The Weekly Dump 12.3.21

Gangs, Guns, and Cocaine

Saturday night, Watsonville Police arrested a known gang member after finding him in possession of a loaded gun and cocaine. According to WPD, the suspect ignored an officer’s attempt to contact him over the weekend after learning he had a warrant out for his arrest. Police arrested him on weapons charges, gang charges, possession of cocaine with intent for sale and the ever present violation of probation. County probation! The gift that keeps on giving!

Another Gift From County Probation

Sunday night around 10PM, SCPD responded to the 200 block of Locust Street after getting a report from a local business that someone was passed out in their doorway. SCPD arrived and determined the guy had an active no bail warrant out, and he was on county probation. And yet here he is, passed out in in a downtown doorway. He also had meth on him, and they arrested him (yet again), charged him 13 various things (mostly drug related), and he’s still in jail for the moment.

Sunday in the Park With Junkies

Sunday morning around 8:30AM, SCPD responded to the bumlands in San Lorenzo Park after getting a report of the daily overdose. Witnesses reported the victim was in a tent in the park near the courthouse. CPR was administered by a good samaritan and Narcan was given before they got him alive again. Two people were actually transported to Dominican and another guy at the scene was given a ticket for having an active warrant for his arrest.

Brandy You’re a Fine Girl

Sunday morning around 8AM, SCPD responded to the Safeway on Mission Street after getting a call from an employee that a male vagrant wandered in to the store, poured some brandy into a coffee cup, and walked out.  He was last seen headed down Almar. He was on closed probation and named in a restraining order. He just needed a little hair of the dog that bit him.

Already Gone

Sunday morning around 6:30AM, SCPD responded to the Denny’s on Ocean Street for a report of a male in the business exposing himself. A few minutes later, it apparently turned into some kind of battery. An employee who called it in said when they went to open the business, they found the guy inside and the cash gone from the register. When SCPD arrived, the suspected thief was already gone.

Getaway Car Fail of the Week

Wednesday night around 9PM, SCPD responded to the Mission Liquors on the 2300 block of Mission Street after getting a report that someone walked in the store and stole something before waving a knife at the employee on the way out the door. The suspect got into a car parked outside the store and police quickly arrived and surrounded the car but the suspect wouldn’t come out. He was eventually arrested and detained for robbery and flashing a weapon.

Wifebeater Hides Like a Coward in Bathroom

Monday morning around 11:30AM, SCPD responded to the 200 block of Oak Way after getting a report of some kind of domestic disturbance between a couple. After SCPD arrived, the male suspect refused to come out of the house after locking himself in a bedroom and SCPD had to go in and physically remove him. They arrested a 55 year old male and charged him with felony robbery, felony domestic violence, and resisting arrest. Last check he’s cooling off in county jail and his bail is set at $50K.

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon around 2:30PM, SCPD responded to the area of Laurel and Blackburn Streets after getting a report of a male who stole someone’s bike after punching them in the face. SCPD was on it pretty quickly and after a short chase through Depot Park, they eventually cornered the guy at Washington and Elm streets. The victim was treated for their injuries and the bike was recovered. The suspect was arrested for robbery and battery. Last check he’s still in jail with bail set at $50K.

Around the same time, SCPD responded to the 300 block of Golf Club Drive after getting a report that a man with a knife was threatening and screaming at someone who had locked themselves inside a building. By the time SCPD arrived, the suspect had left the area. Nobody arrested.

Burn Down the Mission

Monday morning around 11AM, SCPD responded with fire and medics to the 1600 block of Mission Street for a report of a male passed out face down holding a blowtorch. A witness reported seeing the man wake up and smoke some meth before SCPD arrived on scene. He’s not in jail and I doubt he was even arrested.

A History of Coddling

Friday morning around 2AM, SCPD responded to the 600 block of Laurel Street where they arrested a 57 year old male for assault with a deadly weapon, flashing a weapon, and making criminal threats. His bail was set at $75K and last check he’s still in jail. We’ve been coddling this guy since 2005. Idiot compassion.

Woman Falls Off Cliff Near Greyhound Rock Beach

Monday afternoon, a woman fell about 100 feet off a cliff above Greyhound Rock beach. Apparently she survived the fall and life flight landed on the beach to transport her over the hill to a trauma center. Stay away from the edge of the cliffs!

Hit and Run Driver Kills Bicyclist in Watsonville

CHP officers and Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 55 year old Watsonville man after he allegedly hit and killed a man on a bicycle near Green Valley Road and Littleway Lane before leaving the scene. Around 2AM, officers responded to the scene after getting a report that a bicyclist was down on the ground. CHP officials said evidence indicated that the victim was riding north on Green Valley Road at Littleway Lane when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. Around 3:30AM, deputies located what they believed to be the suspected vehicle and arrested the suspect as the driver. The suspected driver was arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter. The suspect is no longer in jail.

The Weekly Seen

Sunday afternoon around 3PM, SCPD pulled yet another dead junkie’s body out of the growing homeless slum camp on Laurel and Front streets (in a fucking city owned parking lot!) in downtown Santa Cruz. The call on the dispatch is so familiar with this location they just refer to it as “Food Not Bombs”. The deceased was a male, about 35 years old. What a shitty way to die. In a nasty Food Not Bombs parking lot. Bystanders tried to give the victim Narcan but that failed. Will they run a toxicology report on the cause of death? That slop from Food Not Bombs is pretty disgusting.

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  1. Just the Facts

    Great shot of our pristine and scenic “River Walk” It’s odd however that the photo did not capture one of the half-clothed vomiting junkies that frequent this area.

  2. This weekend we had guests who wanted to see the immersive light exhibit at the museum downtown. In the short walk from TJs parking lot across the street to the museum we wound our way through the usual suspects: drunk, high, swearing, screaming, vomiting, passed out in the museum’s entrance ways. This blog talks about specific crimes that take place in and around the city from week to week. But the entire downtown itself is a crime. It’s a crime that the city has degenerated to the point that one has to step over bodies and excrement. It’s a crime that the city “leaders” don’t prioritize cleaning up the human element before mentally masturbating about more housing or a library/parking garage. It’s a crime that bum-magnet social “services” like Food not Bombs are even allowed to exist. What about public health? Why does no one address the growing encampments? Please don’t respond that there aren’t enough beds for the houseless. Instead, please address the reality that there are plenty of those without a roof over their head who choose not to be housed if they have to obey even a modicum of rules. The way the entire town has turned into a pit is the real crime.

    • So true, Julie. And it ain’t gonna change.

    • You should comment more and try to tell as many people as possible about this/these blog/articles. You seem like the average type that occupies/lives in SC with a good head on your shoulders and your heart in the right place. But SC cares more about the Scum then good people like yourself. SHAME ON THE LEADER OF SC. not only do they cater to the wrong part of society but hold them up to were there now “protected individuals” and need to be coddled.

      • You remember who I am Dave, from that mess at the Galleria a couple of years ago….
        I know for a fact that a lot of people read this blog; why more people don’t comment on the posts is beyond me. But they do read them and occasionally discuss them on other social media sites. Ben’s reach is farther than he may realize.

    • I agree Julie and I am now banned from the nextdoor website until the New year for pointing out the obvious.

  3. For how many locals and non locals that wear Santa Cruz apparel that’s how many are either blind to what goes on in SC or don’t know how bad it is OR Like that’s SC is a drug addicts,scum bags, repeat violent offenders grace land and just want to put it in everyone’s face. Or just beyond dumb.

    • I think most people associate pleasure point [ capitola ] with Santa Cruz. 41st avenue is the shops tourists visit… That’s why the police enforce the law there.. Santa cruz benefits from no such law enforcement…

      Criminals know to steer clear of Capitola…

      Also… There are a lot of ‘locales’ that live miles outside of town and only visit to the day… I believe a lot of them have blinders on to how bad it really is…

      I read this blog every week, I’ve mentioned I grew up in this town… I try to not comment too much as I would devolve into an overly negative commenter very quickly…

      I state this every time… In the nearly 40 years of memory I have of downtown Santa Cruz it has primarily trended down… There is never any meaningful reform and in that time all but a few really good restaurants have closed or gone downhill…

      There was a short time things looked like they were going to turn around about 10-15 years ago… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Hey Ben!….. you ok?

  5. Yes, no dump for 2 weeks. I am worried as well.

  6. Hey thanks for the concern everyone! I’m fine. All is good. Sorry for the delay. Took a little unplanned and unexpected time off due to my high busy workload and the holidays. Back soon! I promise.

    • MuyDeplorable

      Thought so. Meanwhile, for the next dump: A city-approved (I assume) small homeless tent camp is in the south parking lot at Depot Park. Unless I miss my guess, it was not first come, first serve, but rather (I hope) some sort of vetting process. I play soccer at the field, I have not noticed anything frightening coming from the camp, at least mid-day. The city was going to do this a couple of years ago, but it did not come to pass back then, possibly because the time slot was when tourists were around.

    • Gabrielle D Laney-Andrews

      I missed having an update, especially with the disaster by the river. But good to know you are taking time for yourself.

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