The Weekly Dump 12.24.21

Happy Holidays!

I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I’ve been. The short answer is here! I’m right here. Haven’t gone anywhere. I wasn’t planning on it, but I was late the past few weeks, seemingly late every week lately, and just getting burned out. I’ve been writing about the trials and tribulations of living in Santa Cruz (almost) every week for more than 5 straight years without a break. And honestly, I kind of decided I needed a break. For anyone wondering, I’m fine. Actually doing great. And to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying not writing about how bad things are in Santa Cruz. It’s not that things have improved, or are improving. It’s just that writing about it doesn’t define who I am. And right now, I’d rather not write about the glass being half empty all the time.

It’s been a rough year for almost everyone, yet I feel very blessed. I’m able to live in Santa Cruz, one of the most special places to live anywhere in this country, despite our flaws and dirty laundry. I’m blessed to have family and friends that love and care about me. I’m blessed to be able to stay busy and do work I love doing. And I’m blessed to have the support of readers like you.

Writing this column every week, I see the hardships, the reality, the people who really struggle every day. I hear their stories and write about them, hoping to bring attention to issues that desperately need changing. We have many people struggling here, and we have much work to do to fix that. So my work still isn’t done here. I might post something next week, but if not, I’ll see you next year! I’ll be back. Be safe!

Feliz Navidad – Los Lobos



  1. Warren Angelo, IBT

    So happy you let us know whats up. Many of us appreciate and value you helping us know what is really going on.
    Great you are taking care of yourself! I’m happy to comp you a bodywork alignment session anytime.
    We are across from your favorite park, San Lorenzo on the corner of Soquel and Dakota. Inquire Within Wellness,
    313-C Soquel Avenue (really Dakota). Upstairs.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours and so blessed with all you have done. I totally understand the burnt out- you have done incredibly well over the past five years- enjoy your break- so very well deserved!!! Thank you for all you have done- you are such a gift to Santa Cruz!

  3. Happy Holidays. I am glad you are well. Your comments about what is going on in Santa Cruz are helpful.

    Glass half full or half empty? Remember that either way, a glass can be refilled.

  4. Ben, I also want to add to the sentiments above and will keep it short. Thank you for all your insight and hard work. Please have a Wonderful Christmas and successful New Year!!!

  5. Enjoy your time off!
    The relentless supply of content is a lot to absorb. I can’t imagine writing your posts for 5 years.
    Thanks for your work summarizing the local state of things. It’s even handed and illuminating. Much appreciated!
    Maybe you can spread the load around and get a few helpers to take turns?

  6. Damon & Paige

    We understand… often, being constantly submerged in negative can and does permeate even the strongest of people. Self-care is a must, wether it be stepping away for a while, or spending extra time playing music, or just searching for some little positive to help get us through.
    Thanks for all you do. We appreciate you, and the reminder that we live in a wonderful, beautiful place that is so much more than the problems we tend to focus on.
    Merry Christmas, Ben, from our home to yours. 💖

  7. Thank you for keeping us aware of what’s going on. I’m sure it’s exhausting, so enjoy your break, and we’ll look forward to your return.
    Have a holiday season filled with wonderful memories.
    Have a Happy, healthy New Year

  8. Thank you for all you do. I feel the exact same about Santa Cruz. Please enjoy your rest and have a wonderful holiday.

  9. No worries Mr. Ben 🙂 We shall listen when you speak, no matter when. Thanks for what you do.

  10. Ben, you deserve a well-earned break to indulge in some happier, more relaxing activities or no activities if that is your preference. And no worries, the poverty, plagues, and pestilence will still be here when you get back! Thanks for your dedication, and your style of reporting!

  11. Thanks for the update Ben! Your absence was certainly noticed in this household so we’re more than happy to hear it was self-imposed. I echo all the above comments: you matter tremendously, the work you do is irreplaceable, as is your care for our community. Enjoy your much-deserved time off! Looking forward to your words and spirit when you return.

  12. You have reason to Celebrate as You already got your gifts for this year with Reverend Mills and the Mayor moving on (nice guy sometimes)

    Hope is on the horizon, so engage the incredible natural beauty just outside the city, recharge your batteries and return the deliverance of truthiness early next year

    Happy holidays from galway

  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I appreciate your weekly column for pushing me to leave the outrageously expensive Santa Cruz area. Watching the place deteriorate beyond reason in the 9 years I lived there was so depressing to me and your column helped open my eyes. I was so excited to move to Santa Cruz when I bought my place in 2011. And I was even happier to leave what it became. I never was robbed; my car was never broke into; my house was never burglarized. But I felt my luck was about to run out, and I got the hell out. I haven’t regretted the move, two years later.

  14. I kept checking my inbox for your posts! My sister and I really missed hearing your point of view and realistic news of what is Really going on in Santa Cruz. The news wants tourists and students to fund our town so they don’t report anything remotely interesting.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your posts.They are so appreciated and looked forward to!
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And Please keep up the Good work!😊

  15. Merry Christmas, Ben. Recharge your batteries. You are greatly appreciated

  16. best wishes, ben and all, for a great restorative holiday season. now is the time to nest and regroup. see you next year.

  17. Tonia Manners

    A heartfelt thank you for all you do. Take that much needed break cuz the damn news here hasn’t changed. The homeless and drug issues are only getting worse, giving you plenty to report on later. Merry Christmas 🎄 T.Manners.

  18. I LOVE getting the scoop on all the poop from Santa Mierda! It’s the highlight of my week. Keep up the good work. Rhetoric benefits from a good dose of reality. Thank you for keeping it real. Have a great holiday break!

  19. Sandra Locatelli

    You are a Christmas present every week. All year long. Thank you for your contribution and spot on reporting. There is a lifelong and home grown community of Santa Cruz that appreciate your honesty. Best wishes for 2022.

  20. What you do, well, it’s quite a burden, so I’m glad you’re taking a break. The world needs more people like you and definitely needs to pay better attention. Happy Holidays.

  21. Enjoy your holiday and looking forward to 2022!

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..For all that you do and all that you are!

  23. Hey Ben, I love that you are human and please know that the cynical content you write is received as that. I, and I hope most, are aware your news is given in the tone you write as any great reporter does, in a motif. I really enjoy your sarcastic, pessimistic filter and I hope you continue to do so! I’m sure you have haters and if they don’t get it, well, fuck them. Just know that you are appreciated, and I look forward to your weekly dump! Many thanks, Aaron

  24. So happy you’re getting a much deserved break from it all. I always wonder how you do it. And, so looking forward to reading more from The Weekly Dump. Would love to find a way to help make a difference in our community. And how to contribute $$ to your much needed service and dedication. ❤️

  25. We enjoy what you write, when you write it. Don’t feel beholden to any particular schedule, we all love to see what you are passionate about and moved to do so and will wait for that.

  26. Just the Facts

    Thanks for everything you’ve done to keep us informed of events that are otherwise under-reported or swept under the proverbial carpet. Take a well deserved break and hope to hear from you in 2021. Thanks again.

  27. It’s understandable that you need a break, as the negative news can be redundant in this town. I so appreciate all that you do to deliver the weekly dump,as I’m sure it’s not easy to always gather all the info our quaint little town does not disclose to us in the news. I personally, love knowing what’s happening around town,it’s important for the general public to stay aware of what generally is kept out of the news, and I’m sure it’s a lot of work to gather info. After 43 yrs of living in This beautiful place, I have developed a love/hate relationship with SC. Again, thanks for all you do, and all your of your time to keep us current and informed with a humorous twist. Happy New Year, Maura

  28. All I can say is that I am now banned from for stating truth. I live on Grant St. gateway to all the obvious disfunction that goes on here, yet if I speak about it, I am cancelled. That in itself tells you all you need to know. Thank you Ben for keeping it real.

    • If it’s ok with Ben you could tell us weekly dumpers what’s going on around you on this comments section just follow Ben’s rules. This is Ben’s house after all.

  29. MuyDeplorable

    Soory for commenting late… Usually I am among the first to babble. Hoping your holidays went well (especially Christmas, if you are so incined). Looking forward to more.

  30. Hi Ben, i want you to know that you are the dessert to all the other crap the get shoved down our throat. I appreciate and enjoy everything you post and like everyone else I am grateful for Santa Mierda and your work. Have a great year!

  31. MuyDeplorable

    Ben, while you were away: These three wise men came to Santa Cruz with camels, tents, gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But when they got here, all of the possible tent sites were already taken. So they turned around and went away.

  32. the level of vibrant honesty in this town has sunk alarmingly since dec 3. what will it take to bring back the weekly dump? flattery? bribery? cajolery? threats?? or is gone like china station???

  33. Hi
    I am Really missing hearing from you. Will you be back soon?

  34. MissingTheNews


  35. MissingTheNews

    Hey! Any chance this valued resource will be reactivated after the year hiatus?

  36. Been missing this column the past year… is the Santa Mierda ever coming back?

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