The Weekly Dump 9.29.17

Santa Cruz Cleans Up After Food Not Bombs

I don’t think the fact is lost on anyone that the main reason transients congregate and loiter (and urinate and defecate) all around the Post Office downtown is because of Food Not Bombs. There’s an old expression with animals. You don’t shit where you eat. That doesn’t apply to feeding the local homeless in Santa Cruz though. The weekly Food Not Bombs slopfests have been going on for some time now, with the implied consent and approval of the county health department, and the county board of supervisors (and notably the city’s rep on the county board of supervisors, Ryan Coonerty). The county could shut this down if they wanted to. Just on the food prep violations alone. They’re afraid of Food Not Bombs. They’re afraid of looking bad. In in the middle of this Hepatitis A outbreak locally, the county board of supervisors is more concerned about appearances and looking bad than they are about people getting sick from Hepatitis A. Oh now they’re giving out free vaccines. Now I see Giang Nguyen walking along the campers next to the Post Office in her staged county photo-ops, stethoscope dangling from her neck and a look of concern across her face (as a county photographer gets the right shot for sharing on Facebook). Gee, how about addressing the root of the problem instead of just the symptoms? Food Not Bombs distributes food regularly without a permit, in an unsanitary way, while the county looks the other way. They do this at the Post Office. The Post Office is ground zero for homeless camping and the spread of Hepatitis A. It’s why there’s a chainlink fence around it. It’s just indicative of a lack of vision, a lack of strength of conviction, to do anything about it that might be considered “uncompassionate”. Just stop tolerating it already. If our county leaders are turning a blind eye and ear to the daily complaints about this, I hope the community turns a blind eye and ear to their rhetoric and re-election campaign propaganda. Show them we won’t get fooled again. And now, some words of wisdom from Dean and Gene Ween.

Don’t Shit Where You Eat

And what’s up with these posters I heard about that harass the poor woman picking up their trash every week along the levee. Everyone knows who made the posters (Sugar Bear McHenry and his Sugar Mama Abbi Samuels). What a terrible, ugly thing to do. Where’s the compassion in stalking little old ladies and then publicly harassing them by hanging posters of her face (yelling at them to stop stalking her) along the post office fence. Speaking of this pair of dingelberries, how about their “glam” mugshots? They look so happy to be arrested.

Former Probation Officer Arrested in Santa Cruz for Sexually Assaulting Teens

A former Santa Clara County probation officer was arrested Thursday and charged with 14 felony counts of alleged sexual assaults involving two juveniles who were incarcerated at the William F. James Boys Ranch, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. The 36 year old woman faces a total of 17 counts of sexual assault (14 felonies; 3 misdemeanors). She also faces one felony charge for unlawful access to privileged information related to one of the victims.

Drunk Driver Causes Morning Rollover Accident Downtown

Tuesday morning around 10AM, SCPD responded to a report of a vehicle rollover collision at Spruce and Front, right near the Kaiser Arena. A 2010 Toyota 4Runner was hit and rolled over
after a Toyota Yaris sedan with extensive front-end damage smashed into it and ended up sideways in the middle of Front Street. The driver of the 4Runner suffered minor injuries.  Further investigation revealed the 26 year old female driver of the Yaris was speeding on Front Street when the car struck the rear end of the 4Runner. The collision caused the 4Runner to “flip up in the air” and end on its side. Officers found an open bottle of whiskey inside the car she was driving and reported she stunk of alcohol. SCPD arrested the woman, who was from Ben Lomond, for felony DUI with injury and booked her into county jail.

SCPD Schedules Series of Public Safety Town Hall Meetings

Santa Cruz Police Chief Andrew Mills will be hosting a series of Town Hall community
meetings focused on community safety concerns and SCPD priorities throughout October starting on Monday, October 9th, 2017. Community participation is essential in these specially designed town hall meetings to allow neighborhoods, community stakeholders, and police to discuss problems and to engage in the problem solving process. Each Town Hall meeting will be held in a different area of the City, to provide the opportunity for everyone to participate. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting participants will engage in small-group discussions and workshops centered around concerns in their neighborhood. Feedback in Town Hall meetings will play an important role in future citywide
public safety strategies.

“SCPD cares about you and your concerns. This series of town hall meetings are designed to help SCPD better grasp the policing priorities of each community and design solutions with measurable outcomes. These town hall meetings are a great opportunity to influence the future of public safety in your neighborhood. Join us! We want to hear from you.” – Andrew Mills Chief of Police

Upper West Side/Mission Hill
Monday, October 9th – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
1000 High St

East Side (Emeline/Market/ Upper Ocean)
Thursday, October 12th – 6:00 pm – 7:00pm
222 Market Street

Downtown/Lower Ocean /Beach Hill
Tuesday, October 17th – 11:00 am-Noon
155 Center Street

East Side/ Midtown (Branciforte/Seabright/ Lower Ocean /Prospect Heights)
Monday, October 23rd 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
1145 Morrissey Blvd

Lower Westside/ Beach Flats
Wednesday, October 25th 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
1231 Bay Street

Unable to attend any town hall meeting? Email questions, concerns, ideas and comments regarding public safety issues in your neighborhood or business area to
For more information, call (831) 420-5844 or visit

Bat Fight at the Homeless Garden Project

Wednesday morning around 10AM, reports came in that 2 males were fighting and at least one with a baseball bat at the Homeless Garden Project at Shaeffer and Delaware. Originally, SCPD sent multiple units to 115 Coral thinking the fight was at the Homeless Services Center, but it turned out the fight was actually on the other side of town. The suspect jumped in a van and took off and left the scene. But here’s the kicker. The van was registered to a man who’s address was listed as 115 Coral street. Fire and AMR was called to deal with a victim who suffered a leg injury as a result of being hit by the bat. The suspect also had a probation hit out of Manteca. You think they want to come and pick him up and take him back? Highly unlikely.

Playing Chicken in Traffic

Thursday afternoon around 5PM, I heard a report of a man in a wheelchair “playing chicken in traffic” along the 100 block of Soquel avenue. Word of advice here. Playing chicken in a wheelchair in traffic is a really bad idea. You won’t win. You might die. You’ll certainly aggravate the hell out of a lot of people.

Fight at Burger King

Wednesday around 2:30PM, reports came in about a physical fight at the Burger King on Soquel, reportedly between a customer and a transient. SCPD was on scene in less than a minute, but the fighters scattered when they saw SCPD coming. Didn’t sound like anyone was injured or arrested. But within 15 minutes, SCPD was called back to the same Burger King for a report of a woman shooting up in front of the restaurant. Lovely. I feel for the poor folks that work there.

Man Busted For Vandalism at Soquel Church

Last Thursday night,  Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the downtown area of Soquel for a subject throwing rocks. A man was reportedly throwing rocks at a new Honda Civic parked at a church, destroying the windshield and damaging the hood. The suspect left the scene before deputies arrived, but a search of the area by deputies led to the capture of the suspect hiding in an adjacent yard. The man was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. Apparently, he’s from Fresno, he’s a heroin addict, he has outstanding warrants in Fresno, and he has a 1 year old daughter back in Fresno. And here he is, now a serial recidivist causing trouble in Santa Cruz. Bums we attract. Do you think Fresno wants him back for those outstanding warrants? Not enough to come and get him obviously. He was also arrested twice within the span of 5 days back in June in Santa Cruz.

7/11 Robbed of Pizza

Last Friday night around 2AM, 2 men reportedly jumped the counter at the 7/11 on Laurel and Chestnut, shoved the clerk aside, and stole a pizza before taking off in a white pickup truck. They didn’t steal cash. They didn’t steal beer. They stole a pizza. Have you ever tasted a 7/11 pizza? Suspects were last seen headed down Chestnut towards the freeway.

Hugh’s News!

Hugh is back with a vengeance. – BD

City Council Meeting September 26th

Let me start with this. I know I can judge the council hard at times but after meetings like this one I just have to give all the council members as well as staff major props. They were there for over 10 hours. A 10 hour meeting. Think about that. Think about sitting in a meeting with your coworkers for 10 hours. Add to that the general public that gets to weigh in on EVERY TOPIC YOU ARE DISCUSSING. Not only that, the public gets to comment on anything they want at oral communications. So council and staff, I may be a dick to you sometimes but I am truly thankful for your service.

Item 19 – 1013 Pacific Ave Demo Permit to make room for 17 Condos on top of and around the Catalyst. Lots of discussion here. I for one would never want to live next to or on top of a nightclub that has music every night but I expect some people do. The plan is to build a complex with 17 housing units of various size. Khron was asking a series of questions of the builder regarding affordable housing. Khron is anti growth and pro affordable housing. How does that work? I don’t disagree with his line of questioning, it’s the manner in which they were asked. He was hammering the guy with questions. This got me thinking. Khron owns more than one house. What is he charging for rent? Is he part of the solution with his own rentals or is he just expecting others to be? If you are reading this Khron I would really like to know. You asked how much rent would be for these units so I am asking you. How much are you charging for rent?

Oral Communications was painful. The anti-Semite spent the most of his two minutes sniveling and whining about council members not listening to him. Several got up and walked out when he reached the podium. I will tell you why they don’t want to listen to you. You are a hateful, fearful, cowardly, shriveled up, moronic, flaccid little man with zero backbone. You come to council at 5:00 to spew your paranoid delusions and storm out every time. If you want people to listen to you don’t be such an asshole.

There was also a very long evening session on short term rentals. Couldn’t watch it. Just couldn’t.

So did everyone get their Hep A vaccine? Scary times people. If you work, live or hang out downtown a lot please get vaccinated. You may have noticed the extra power washing happening downtown. Especially at the post office. All those people living around the post office were asked to move early Wednesday morning so the sidewalks could be cleaned. Of course the “homeless advocate” kooks have come out in force making noise about these people not being given prior warning to the cleaning. No entitlement issues there. We are in crisis mode. The city is trying to stop the spread of Hep A. They are giving out free vaccines to the unhoused. They are cleaning the sidewalks so no one else gets sick. So some folks had to move their stuff a few hundred yards to make room for workers to do their job. Leave it to Santa Cruz kooks to find a way to spin it and further their own victimization.

May the Forks Be With You

The final food truck event in San Lorenzo Park for 2017 will be held from 5-8PM this Friday. Titled “May the Forks Be With You”, the theme is Star Wars, and guests are encouraged to dress as a Star Wars character for a chance to win prizes. Food truck vendors include: Saucey’z, G’s Mexican Tacos, Lindsey’s Pleasure Palates, Drunk Monkeys, Carmona’s, El Buen Taco & Aunt LaLi’s. The beer and wine garden will feature Storr’s Winery and Corralitos Brewing. Dogs are also welcome. This event is the final in a series of four that was a collaboration between the City of Santa Cruz, Friends of Parks and Recreation, and Food Trucks A Go Go.

The Juggalos Are Coming!

In a similar (but much different) way that the Grateful Dead has “Deadheads”, the Insane Clown Posse has “Juggalos”. And they’re coming to Santa Cruz. The Insane Clown Posse is making an appearance at the Catalyst this Sunday. So if you happen to see a bunch of random people dressed like clowns drinking something called Faygo, now you know why they’re here.

Weekly Shoutouts

Weekly shoutout to the Downtown Street Team! I’ve seen you cleaning up around downtown and I just want to say thanks for all you’re doing. Weekly shoutout to friend of the Dump Janet for taking it in stride and taking the high road with the assholes stalking and harassing you.

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  1. Are we all aware that there are no women on the Board of Supervisors. I suspect it is a sad effect of this that sexual assault victims will now need to go to Santa Clara County to visit a nurse who can provide the necessary exam for the criminal investigation. This is shameful. There seems to be enough money for everything associated with marijuana, and what about all of the money we have saved by turning people out of jail and reducing certain crimes to misdemeanors? Where are the priorities of this County?

  2. The readers of Santa Mierda doesn’t have enough Coonertah to make a difference. The royal family mocks you, may block you, but keeps on keeping on bringing the city down the toilet.

  3. Frank DeSimone

    Your a great resource man. Thank you. I got the Hepatitis A. Public health indicated that it was likely that I caught it from the building (due to the BUMS leaving behind their filth) where I have my office. The county did provide vaccinations to my wife and my employees.
    I have lived in Scruz since 1974 and am ashamed of the fact that the BUMS have taken over our town.

    • Thanks Frank. Sorry to hear you got the virus, thanks to the county. As is typical, their “response” is completely “reactive” (wait until it’s a problem that effects their popularity and then respond with a defensive reaction and affirmation of their expertise on the subject). It would be nice to have at least one “proactive” thinker up there. Thanks for sharing and reading and commenting Frank.

  4. Ben – you hit it outta the park again with great and gutsy reporting on the true crime -ridden Santa Cruz we know and love so well. The stark contrast of the ongoing bum and drug related crime scene – and the Senile’s feel-good reporting – like today’s lead story about 4th graders on the O’Neil catamaran – makes me wonder how much the Senile gets paid for their misleading feel good crap the publish in the middle of a drug crime wave. I hope someone asks Chief Andy – in his listening tour [at least he’s out listening] if his people even know who the Top Ten Gang Members, for each of the the Top Ten Gangs in Santa Cruz and when the Hell he’s gonna em’ and lock em up? We hear nothing about SCPD gang enforcement from the good old chief and although I keep hammering away at it as the obvious cause of our drug problem – that causes almost ALL crime you report on – it seems that until the Feds step in again that Andy will continue to play the “Political Policing Game” and just wait to spike his pension. We should give him a boot in the ass and ask him what he’s doing about the drug gangs who feed the problem that makes our kids unsafe in their own parks.

    • Well, we lovingly refer to it as “The Senile” for a reason. As for the gang enforcement issue, our city council pissed a line in the sand and told DHS and ICE to not walk over it. We lost some of our best resources over political pressure from progressives concerned about a bad look. It compromised our public safety. All the local Sanctuary City hoopla is a big red herring used to monger fear in the local Hispanic community. It’s a proclamation with no meaning and no jurisdiction on the matter of federal law enforcement. I hope the people caught in this recent sweep are hard criminals and not just innocent bystanders caught up as collateral damage. Time will reveal more here.

  5. Breaking news – Friday morning – DOJ just arrested 500 total illegal criminal immigrants in sanctuary cities all over the US. There were 100 in LA, 100 Philadelphia and 300 in other sanctuary cities. All these illegal aliens committed horrible crimes and were being protected by sanctuary cities like Santa Cruz. Gracchus sure hope the Feds get to Santa Cruz soon to send these criminals back home via a stay in the Fed pen. At least Jeff Sessions cares about law and order instead of PC listening tours.

  6. Johnny at the Harbor

    Because of the outbreak of Hep A in the city I’m suprised anyone eats at downtown dumps like Taco Bell because of all the filthy BUMS that hang out there and infest the tables and stools with their lice ridden clothes and unclean bodies (I’m being nice) here…and let’s not even talk about the bathroom…thanks again Ben for all your hard work…

    • haha, that’s a bit harsh Johnny but I feel your pain. I did have lunch at my favorite little place to eat downtown this morning and I kept wanting to wash my hands but didn’t want to use the bathroom.

  7. I wish our local legal system would look at guys like the Soquel rock thrower who have outstanding warrants and return them. Yes it would cost something. But so does arresting and processing them. Then there’s the cost to the community for the crime. You could handcuff the guy in a car or van, and drive him over to Fresno in a day. It’d be cheaper than jailing the guy here.

    • I hear about so many probation violation calls, both in state and out of state hits, where the county of origin refuses to pick them up. So once they’re here, we’re stuck with them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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