The Weekly Dump 1.31.20

Apparently He Wasn’t On Probation

This past week, SCPD was patrolling in the area of Vernon Street when they noticed a vehicle that had expired registration tags parked at the end of the street. When the driver saw the officer approaching, he got out of the vehicle and acted like he was walking his dog. When the officer asked him for his ID, the driver told him “I’m not on probation” before being frisked for weapons. Officers found a loaded 9mm Glock pistol concealed in the front waistband of his pants. The gun was unregistered and seized by SCPD. I have no idea if they actually arrested the guy, since I can’t find his mugshot or arrest record.

Los Angeles Murder Suspect Arrested in Santa Cruz

This past Monday, a 50 year old male wanted for murder in LA apparently turned himself in to Santa Cruz police. Well how convenient! I would ask why he was here of all places but I have a pretty good idea why he was here. It’s a “sanctuary city” for criminals. The man was a suspect in a Los Angeles domestic violence homicide case involving his former wife. He was booked on an arrest warrant for murder. Los Angeles detectives transported him back to Los Angeles for booking and arraignment the next day.

Swept Under the Rug

So apparently this happened 10 days ago. Was there any story about someone stealing guns, badges, and credentials from a police car near the Boardwalk? I must have missed it. It must have slipped by in all the various updates and insults from Chief Wiggum on Twitter. Was it his gun and badge that got stolen?


Should Have Made Them Jump

Two people were arrested on Saturday around 1:30AM for climbing on top of the Oceanview Card Room on Pacific Avenue. After SCPD responded to Laurel and Pacific after receiving reports of two drunks trespassing on the roof, they found a 20 year old female and a 21 year old male, who apparently accessed the roof with a ladder. The male was so drunk he puked on himself and passed out. Lovely! The stuff our first responders have to deal with nightly. Santa Cruz Fire was called out to assist in getting Barf Simpson off the roof. He had to be strapped into a rescue basket and removed. Then, to make matters even more Simpsonesque, after Barf was medically cleared and delivered to a sobering center (on our dime), he became belligerent (as in “drunk and belligerent”?) and was taken to jail. The female was able to walk down the ladder on her own, where she was arrested and booked on a charge of public intoxication. I looked these 2 clowns up on mugshots. They appear to be just dumb kids on a bender, probably from UCSC, probably looking for a private spot to do the nasty. No past history of mugshots. Making their parents proud! Neither was charged with trespassing. Just being a drunk in public and being a costly public nuisance.

Local Gang Banger Pleads Guilty

A high ranking member of the Santa Cruz MS-13 Salvatrucha Locos pleaded guilty in court last Friday to racketeering conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit murder and extortion. The Santa Cruz Salvatrucha Locos is an MS-13 subset operating in the Santa Cruz area. Officials said the man was second in charge of the Santa Cruz gang, and allegedly used violence and murder to enforce MS-13 rules. Seven other defendants pleaded guilty earlier for their roles in the Santa Cruz Salvatrucha Locos and six have been sentenced. Chief Andrew Mills was quoted as saying “We are grateful to our federal partners for assisting Santa Cruz with taking a very violent criminal off our streets.” What a pandering tool. Not grateful enough to give them a desk at SCPD anymore, or to publicly claim you won’t help them detain and catch guys like this out of political posturing. ICE is gonna do their job with or without Andy’s help or gratitude. And I’m grateful for that.

Mean Mugging

Last Friday night around 6PM, SCPD responded to the 1200 block of Pacific Avenue where they arrested a 32 year old male for battery and being drunk in public. He’s only got one mugshot so maybe he’s new in town or maybe it’s an anomaly. But he’s mean mugging something fierce in his mugshot. I’ll spare him the humiliation.

Three’s a Charm

Last weekend, SCPD arrested a 70 year old woman from Santa Cruz for driving under the influence. She apparently drove her vehicle the wrong way on the West Cliff Trestle inside the pedestrian/bicycle section of the trestle. Thankfully no one was injured and there was no major damage to the trestle bridge. This is her third local DUI arrest.

Turnstiler of the Week

Sunday night around 10:30PM, SCPD responded to N. Pacific Avenue and Water Streets where they arrested a 39 year old woman for being drunk in public. Her name comes up a lot in my crime report research.  She’s been arrested at least 34 times locally, which doesn’t even take into consideration how many times they just didn’t bother to arrest her. She needs professional help and all the county gives her is the professional middle finger. The county owns people like her and this is how they treat them. The perpetual cycle of street>arrest>jail>street. The County Shuffle.

Got a Good Reason For Taking the Easy Way Out?

Tuesday night, the Santa Cruz City Council voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in the city. The measure passed unanimously. The resolution states that “the investigation and arrest of individuals involved with the adult possession, use, or cultivation of psychoactive plants and fungi listed on the Federal Schedule 1 list for personal adult use and clinical research be among the lowest priorities for the city of Santa Cruz.” They become the third city in the country to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. Wow, third city in the COUNTRY! Obviously this is a great idea that’s catching on with literally NOBODY. Afterwards, the city council drank some “special” tea before celebrating the passing of being able to trip in public by dancing naked in the city hall courtyard. (ok, that last part probably didn’t happen…)

Your Santa Mierda Voter’s Guide

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Support the Recall Effort!

The recall effort was successful at getting to the ballot but the real work has begun to see this effort to the finish line. Please consider a donation to Santa Cruz United, the group that worked to organize the recall effort. I support their efforts as a group, and I pledge to provide my services pro bono to the recall effort. If we all step up, we will finish this effort successfully and bring function back to a completely dysfunctional city hall. Thanks!

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  1. Your bond analysis is first rate, thank you. Whats with Chief Mills? He has that I want to be the prom king thing going on. He doesn’t get that we need a police chief, not a social commentator and societal therapist. I wish he’d leave.

  2. i cant believe the priorities here. santa cruz and california are in the middle of a street drug crisis. the city and surrounding areas arent safe for people who arent able to defend themselves from someone high on meth or any other type of drunk, high and crazy and trying to assault them for whatever reason. so what does the city council do? make sure to decriminalize more drugs.

    what a great symbolic gesture. what a joke. total waste of time. nobody was focusing their main efforts on that drug anyway. this is just so hipsters in berkeley and scz can pretend they are enlightened and in touch with some type of spiritualuty that conveniently turns a blind eye to all the drug induced assault in california!

    what is the saying if you are under 30 and a republican youre an asshole but if youre over 30 and a democrat youre an idiot? lol something like that. definitely feeling like an idiot for being a democrat in this city.

  3. and right after the hospitals show the huge amount of local meth deaths!!! what a total joke. the timing sends a pretty bad message. and right after that legal pot farmer being kidnapped and murdered…. send a formal message to the community that more drugs are needed…

    i used to care a lot less whether people were into the hippie type of drugs but after living in this area for a few years i just see it as the hipster version of big pharma. narcissist drug dealers go around selling mdma like its a ticket into heaven. its like the catholic church selling indulgences. just a way for a drug dealer to feel powerful and important, make easy money, get people hooked on crap that doesnt actually provide long term genuine happiness or enlightenment, and trash the community.

    good thing california is still calling this a housing crisis. property owners are paying 10s of thousands of dollars to prop up what is left of the govt so they can be demonized and drug dealers can be held up as some type of messiah. i will just stick to earl grey no thx on ur little tea party.

  4. Nothing greater than rolling out the red carpet in a town steeped with mental illness and anti social behavior and combining that with some good old psychotropic drugs. What could go wrong there?

    Maybe they should do a pirouette right before their mind leaves their body…..otherwise we may never be able to tell.

  5. I would point out we all got to vote on medical marijane and then later all got to vote on legalized marijuana. Seems voting isn’t needed for that kind of stuff anymore, or , er, maybe it just wouldn’t pass that way, so justify it the way Bill Clinton justified Monica partying in the Oval Office way..”because I could”.
    I will admit I don’t go to council meetings to make this crew look good, but I slipped up and actually wasted time trying to explain what was wrong with violating the spirit of SB337 in their new ordinance. I may bore a little with my concerns which were valid, but more important we found out the progressive crew , big surprise, doesn’t care, like at all. They just turned my concerns over to the City attorney and basically ignored everything I said, then said he “was good with it” as far as their ordinance. What “good with it” means is “we won’t get sued in spite of the fact we didn’t really follow the spirit of SB337, and obfuscated the property owners rights as if they didn’t exist at all in a very confusing way because we wanted to, with unintended consequences, but because we included a mention of a state muni code by number technically we can’t be sued for writing an ordinance that violates the spirit of state law that only punishes landlords unless they understand their rights under SB337 which we conveniently didn’t do. and use them which if they do, will actually reduce tenant free speech rights, the purpose of SB337, as long as we can stick it to landlords.” Whee, sorry about that.

    What this means.. they don’t give a flying whatever about what the public says if they can’t grandstand, or they have a point unless they can be sued. Not good, Mar 3 can’t come soon enough.

    The “best” part for me was the Union boss saying he will “show appreciation” and “won’t forget” the council’s insane anti-American collectivist idea of locking the city into union only labor contracts straight out of “The Irishman”.
    Don’t wack me please!

  6. Ya, I’m outa here.

    It’s clear to me now that Santa Cruz , well how Santa Cruz is run is just for junkies addicts homeless drifters outcasts WHATEVER. And it’s happening all over so I figure just stay away from places like Santa Cruz. I’m still going to be a Gaurd just not out here on the street at night leave it up to the police and the unfortunate guards and rangers janitors business owners employees and the regular general public do KEEP dealing with the scum around here.

    Property owners/manager and resident that don’t want there property/city overrun with the scum the only advice I have for them is MOVE! Or get involved with your security company AND law enforcement/or just law enforcement that’s logical and should work but not in this town police/sheriffs know they can’t do anything about the way the laws are and are carried out.

    7 months and I thought I’d see Santa Cruz change even just a little but legalizing “Shrooms” is the straw that broke the camels back. It’s really not a recreational high if your immature and don’t have your priorities straight and you don’t care about anything real or long term then ya someone like that may say doing “ shrooms” is harmless fun a lil fun escape from reality. The opposite is true for about 95% of people. Shrooms are for the “ DRUG CULTURE “ people that do more then pot and alcohol on a regular basis. Santa Cruz already does not care when people die due to direct negligence.

    I don’t care really about people on drugs cause sad but true it happens, but AND ILL JOIN THE BAND WAGON THIS IS WHAT GETS TALKED ABOUT AND PASSED IN THE CITY COUNCIL. Santa Cruz isn’t focused on any problems. It seems focused on the colors man……. the colors. I mean really do we need to be the “HIPPIE/SURFER” town. That’s really the “JUNKIE/CRIMINAL”town. But the council is blind to this or they simply don’t care. Or theres no money in caring about regular law abiding tax paying citizens.

    Some of the “people “ that loiter around these Property are sometimes friends/family/kids of people who work in or own these property’s and it causes problems because either there’s a “coddling issue to where there’s passcodes and key cards to doors that are given out so there friends/family/kids can get access to buildings for shelter/make shift residents.

    Or the opposite happens and there’s retaliation witch can result in many negative things. My point is most any problem can be solved if one takes the time and cares enough to fully undo what needs to be fixed or undone. But the city council seems to believe there is no real Problems in Santa Cruz besides lack of MAGIC MUSHROOMS MAN. And don’t worry you can sleep wherever.

    I started out just not understanding SC now I know there really nothing to understand. you can just be a drug addict/Criminal and just LIVE HERE VERY COMFORTABLY

    Especially if your a drug dealer(s)

    • Sorry to see you go, Dave, and yet happy that you’re removing yourself from the cesspool of downtown Santa Cruz. I hope you’ll continue to post here because your voice is important. You talk about how the city council is either brain dead (my words) or doesn’t give a shit. What about the population at large? With the exception of Renee Golder only a bunch of bleeding heart liberals have stepped up to fill the spaces soon to be vacated (hopefully) by Krohn and Glover. People complain on various forums like Nextdoor about the pit Santa Cruz has become, but apparently no one but Golder has stepped up to offset that. Yeah, and in case you wonder, I live in the county so can’t put my mark on city politics—although I have written the letters, made the phone calls, and been a real pain in the butt to try to influence some change around here that benefits tax-paying citizens who are just trying to live a decent life. Because what happens in the city does in fact affect the entire county.
      So best of luck Dave, and thanks for all you do and all your concern for Santa Cruz.

      On another topic, nice format on this page Ben. Thanks for all you do, too.

  7. It’s unclear to me if flavored magic mushrooms and cactus are acceptable for ignoring in Santa Cruz or not. I know that drug dealers use flavors and catchy names to get kids hooked on stuff, especially minorities that don’t know any better, but I don’t think the city council has made any statements on their policy on this as they have with other dangerous drug use in the city. Certainly, menthol mescaline and lollipop liberty caps can’t be far behind without preventative action. I think they really missed the boat on this one in their haste.

    • There are many promising research studies about possibly beneficial uses of magic mushrooms.
      It is also true governments fall all over themselves proclaiming their justifications for whatever are for the public safety and health.
      There are also many studies which tell a different story about them.
      Like overdoses can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, psychosis, coma, paranoia.
      Like in a study of 850 doses of psylocybin on 28% were that, the rest regular mushrooms laced with LSD, ecstasy, etc.
      There are many strains of poisonous mushrooms that are also hallucinogenic.
      Shroom users are 5x less likely to require emergency room visits compared to LSD, cocaine, ecstasy.. that’s “good”?
      Home grown mushrooms can get contaminated, with mold if nothing else. I will admit I need to research that more.
      The black market will still exist, but now a lot more free to operate.

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