a few days later, but he was not home and had not been seen since. A judge signed an arrest warrant and put him in the National Crime Information Center system. After deputies from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office arrested him for an unrelated incident, the attempted murder hit came up. He was later transported to the Tulare County Jail where he is being held without bail on attempted murder, reckless discharge of a gun and child endangerment charges and gang allegation enhancements.

Janet Tells UCSC Strikers to Talk to Her Hand

University of California President Janet Napolitano has condemned the graduate students worker strike on the UCSC campus, saying the “unauthorized” strike was in direct violation of their existing collective bargaining agreement. She announced this week that Graduate student teaching assistants have until midnight Friday to submit all missing grades or face dismissal. As many as 200 students could ultimately be fired. According to a recent statement issued by Napolitano, “This is not a step we have taken lightly. Contingency plans will be developed to mitigate the issues this will create.” The teaching assistants are seeking more than $1,400 on top of their average pay of $2,400 per month. The administration offered two financial assistance programs to help with the high cost of housing. Both were rejected by graduate students. So they want something like a 60% pay increase? GTFO. Put up or shut up Janet!

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

Monday morning around 9:45AM, SCPD arrested a 39 year old transient female on the 100 block of McPherson Street for slashing 4 tires on a parked vehicle. She was arrested and charged with vandalism and last check she’s still sitting in county jail. Given the fact she’s been arrested 26 times since 2015, I doubt she’ll be in jail for long.

Turnstiler of the Week

Tuesday night, an observant neighbor on Rio Del Mar Boulevard in Aptos noticed a stranger in her friend’s window and called 911. Deputies arrived and made contact with the suspect, who was in possession of a number of stolen items from at least two different burglaries. She was taken to jail on two counts of burglary. I guess they forgot about “breaking and entering”. She’s been arrested 23 times since 2014. And incredibly, last I checked she’s still in jail! For now!

All Methed Up and Nowhere to Go

Last Thursday morning around 2AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies got a 911 call from a woman who said she woke up and found a male who she had a domestic violence restraining order against inside her house. She said he fled the residence when she called the police. Officers quickly located the subject and detained him. He admitted entering the home and was found to be in possession of a methamphetamine pipe. The man was arrested and charged with felony Burglary, violation of a domestic violence restraining order, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Can’t Have it Both Ways

I think it’s hilarious how so many of the people getting all woke and fake outraged over the security guard video are the same people constantly defending and dismissing Drew Glover’s well documented shitty behavior towards women at city hall.. He’s doing a job. Did he assault anyone? Has he been arrested for assaulting anyone? He was mean to them. He said mean things to them. They were trespassing on private property, he was subject to threats and a stream of aggressive f-bombs by people breaking the law (while Chief Wiggum looks the other way). Wake the fuck up people (and I don’t mean that literally, I mean that figuratively). This is his shitty job. He documented what makes it shitty. But oh, Drew Glover is just being “mean” to the women at city hall to the point the city manager cuts off all staff interaction with him and the victims are overreacting and his behavior is dismissed? Talk about regressive hypocrisy.

Civility Might be Overrated and Sometimes the Lack of it Gets Expensive

Drew Glover recently said “civility is overrated”. And this past week, I noticed his lack of civility cost him $1300. It might be overrated but the lack of it does have consequences too!


Aptos Fishing Pier Closed Indefinitely

The fishing pier at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos will remain closed indefinitely after sustaining high surf damage. Last year, waves and rough conditions broke a number of pylons beneath the pier. An engineering firm will assess the damage soon. Once the extent of the damage is determined, a plan will be made for repairs.

Bernie Panders

Two Days of Chowder!

This Saturday and Sunday, it’s the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s 39th Annual Clam Chowder Cook-Off. Amateur chefs compete on Saturday and the professional chefs on Sunday. tasting kits are $10. Admission is free.

Support the Recall Effort!

The recall effort was successful at getting to the ballot but the real work has begun to see this effort to the finish line. Please consider a donation to Santa Cruz United, the group that worked to organize the recall effort. I support their efforts as a group, and I pledge to provide my services pro bono to the recall effort. If we all step up, we will finish this effort successfully and bring function back to a completely dysfunctional city hall. Thanks!

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  1. I’m not a Republican, but these folks have the right to express their views and table. Those 2 little fascists need to be publicly named and outed for their idiotic actions.

  2. Thanks Ben for the updates! Saw the bullshit from Simonton. My favorite moment from her was when she tried to oppose the Mission Hill artificial turf field….AFTER it was installed! She felt entitled to use the grass fields (where kids sit and eat their lunch) as a place for her dog to poop. While there are reasonable critiques to be made of artificial turf, the time to bring up those issues is during public meetings before the turf install. But not for Ann! Classic NIMBY bs mixed with dog activist psychosis.

  3. I think the UCSC grad students have a pretty sweet deal already, paid internships that pump up their resumes and probably give credit towards their advance degrees. The undergrads are such sheep to support will only lead to even higher tuition for them.
    Dave, hope you will update us on your situation. You should not have been fired or reported to be fired. I hope you are OK. I do not think all the homeless are “scum” either. That one guy that you directed to the Armory was pretty tragic and sympathetic. We do have a serious homeless, mental health, inequality problem in our whole state and props to you for bringing attention to it and trying to be part of the solution.

    • The grad students also don’t have to pay tuition, which is a huge leg up when going to college.

    • I’m Still Standing- Elton John!! Ya ya ya!!

      Wife and I made beef Stroganoff from scratch last night and made a white cake with strawberry frosting and lemon curd filling from scratch, I helped cause I didn’t need to sleep for my shift. I was leaving anyhow but I felt it was my duty to just put out what I was seeing and dealing with. I’d have 400 more vids but for my first 3 months I was just taking pictures of people I was “Ejecting “. I started filming to take screen shots of faces,part of my contracted duties btw. Cause pics were blurry or to far away cause at first I WAS taking the kid gloves approach. I’m not sure when I first discovered this blog and started puttn my 2 cents in but anyone can find out with lil research. I knew doing what I did-going to social media would open Pandora’s dumpster that’s why I did it. And I was and still am willing to sacrifice my life (literally) so see CHANGE IN SC. Cause I know things are JUST gettn started. To the point I almost insist to stand on my own, but to those who insist on standing with me – From the bottom of my heart I love you ALL. Thank you Leigh.

    • I had a reply I did not go thru. Checking to see if I got blocked

    • I’m Still Standing-Elton John, Ya ya ya!

      Wife and I made beef stroganoff and cake from scratch last night normally she’d do it as I slept for my shifts. Ya I knew I’d open Pandoras Dumpster. FORCED to delete vids and SC Advocates want me out of SC and not allowed to work in SC and there harassing my former employer. Read my previous post here see what I’ve been saying to those who think I’m some kind of creep or bully or WHATEVER! Besides littering the street with flyers advertising THE WEEKLY DUMP/SANTA MIERDA posting on social media was the only thing I could think of to get people RIGHT HERE. When I have TIME I’ll read old Weekly dumps and WHOA! To say the least. I love you all. Thanks for all your support. I’m waiting to see if others will take my Torch and keep running for me-posting videos I only left one up of needles I kept finding even when that spot gets cleaned up 5-7 times a week but the same 2 janitors husband and wife that have some of the most horrific stories from that exact place including them seeing a guy get stabbed and later died 20 minutes later on the river after circling the property twice. He even saw the victim “buddy’s” deny witnessing ANYTHING. IF you notice a sudden stop to my posting leave a way I can contact someone. I don’t want to get Ben into any trouble and if I have I’ll bow out

    • I can relate to what Dave’s going through. After dealing with the homeless and especually the “willing” drug addict/homeless, after awhile, you get very jaded and you feel any sympathy you have, should be saved for the people that deserve it.
      For all those people who called Dave “cold” I invite you to apply for his job and put your money where your mouth is.

  4. Did I mention enough Cummings and Glover were endorsed by the DSA Democratic Socialists of America of SC and Krohn/Brown took money from the People’s Democratic Club (not much different) of SC during their elections? Now, having a bit of back and forth on FB with the local DSA they actually think Bernie is ruining the pure all out socialist principals of the DSA! (not socialist enough!). Whatever, but it explains a lot. Progressive -> DSA -> Communist is a straight line “progression” to me.

    It looks like the council is jamming as much up the backside of the public as they can before D-day (Dump the progressives day) Mar 3. Rental inspections with fees , big brother data collection, with fees, penalties all around, even if you just rent a room out.

    It looks like the council is going full blast with low-barrier homeless encampments with a zero police presence when encountering a homeless person at great unknown cost. See DSA comment above if you don’t understand.

    I’m keeping the cheap seats warm for Glover/Krohn. In Krohn’s slick video with Glover they had made up he says he’s running again in Nov. Considering he is going to get recalled that speaks to his (possible lack of ) intelligence, and probably loss of funds. As far as I know, nobody has ever been elected after being recalled for anything, in California . I looked it up, but in Fall River, Mass the Mayor was recalled, and re-elected in the same election as that is permitted there (not here). 7,829 for recall to 4,911 to re-elect as there were 5 candidates and the Mayor was the top vote getter. So crazier things have happened. Interestingly Mass was the first state to authorize recalls. OK, way off topic, and I am bummed for Dave.

    • Garret, as far as bizarre elections go, don’t forget Marion Barry, who while mayor of Washington DC was sent to prison in 1990 for dealing cocaine. He got out of prison and was reelected mayor in 1994. The “burning” question is whether today’s Santa Cruz voters are as stupid as Washington DC voters back then.

  5. Irrespective of the specific politics, this video would be an amusing solution for the residents whose Yes On Recall signs are being vandalized:

  6. Sorry that Dave had to go through this stupidity from Jeff Francis at MCM Diversified. Below is a letter I wrote to Mr Francis; anyone who feels Dave’s firing was a travesty, please let your thoughts be known. You can use an automated form at or call 408-288-2400.

    Mr. Francis:
    I am disgusted and appalled by your recent firing of a security guard at the Galleria Complex. I had an office on the third floor of that building for close to two decades. I finally left because neither my clients nor I could tolerate the ongoing takeover of druggies, bums, freeloaders, needles, garbage, feces, and threatening, frightening behavior that occurred regularly at the building. Your guard was doing exactly what he was supposed to do—protect the premises. I think you would not have responded in the way you did had the video not been published by the media. By firing the guard, you look “politically correct.” Please don’t give me the tired excuse that the guard wasn’t compassionate. Nothing is less compassionate than the constant enabling that takes place in this city. But to me, and to many of us who have sadly found downtown, including the Galleria, too disgusting to handle, you come across as a coward. You should be standing up for the guard, and in so doing sending a message that you are supportive of those of us—you know, the ordinary law-abiding, tax paying citizens—who attempt to do business at the Galleria and elsewhere downtown.

    • A google of THANKS TO YOU! I’m trying to see if I can start emailing Ben privately I need some advice and I’m sure he has answers. Cause I want to respond to your comment with and add some stuff as I always do.

      • As of tonight, Dave’s channel is empty. Hummm… I don’t see why exactly. why?

        • I was forced to.

          • By YouTube? “Forced”? i.e. threatened? None of my business but I’m curious and only a clue is plenty…

          • By the city of Santa Cruz or I can’t work in SC.

          • The city told you to delete your videos? And threatened you if you didn’t? Damn, that’s awfully heavy handed and legally questionable.

          • Dave, I find it ironic that the City of Santa Cruz forced you to remove your YouTube posts or you couldn’t work in SC, but if you pooped in San Lorenzo River, left litter and needles in the park and blocked the city sidewalks, you’d get vouchers, free food and the support of the City Council. You had a hard job. If there weren’t problems in the Galleria, the owners wouldn’t need security protection. Best to you as you move forward.

    • Well said Julie, I am disgusted too at the hit piece by KION. I will be sending an email to Mr Francis as well. Dave you did nothing wrong, I am so tired of the molly coddling going on in liberal cities. This link was posted on Twitter about Skid Row in L.A. we are headed there as well unless we turn this ship around!

      • To be honest I didn’t like the way I HAD TO BE ON MY SHIFTS with my guard and my heart rate up and the only real fear I had was if I had to physically defend myself then get CRUCIFIED for doing so then losing my job on top of it all. Cause I know it would have gone down that way. My boss could see my eye was swollen a bit from one of SC coddled “homeless “ sucker punched me 2 Sunday’s ago. I can say this now, but I just told him “ it happens “. But that’s what sent me over the edge and I just posted ever vid I had on my phone.

        I didn’t mention it here till now cause what good what it do I have it on video- guys yelling “I’ll F**kn kill you!!”and you’ll hear and see movement on my phone. So ya I took a few licks all my shifts,fellow guards who had this shift told me it would happen but they do it to get us guards FIRED cause even if you get the person arrested chances are the Gaurd will be fired or the Gaurd will quit cause who wants to be at a place from midnight to 8am you can get attacked from 1 or more people every single night.And it would be so there would be no guards at the galleria and the person even though they’d get locked up knowing they’d be out soon and chances would be that they would just go back to the galleria knowing there’s a 50/50 chance there would still be a Gaurd there ITS NO SURPRISE THESE HOMELESS ADDICTS WILL DO SUCH THINGS JUST TO CLAIM SC IS THERES AND YOU KNOW WHAT-THERE TOTALLY RIGHT.

        But anyone who knows me knows I’m more then capable of physical DEFENDING MYSELF and they know I’m not aggressive in fact those who know me know I’m actually a lil to nice- benevolent is the world they’d use from what I’ve been told. Now that it’s all done and out there I can say this lil missing piece. I’m sure no one here is surprised but I NEVER HIT BACK I just made sure I kept my phone on record anytime I thought I was going to encounter a Trespasser then I’d delete the vid if there was nothing on it. I would See the few guys that took there one free shot at me and they’d be pissed/disappointed that I didn’t give them what they want and I just literally “rolled with the punches”-NOT LIKE THERE GOING TO CALL POLICE AFTER THEY ATTACK ME. like we all know here it’s a true FREE FOR ALL IN SC.

        being a teen in the 90’s in Watsonville and defending myself against both “Northern” and “Southern” gang members and riding BMX bikes toughened me up. But what really helped was my step dad being a cop I’d spar with him and my older much stronger sister would beat the crap out of me from the age of 5-11 till my step dad tough me how to defend not attack and attack when THERES NO ALTERNATIVE.

        I’d like to know how many other Gaurds are on foot all night in downtown SC like I was cause as far as I know the other Gaurds do patrols from vehicles First Alarm drives around with 2-3 guards per vehicle. I stood benevolent at my post for about 7 months and NEVER complained to my boss and he was very happy with all my reporting and attention to detail showed up on time and never left early. I’ve been chiming in here for a while now and consider this blog and those involved my cyber family and support. Ben let me know if/when I get close to over commenting here, I hold you in the highest respect and always want to be welcome here.

        • Dave, I hope you find a shift that is less stressful, no one should have to go through that kind of crap night after night. What needs to change is the way we deal with criminals. Repeal of Prop 47 (I think that is the right number) needs to happen so that Law Enforcement can do their job.

          I am still going to email the Mr. Francis, downtown is getting so bad that it breaks my heart that I don’t want to go there after living here for over 40 years. And it is the tolerance of criminal activity that is creating the nightmare down there.

          Thank you Dave for checking in and for all that you do.

  7. Dave, there’s an intentional tort that carries special damages which can run over $1000000 and the tort is called intentional interference with opportunity for economic gain. The city of Santa Cruz should be sued by you for that tort. Ask for a jury trial.

  8. Just the Facts

    Not enough thanks and praise can be given to you Dave for standing up for what is right. It’s such hypocrisy that in our educated and “woke” community the truth tends to outrage people. And to the UCSC students worried about student voter suppression and minority voting rights, why are actively ripping down political signs all over town and harassing other voters? Denying free speech is wrong no matter what party/candidate you back. Behave like adults people! Thanks to you Julie for that great letter and as always to you Ben for all you do. Love the electrified sign idea!

  9. Ya they’ll just use the signs to cook food on 🙂

  10. Been chiming in here since 7/19/19. Just doing research incase if I do take my case to court. Didn’t realize it’s been that long WOW!

  11. I went on youtube yesterday, to show Dave’s videos to my daughter, and they were just gone, leaving only a couple of cat videos. Did the “city” really bully him into taking them down? What about freedom of the press? It is difficult to stay informed of the doings in and around Santa Cruz due to no real local reporting except for Ben. And Dave has been sort of his unofficial “stringer”. Kudos to all you citizen activists out there.

    • Reminds me of every beginning to a superhero/vigilante action movie where the city is corrupt and it’s to one man (or small team of heroes) to turn things around. We got Deadpool “Ben” and I guess I’ll be “The Punisher” only cause that’s how I’m being painted but I’d rather be Gambit cause I’m good with throwing knives “ kinda” :). But ya totally forced against my will or else I can’t work in SC or pretty much set foot or park my car without worrying about what’s going to happen to it or me.
      But I’m keeping the originals bought a bunch of flash drives as well.

  12. I do not know if Dave’s body cam are his employers property or not depending on who owns it, but if they are yours Dave, I would be happy to post them on one of my YouTube channels or a new one.
    They have value, but I wouldn’t post any that you feel aren’t your best moments. I learned a lot from them and are a rare glimpse into social fabric that should be seen. I cannot conceive of any justification for the city to write you a letter. It is clearly between you and your employer at most since you were on the job.

    • I’ll be busy for a few days but I’ll talk to my new bosses and see what they think and if they say ok or don’t care.and then if ok’d I’ll see about a way to send them to ya or meet up. I was more then willing to leave them up but my career was totally threatened over leaving the vids up so I left one with needles I kept finding vids of my cat and one of my motorcycles. If anything I’d send them to ya but only if you just shared them privately till I know you could post them. But if I just decide to just not work in SC.or not allowed Every single one will go back up!!!

    • The truth is an absolute defense against defamation – which comes in written form – libel, or verbal form – slender.

  13. But like my tittle stated Any night of the week in Santa Cruz anyone can go out and get the same type of footage I got. I wonder what the SC Advocates and the city of SC would DO THEN. That’s one of the reasons “I had many” to post what I was seeing so others would start doing the same or post what they already have. It was just my phone I used I have very steady hands even if my heart rate is up. I still can’t believe everything went down the way it did, I mean did I really expose something NEW to the city of SC. Am I really in the wrong. My old boss was forced to fire me and lost the account. So I wonder how my old post is doing,not really I know how it’s doing. Ben let me know when I’m getting close to over posting. I always want to be welcome here- Gambit. How do I put up a custom pic like you got?

  14. Gallaria is going to be sorry. Now people know they can just set up housekeeping in the elevators with impunity. Oh well…Dave, stay safe, “don’t be a hero”, it;s not all on you…your family needs you to make beef stroganoiff with.

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