The Weekly Dump 2.14.20

UCSC Graduate Students Throw a Pity Party

Seventeen demonstrators were arrested on Wednesday as UCSC graduate students demanded a cost of living adjustment increase to address the extreme high cost of housing. According to UCSC police, 17 people ignored repeated orders to get out of the busy intersection of Bay and High Streets after reportedly locking arms and sitting in the middle of the road blocking traffic, leading police to detain them. Graduate students are demanding they get an additional $1,412 per student. Meh. I’m really tired of these people and their “demands”. Making your problem my problem by shutting down traffic in a busy intersection isn’t making you any friends outside your little circle jerk. They want attention. This is all they get from me.

Justin Cummings Sandbags For Bullies

This past Tuesday, the city council had what appeared to be a relatively uneventful evening session until all of a sudden shit got eventful! During oral communications, three different women all got up to talk about the fact that the mayor and his Krohnies had been sandbagging and sitting on a report from last year that outlined new charges against Drew Glover.

In November 2019, Glover posted on social media criticism of the former Chair and Vice Chair of the Commission For Prevention of Violence Against Women for resigning, leaving the commission without a quorum. Glover called the Chair a “hypercritical white man.” An independent investigation concluded the post was retaliatory action on the part of Glover. Back in December of last year, the Santa Cruz City Council received the findings of an investigation made by an independent attorney which concluded Drew Glover had again violated the city’s respectful work place conduct policy.

The report was made public in January, but Mayor Justin Cummings has refused to place the item on the council agenda. This would allow the council to publicly discuss the findings and what action should be taken. At least two current council members have been trying to have the results of the report placed on the city council agenda, but that attempt at transparency has been stalled by Cummings, Brown, Krohn, and Glover until after the March election. (why does Glover even get a say in the matter? He should have had to recuse himself)

They ultimately decided to agendize the discussion at the first meeting in March. AFTER the recall election. It won’t matter by then. Glover will be gone. So will Krohn.

More from KSBW News. It was the lead story on the 6PM news tonight! Probably not the kind of attention the narcissist is looking for though.

A Long Slow Clap for Ryan Coonerty

I’m giving Ryan Coonerty a long slow clap this morning. He nails it.

The Recall and Us
By Ryan Coonerty

For months, I’ve stayed out of the debate about the recall of Councilmen Chris Krohn and Drew Glover. My reasoning was that I, as a County supervisor, must have relationships with all council members to serve our city. And, to be honest, I didn’t want to get caught up in a nasty political fight.

That changed last week when I read the report from the UCSC Democrats’ meeting about the recall. You can read it on Facebook, but it boils down to Glover attacking a female student for asking about his multiple charges of harassment and bullying of female city employees. Glover responded that the victim was “playing the woman card” and then attempted to bully and silence the students. The group, which had overwhelmingly endorsed Glover just last year, is now supporting his recall because: “His behavior was unacceptable and showed us it is not a stretch to believe that he has acted this way previously, and to believe the women who have come forward accusing him of bullying and intimidation …We believe the women who have come forward. We witnessed his bullying of women firsthand, and find that behavior intolerable for an elected official.” Watching these young leaders take a brave stand, I can no longer justify my silence, especially when many of the victims of Krohn and Glover are excellent public servants and valued community volunteers. The victims didn’t complain because they disagreed with the policies of the council members, rather, they did so because Krohn’s and Glover’s behavior was egregious. And for every one person that came forward, many more did not out of fear of reprisals.

So, following the College Democrats’ courageous act, here are some thoughts from my front row seat to the recent deterioration of our civic life:

• Many leaders of the antirecall campaign agree with the UCSC Democrats. They’ve told me privately that they think Krohn and Glover are “a–holes,” “incompetent” and worse. They are holding their nose to maintain a “progressive majority.” The irony is that if these progressive leaders (especially Justin Cummings and Sandy Brown) simply spoke up, honored the victims, and censured Krohn and Glover for unacceptable behavior, there would not have been additional victims or the need for a recall.

• This election is not about rent control. Both sides are using this issue to rally their base, but the reality is that the current council majority (Krohn, Glover, Brown and Cummings) are not going to pass anything that substantively helps renters. They had a full year to take action, talked about it once, tabled it and have made no effort to bring it back because it’s a politically hard, complicated policy that has largely been preempted by the state.

• There is no “us” and “them.” The unending attacks on Cynthia Mathews, Donna Meyers and Martine Watkins are lies. These women are effective progressive leaders, who have consistently fought for equity, the environment and our community.

• In addition to harassing and bullying, Krohn and Glover’s mistake has been to wrongly assume that they were elected with a mandate. They weren’t. Under our at-large, multi-candidate system, no council member does. Whoever wins this election should remember that and start working collaboratively to solve our problems.

• The toxic atmosphere at Council meetings is intolerable. Many community members have told me that they won’t get involved or attend council meetings because they fear for their safety and the palpable antagonism toward people with views who do not align perfectly with the majority’s. We cannot drive people away from the democratic process.

• The Council sets policy, but city staff implements it.
Key staff because the Council majority has tolerated behavior that would cause anyone else working for the city to be fired or disciplined. If a recall doesn’t pass, the city will see more talented people leave and will be unable to recruit good people who keep the city running.

• Finally, behavior matters. Krohn and Glover have crossed too many lines. Every other Tuesday, for more than a dozen years, I’ve served with elected officials of all stripes making hard, controversial decisions. Many times, I’ve been frustrated both personally and politically with them as they have with me. Despite this I’ve never supported a recall before. The unacceptable behavior of Krohn and Glover is of a different magnitude and the community needs to say so.

This isn’t just about Glover and Krohn. This isn’t about politics. This is about us. How will we interact, govern and determine the future of our community? We simply cannot survive or thrive in the current toxic environment. Please vote “yes” on the recall.

Originally published this week in the Senile. Ryan Coonerty is a Santa Cruz County supervisor and two-time former mayor.

Traveling Riverside Blues

Last Sunday around 5:30PM, Santa Cruz Police responded to reports of a reckless suspected DUI driver in the area of Seabright Avenue and Murray Street. They caught up to the suspect near Broadway and San Lorenzo Boulevard and when they attempted to conduct a traffic stop, the driver pulled over briefly before speeding away. A brief pursuit ended when the suspected drunk driver struck several parked cars and a street sign at Riverside and Soquel Avenue. The driver then fled on foot to the east levee towards San Lorenzo Park before two SCPD Rangers patrolling the park quickly detained him. The 23 year old driver from Salinas was also a convicted felon and had a loaded and stolen 9MM handgun in his center console. He was also wanted for robbery out of Salinas and has a DUI warrant from Morgan Hill. A passenger in the car was injured in the crash but cooperative and later released. The driver was arrested and charged with evading an officer, being a felon in possession of a firearm, vehicle hit and run involving injury, DUI causing injury, possession of stolen property, outstanding warrant for robbery and warrant for driving under the influence.

Eating the Wrong Kind of Edibles

Tuesday night, Scotts Valley Police officers observed a vehicle on Highway 17 without their tail lights on and with a bad registration so they proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. During the stop, they found the driver had an outstanding warrant and a suspended license so he was arrested. As they spoke to the passenger, he gave multiple variations of false names that did not positively identity him. During a search, they found 10 grams of meth, and police said the man told them he thought he swallowed all of the meth and heroin before police contacted him. The passenger was taken to the hospital and treated for a potential overdose. Police said he was later stabilized and taken to jail, where he will stay until they can identify him.

That Ain’t Junk in the Trunk

This past week, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a man actively stealing items from the trunk of a car in Freedom. It’s Freedom right? Doesn’t give you the freedom to steal. After the victim called 911 and confronted the suspect, deputies arrived and arrested the man with about $1,800 worth of power tools owned by the victim. Additional witnesses and cell phone video of the incident verified it and the male was booked into jail for grand theft.

Whip It Good

Last Saturday night around 6PM, SCPD responded to the 700 block of Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz where they arrested a 22 year old woman for being under the influence of nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas”. Who’s laughing now?

Return to Sender

Friday morning around 11:30AM, SCPD picked up a guy on Skid Row (the 100 block of Coral Street) for drug possession, and he was wanted back in San Luis Obispo for resisting arrest and failure to appear. And they want to come get him. Please take him back and get his bum ass out of Santa Cruz! Last check he was still in OUR county jail awaiting a ride back to SLO. He’s been arrested 15 times here since 2016.

Return to Sender – Elvis Presley

The Usual Public Safety Dysfunction From the County

Last Saturday around midnight, SCPD arrested a 39 year old female transient near the area of Mission and Western drives in Santa Cruz for. She had been previously arrested on Christmas Eve on charges of arson and vandalism, and had been released from jail by the county with a get out of jail free card after she “promised to appear”. That seems to be what has replaced bail in the county now. Is that official? When she fail to show up for her pre trial arraignment, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. And now she sits in county jail on a $25K cash bond, where she should have been all along.

Idiot Compassion From Our Local Judges

Last Saturday night around 6:30PM, a 34 year old woman led Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies on a chase around east Santa Cruz before finally arresting her along Opal Cliffs Drive. She was charged with contempt of court and disobeying a court order, DUI, evading police, reckless driving, resisting arrest, and of course, a probation violation. This woman is a mess. She was in court before a judge just two days earlier to answer to domestic battery and false imprisonment charges against her. She’s been arrested 7 times locally since 2013, three times in the past two months. So she was arrested last Saturday for all these charges and on Monday she was released with no bail. She’s out already.

Give It Away Now

Last Friday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s investigators executed a search warrant at an address on Madison Street in Watsonville where they turned up a little more than 5 ounces of meth, in addition to heroin and cocaine. A 38 year old male was arrested on drug trafficking charges and last check he’s sitting in county jail on a $100K bond. He listed his occupation as “caregiver”. I doubt he gives anything away!

What a Lovely Role Model

Last Saturday morning around 5:30AM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance on Baffy Court in Soquel where they arrested a 34 year old woman for violating a court ordered restraining order. As deputies tried to arrest her, she resisted arrest and spit in one deputy’s face while stomping on another deputy’s boot. Five minutes on Google told me she’s apparently some kind of kid’s dance teacher. Last check she’s still in jail so the kids are safe for now.

Santa Cruz is SARTifiable Again

This past Tuesday, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors approved an in-county facility so that rape and sexual assault victims will no longer have to travel to San Jose for examinations. It’s been more than two years since Santa Cruz County has had a local facility to treat survivors of sexual assault. According to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, there were roughly 60 victims of sexual assault survivors in the past 2 years who had to travel to San Jose for tests. The program is an agreement between Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County Valley Health Systems to now provided exams at Dominican Hospital. Dominican Hospital will provide the exam facilities, while Valley Medical Center in San Jose, will provide the nursing staff. It will also mean, rape kits will be turned over more expeditiously to law enforcement for analysis. The S.A.R.T. program is expected to be up and running by April in Santa Cruz County.

I gotta give shoutouts to my friends Joe and Melissa, who have been pushing the Board of Supervisors pretty hard over this for the past few months. Well done to all involved in making it happen.

District Elections Are Coming!

This week, a group calling itself the California Voting Rights Project held a press conference at city hall, where they declared they will be giving the City of Santa Cruz a Notice of Violation of the California Voting Rights Act. The group claims the city’s use of at-large elections violates the California Voting Rights Act because it results in racially polarized voting. A report released by the CVRP said Santa Cruz’s population was about 36% residents of protected classes in 2017, and that includes more than one-fifth Hispanic or Latino, but since 2000, Latinos have accounted for only 9.4% of all votes cast for city council. Only two Latinos have been elected to the city council in that time. “Racially polarized voting characterizes elections in the City of Santa Cruz. Latinos have been underrepresented in candidacies, elected candidates and votes received, as have members of most protected classes” the report said.

It’s the Santa Cruz Seaweed!

The Santa Cruz Seaweed are the newest team in the Pecos League. The Seaweed are an independent professional baseball team that will call Santa Cruz and Harvey West Park home beginning June 1, 2020. The Seaweed will play in the same league as the Monterey Amberjacks. Team information can be found here.

Happy Valentines Day!

Spread and share the love! 

Support the Recall Effort!

The recall effort was successful at getting to the ballot but the real work has begun to see this effort to the finish line. Please consider a donation to Santa Cruz United, the group that worked to organize the recall effort. I support their efforts as a group, and I pledge to provide my services pro bono to the recall effort. If we all step up, we will finish this effort successfully and bring function back to a completely dysfunctional city hall. Thanks!

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  1. “This past Tuesday, the city council had what appeared to be a relatively uneventful evening session until all of a sudden shit got eventful!”

    That’s the “Quote of the Week” pal. Hazzah!

    • Support Big Joes channel- better quality vids and more stuff on the “council and other inside stuff”

      My channel IS REALY TAKING OFF NOW. Thanks to all that support. I need it.

  2. One of the first things I read this morning was the letter from Sup. Coonerty! Holy Home-run, Batman!!! That was extraordinary! ???????
    And way to go Joe and Melissa for pushing for the return of SART! Great job getting it done!

  3. I have not been a fan of Ryan Coonerty. That is, not until I read his letter in the Sentinel. Fantastic!

  4. Just the Facts

    The UCSC Grad students should try and get a part-time job with the “wealthy San Jose land developers “who are bankrolling the recall, duping the thousands who signed the petitions, bought-off the City Staff, and now apparently bribed Mr. Coonerty! They must have tons of cash! Let me know where to get an application! And don”t forget the inevitable failed boycott attempt against Bookshop Santa Cruz by Bad Mom and Bob Noise. Can’t wait for the photo ops!

    • Having my own Pity Party

      Ben doesn’t tell the whole story regarding the UCSC students. Part of the problem is the university doesn’t allow the Grad Students who TA etc. to seek or have other employment.

      Get all the facts before declaring a pity party (or if you had all the facts but chose to ignore them, lemme know and I’ll tune into Fox News).

      I usually enjoy Ben’s commentary, this one’s off the mark by whining about people are exercising their right to protest. Weak section from a usually informed site.

  5. Johnnybitchin

    As usual it’s the same old BumORama in the downtown area especially on Skidrow…thanks for the Bum/Crime update…And continue the great work..

  6. Johnny B check out my YouTube channel-
    Any night of the week in Santa Cruz

    If you wanna see more scum bums that is.

    • Hi Dave, I subscribed to your YouTube channel. And don’t give up hope, that loud screamers seem to be the lords of misrule right now, but the silent majority may win in the end. Also, thank you for all that you do.

    • Johnnybitchin

      Dave….How do I subscribe?

      • Right under the video itself there’s a “Subscribe” area just tap on it it’ll subscribe you on. Thanks for the support believe me I need it sometimes I forget I’m NOT in the wrong THEY are.

  7. Alright – Santa Cruz Seaweed vs The Monterey Amberjacks. I can’t wait for the eventual “Battle Of The Bay”. If they can only keep the bums out of Harvey West for nine innings.
    All kidding (sort of) aside, the Pecos League games are a lot of fun and worth your time to check out, even if your not a big base ball fan. Good clean fun and sometimes interesting baseball. Where else can you see an out fielder tell someone in an adjacent parking to turn off their head lights because they are blinding the batter?
    The All Star game is July 5 in Monterey at Frank Sollecito park.

  8. Kris- I’ve only known about the Weekly dump/Mierda maybe 4 months and so far what you’ve said and researched is some of the best stuff opinion and fact wise I’ve read here. So many smart educated warm hearted cool nice decent people in SC, it’s a true crime what those in power LET! All this crap go on. And ya I hear it to much from these scum bums mainly white guys sayn they got more money then I got and that maybe true. Must be nice to truly do what you want when you want and be as high as your body can handle 24/7 and all you have to do for money is wait On checks.

    I can’t stress enough to record what you see and post on social media/YOUTUBE. I TRULY HOPE SC CHANGES WITH THESE RECALLS. sadly the only change I keep seeing IS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

    • yeah i hate all the focus on race … it seems like we should be past it by now… but this city council wont allow that. my grandad was a white guy who lost everything in the great depression yet built his way back up. he was my best friend and never hurt me.

      yet i go for a walk at the boardwalk in broad daylight and a group of 5 middle aged white guys who are NOT disabled will make rape threats just to see the look on my face. its disgusting. for the alt left to claim they care about women, children and minorities, and even the elderly, and then to enable crime like this. even if i were a male i would carry pepper spray here, you cant defend yourself from this kind of aggression. i hate to say it but im glad u quit that job for ur own safety

    • Dave, don’t give up hope, day by day the world is waking up.

    • Most people, including bums are white in santa cruz. If there was another race majority in this similar climate – you would be saying brown or black or yellow. If you really want the racial issues to stop, it starts with you. Statistically the majority are fine, and there’s bad apples in all of them.

      • People have been warned before about keeping race out of my comments. If you can’t do that, you won’t be allowed to comment any more.

  9. OK, maybe I protestif too much progressives at the council, but this place is going nowhere but flush-o-la. OK, at the council we had about 25-30 adoptive grievance mongers aligning with local tribes people to defeat a private property dispute between the tribe and a mining company, 4 miles south of Gilroy. Now maybe the lands is sacred, maybe not, but courts not our local grand standers should be weighing in out of jurisdiction. This probably won’t go over well, but it occurred to me what the natives and our council have in common besides Marxist victim-oppressor ideology is a common disdain for private property. In essence, the ancient peoples were the original communists. OK, boo hiss now, I like creative analogies as a thought exercise and all I was saying is they should definitely stay out of endorsing sacred anything out of town. (environmental factors another consideration). Hey, you missed all the natives and adoptive grievance mongers forming a chant circle just outside the council chambers. I hope they prayed for rain. I know, not pc. Someone from Fresno came to speak. Another, real travesty is when Cummings let the tribal leader drone on and on for several expired 4 minute time limit intervals because he was backing his resolution. Not good.

    The letter they approved to back the protesters wildcat strike was totally out of line, as well even as telling the local police to stand down. Ms Brown’s nose grew 10′ when she said “We’re not interfering with a labor dispute, we’re just passing along community concerns”. Interfering on someone behalf is interfering especially when it means blocking traffic and freedom of other to move around on public passageways. It’s tag team progressive resolution agenda items and fake-o justifications.

    I’ll skip the special carved out minus the justifications parking tax on tourists to enhance a Beach Flats slush fund in perpetuity. Can’t they just do a budget every year? Thought so. The high light was a perpetual speaker I call him Shriek, calling for a water slide to bring tourists to Santa Cruz from the Summit. I forgot to ask how they slide back.

    Lastly, I know it’s not BLC, but a car full of marijane smoke billowed out of a car that pulled into U-save to buy liquor that you could still smell as they walked around the store it was so strong. It like doesn’t count as anything , does it? but I don’t get out much.

    • i did a little more reading on native american tribes and territorialism… during the measure m debate. i read on wikipedia, i was common for tribes to be very territorial- if a member of a different tribe was caught hunting on their turf, they would kill him, go kill the other tribesmen and either kill the women and children or take them all as slaves.

      so that seems to conflict with the prevailing view that they were a bunch of borderless communists.

    • I agree with you 100% Garrett. And I will add that in the 90’s I volunteered to help native tribes by producing a show at the Capitola theater where all profits went to a local tribe. At the end of the event one of the volunteers noted that the members of said tribe left nothing but garbage all around and had huge attitudes not unlike Mr Glover. Not all that you read in history books is the truth, that is for sure.

      • I’ll get burnt at the stake for this, but with respect, as an intellectual exercise in thought, consider that the arch-type native people’s disdain for private property (although if another tribe wanted it I bet they thought it DID belong to them), the commune nature of villages, the sharing.. they were early early primitive socialists. Yep. I give them props for lasting thousand of years with no judgement on my part as to quality of that life (although I suspect modern man lives longer, easier and I would not trade for that life).

        Perhaps that’s what they have in common with the council.
        Here’s a letter to the Zentinel why probably won’t publish as they hardly ever do of mine.

        Values here need examination

        When did “equity” as in we all get an automatic equal share replace “equality of opportunity”? When did we justify this blind “equity” even though it rewards mediocrity rather than merit? Is anyone worried that people that are unsatisfied with their life outcome are so quick to blame others? How about the very assertive and course seeking of a collectivization of property, of consciousness, and the redistribution of wealth subverting our culture with reforms posed as social justice? No problem-o? The actions of activists, educators, propaganda, mass media, social networks, politicians, and materials of pop culture that are methodically changing the socioeconomic laws of the land using politicians. Is that still America? Nope. It’s defective socialism.

  10. Good morning my fellow decent people fed up with what Santa Cruz is. I have now 75+ videos on YouTube-

    Any night of the week in Santa Cruz

    Ben I hope it’s ok I mention the weekly dump/Santa Mierda in ever video description. I feel everyone needs to here what you find out and I feel every one should see the videos I’ve posted up. I’m letting some of these scum know the real SC residents are beyond fed up. I’m not asking for subscribers or even likes just that my videos get seen by as many people as possible. Can’t wait to jump aboard with a new security company and not have to to what the police or MILITARY should be taking care of.

    • Hi Dave, thank you for the work you do. I appreciate your calm but firm stance in protecting downtown, we do the same with our house and neighborhood, calmly, yet firmly tell offenders to stop, usually they do, if not we call the police. Please everyone watch, subscribe and share Dave’s Youtube channel.

    • what is the name or link to your YouTube channel?

      • Any night of the week in Santa Cruz

        • Having viewed a few of those now, it’s immediately obvious I could not do your job, and I’m real glad/thanks someone is. Yeah, I was downtown last night and there was an empty car parked in the street near the Paradox restaurant with the drivers door wide open I almost drove into. Probably more handiwork you are familiar with.

  11. More like 120+ of what I can post-it gets Extremely Crazy some times.

  12. ucsc getting more national attention, no comment from the University. Apparently the victim is also being ignored, with no action being taken. Can you imagine if it was the other way around?

  13. My channel has people talking and commenting geez you’d think Santa Cruz has only had these problems 2 years the way some people act like all this is NEW. I’m fed up and I honestly don’t care what those AGAINST ME SAY. I know I’m fighting for the side of GOOD. EVEN-THOUGH MY TACTICS ARE MADE UP ON THE GLY TO PROTECT MYSELF. lil do they know I’m leaving that post and company in a week or so 🙂

  14. It hit the fan the city of Santa Cruz doesn’t want me in there town. Anymore

    Oh well it’s worth it exposing SANTA CRUZ FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS – SANTA MIERDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pretty much what I figured was going to happen out of 120 som odd videos the focus is on maybe 12 of them. The rest of the videos don’t even have comments. And there’s only a handful of “advocates” that are commenting negatively. The rest are regular folk, those are the only opinions that matter.

    IF ANYONE TRULY SUPPORTS ME. PLEASE NOWS THR TIME TO HAVE MY BACK. But I can stand on my own. Always have Always Will.

  16. I’m not commenting on YouTube cause if people really want to know who Iam and am about and are smart enough to look under the Description section of the posts they should find themselves HERE. But most are activists or are on the streets themselves and only care about talking smack and backing up there own kind. Never mind the rest of SC-but we know this already here. Those who are actually really trying to see THE BIG PICTURE can go back to when I first discovered “The Weekly Dump/ Santa Mierda and started chiming in will get THE WHOLE STORY FROM THE BEGINNING. They will have no choice but to read about all the stuff I’m reading about HERE.

    This way I don’t have to waist my time they can just read what I’ve been saying here and what others are saying here as well OH and all the stuff that Ben finds to post,Duh!!

    I said it from the beginning I’ll put myself out there report/record what I see. I even said I’d sacrifice my life if it would turn things around in SC. The Activists are just tugging at Threads there’s very little they can focus on many of there lil arguments are “ just let people sleep” or you have “no compassion “. THOSE PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO READ THIS BLOG! And I do have compassion but only for those who deserve it and share it with others. And there also contradicting themselves by then saying just call the police-well the police are going to tell them to leave as well so what is it?-let people sleep on private property or call the cops?!? You can have it both ways. Oh and I know I’m trying to talk sense to people that dont recognize or are against private property rules to keep people away from during certain times-and we all know why….

    Well keeping people off Property is my main job and it would be easy if the “people” I have to deal with we’re normal but there not. Most are JUST DOING OR TRYING TO DO THERE DRUGS or trying to see if they can get inside the building by any means. I know there hoping to find out I’m some major creep with a history I’m not. Like I said if they took the time they could read all about me here and what I’ve been saying from the start. It’s amazing how one person can stir so much up, but’s it’s all mainly to lead them HERE-HELLO 🙂 how’s it goin! Never laid a finger on a single person on my shifts besides a few fist bumps, hand shakes I guess high fives are a thing of the past.

    These are the people and things real SC residents have to go thru and deal with on a daily/nightly basis and I exposed it.just THAT! Much more 🙁 I don’t care about the activists and the ones they CODDLE. That’s why I’m trying to bring them HERE so they can bring there few things they think they have against me and I could put it RIGHT AGAINST THE REAL PROBLEMS OF SANTA CRUZ AND WATCH ALL THE DEFLECTING AND SIDE STEPPING THAT WILL HAPPEN. like I said out of all 120 or so vids 100 or so don’t ever have one comment the focus is on less then 20 with only the Shallowest of negative remarks the positive ones are Smart Short N Sweet.

    Ben you and The Weekly Dump/Santa Mierda are my Armor,Sword and Shied. And all those that support Ben and myself I wish there was a THANK YOU BIG AND CUSTOM MADE MEANINGFUL ENOUGH FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, ESPECIALLY BEN.

    • The backlash seems more than a bit one sided. Those homeless are screwing up and anyone walking in the dark encountering who knows who in that situation needs to take control of the situation. There are plenty of out of control , extraordinarily abusive, even criminal homeless on those videos that somehow didn’t get a mention. For KION to indirectly suggest the videos “are still up” like they shouldn’t be is a bad sign the press is not exactly a defender of free speech.
      As far as the social commentary of some of them, they are words, just words, just like their words of those who don’t like them. Being offended is the national pastime. I’m personally not offended by either, but the critics don’t have to walk down dark alleys, confront unknown people in unknown states of mind, and convince unknown people to move. You’re not a police officer, you’re an employee, and a person. A fair minded person knows you didn’t exactly post no doubt the hundreds of possible videos where things went smoothly and courteously because they would be pretty uneventful. The “claiming to be a security guard” and then saying the galleria wants you fired is rich. There are many issues for the public to chew on here, but if more of the videos get watched, the more reality is exposed. Between “public shaming” and trespass, at least you have trespass on your side. The public shaming of KION or Mr Warming Center doesn’t have that.

    • Just keep doing your thing dude. You probably have as many fans as critics. I think it’s hilarious how many of the same people that are outraged at you and your “words” to the local bum parade are the same people defending and dismissing Drew Glover and his shitty behavior towards women. Oh the fake drama! Oh the hypocrisy! Have you assaulted anyone? No. Have you been arrested for kicking anyone in the head like Crazy Al did? No? I didn’t think so. To thine own self be true.

  17. Oh no!!!! Listening to local news last night. I was afraid it was “our” security guard and now sure enough, it seems that it is. I searched all over youtube but never saw the videos. Dang. I have been afraid for Dave for a while now. It said on the news that his company was firing him. Dave, your heart is in the right place but you don’t have to save the world all by yourself. I wish you well and hope your career is going to be ok. Boo to Galeria if they really did fire you.

  18. There still there. I was leaving the company anyhow

    Any night of the week in Santa Cruz

    On YouTube I took down the vid that made the news out of respect to my old boss cause they were hassling him. But there’s still 115 vid up. Thanks

  19. If you just enter Santa Cruz you’ll see them pop up

  20. If you start talking about race, it will be the last thing you talk about here. White, black, I don’t give a fuck. Keep it out of my comments. I don’t like moderating, most commenters have been great (even Pat Kittle who has played by the rules), but a few of you keep coming back to race. You’re on notice. So from now on, if you use the words “White” or “Black” or “Latino” or “Hispanic”, your comment will get flagged and moderated.

  21. Oh dang did I say something. If so let me know. I don’t wanna lose my privilege to write here.

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