The Weekly Dump 7.19.19

SCPD Investigating Voter Intimidation Over Recall Efforts

SCPD Chief Andrew Mills reported on Thursday that the department has received voter intimidation complaints relating to a petition to recall City Council members Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. Mills said they are taking the complaints seriously and are investigating them. The woman collecting signatures is a personal friend of mine, and the woman stalking and harassing her is a real piece of shit. She went there with the intention of being a disruptive asshole, not to sign anything.

More from KSBW.

Good Morning Santa Cruz!

Friday morning around 9AM, SCPD stopped a woman in the parking lot of the Safeway on Mission street after getting a complaint about a woman who was reportedly regularly shoplifting over the past week from the store and was back doing her thing. The 42 year old transient woman from Georgia refused to comply with the SCPD officer’s commands and tried to drive off in her car, nearly striking the officer before she took off down Mission street with SCPD in chase. The officer broke the driver’s side window before she took off. Multiple units eventually detained her at gunpoint after the woman wrecked her car on Mission street in front of the Chase bank and continued to fight with officers exiting the car. She was booked into jail for assault on officers with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, trespassing and shoplifting.

Watsonville Man Arrested For Filming Himself Sexually Assaulting Children

A 24 year old man was arrested at his apartment in Watsonville on Monday night after police charged him with filming himself sexually assaulting at least 2 children. Watsonville Police said the case was forwarded to them after the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force got a cyber tip of suspicious activity on his Google account from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Detectives worked with the ICAC Task Force to discover the man had created child pornography while sexually assaulting at least two children on separate occasions. The suspect admitted to sexually assaulting the children shown in the videos and both victims have been identified. He is facing multiple charges of child pornography and child sexual assault. He’s being held without bail because of a prior felony conviction.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Detectives NET Pounds of Illegal Drugs

Monday around noon, detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested a 22 year old woman and a 29 year old man at a hotel on the 1700 block of Soquel Avenue after finding them with a gun and almost 4 pounds of heroin, cocaine, meth, and marijuana, prescription pills, and psilocybin mushrooms. The woman was on probation and the man had an active warrant out for his arrest. According to detectives, the man was arrested outside the hotel room near his vehicle trying to leave the hotel room. Detectives also found more than $9,000 in cash, as well as scales and packaging material.

Watsonville Man Killed at Deadman’s Campground

Early Thursday morning, a Watsonville man who entered the tent of a couple who was sleeping at Deadman’s Campground in the Stanislaus National Forest was shot and killed after an altercation, according to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office reported the couple was sleeping in their tent when a 36 year old Watsonville man entered their tent around 2AM. The woman woke up to the Watsonville man on top of her. She screamed and woke her boyfriend who fought with and shot the man, who died at the scene, according to authorities. No arrests have been made.

Welcome Back!

Last Thursday just past noon,  SCPD conducted a warrant check on a guy who’s well known to law enforcement, and he’s been on the news recently for being part of that made up by narcissists looking for attention grifters group (the local homeless “union”). He was part of the group of vagrants and freeloaders looking to sue to the city to keep the drug camp open. Glover’s buddy.

SCPD spotted the 54 year old transient riding a bike (probably stolen) in the area of Coral Street and the railroad tracks and knew he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest but he was gone before they got him. A Downtown Ranger and other Neighborhood Policing Team members located him soon after at the Santa Cruz Metro station in the 900 block of Pacific Avenue, where they contacted him about his outstanding warrant. As he was about to be taken into custody, he tried to toss ten bindles of heroin onto the sidewalk to avoid being caught with them. He was arrested for possession of heroin for sale as well as a felony probation violation, and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Giving Police a Reason to Pull Him Over and Arrest Him

A man is behind bars after Scotts Valley police said they found drugs and cell phones during a search of his vehicle. Wednesday night, a male was stopped by Scotts valley police after they noticed his vehicle’s registration expired more than two years ago. While officers talked to him, K9 Atlas alerted them that there were probably drugs in the vehicle. A search turned up meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, concentrated cannabis and nine cell phones in the vehicle. He was arrested for having meth and cocaine for sale and was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail.

Skidding Along on Coral Street

Tuesday afternoon around 3PM, a 44 year old man was arrested on the 100 block of Coral street (otherwise known as “skid row”) on a variety of charges, including battery, trespassing, resisting arrest, and making criminal threats. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Local Couch Potato Arrested

Friday night around 10PM, SCPD responded top a report of a bum sleeping on a couch left out on the curb on the 100 block of Post street. The caller reported the guy was high on meth and was likely to fight with SCPD. He ended up getting arrested peacefully.

Getting Jiggy With It

Last Friday, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies stopped a person known to be on probation on the 5400 block of Jigger drive in Soquel. They found drugs and paraphernalia both on and nearby the person, who wasn’t checking in with probation. The person was also a suspect in an unlawful entry case. A probation hold was put on them and they were taken to jail.

Sign the Recall Petition!

Here’s where you can sign the petition to recall Drew Glover and Chris Krohn from the Santa Cruz city council this week!

Food Truck Party (Downtown)
Friday, July 19th
5 PM – 9 PM
Pacific Ave (between Water and Locust)

Westside Farmer’s Market
Saturday, July 20th
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
2801 Mission Street

Whole Foods (On Soquel Ave)
Monday, July 22nd
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Every Weekday Downtown:

Brooks Properties
745 Front Street Suite 115C
9 am -12 pm

Cruzio (Independent Suites)
877 Cedar St. Suite 150
Ask for Josie or Robert

Surf City Barber Shop
831 Front St

Pablo Cruise Plays For Free at the Boardwalk!

Who’s up for some Yacht Rock? Pablo Cruise is one of the captains. Free shows at 6:30 and 8:30PM.

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

I just want to thank Surf City Barber Shop, Stockwell Cellars, Central Coast Welding and Fabrication, Java Junction Coffee Roasting, Union Foodie Truck, KSCO, Bone-A-Fide Dog Care, Brooks Properties, Carolyn Livingston Campaign Services, Damon Bruder Construction, Biomarcommunications, Jane Becker, and all the other local businesses and business owners who are actively supporting the recall efforts. Please support these brave local businesses, who are being stalked and harassed by recall critics for simply exercising their first amendment freedom of speech rights. They deserve our ongoing support and our business.

Weekly shoutouts to SCPD Officers Cole and Riddle! Keep up the fine work. And a shoutout to Jerome at Surf City. Telling it like it is on KSBW! Thank you sir for your collection efforts!

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  1. Glad I found your podcasts! I’m a security Gaurd in downtown Santa Cruz Graveyard Shifts and I see all kinds of crap and PD or the S.O I cannot depend on. Maybe if I get assaulted shot or stabbed I may get heard IDK. I hear ya man!! Keep up the good fight keep speaking the truth, im behind you!!

    • Thanks Dave! Feel free to send me tips and interesting stories you come across in your work!

      • it’s nothing that anyone that lives in SC or has visited SC since I’ve been born I’m 38 doesn’t already know. Since I was young enough to know what a bum or homeless person was I’ve know that there in downtown SC/Near the board walk. I grew up in Watsonville I saw a few homeless people thought the years but not like IN SC! It wasn’t until I started doing security 4 years ago that realized how bad it is in SC and it’s been going on for along time. WHY IS THAT!?

        When I first got my security job my duties were to go to certain buildings in SC mainly near downtown and “Eject” anybody sleeping or trespassing among other duties for other buildings but still looking for trespassing or signs of break ins and make sure everything’s locked up. IT WAS NOT EASY! Just about every building had people to eject cause people are just allowed to be homeless in this county. And some would leave with no incident but would just come back when security leaves or they’d be difficult and you’d have to call SCPD but the same result you’d get the person(s) off the property but they’d come back anyway or go to another property. You’d see the same people at the same places anyway the next day or week!!? Some would even try to fight us on a regular basis that it would be a note in our patrol paper work about who to look for on certain properties.

        Then about 6 months into doing security I got posts in Scotts Valley 12hr grave yard shifts-foot patrol. And it was easy SVPD would pass by 4-15 a night. I worked at 4 different posts in the past 3 years in SV I rarely had to call SVPD most things I could just handle on my own I never felt my
        Life was in danger.

        I’ve now have been doing graveyard shifts in downtown SC for the past 3 months and the situation is RIDICULOUS TO SAY THE LEAST! I eject 1-20 every night right up until my shift is over and there’s a guard that comes 2 hours after me and he kept as busy as i am. Doing security in a patrol vehicle as I did when I started is different then guarding at one location you get to see more of what goes on in SC overnight in detail.

        Not ever homeless person I encounter is a threat but in the 3 months I’ve encountered about 12 or so that we’re beyond out of control. And I say homeless but in reality there drug addicts mostly some are mental ill some both. Since I do graveyard shifts I don’t get into SC till 11pm I get to see the tail end what little “night life” there is for the law abiding regular citizens/students get to enjoy and watch as the continuing flow of mainly addicts travel around SC on MOSTLY STOLEN-bikes,scooters,skate boards- down to just bare feet. Some even go around on JUMP bikes with loud blue tooth speakers blasting music. It’s pretty much there town during my shift. I see drug deals,drug use bikes being stolen and I cannot do anything about it. I see more security patrol vehicles not even rangers just security patrol vehicles more then I see SCPD pass my area on a rare night I’ll see maybe 2-6 scpd pass by. And the times I’ve needed to call SCPD a few times they never showed up or showed up way late. But there were a few times they showed up very quick.

        The addicts I’ve encountered shooting up or smoking tar off of foil tell me flat out they won’t get into trouble they’ll just get a ticket and they’d need to rack up 20-30 tickets to even be possibly CONSIDERED to be arrested. It’s rare I catch someone drunk there usually wide awake on an “Upper” or “nodding off” from a downer. And there’s also the prostitution both male and female. Mind you I’ve only been at this post for 3 months and I know who’s dealing,using prostituting

        How I found your podcast and web site was by googling needles as Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk. I’m glad I did cause I’m learning a lot and I have a lot of catching up to do so I’ll be trying to listen to as many podcasts or you’re as I can.

      • And also there’s a new thing I’m having to deal with more and more and I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this disturbing and stupid. I’m coming across and seeing a lot of these addicts and homeless “street people” wearing makeshift masks while walking and riding there bikes,skateboards,scooters. If your average person did this anywhere else it would be considered suspicious or at least noticeable behavior but it seems to be ok In SC. Bad weather sure I could see people having to cover up more but there obviously doing it to not be seen/recognized to me It looks like there ready to do something criminal or just got done doing something criminal and there making there get away. I’d like to know why this doesn’t give probable cause for them to be immediately searched.

        The victim is going to say “ I didn’t see them they had there face covered up!?

        Makes me wonder Who’s town does this belong to anyway. I could image how it looks to tourists seeing all this.

  2. Re: recall post

    I hope the SCPD know a liar when they see one. Oh wait. They don’t. Oh well. Truth always prevails no matter what but psychopaths sure can be creative in their tactics. Lying to the world, authorities and themselves. You uncover their bs and they can’t deal with that so they run & hide.

    Hoping they can get those 2 out ASAP! Long overdue!

  3. Austin Twohig

    Anybody have any idea how many signatures we have so far?

    • I don’t think so, although the organizers likely have an idea how many people are collecting signatures, and have some idea how successful they have been so far. I don’t expect any number reveal until they submit for confirmation, which would probably happen right at the deadline. I think the fear of the unknown works in their favor here. Just act like it’s not enough all the way until the finish line.

  4. Recalls are difficult and are set up to be that way. Every signature is going to be important. Please sign a petition and please take the message to your friends, neighbors and relatives.

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement of businesses and community activists who are supporting the recall at some personal risk to themselves. They are brave and deserve our support and gratitude….

  6. When will the insanity end ?? I truly would not even believe half of this crap if I wasn’t living it.
    I am pretty happy that the police/sheriff’s office has been stepping up the busts of drug dealers. Maybe this will start to bring some sanity back to our lifes??
    Thank you once again for doing what you do. I appreciate all your hard work!!

    • Being a security Gaurd in downtown SC I have not seen anybody being arrested for selling or using drugs and I’ve seen my share of both among other things.

  7. when are the female voters going to get mad enough to demand a safe city? this place is full of con artists and the communists who enable them. misogyny island! take the most beautiful beach in norcal and hand it to a bunch of aggressive drug dealers masquerading as homeless- sounds intellectual

    • That’s a huge concern of mine since doing security down town SC for the women of this who live here or visit this is not a safe place day or night. Kids as well! Maybe I’m dreaming that we can see some/any real change anytime soon. It’s seems its just to much to ask to live in general safety in SC.

  8. Dave aka “Rooster “. I’ve been listening to your podcasts to better understand what you and people you associate with are about and I like what you all are collectively trying TRYING to do. So I want to talk about the whole needle exchange/give aways. To me it’s a green light to drug dealers and users that indicates “DRUGS OK HERE!!” We don’t hand out beer bongs and rolling papers in Schools so why supply needles!? And to be brutally honest why do we care about drug addicts that truly don’t care about themselves don’t care about others and hate law enforcement/E.M.Ts and doctors. You have to realize that heroine and meth are about the strongest “street” drugs the people using these drugs are not new to there addiction they’ve decided long long ago that doing hard drugs indefinitely is there life plan and everything and everybody else they can care less about.

    I’ll keep saying that the further you get away from SC, hwy9 Ben Lomond and boulder “tweek” the less you see the addicts and dealers witch most of the time are the same people I know no matter where you go you can find addicts and dealers but SC is a safe heaven for those types. WHY!!!! I’m totally against needle hand outs obviously but I do have a heart but I also have a mind and my mind likes to gravitate towards common sense and what my mind is telling me and what my eyes are seeing is disgusting and unreasonable what SC has and is. The property’s I Gaurd have been Guarded for almost 14years now and if it wasn’t it would be overrun with addicts and other “street people “. The property is occupied by lawyers offices,medical offices,meditation and much more. It gets cleaned by just two people just about every morning or else the place would stink of piss,vomit,dirty clothes and be littered with trash I watch over the two nice people who clean cause they don’t feel safe doing there job they’ve been nearly attacked many times over the years. I think people need to go out late night in small groups and really see for themselves what goes on and why SC needs to completely change the way it’s ran and what it will tolerate it needs to but the WORKING CLASS,STUDENTS AND VISITORS AHEAD OF THE ADDICTS AND “Street People” well got to do my rounds again. Thanks for giving me a place to listen and be heard Ben.

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