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Local Dingleberry Brags About Inciting a Riot

After a federal judge in San Jose made his decision to allow the city to finally evict a squatting open drug market posing as a homeless camp, the usual cast of local kooks got their collective panties twisted and started saying some crazy and stupid stuff on social media. One guy, whose name isn’t worth mentioning, thought it was wise to encourage violence and vandalism on Friday morning when the squatters time will be up. He posted a bunch of pseudo anarchist nonsense on Facebook, and given his local history and what was said, SCPD brought him in for questioning. I guess it’s easy for them to overlook the fact that what he did was basically the legal definition of “inciting a riot” in the State of California. Let’s see. Here’s the legal definition:

California Penal Code 404.6 PC defines the crime of “incitement to riot.” One commits this crime if, intending to cause a riot, he urges other people to:

engage in rioting, commit acts of force or violence, OR burn or destroy property.

To commit this crime, the defendant himself does not actually need to engage in rioting or violence. Urging others to do so is sufficient. Nor is it necessary that the “incitement” actually cause these other people to riot, commit violence or burn or destroy. All that’s necessary is that the accused was trying to instigate these things

So there it is. All of those points were met. Did SCPD arrest him? No. They “talked” to him though. He probably said he was sorry, and he didn’t mean it, and it wasn’t his fault because he’s homeless. And that was probably good enough for them (and the DA). Who knew inciting a riot was ok in Santa Cruz? What kind of message does that send to the community? What kind of message does that send to the rank and file men and women serving and protecting our community? The wrong message.

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Common Sense Prevails Over Idiot Compassion

Late Monday, we finally got the word we’ve been waiting on for days. After endless, pointless hours of forced negotiations between the city and a local band of grifters and their Saul Goodman imitation of a lawyer, a federal judge in San Jose gave the ok for the city to evict the squatters in Camp Bernal. I think we all knew the city council and the city manager never had the spine to do this on their own. That fecal matter was so far compacted up the city council’s collective colon, it was going to take a judge’s enema to “move that shit along”. So what’s next?

A federal judge ruled, Monday, that the City of Santa Cruz can move forward with plans to clean and vacate the city’s largest homeless camp. After two long days of hearings, the judge ruled in favor of dissolving a temporary restraining order on closing the Gateway Encampment. On Monday, the judge concluded that the camp is not a livable space.

KSBW News Report

The city of Santa Cruz wants to remove roughly 200 squatters living at an open air drug market behind the Ross store at the Gateway Plaza on River Street. But a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on the city after homeless advocates filed a lawsuit. That was lifted with Monday’s court decision, allowing the city to post 3 day eviction notices requiring everyone to be gone by Friday morning. The city manager did confirm the temporary homeless camp site in San Lorenzo park will close next week due to upcoming events. But they expect the shelter on River Street to be open before then.

So now the city of Santa Cruz has TWO court rulings in their favor on this matter, one from Judge Burdick declaring Camp Bernal a public health hazard and another from a federal judge upholding that decision. The city should feel empowered at this stage to deal with this matter and stop hiding behind some dubious court case in Idaho like we’ve been doing for the past year. Stop letting a small faction of people, many of them criminals, dictate city policy. And if any of our local city council members want to side with grifters and felons over the people that elected them, it’s time for those same people to “un-elect” them.

Woman Reportedly Raped and Kicked in the Head at Camp Bernal

Of course, there wasn’t really any story in the news about it (at least not when it happened). Nothing from SCPD, nothing in the media log. But there was Chief Mills on Monday, testifying in federal court in San Jose that last Friday, SCPD responded to a report of a woman being raped and kicked in the head at Camp Bernal. I’d call testifying in federal court a good solid source.

Brawling in the New Leaf Parking Lot

Last Saturday around 6PM, SCPD responded to a disturbance in the parking lot of the New Leaf grocery store in downtown Santa Cruz. They had initially received a report of someone inside a black Toyota Camry who may have had a gun. When they located the vehicle in the parking lot of New Leaf, they attempted to conduct a high-risk stop of the vehicle, with 4 adults and an infant inside. Two of the male occupants resisted arrest and fought with officers before they were forcibly detained and taken into custody. Officers recovered a loaded handgun in the car as well. A 20 year old male and a 25 year old male, both from Merced County, were arrested for a combination of charges including carrying a concealed weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime, carrying a loaded firearm in public and willful child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Domestic Abuse Leads to Much More Trouble

A 36 year old Watsonville man was arrested on Palm Avenue on Saturday afternoon for a variety of drug, firearms, and domestic violence charges after Watsonville police found more than a pound and a half of heroin in the car he was in, along with more than four ounces of meth, almost half an ounce of cocaine, body armor and evidence he was dealing drugs. It began with a domestic violence investigation when they took the man into custody. When police got a judge to approve an emergency restraining order for the victim, officers searched the scene for guns and found an AR-15 rifle and two revolvers in the car. The AR-15 wasn’t registered and didn’t have a serial number on it. The suspect is in jail with bail set at $250,000.

Bear Fire Suspect Pleads Guilty

Thursday afternoon, the man accused of starting the Bear Fire in 2017, which burned more than 400 acres in the Santa Cruz mountains. The 54 year old Boulder Creek resident had been arrested on suspicion of arson, looting, burglary, causing great bodily injury to firefighters, and destroying forests. In court Thursday, he admitted to starting the fire and pleaded guilty to 13 felonies that included arson, looting and animal cruelty. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 30th, when he is expected to receive more than 27 years in prison and be ordered to pay a $6 million fine.

Rooftop Disturbance Ends Peacefully

Early Tuesday morning, Sant Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a woman on the roof of a local business in the El Rancho Shopping Center on the 3600 block of Portola drive. Deputies arrived and were able to successfully coax the suspect off the roof. She was subsequently placed under arrest for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Santa Cruz Man Arrested on Gun Charges After Work Fight

Last Thursday, a Santa Cruz man was arrested on several gun charges after getting in a fight with a coworker at a local business. Apparently, he brandished the gun during the fight and had it taken away from him before he fled the business. The other employee did not want to cooperate with police. The next day, SCPD and California State Parole found the man driving a car on Murray Street. They conducted a high-risk car stop and detained him. After the investigation, he was arrested and booked into the county jail for being a felon in possession of a firearm, being a prohibited person owning or possessing a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a loaded firearm.

Multiple Burglaries Plague Local Businesses

Thursday morning around 9AM, SCPD responded to the 500 block of Soquel after a number of businesses reported having the locks drilled out of their front doors and having their businesses burglarized and trashed in the middle of the night. I know a salon and a dental office were both hit among other businesses. Police went in with guns drawn but no suspects were located.

Transient Car Thief Arrested in Scotts Valley

Thursday morning, Scotts Valley Police responded to the Kmart for a report of a transient female casing cars in the parking lot. They found the woman inside a vehicle, which was reported stolen out of San Jose. And she was already on probation for auto theft. She was arrested and taken to jail.

It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong or Right

Just beat it. Beat it beat it. Friday morning around 12:30AM, I heard reports about a bunch of dudes who were beating up a car in the Safeway parking lot on Mission street with bats and batons near the Parish Pub. Witness described seeing the men leave in a Toyota truck but not before someone apparently got a plate number. When police went to the address associated with the plate, they found a truck matching the description and 2 males suspects who also seemed to match witness descriptions. No idea if they arrested anyone.

Early Morning Fire Torches Surfside Inn

Saturday morning around 4AM, a fire broke out on the 600 block of Riverside Drive at the Surfside Inn and Suites, eventually torching the second floor and causing the evacuation of 45 people. Witness initially reported seeing flames coming from a second story window. When the Santa Cruz Fire Department arrived, the fire had spread throughout the second floor. The cause is under investigation, but the fire department says it is not suspicious.

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Give a Cat a Forever Home

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is offering half-priced adoptions for all cats through the end of May because of an overload of adult cats at the shelter. The regular adoption fee for cats at the shelter is $120 for kittens up to 12 months old, $100 for adult cats between 1 and 6 years old, and $55 for cats older than 6. The fee includes spay or neuter services, initial worming and vaccinations, a rabies vaccine, microchip, collar and ID tag, and cardboard cat carrier, according to the shelter. More information about adoptions, as well as photos and details for the adoptable cats, can be found at The shelter is located at 1001 Rodriguez St. in Santa Cruz.

Celebrating With Kool and the Gang!

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  2. So someone from food not bombs is telling people how to build a bomb to bomb rangers? What happened to the food?

  3. SandCastle

    Thanks for serving it fresh!

  4. I want one of those Recall stickers!

  5. I wish names and photos ( if available ) were provided of those accused of committing crimes so we can keep our eyes and ears on alert for subsequent encounters with these characters.

    • I’m a strong believer in people being considered innocent until proven guilty. That’s the biggest reason I generally don’t include names of people arrested. I sometimes include the names of people convicted. But as to one of my basic rules, I try to not make things “personal”, and I’m not a news service. I’m a guy with an opinion who talks about newsworthy stuff. If someone really wants names and/or pictures of people, there are other outlets to get that info. Bottom line, it’s up to SCPD and others to release that information to protect the public, not me. If they aren’t doing it, and most of the time they aren’t, that compromises public safety.

      • It’s definitely more of a departure from what was common not too very long ago when names were automatically released. I agree that just because someone was accused, does not mean one will be convicted but getting convicted of anything in Santa Cruz appears to take some real effort.

        It’s your blog but you call out people all the time based in their apparent conduct and beliefs, give them somewhat disparaging nicknames etc. much of which I agree with but when there are bad actors that the community needs to be comcerned about…’s typically anther community member that does the research and points out , in some instances…..a dozen or so previous arrests. Maybe you could look into that and report if an arrestee is a habitual offender.

        • I have no problem calling out “public figures” either by name or in some cases, by nickname. It’s the average person who deserves a little more privacy. I don’t dox people like so many asshole, self proclaimed “progressives” in this town do. And even with public figures, it’s never personal. I talk about their job performance, or issues to their credibility. I don’t stalk their families, friends, how they engage on social media, or any of that other crap I see from that side. For me, my criticisms are never meant to be personal, and always meant to question (and sometimes attack) the process and those responsible for it.

  6. I’m surprised you made no mention of Dru throughout the court proceedings? Was he present? What about his testimony? I read some bits through that scourge-of-all-social-media Facebook, but am left wondering if there was not something more.

    Solid work and much appreciated!

  7. It’s about time, hell, long overdose…e hem, I mean over due. I think we should rename camp bernal to “the new cheyrnoble”. I mean, is it not a fall-out biohazardous ridden area?

  8. The Wrong Narrative by Rufo, City Journal:

    This is what happens when you don’t know who the transients are invading our towns for the give aways and freebies we provide. It is a pathetic story of a woman’s treatment. Please note the crime stats.

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