The Weekly Dump 11.2.18

Young Woman Stabbed in Cabrillo College Cafeteria

Around noon on Wednesday, a 19 year old student was attacked and stabbed while sitting in the cafeteria at Cabrillo College. The woman was stabbed multiple times and was taken to a trauma center in Santa Clara County where she remains in stable condition. When deputies arrived, they found the manager of the cafeteria and other staff members holding down the 40 year old suspect. The suspect reportedly wanted to stab multiple people but none were there so he apparently chose this girl at random. The suspect had been recently restrained from Cabrillo College for harassing behavior. He was booked into jail on charges of attempted murder and his bail was increased to $750,000.

I received this message from a student who was in the library next door:

I have a little information about the stabbing (I was in the library on campus when it happened). Apparently it took a very long time for the sheriffs to respond (they are located, by the way, on the base of campus), and apparently did not know where the cafeteria (where she was stabbed) or the amphitheater (where she ran to) were located, asking Cabrillo students. There was NO shutdown on campus during the ordeal. It apparently happened sometime after noon – I had class at 12:40 and left the library to walk to class at 12:30 (the library and cafeteria are essentially next to each other) and I knew NOTHING of the incident until after I got out of class at 2. I think the fact that campus safety and emergency procedures were not implemented (teachers did not appear to be informed – my professor certainly didn’t mention anything) is hugely problematic and wrong. I really and sincerely hope you take this opportunity to find more information about this and expose it; this was not a drill, it was a test, and Cabrillo failed.

Was anyone else there who might like to add to these comments? I’m curious about the response time. I have heard in other social media forums that the Cabrillo response to students was slow or non-existent.

The Story Nobody’s Talking About This Week

Well, the Chief kind of mentioned it on Twitter but that’s about all I could find. His mention got me investigating it a bit more. And what I found was pretty freaking disturbing. Was this guy even on SCPD’s radar? His Facebook page should have been a huge red flag. I did notice that a restraining order was requested by Encompass against him. That was a year ago. He was crazy and violent a year ago. He’s crazy and violent now. Status quo! Still a blight on public safety in Santa Cruz. Potential domestic terrorist arrested and charged with hate crimes in Santa Cruz and it doesn’t make the mainstream news. At least I’m talking about it. Keeping Santa Cruz vibrantly honest since 2016!

At Least One Local Arsonist Finally Arrested

Back in August, Santa Cruz Police and Santa Cruz Fire responded to a report of a suspicious fire across from the Tannery Arts Center on the 1100 block of River Street. When Santa Cruz Fire arrived, they found two different fires within a planted area. Both fires were quickly extinguished and caused only minor damage. While conducting a follow-up investigation, police were advised of another felony vandalism that occurred within the Tannery Arts Center complex around the same time. After viewing several security videos from the area, detectives confirmed the same man was responsible for both crimes. Then this past Sunday around 3:30PM, an alert Ranger noticed a man walking on the 100 block of Emmett Street who fit the description of the suspected arsonist. When detectives made contact with the 25 year old transient, he also had two outstanding warrants. He was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for arson and felony vandalism.

And the Numbers Are In!

After an estimated 6,000 people came downtown to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday night, SCPD made 17 arrests, including one involving a drunk with a loaded gun. SCPD responded to 352 calls for service and gave out 57 citations, 36 for “triple fine violations” for things like open containers and public urination. One arrest involved a 34 year old transient who was too drunk to think straight. SCPD found a loaded hand gun in his backpack. He was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon with an altered identification and having an outstanding warrant. A trifecta of terrible judgement. By comparison, in 2017 there were 18 arrests and 42 citations. Overall, downtown Santa Cruz, arrests were down by one, and citations were up from 2017. Officers from Capitola, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, UCSC, Santa Cruz City Parks, California Highway Patrol, and Santa Cruz County Probation assisted with security downtown on Halloween.

Another Trifecta of Terrible Judgement

Tuesday night around 11:30PM, I heard a report about a 40 year old male who SCPD stopped and arrested for multiple outstanding warrants, driving on a suspended license, and possession of heroin. Take your pick why he was arrested.

Welcome to Paradise

Sunday afternoon around 3:30PM, reports came in about a transient bum who was “lighting brush on fire and dancing around it” in the area of the railroad tracks and Almar avenue. Don’t give me some load of crap excuse about a “warming fire” here, it was close to 80 degrees outside. No, this was some mentally ill or drug addled ARSONIST. Then I saw this. The person who started the fire was “cited and released”. FOR ARSON. “Cited and released” for starting a grass fire. Costing the city thousands of dollars in services. And this bum chica gets a throwaway ticket. Here’s your status quo folks! This is how SCPD is now responding to arson in the city of Santa Cruz. I’m not making this up. It’s from their own media log.

When Will We Take Arson Seriously in Santa Cruz? How much more of this are you willing to take? Stop the madness. End the status quo. Stop electing people who refuse to deal with this in an effective manner. FIRE THE CITY MANAGER ALREADY.

Another Suspicious Fire Near Depot Park

Saturday night around 11:30PM, there was another suspicious fire near Depot Park that again threatened a nearby mobile home park. Witnesses reported seeing at least 2 transients leave the scene of the fire on bicycles with trailers. SCPD and Santa Cruz Fire responded with a large force quickly and put the fire out before it was able to reach the mobile home park and cause any damage. It didn’t sound like anyone was injured in the fire.

Assault Leaves Man Unconscious in Downtown Santa Cruz

Monday night around 8:30PM, I heard reports of a possible assault with a deadly weapon near the corner of Pacific and Maple. When SCPD arrived on scene, they found a male victim who was unconscious and breathing. They also found a knife nearby but the victim did not appear to be stabbed. A suspect was apparently detained at the scene.

False Gas Alarm Blamed on Smelly Deodorant

Tuesday night around 9PM, a natural gas leak was apparently reported up on the campus of UCSC on the 700 block of East Road. At least 6 fire units were dispatched to the scene. For a false alarm. Turns out it was just a “fragrant odor from deodorant”. These are the hope for our future?

Sitting in the Hot Seat

Tuesday morning around 11AM, multiple witnesses reported seeing a transient male light a chair on fire along the bike path near the Royal Taj restaurant on Soquel and Dakota. An employee of the restaurant reported seeing the fire spread to the nearby grass along the levee. SCPD and Santa Cruz Fire responded. I didn’t hear about any arrests.

Fifth Man Arrested in Santa Cruz Murder Case

This past Thursday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s detectives and the Fresno County Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium arrested a 5th man who was wanted in connection to a recent Santa Cruz murder. He is one of two adults, along with three minors, who were arrested for the murder of a 41 year old man who was reported missing on October 10th, and whose body was found October 13th off North Rodeo Gulch. An autopsy showed that he had died from a combination of stab wounds and a gunshot wound. Detectives learned the suspect was at a house in Mendota, where they arrested the 20 year old suspect without incident. He was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Home Invasion on Westside

1AM Friday morning. Suspect broke inside a home on Alamo avenue?. SCPD on scene with a K9 and taser. One detained in handcuffs. Case #8108.

City Council Candidates Walk Out of UCSC Forum

Monday night, there was a city council candidate forum up on the campus of UCSC and because some of the students were such disrespectful pricks, 3 of the candidates walked out early. I’ve seen some of the video and I applaud them for walking out. This wasn’t a forum. It was a setup, manipulated by Drew Glover and Justin Cummings. I respect the candidates for attempting to reach out to the young and idealistically stupid here, but we aren’t talking about kids who need a lecture and a scolding, we’re talking about adults who lack respect and civility. If I go to a party and it’s full of assholes, get what? I leave. Because I still can.

The Weekly Seen

The “Sea Witches of Aptos”. 

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  1. This appears to be the third home invasion of the month. What gives?

  2. More Sea Witches please!

  3. Which 3 candidates walked out of the ucsc forum?

  4. I’m a cabrillo student. I have all the emails and text alert info and I agree that Cabrillo failed, big time. Thankfully this libtard campus has decent humans working there to stop violent psychopaths from causing even more damage. There were also “it’s ok to be white” signs posted around the MLK statue on upper campus on the same day. Email me if you’d like the emails. I’ll gladly send them right over.

  5. thats very inspiring some people had the guts to pin that guy down. that takes a lot of courage. ♡♡♡ hope she, and everyone can heal quickly ♡♡♡

  6. No on Glover and Cummings. They are the only two candidates running who support rent control Measure M and are therefore on the wrong side of the poorly written measure. It’s anti tenant because with 70% of rentals being single family homes in S.C, the severe conditions of the measure have caused and will further promote a net loss in available rental housing as homes are the easy to sell and like in S.F. and elsewhere apartment buildings get converted to condos for sale. It allows up to 12 people to live in a one bedroom apartment, lays the foundation to disrupt and overcrowd neighborhoods and forget trying to find parking. For property owners no end to leases and having to pay relocation fees up to 7 months worth of tenants rent if an owner needs to move into their own property along with having to pay what’s estimated to be $400-$600-per unit, per year for a rental board which has no regulating agency above them and can make up their own rules and fines….ought to tell anyone that M needs to be voted down. The Sentinel, TheMayor and both candidates for governor are against rent control because what’s needed is more housing….not less.

    • omg 70% of rentals in scz are single family homes! i cannot believe they would try to pass something so extreme in a city with a rental market like this. this is shocking. how can this city be dominated by a university, and yet it seems like these guys didnt do any actual research! really sick to my stomach about the loudest political voices in california.

  7. seriously worried mabel

    We’re all fucked. Either this town will burn down, our homes will be invaded or we’ll be stabbed. For Gods sake, please vote for Ashley and Paige. They’re a step in the right direction.

  8. Bush fire on the County Jail property on Nov. 1st (alongside Vapor Cleaners and Sew Sew Maria). Disptach call went out about 12:14, 3 fire engines, multiple SCPD… handled promptly. Apparently small fires are all the rage these days. And out of curiosity, did Harold Aston actually say this, or did Chief Mills make a typo/Freudian slip when he tweeted that Aston threatened “to kill as many *uninformed* LE as possible.”?

  9. Thank you for all that you do! This is the only local news I can trust!

  10. Why won’t they just come out and say that A bum lit the rincon fire netcom announce it over the scanner This have something to do with election Santa Cruz residents Are supposed to just put up with this Trolls Worthless trash people running around lighting everything on fire Get it together Santa Cruz

  11. It’s like the walking dead hit Santa Cruz Ever go to a park try to use the barbecue pit in it’s full of needles funk the ship

  12. See what helping all these people does It’s gonna cost someone their life soon burned down half our city and our mountains Affordable housing my a** We pay the highest taxes almost Anywhere in the country We give our local parks to the Troll Burgers so our families and kids can’t use and enjoy Them What a joke

  13. I am 2nd generation Santa Cruz This used to be a nice place I am so disappointed in our city leaders for making it unsafe for my kids to walk the street

  14. Instead of wildlife tours through poganip Henry cowell paradise park we should have troll tours tours where we show toursts how drugs addicts an vagrants are the main attraction

  15. Sorry for the rant I love this place grew up here just wanna see it be beautiful and enjoyable for everyone There’s gotta be some constructive way that’s better The community needs to be heard

  16. Harold Ashton, Jr.

    Today (5/24/2019) I finally found some information about my son’s arrest on 10/29/2018. I had learned of his arrest and incarcerations just recently, as we have been estranged for some time. Please be aware that he is paranoid schizophrenic. When he is properly medicated he can function normally. I have tried to contact whomever is his public defender, with no results. My son’s offenses have all been the result of his mental illness. He has never committed a “typical” crime. I would appreciate any information anyone might have. My son’s name is Harold Prescott Ashton III>

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