The Weekly Dump 1.11.19

Body Found Below Davenport Cliff

Tuesday afternoon, the body of a 20 year old Los Gatos man was found at the bottom of a 100 foot cliff near Davenport. Officials from Cal Fire, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Cruz Fire and California State Parks all responded to the incident. A helicopter was sent to the scene to retrieve the body, but was called off and the body was later recovered from the water by rescue personnel on the ground and in the water. Investigators say there does not appear to be any signs of crime or foul play.

Blowing the Roof Off

We had quite the blustery week of weather this past week, with lots of rain, high winds, and the usual accompanying stuff that goes with it (accidents on Highway 17, trees falling down, power outages, the usual). The rain was staggered out enough not to create any serious flooding issues on the San Lorenzo River, I don’t think it ever really got close to “flood stage” near downtown despite some heavy, intense pockets of rain in the Santa Cruz mountains. Sunday afternoon, a waterspout that formed just off West Cliff drive ended up blowing the roof off the Dolphin Restaurant at the end of the wharf. Thanks to Jon Bailiff for capturing the moment.

Another Card Skimmer Device Found at Santa Cruz Bank

Anyone know this bum? Call SCPD if you know him. 

Another card skimmer device was reportedly found at a local bank ATM in Santa Cruz, prompting SCPD to warn the community to check their bank accounts after a bank employee found the device. Card skimmers are used to illegally gather bank account information. Several bank customers complained about issues using the ATM. When a bank technician investigated, they found skimming devices in the machines and called police. After reviewing surveillance video, police released a photo of a possible suspect. The skimmer was found at a bank in Santa Cruz on Dec. 28th. SCPD would not release the name of the bank where this incident took place. The department did say they believe there are more skimmers set up around Santa Cruz. So they won’t tell us where this happened and they tell us there’s likely more of them. Not telling us the name of the bank is reckless, irresponsible and fails to protect the public. And this happened almost 2 weeks ago and we just hear about it now? Big fail.

Drunk Lays Waste to Parked Cars in Downtown Parking Garage

Sunday morning around 2:30AM, reports came in about a drunk driver who was plowing into parked cars on the first floor of the double decker parking garage. SCPD responded and chased the guy around downtown but he reportedly failed to yield while they chased him down Water street. I have no idea how many other cars he plowed into, or if SCPD actually caught and arrested this guy, because we never really hear anything from them.

Challenger Fails to Dodge CHP

Saturday morning around 11:30AM, a 21 year old man was speeding on Capitola Road when a CHP officer tried to pull him over. Instead he attempted to flee by turning toward a side street before slamming into a curb, ripping the front right wheel off of the car, according to CHP. He got a ticket for reckless driving.

Watsonville Police Watch Man Have Mental Breakdown

Saturday morning around 11:30AM, a man who was acting paranoid showed up at the Target Shopping Center in Watsonville and made enough of a scene that he shut down traffic on Main Street and southbound at Ohlone Parkway for a couple hours while police calmly tried to reason with him. After initially evading police, the man was found parked on Main Street trashing his SUV for unknown reasons. After he climbed on top of his car and began yelling again, WPD shut down traffic. Eventually they talked him down and arrested him.

Just Another Morning on Mission Street

Thursday morning around 8:30AM, I heard reports of some kind of incident involving a person with a rifle or shotgun on the 1800 block of Mission street in Santa Cruz. This was near the corner of Dufour. A witness reported driving by and seeing multiple SCPD surround that intersection with their guns drawn. I heard that at least one person was arrested without further incident.

Failure to Yield Sends Victim to Hospital

Around 6:30AM on Thursday morning, an SUV driver blew through a yield sign on Morrissey Boulevard at Water Street and struck a bicyclist, send the victim to the hospital with unknown injuries. The driver did stop at the scene and cooperated with police.

Two Buck Chucked in the Head

Last Friday night around 10PM, a report came in about a woman who hit another woman in the head with a glass bottle on the 200 block of Orchard Avenue in Felton. I imagine it was some kind of alcoholic beverage.

Bent on Getting Arrested at Home Depot

Last Friday night around 11:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint about a drunk passed out behind the Home Depot on 41st avenue. He repeatedly threatened deputies and resisted arrest before somehow dislocating his shoulder. I’m guessing he complied quickly after that. He was taken to county jail.

Tied to the Hitching Post

Last Saturday night, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve a warrant on a man at the Hitching Post Motel on the 1700 block of Soquel avenue. After arresting him, he was also found to be in possession of an explosive destructive device and pepper spray.

Gotta Look Good For That Mugshot

Wednesday afternoon, a 58 year old Santa Cruz woman was arrested for DUI after witnesses reported seeing her driving erratically in the parking lot of the Safeway on 41st Avenue, hitting a parked car. According to CHP reports, when they found her in a nearby nail salon getting her nails done, she appeared to be drunk so they arrested her for suspicion of DUI and hit and run.

Transient Trashes Ice Cream Shop

Tuesday afternoon around 3PM, I heard a report about a transient male who was trashing the inside of Marianne’s Ice Cream shop on Ocean street. Does anyone wonder why Fin’s really closed shop? SCPD sent someone down there to basically shoo them away because it takes more than trashing a local business (while they are open) to get arrested in this town.

Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Off Bear Creek Road

Tuesday morning, an accident on Bear Creek Road in Santa Cruz sent two people to the hospital after a 25 year old suspected drunk driver swerved off the road and into an embankment before striking a tree and utility pole. His 29 year old passenger also suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. The driver was later arrested on suspicion of Felony DUI (causing injury).

Witness Helps Deputies Prevent Crime in Soquel

Last Thursday around 3 PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies were called out to the Safeway in Soquel for a report of a shoplifter. The suspected thief stole around $100 worth of food and alcohol. While circulating the area, deputies spotted the suspect who dropped the stolen items took off running. As they were chasing him, a good citizen helped them detain him. He was booked into County Jail on charges for shoplifting and obstructing an officer. The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office gave a special thanks to the citizen who assisted them on social media, and while we don’t recommend bystanders get involved in an active criminal chase, all’s well that ends well. Except for the thief who learned a hard lesson going to jail.

CHP Rounds Up Goats Near Highway 17 Summit

Monday afternoon, traffic backed up for a bit on Highway 17 southbound towards Santa Cruz as the California Highway Patrol had to shut down traffic briefly while they corralled some loose goats off the highway. It appeared no goats were hurt in the process.

U-Hauling Ass

Thursday night around 11:30PM, I heard reports that SCPD was involved in some kind of high speed (or more likely low speed) vehicle pursuit over a failure to yield. Witnesses reported seeing multiple units chasing someone in a White U-Haul van around the west side. No word on how this one ended. I’m guessing they got away since we heard nothing about it anywhere. How do you lose a U-Haul?

He’s Right in Front of You

Tuesday morning around 8AM, I heard a report of a possible guy on Escalona between Arroyo Seco and Grandview who was suspected of having a gun and was yelling he was going to kill cops before the cops showed up. There were also reportedly multiple victims of vandalism to their vehicles. SCPD sent multiple units to the scene to attempt a high risk felony stop of the guy, before he somehow managed to evade police and get away. Then, I heard later that evening, the same guy stood up in front of the city council and commented about rent control. I can’t make this stuff up (thanks Joe!)

Juego de Payasos

We had our first city council meeting of the new year! New year, new council. Meet the new boss (Martin Bernal). Same as the old boss (Martin Bernal). So now we get Martin the city manager and Martine the mayor (pronounced the same). Personally, I just can’t watch this trainwreck. And Hugh is on long term hiatus (pretty much retired I think), so coverage of future city council meetings will probably be gleaned off the stale reporting in the mainstream media and stuff I pick up off social media. I tried to watch some of this week’s city council meeting, but frankly it was mostly unwatchable for me. I did manage to catch Chief Mills butcher probably half of the new SCPD volunteers names as he introduced them early in the meeting. Thanks to all the folks that volunteered!

And I LOVED the guy from the audience who got up and asked each of the city council members if they understood what “no” means. I had flashbacks of my parents doing the same thing when I was about 6 years old. Talking to the new council like they are children. Priceless. We heard how the new mayor is “data driven” (get ready to hear that a lot), then we get treated to literally 4 plus hours of rhetorical, anecdotal stories disguised as “fact” from an endless parade of people both for and against rent control. Didn’t we already say “NO” to this? Why yes, yes we did. But once again, our city council proudly proves they don’t know how to say no.

I asked Hugh for his two cents: “Krohn and Glover were visibly rolling their eyes at Mathews and Watkins. I totally get disagreeing but you don’t have to be a twat at the diocese. So disrespectful. Glover pontificated. I actually thought Justin was kind of rad, because he asked really good questions, I don’t agree with the way he voted but I have not written that man off yet

I made references to the fact that I would support a recall campaign against anyone who tried to circumvent the will of the people (who overwhelming voted NO on rent control). In the end, 4 people voted in favor of ignoring the overwhelming will of the people. That’s not acceptable behavior or governance. That’s “Trump like” behavior. So if anyone decides to organize a recall effort against Chris Krohn, Sandy Brown, Justin Cummings, or Sweety Muffin Top, any or all of them, I’m on board. Yeah, it’s a longshot. Sandy Brown was a longshot. If someone can create the critical mass necessary to make it happen, I am at your disposal.

The Queens of Bohemian Rhapsody

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
no escape from reality
Open your eyes
look up to the skies and see
I’m just a poor boy
I need no sympathy
Because I’m easy come easy go
little high little low
Any way the wind blows
doesn’t really matter to me
(thanks Erin!)

Bohemian Rhapsody mariachi innovación mexicana

45th Annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair This Weekend

This weekend at the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz, participants can learn fun and interesting facts about the hundreds of mushrooms found in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area. Featuring three days of fun, informative speakers and demonstrations, with fungal activities for the whole family. More info here!

The Weekly Seen

Seen at the fishhook and Highway 1.

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  1. The bank in the picture is Comerica on Soquel Ave. 24hr Fitness is the building in the background.

  2. Patricia Draper

    I’ll sign that petition too. Who do they think they are? Trump has nothing to do with this so don’t bring his name up.

  3. Sandy Brown Eye

    You guys can try to recall me, but city council will just fine a loophole to put me back in power! Peoples Republik of Santa Kruz!

  4. Thanks for the dump! Never thought local politics would get as upsetting as national. At least you make it funny. Recall all the way!

  5. I read your Weekly Dump every week with interest. Love the headlines. Very creative.
    Keep up the reporting. You are doing a good job. Please have Hugh come back. Where is he going?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Ja! Hugh hasn’t gone anywhere (although he does take frequent road trips out of town for recreation). He’s around. He’s in love and just doesn’t have the time for the nonsense as much anymore. And I think the recent city council election took a lot of the wind out of his sails as far as his apathy level goes towards local politics. He’s doing well, just wanted a break.

  6. The game of Krohns? Oh! You just had too and I bow the knee, indeed I do!!!!

  7. I seriously think that not even Trump has stepped on the will of the people like these four horseman of the Santa Cruz apocalypse. That is saying something. We are now a banana republic. RECALL!

  8. awe the wittl bebe goats…

  9. First off, Game of Krohn was laugh-out-loud hilarious! The City Council reminds me of when I was a little kid and I lost a board game. I wanted to keep playing till I won, no matter how many times we played. I support a recall 400% (that’s a 100% for each one of the little kids on the council pushing the issue to ignore elections results). I hope it happens just as much as they hope to overturn the overwhelming majority vote.

  10. Did someone hack the election for City Council? SweatyMuffin-top…really? Sandy Brown-eye…good one! How did this happen?

  11. Thanks for keeping me up to speed in a way that the Sentinel doesn’t! Question – which council
    Member is Sweetie Muffin Top … is this a nickname? If so, how did it come about?

  12. I was sorry to see Fins Coffee had closed. Let’s try to support local coffee shops. There’s a new one where Cafe Bene used to be (downtown).

    • Thanks Judi! Yes, I noticed the new coffee shop and cafe that opened where Cafe Bene used to be. The owners seem very nice. I think the female half is a long time barista there from before. I walked by the other day and they were pretty full of folks so I think they’re off to a good start. I hope people check them out.

  13. If you hadn’t noticed or heard it yet, check out “Unfiltered”, the new Santa Mierda podcast.

    • Checked it out. I love the music! Very cool. I also like the idea of the Mierda podcast. Is there any way to have guests on or people send in topics they would like to have discussed (sort of like Mierda Set Loose Saturday) like once a month? It’s just that I read the Santa Mierda and already know the stories. I will definitely keep tuning in to see what’s going on.

      • Thanks Ja. Eventually I’ll likely try to have guests on. I’m working on a few ideas (like band suggestions for that week at local clubs) that might involve others contributing. But anyone can suggest topics at anytime. I’m always open to suggestions. As for the overlap, there will still be a bit of that (intentional). There probably won’t be a lot of it, since the Weekly Dump is published on Thursday nights and this will go out on Sunday nights. So if anything, it might cover something that happened in that 3 day window, or something that might have happened just after my publishing deadline. It won’t just be a rehash of the Weekly Dump.

        • I’ll keep tuning in. It’ll be fun to hear evolve. Good luck and have fun – Santa Cruz style … I know you’ll keep it real.

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