The Weekly Dump 2.12.21

Martin Bernal Wants Caltrans to Clean Up His Mess For Him

After allowing it to grow and fester for months, Santa Cruz city officials are FINALLY calling for an end to the human dumpster fire located in the middle of the city’s largest highway intersection. Hours after a large dumpster (literally!) was dropped off on Highway 1 near River Street on Thursday morning, several individuals told the local news media they had been given notice a day earlier to relocate from the site within coming weeks. A long delayed intersection expansion by public works is scheduled to begin in April, so all the squatters are going to have to find a better place to squat. Apparently, outside grant funding to support the highway construction hinges on a timely start of construction. so when it’s about MONEY, the city FINALLY takes it seriously. How fucking predictable.

The problem in this location is all about jurisdiction and responsibility, and lots of finger pointing. The property along Highways 1 & 9 is on state owned (Caltrans) property. And in typical dumbass California fashion, Caltrans requires the Governor’s Office to approve clearing of homeless encampments from their properties. And we know Newsom isn’t doing shit here. City Manager Martín Bernal told the council Tuesday that his office had drafted a letter for Mayor Donna Meyers to send to Gov. Gavin Newsom, requesting his intervention and financial support in relocating individuals. Oh, so NOW it’s a priority? Martin Bernal (and Andy Mills) ARE THE REASON THIS EXISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE. This is the equivalent of me shitting all over my house, then asking someone else to come please pick it up for me.

Watsonville Man Arrested in Federal Drug Sweep

This past Wednesday, members of the Watsonville Police Department’s Special Response Team arrested a 39 year old male on the 1900 block of Freedom Boulevard after the FBI Drug Task Force requested their assistance to apprehend him. The man jumped out of a window and attempted to escape but was quickly caught. He was turned over to federal authorities. “Operation Burnt Orange” resulted in the seizure of 500 grams of fentanyl, 20 pounds of heroin, more than a dozen firearms, more than $200,000 in cash, and around 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine. The man is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess, with intent to distribute, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. He was not charged as part of the firearms trafficking operation but still faces life in prison if convicted. The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department and SCPD also assisted in the operation.

Where is it Safe Here Anymore?

Saturday morning around 8AM, SCPD was dispatched to the area of Laurel and Center streets in downtown Santa Cruz for a report of a victim of a robbery. After they arrived, they found the victim, who had reportedly been battered and assaulted with a deadly weapon. Nobody was arrested. In case you weren’t aware, the location of this crime is directly across the street from SCPD main station. Not in their back yard. In their front yard! If across the street from SCPD isn’t safe from being robbed and assaulted with a deadly weapon at 8AM, where is it safe here?

Picking Up Garbage Along Ocean Street

Sunday morning around 9:30AM, SCPD responded to the 600 block of Ocean Street where they arrested a 31 year old male for a felony bench warrant. When they searched him upon his arrest, they found a concealed dagger and drugs.

Not in Our Jail

Last Friday afternoon around 2PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of River Street where they arrested a 28 year old male and charged him with disorderly conduct, carrying a switchblade, and violating his probation. You’d think the probation violation would send him to jail. Nah. Not in our jail. He’s not in our jail.

Turnstiler of the Week

Monday night around 6PM, SCPD responded to the area of Ocean Street and Washburn Avenue where they arrested a 30 year old male for being a felon in possession of a stun gun, drug possession, and the ever ubiquitous parole violation. The sheriff and the jail were ready to refuse the guy but for the parole violation, which means he’s on a no bail hold currently. He’s been arrested at least 10 times since 2013. Let’s make him our Turnstiler of the Week!

The Least Surprising Arrest of the Week

Last Thursday night around 9:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of Shaffer Road and Delaware Avenue on the westside of Santa Cruz, where they arrested a 44 year old male and charged him with a total of 27 charges. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale (he was a drug dealer), but he was on probation for most of the other charges, including possession of an assault rifle, possession of a silencer, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Last check he’s still in county jail. What the hell is going on at Shaffer and Delaware at 9:30PM? Oh yeah, that’s the Santa Cruz Homeless Grifters Union Breaking Badmobiles nightly circus. It’s an open air market of buyers and sellers of all things pharmaceutical.

Maybe They Needed Gas For Their Stolen Car

Friday morning around 9AM, SCPD flagged a Black Honda Civic that was reported stolen out of Santa Cruz. After the plate came back positive as stolen, they followed the vehicle around Harvey West Park before a male and female parked the car in the parking lot of the Costco gas station. They were arrested without incident as they tried to leave the scene.

Woman Killed By Semi-Truck in Crosswalk in Downtown Santa Cruz

Wednesday afternoon around 3:30PM, SCPD and emergency medical personnel responded to an accident involving a big-rig and a pedestrian at the intersection of Water Street and River Streets. A truck turning right onto River Street from Water Street ran over a pedestrian who had stepped out into a marked crosswalk at the intersection. First responders attempted to save the 61 year old woman but they were unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck remained at the scene and cooperated with police investigators. At this time, there is no evidence of driver impairment or negligence, and no arrests have been made.

The Latest Updates on COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County

There have been 14,011 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, and 1,240 are active cases. 159 people have died, 406 have been hospitalized, 41 people are currently hospitalized, and 11 people are in the ICU. 12,612 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 111,127 people have tested negative. Santa Cruz County is in the purple tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, meaning many non-essential indoor business operations are closed. Its adjusted case rate is at 24.4, and it needs to be at 7 or below to move up. It also has a 5.6% positivity rate, and that needs to be at 8% or below to move up.

Food For Thought

It’s a Long Way to the Top

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It’s a Long Way to the Top – AC/DC

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  1. Planning Director Lee Butler is now in charge of dealing with the homeless, or should I say finding solutions. Good luck! He’s gotten a $15,000 raise and Martin Bernal wanted to make him Deputy City Manager but from what I read, the City Council did not go along with filling that previously unfilled position. I think that was smart. Butler already has enough power, as he pushes through developments that will have negative impacts on various neighborhoods.

  2. So these scum bags get into trouble for carrying knifes BUT! when they pull them on Security Guards/other people NOTHING happens to them. I hate Santa Cruz! I’m happy when it rains heavy! Gets really cold!The more severe the better ? I have the opposite of sympathy for every single scum bag person who infests the city of Santa Cruz. Watching Dirty Harry, Punisher and Saw movies Helps relieve my frustrations. I’ll keep saying it-the National Gaurd,Military and or the real citizens of SC need to start taking action and get rid of EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL AND DRUG ADDICT IN SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA- no mercy. And we all know who to blame/Why SC is the way it is right now this second

    • Theres a 2020 Bronson movie out you can see on you tube for free that gets the job your talking about done – all about that. It was pretty good. Seriously, people in Santa Cruz keep voting for progressives. I had to leave, but have a few ties and curious if enlightenment will ever happen, its like a social experiment in a way, waiting for a better ending but enough people still dont see it I guess.

  3. Speaking of the Laurel and Center intersection in downtown Santa Cruz, twice I’ve driven past there and seen a drug deal going down in broad daylight. Anyone inside the police department building could have seen the transactions from their front door.

    Even Andy “Take a Knee for Criminals” Lee (possibly the most incompetent law enforcement officer in the United States) could have seen it. But as someone else previously pointed out on Santa Mierda, he was probably judging a clam chowder cook-off to demonstrate his commitment to the community.

  4. Paige Concannon

    Classic…shitting all over my house and please come clean it!!! Thank goodness you keep us laughing, otherwise I think we would all scream and cry. Speaking of shitting, isn’t it amazing that NOW things will change at Highway 1 and 9, Hahaha !! Thank you for the update of bullshit!! Happy Valentine’s Day Buddy ?

  5. Just The Facts

    They filled both of those dumpsters to the top and it made no difference in how the area looks. Where are all these “economic refugees” getting all this stuff? Thats right, stealing whatever they can if some so-called progressive isn’t literally handing it to them. Funny how we, the real residents, have to pay for services, food, housing, etc. But if you manage to get your mothership to run out of gas here in S.C., all your needs are taken care of for free, no questions asked! We won’t even bust you for stealing all the stuff we paid for so you can feed your habit. The Vagrant Promised Land!

  6. Homeless camping in Santa Cruz is encouraged. Food is free, drugs are rampant and county mental health and law enforcement intervention is non existent. Thats why they are here. Its no secret local policy is the cause. People in charge of policy in Santa Cruz like homelessness or they wouldn’t allow the encouragement to continue. It’s time to face facts.

    In cities where homeless camping is routinely discouraged, you don’t see the establishment or growth of camps. Like in Monterey, Scotts Valley, Capitola and Watsonville. You reap what you sow. I wonder why that’s such a mystery to Santa Cruz residents.

  7. Criminals collect probation violations like Boys out patched. I don’t know Superior Court judges even bother with probation – it means nothing.

    The movement afoot to clear out the Highway One Riveria will likely be prematurely pinched off with a lawsuit. And in keeping with your theme and my prior intended puns, I am sure they will argue that compassion and safety demands that Hwy 1 squatters in their Hep-A Condos be allowed to continue shitting in the silverware drawer. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to check the upper tank before you flush, because the City guests have become confounded and unruly!

  8. BTW loved your closing video. Very true then and now. I only wish we could figure out how to collectively rock and roll again.

  9. When is the podcast coming back

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