The Weekly Dump 7.24.20

Santa Cruz County Moves to State’s Coronavirus Watchlist

During a press conference on Thursday, Santa Cruz County health officer Gail Newel announced that Santa Cruz county was officially placed on the state’s watch list. She also announced another coronavirus related death in the county. If the county remains on the state’s list for three straight days, new restrictions will be put into place.

If that happens, it would impact the following businesses:

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Places of Worship
  • Protests
  • Offices for Non-Critical Infrastructure Sectors
  • Personal Care Services (including nail salons, massage parlors, and tattoo parlors)
  • Hair salons and barbershops
  • Malls

It’s almost inevitable that this is going to happen. Wear a mask. It won’t kill you. The alternative might.

Suspected Watsonville Drug Dealer Arrested

This past week, the Santa Cruz County Special Response Team and the SCPD Emergency Services Unit joined Watsonville Police in executing a search warrant at a residence on Wilkie Avenue. They found and confiscated a kilo of heroin and an illegal short-cannon assault rifle during the search. which resulted in the arrest of a 29 year old Watsonville man. The male was booked into county jail for possession of a controlled substance for the sale and possession of an illegal weapon.

Hate Crimes Get You a Get Out of Jail Free Card

Wednesday morning around 8AM, SCPD responded to a report of a disturbance on the 1100 block of Water Street. After arriving, they arrested a couple of angry guys acting like assholes. A 54 year old was arrested for having and flashing an illegal weapon. His 36 year old partner in crime from Stockton  was arrested for battery with a hate crime enhancement and being drunk in public. Fifty Four has been arrested at least 10 times locally since 2013. Of course, neither guy is actually in jail now. Sheriff Jimmy gave him the old PTA. “Promise to Appear”. Also known as the “Get Out of Jail Free Card”.

Watsonville Man Abducts Toddler From Mother

Last Monday, a one year old toddler was taken from her mother by her father after some kind of domestic argument. The 39 year old father evaded CHP as they tried to pull him over on Highway 17 near Scotts Valley. Around 5PM on Monday, SCPD sent two officers to Watsonville in the Bearcat for support as Watsonville PD negotiated with the suspect. The suspect eventually surrendered peacefully and the toddler was returned to the mother uninjured.

Missing Local Woman Killed By Hit and Run Driver

A woman reported missing last week was found dead, the apparent victim of a hit and run driver. The CHP reported the 73 year old woman was reported missing last Tuesday night. Thursday morning, the CHP responded to an area of Bear Creek Road for a report of a hit and run and found the victim. Investigators believe she was hit by a vehicle on Tuesday night while walking along the road and was knocked into an embankment next to the road. No word of any arrests in the case.

Downtown Robbery Attempt Lands Man in Jail

Last Friday afternoon around 3PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Cooper Street in downtown Santa Cruz for a reported robbery. They eventually arrested a 30 year old male on the 500 block of Chestnut Street for robbery, battery, and resisting arrest. Nothing makes me want to venture out in a spiking pandemic to Abbott Square like a robbery and the ensuing cop show in the middle of a Friday afternoon while I’m trying to eat my lunch. Last check he’s still in county jail on a $75K bond.

SCPD Taking Out the Local Trash

Last Thursday night, Santa Cruz Police responded to a report of a disturbance on the 500 block of Ocean Street. After they arrived, they arrested a 46 year old male for suspected domestic violence and false imprisonment. His bail was set at $25K and he bonded out of jail.

No Laughing Matter

Sunday morning around 2AM, local CHP stopped a driver on Highway 1 near Wilder Ranch and ended up arresting him for driving under the influence and possession of nitrous oxide. His bail was set at $2K but Sheriff Jimmy gave him the GOOJF card (PTA) and he was on his way.

The Grease on the Turnstile

Just past midnight last Friday, SCPD responded to the area near Natural Bridges State Park where they arrested a 27 year old transient for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. He’s been arrested locally at least 11 times locally since 2014. His bail was only set at $1K, but at least he’s still in jail for now. ADW and resisting arrest and the bail is $1K. A hundred bucks to get out of jail. That’s how cheap public safety has become living here now. I guess it beats a penny bond!

Turnstiler of the Week!

Last Friday just before midnight, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Center Street in downtown Santa Cruz for a disturbance. They arrested a 53 year old Felton man and charged him with making criminal threats, trespassing, resisting arrest, and the usual parole violation. He’s been arrested at least 20 other times locally since 2015. And that’s good enough to make him our Turnstiler of the Week! Last check he’s still in jail on a $5K bond.

Santa Cruz County Begins Furloughing All County Workers

This week, budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic will bring mandatory furloughs for all of the 2,000 plus Santa Cruz County employees. Most county government services will be closed 11 weekdays this year, including Friday. Most county workers will be required to lose 19 days of work or 7.5%. All department heads will be furloughed for 10% of the fiscal year. And we haven’t even gotten to the same kind of furloughs and cuts to city services in the city yet. The worst is yet to come here.

Schools Out For More Than Summer

This past week, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education announced that all local schools will transition to a distance learning only model for the start of the 2020-2021 school year this fall. This comes after the COE learned that the county has met the criteria for the California Department of Public Health COVID-19 monitoring list. This is the second “rollback” list everyone fears we’re about to fall back onto. According to the SCOE, school districts, charter schools, and private schools will now be required to provide distance learning only instructional services. Schools may reopen for in-person instruction if they have not been on the county monitoring list within the prior 14 days.

Santa Cruz City Council Race Updates

The candidate filing period is officially open! You can track the list of “official” candidates here.

Who’s officially running?

These are people who have at least filed a 501 form with the city.

  • Martine Watkins
  • Sandy Brown
  • Richelle Noroyan
  • Sonja Brunner
  • Kayla Kumar
  • Maria Cadenas
  • Kelsey Hill
  • Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson
  • Elizabeth Conlan
  • “Bad Mom”

So where’s the usual cast of progressive misfits? Biggest question is where’s Krohn? I think if he was going to run, he would have been the first one to announce it, just to throw it back in the faces of his critics and voters who recalled him. We’re a week in and he’s nowhere to be found (other than on Bratton’s blog complaining about his usual stuff). And no guys? Where’s Steve Schnaar? Robert Singleton? For the love of God…..where’s Steve Pleich?!? It might be his best chance ever to win a seat.

Man Smart Women Smarter – Grateful Dead

It ain’t me it’s the people that say, men are leading women astray. I say it’s the women today, smarter than the men in every way!

Welcome K9 Parker!

Santa Cruz Police introduced the newest member of SCPD. Parker is a Labrador Retriever who has skills as a dual purpose police service dog. Almost two years old, Parker and his handler just completed a 6-week law enforcement canine training together. Thanks to a generous donation from Joanne Parker for making it all possible!

Get Your Swagger On!


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  1. michael d lelieur

    Note: City of Santa has been on a 10% work furlough since July 1st slated to last one year. All employees from top to bottom are on furlough

  2. Ben! MEN SMART was written by Norman Span. He was from Trinidad and the first recorded release was in 1936. Love the DEAD, but credit where it’s due. No?

  3. Great edition, insightful and funny. Thank you.

  4. MuyDeplorable


    1. Wearing a mask CAN be dangerous, if the mask is not clean. Bacteria, such as for Legionairre’s disease, can breed there. The mask becomes damp from breathing, and (unlike in very cold climates) is just right for bacterial reproduction. Obviously this depends on type of mask, whether it is worn repeatedly without disinfectant cleaning, etc.

    2. That “hate crime enhancement.” Oh, come now. When it’s low-life vs. low-life, who cares? The bums fight with anyone for any reason, again and again. It’s not as if they single folks out because they are in a special class, other than similar bums.

    3. When school was first out, three months ago (!), it must have been exceptionally hard for parents. But it seems to me that they have become habituated, and have found ways to have good times with the kids around. I have seen many happy families recreating in the nature preserves. We are raising a generation of mountain bikers.

    4. Now nitrous oxide? What next, electrical banana?

  5. All of us need to be aware of the current status and science of COVID-19 in order to assess the threat and take appropriate steps to protect friends, family and acquaintances. Some of the information we have been receiving is definitely suspect. Santa Cruz County now has four declared deaths due to the virus. The third death was a 96 year old woman in hospice. She tested positive for the virus and her cause of death was listed as COVID. God rest her soul and many sympathies to her family, but she was in hospice already. The latest COVID death was a 70 year old man who apparently was admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack but tested positive for the virus. This kind of data manipulation is intellectually dishonest and can easily be construed as data “padding”. While I hope this would never happen, it makes one wonder if a COVID-positive traffic fatality victim would be listed as COVID fatality.

    • MuyDeplorable

      I am sure that many of us have seen solo drivers in their cars, with face masks. I have seen folks walking alone in nature preserves, nobody nearby, with face masks. I have no doubt that when Halloween arrives, the scary people will NOT be wearing a mask.

      Have a look at the Wikipedia article, “The King in Yellow.” The actual book is past copyright, and can be downloaded in entirety from online sources. Famous quotation from its short story, “The Mask” which has dialog from a play:

      Camilla: “You, sir, should unmask.”
      Stranger: “Indeed?”
      Cassilda: “Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.”
      Stranger: “I wear no mask.”
      Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) “No mask? No mask!”

    • Greenie, where did you acquire this information? Why would someone in hospice care even be tested for covid? This virus can cause all sorts of comlications, such as cardiac symptoms, but I wonder if the county is testing all deaths to see if covid was in the picture? Maybe the 73 y.o. hit by a car will test positive. Maybe covid caused her to wander off?

  6. What about the Antifa crowd harassing council people at their homes that happened this week? Has that escaped the news?

    • “antifa”? It was the same old human barnacle kooks we see at city hall whining about their inability to whine at city hall. Nothing to see there and certainly not worthy of attention.

  7. Same old Mireda. 🙂

  8. If protests are on the list of activities that are banned during the next lockdown will they arrest and fine the protesters like they want to do with people who aren’t wearing masks? Or will we look the other way because the local politicians and police chief believe that the right to protest overrides the health of the public?

    My money’s on looking the other way. Another round of protests followed by disbelief that the infection rate went up.

    • Pat Kittle

      With cops actually being ordered to genuflect (“take a knee”) to criminals, it’s hard to imagine they’ll bust the media darlings for spreading a pandemic — “our” politicians won’t let them, and “our” media will again look the other way.

  9. Just the Facts

    Officer Parker needs a Mierda bandana!

    • Pat Kittle

      Officer Parker & his fellow officers are appreciated. Seattle recently demonstrated very graphically what happens without them.

  10. Grateful Dead links every week please!

  11. OH, at the risk of the offense of disagreeing, there is plenty on the side of mask overload Karen style. One view is Ron Pauls’ “Americans should pause and reflect on the lies they are being sold. Masks are just a form of psychological manipulation. Many reputable physicians and scientists have said they are worthless and potentially harmful. Lockdowns are meant to condition people to obey without question. A nation of people who just do what they are told by the “experts” without question is a nation ripe for a descent into total tyranny. ”
    Then there is old lady in that dog park who maced a couple sitting there eating lunch because they weren’t wearing masks outside while eating?
    Then there is the fact that daily cases have doubled or tripled in places like California or LA after mask mandates were put in place. While you could argue it could be worse without, one can also just as easily argue it doesn’t work, perhaps more so. and so forth, never mind it caused a depression and the accounting of that damage has yet to be done in lives, monetary destruction, and loss of civil liberty .
    I was walking my dog at Lighthouse field yesterday and a masked couple was waiting out on the street for me to come down a LONG way on the trail to avoid being anywhere near me. It’s silly town everywhere.
    I’m still not sure who “Bad Mom” is unless her name rhymes with Kool and lives in an RV behind CVS?
    I think you or I would have a better chance at winning a seat than her (without running), and am setting the under-over at 100 votes and I’m taking the under.

    • Back in 2016, Nate Kennedy, a homeless guy often seen at city council meetings, managed to pull almost two thousand votes with basically no backing and no money. Steve Pleich got more than 2000 votes and he quit the race halfway in when he ran out of money. She’ll get more than a hundred votes. But no way in hell she wins. Too many other viable (better) options on that “side”.

      • OK, you are probably right about the votes, but Nate Kennedy occasionally (meaning rarely) makes sense, but you have to admire his one idea of wanting investors to back his idea of a weed smoking lounge long before it really came into serious discussion compared to bad mom. He’s got amusing pep and hey anyone who wants to start a business (even if they don’t have any money, and I cannot feature him pulling it off) gets a nod for trying. As to this list of who is running… I can’t make a list of four of the least worst candidates out of that leftist cesspool. The only good part is IF some sane normal, say normal liberal, not progressive, ran they would win in a landslide since all the other votes would be split, but there are not four of those. I have a feeling the S hits the fan after Nov. From the Pres election, to the odious Prop 16 repealing Prop 209 which outlawed government discrimination based on race, etc , to this list of candidates falling all over themselves with racial-equity-fairness anti-racist racism, homeless promises, affordable housing promises, and all manner of social engineering instead of managing a tough fiscal environment without as many police to boot, 2021-2 looks like face plant splatter (which is saying a lot after a horrendous 2019,2020).

    • MuyDeplorable

      There is an up-side to the mask mania: I have observed that most girls, by whom I mean females under age 50, look better with a mask on.

  12. Ugh! Bad Mom on your swag. If I had that image on my coffee cup I’d hurl every time I went to take a sip.

  13. Declan Conroy

    Cash bail is deeply unjust, but we have to have a system that keeps repeat offenders off the streets. Quit letting these guys out with ptas. It isn’t cheap to lock someone up, but if the person is routinely responsible for causing havoc, I’m all for it.

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