The Weekly Dump 3.17.17

The Post Office Gets a Fencelift From Free Food Fiasco

Sometime last week, construction workers installed a new chain link fence around the entrance to the Post Office. No explanation was really given for the fence. I gotta think it has something to do with the constant refusal of Food Not Bombs to make any concessions with the city on their homeless free for all feedings. The moral of this story should be “don’t mess with nice ladies that volunteer to pick up trash along the river levee and are beloved by city leaders and the community at large“.

And don’t forget to lend your support to shutting this clown down.

It will be interesting to watch this story play out. I don’t really hate Food Not Bombs (the organization). I just tend to view them with a significant, dubious side eye since I get to watch Sugar Bear and his sugar mama drive their clown car van and their carny ass-ada side show act all over town daily. Dirty Bathrobe Guy should have enlightened them how effective being a human barnacle has worked for his local activism over the past 30 plus years locally. He still hasn’t learned after all these years of fruitlessly and pointlessly shooting blanks that the way you get respect and get things done is to get along with people. It ain’t rocket science! If your “business model” is to just alienate and piss off those capable of bringing success to your mission, you will ultimately fail. You will never be accepted by the community “at large”. Food Not Bombs as an organization is successful largely because of it’s “mission” to feed people, not just the homeless but anyone hungry. That’s noble. But you gotta play within some form of rules or you just advocate chaos and anarchy and you’re basically pissing on your “noble mission”. That willingness to build bridges and fences comes from the leadership, the humans leading the charge, not from the mission statement. And that’s where the product MISERABLY fails locally here. It’s sad. And vulnerable people are being clowned daily by a delusional carpetbagger and his Lexus driving sugar mama.

So back to the fence. I know who’s really behind it. I could just out them right now, but I’m going to wait and see how this all plays out. It’s a very fluid situation involving a number of people. It’s trying to be resolved amicably but one party (guess who?) is refusing to cooperate in any way. That refusal to cooperate is a big part of what’s driving all this. All of the other stakeholders here seem to be bending over backwards for this dingleberry. There are lots of moving parts behind the scenes here, and while I’ve got some good inside knowledge, I’m gonna let this one play out a little longer before jumping into the cray cray fray. There’s a lot of stuff going on, stuff that’s not really for “public consumption” (but I have my sources feeding me reliable samples). I’m letting this one decant for a bit. But I’ll probably be talking about this one for awhile, until it gets resolved.

More in the Senile.

Does This Sound Like Something That Makes You Happy Living Here?

A 16 year old Santa Cruz gang member was arrested for possession of a concealed loaded firearm and probation violation. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. Already violating probation. Gang member. Concealed loaded handgun. Was he here legally? I know if this was Monterey County, ICE would be notified here. Did that happen here?

Saturday night at around 10:00PM, SCPD observed the juvenile male suspect in the area of Foster Freeze on Laurel Street. The juvenile is apparently a known gang member and is on probation. The teen has reportedly had multiple contacts in the past with law enforcement. When officers approached him, the suspect turned away from the officers and reached for the waistband area of his pants. SCPD officers believed he had a weapon and placed the suspect in custody. A search of the juvenile recovered a loaded firearm found in the suspect’s waist area. Officers arrested the boy from Santa Cruz and charged him with MORE probation violations, possession of a loaded firearm in public, possession of a loaded, concealed firearm and participating in a criminal street gang.

So this kid was ready to pull his gun and possibly shoot SCPD in the parking lot of Foster Freeze. Lovely! Happiest place in the country! Thanks Santa Cruz City Council. Thanks Ryan Coonerty. We reap what we sow here. We breed gang members, and the city and county are on board with it. They certainly do as little as possible to stop it.

Davenport Woman Arrested in Santa Cruz With Nearly an Ounce of Meth

A 27 year old Davenport woman was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of possessing more than 24 grams of methamphetamine. SCPD pulled her over near the 600 block of Riverside Avenue for driving a car without a license plate. Both the woman and her male passenger were facing outstanding court warrants when they were stopped. As the female suspect was exiting the car, she dropped her meth pipe on the driver side floorboard. Oops! The subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in 10 bindles of meth totaling 24 grams, as well as assorted drug paraphernalia. In addition to receiving citations for their warrants, the woman was arrested on suspicion of transporting, sales and possession of narcotic controlled substances.

RV Explodes and Catches Fire 

I got a report of an explosion and fire on the 3100 block of Salisbury Drive around 2AM on Tuesday morning. I heard the explosion and fire came from an RV that was on the property. I also heard rumors it may have possibly been a hash oil lab. I do know that it’s a terrible place to have an RV explosion, as it sits right next to a greenbelt. Nothing in the mainstream media. How do you miss an exploding RV? But that’s why I’m here! To give you the stuff they don’t want you to know about, or are too lazy to report.

Man Passed out in Ristorante Avanti Parking Lot Gets a Rude Awakening

Tuesday night around 10PM, I got a report of a man that was passed out in the parking lot of Ristorante Avanti on Mission street. The car was apparently registered in Wyoming, but the plates didn’t match the VIN. I’m guessing this guy’s night just went from a peaceful slumber to a serious buzz chafe. Wyoming. Sleeping in his car. Plates don’t match the registration. “Beat up blue pick up truck with a camper shell” is how SCPD describes it. It’s another homeless “tourist”.

Majaraja Restaurant Burglarized on Wednesday Morning

I heard about a burglary at the Majaraja Restaurant on Soquel around 3:30AM early Wednesday morning. Police received a call that an audible alarm was going off at the restaurant. When SCPD arrived, they found a door ajar and reported the place had been burglarized. After searching the premises, they failed to locate a suspect.

Prowler Reported on School Street

A woman in the 100 block of School street reported a man in her back yard prowling around early Wednesday morning around 3AM. He was described as a Hispanic man in his twenties wearing dark clothing. When SCPD arrived, they searched the property but found nobody outside.

Peeping Tom Found in Tree on Chestnut Street

Wednesday night around 11PM, a woman living on the 700 block of Chestnut street near Squid Row reported a man in a tree outside her son’s bedroom, looking in her son’s window. SCPD sent a couple units and when they arrived, sure enough they found a man up in the tree. They waited around hoping he’d fall out of the tree, and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to flush him out. Then after about 15 minutes, a request was made to send fire and rescue out because the suspect was “stuck in the tree”. Just let the fool fall out of the tree! Peeping toms get the full fire and rescue treatment here. I’d be fine with that if they came and sprayed him with a fire hose to get him to fall from the tree. But hey, we’re the 3rd happiest city in the country! Turns out this BUM was on probation out of Monterey County for domestic violence.

Never Mind Those Guys Shooting Up Heroin Over There

I heard a report on Thursday afternoon of a couple guys in the alley next to 609 Pacific Avenue who were shooting up in broad daylight. 2:30 in the afternoon, ONE BLOCK FROM DOWNTOWN is a shooting gallery for junkies. And people really have to ask why we don’t have 24/7 publicly accessible bathrooms downtown? It’s because of our dumbass, overarching tolerance for bad behavior like this.

Cal Fire Brings Attention to Veterans Suicide

Pretty cool scene out at Lighthouse Field the other day. Members of Cal Fire’s CZU Unit, which serves Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties, gathered on the Lighthouse Point lawn overlooking Steamer Lane to participate in the 22KILL Push-Up Challenge. Cal Fire seasonal workers completed 22 push ups as a group at Lighthouse Point last Wednesday morning to bring attention to the 22 military veterans who commit suicide each day in the United States. The Cal Fire Unit were dressed out in full wildland firefighting gear, complete with helmets, goggles and emergency fire shelters swinging from their belts. 22KILL directly supports veteran empowerment programs that help veterans maximize their talents and understand their value outside of the military. 22KILL also continually provides support for other veteran organizations, treatment centers, community events and projects.

Joe Heston Nails It Again!

If he keeps this up, he’s gonna be a regular around here!

“Salinas took the bait this week. After initially showing a degree of prudence, by declining to join the no-win game of proclaiming itself a so-called “sanctuary city,” Salinas City Council voted this week to instead sue the federal government. What a waste of taxpayer dollars and city staff time. The enumerated powers of our United States Constitution clearly state that cities, counties, and states are not in charge of immigration, minting money, inter-state commerce, nor establishing treaties with foreign governments…that holds even in Santa Cruz. Salinas has plenty of potholes, storm damage, gang crime, and other local challenges to worry about. This suing the feds is just an impractical distraction. That also applies to Monterey County Supervisors and Santa Cruz County Supervisors and their feel-good proclamations about being sanctuaries. Plus, our representatives up in Sacramento can’t change federal law, either. There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed in Washington D.C., from healthcare and immigration to taxes and public education. But wasting valuable time and local resources with proclamations and lawsuits won’t have any real impact on any of that.”

Drowning Victim Identified as San Francisco Man

A man’s body that was found floating in Monterey Bay off the coast of Santa Cruz has been identified as a San Francisco man, after he allegedly jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge on Feb. 11 and drifted to Monterey Bay, a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office spokesman recently stated. The man’s body was found 10 miles offshore on March 4th. Dental records were able to make a positive ID on the man. At the time of his death, the man was wearing a beanie embroidered with the image of a tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hugh’s News

City Council March 14, 2017

It appears the majority of the self entitled, foot stomping, 5 minutes of fame seeking, needy, uptight whiners decided to stay away from chambers this evening. This one’s from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU! A grant to fund San Lorenzo River Lagoon Management Project was accepted. This project will entail putting in a seasonal culvert near the river mouth. This should alleviate issues such as flooding, toxic blooms and emergency breaching. When it came to public comment, a self defined “local activist” started out with “I don’t know much about this subject but….” (insert collective eye roll here) and she proceeded to tell life-long biologists that she hoped they were considering climate change when making this decision. Up next to the podium was our resident anti-Semite. “Speaking of climate change, you want to decrease our carbon footprint then we shouldn’t be a Sanctuary City” Have either of you considered going to Scotts Valley, Capitola or Watsonville Council meetings? Change is good! It’s healthy. Go there ok? Seriously. Can’t we just accept a grant graciously and be happy that some of the issues around the river are being addressed?

Second reading and final adoption of the City’s procedures concerning federal immigration law and “sanctuary city” status was accepted unanimously. Thank goodness. Public comment. “Local Activist” shared that “again, I am no expert but blah blah blah” Richelle Noroyan sincerely thanked SCPD for arresting the MS-13 gang members. She pointed out, and I feel too, that we shouldn’t lose sight of that fact. These individuals were extorting and terrorizing undocumented people and I for one am grateful they are locked up and not able to do so anymore. “Local Activist” stepped up to the podium for a third time on the topic of housing. I had a friend over and while we were watching she said “she’s escalating” and damn did she. Somehow it all became Council’s fault. Everything you see is Council’s fault. Unless of course you are able to take responsibility for your own actions.

50 Shades of Chris Krohn

Sure thing Spiderman.


by Ernie Douglasernie_1968_4x5_72dpi

Golden State Warriors:
Rough week for the A Team. They sat their stars against the Spurs and got blown out. 3rd straight loss, and that’s the first time that’s happened (in the regular season) in over 2 years. It was an NBA record. Curry continues to suffer from an extended shooting slump. Klay has almost as many bad shooting nights as good ones lately. The just miss KD. They rebuilt the team to fit KD in, and now they can’t find their old mojo without him. And the bench struggles to score. The only guy they really have who can get scoring hot off the bench seems to be Ian Clark. And he’s at best a rotation player. After the Spurs loss, they flew back to the Bay Area and had a few days off before they took on the 76ers at Oracle. And they barely beat this team. At home where they should dominate. Thursday night they took on the Magic of Orlando in Oakland. They finally looked like the NBA version of the Warriors as they spanked the magic, taking a 30 point lead into the 4th quarter. They won going away 122-92, with Klay getting 29 and Curry getting 25 points.

Upcoming games this week:  3/18 vs. Milwaukee, 3/20 at OKC, 3/21 at Dallas

Santa Cruz Warriors:
The Santa Cruz Warriors took on the Mad Ants of Fort Wayne at the Kaiser last Friday night in a high scoring free for all, winning their 5th straight game 144-123. Phil Pressey led all scorers with 26 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds for the Warriors. Jabari Brown chipped in 24 points and 5 rebounds off the bench, and LaDontae Henton recorded a double double with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Cleanthony Early added 20 points off the bench, and Elgin Cook also added 20 points off the bench in just under 15 minutes of play. Then they had to fly to Iowa to take on the Energy on Sunday night, where the won a close game 111-108. The Warriors were led by Scott Wood who scored 22 points on 8-of-10 shooting. Phil Pressey had a double-double with 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists. James Southerland added 18 points and 5 rebounds, while Cleanthony Early scored 15 points off-the-bench for Santa Cruz. They flew to Oklahoma City to take on the Blue, getting blown out 123-98 and snapping their 6 game winning streak.

Upcoming games this week:  3/17 vs. Texas (at Kaiser), 3/18 vs. Texas (at Kaiser), 3/21 at Rio Grande, 3/23 at Austin.

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  1. 221B Front St

  2. I know the “50 Shades of Krohn” screencap is kind of hard to read. And by that, I mean it’s hard to see the small text. Although it’s hard to digest it too so the pun fits. I’m getting a progressive chubby just reading it.

    Here’s what it says:

    “I glanced across the table and felt his hopeful energy. His eyes twinkled as a slight smile filled his lips. In that instant I saw past him and looked out the window at the city hall courtyard and fixed my eyes on the once-upon-a-time working fountain in the center. I recalled a September day in 2002 when cable news trucks surrounded city hall and CNN went live covering a thousand-plus crowd that had come to witness the Santa Cruz city council support for WAMM’s weekly distribution of medical marijuana right out there on the steps of city hall as a DEA helicopter whirred overhead. Suddenly, overcome with tears, I looked back at Shawn and related that episode to him and added, “The city council holds the potential to wield great power. And with that comes great responsibility.”

  3. I slapped my head like 12 times reading this issue tonight. Santa Mierda!! Glad I had the “50 Shades” comic relief. I think I see it all… and then I hear about what I don’t see on Santa Mierda. Good Gawd. Pass the bottle. (Thank you for my Thursday read:)

  4. Just when I think our town can’t get anymore weird, along comes Thursday and our weekly treat of reading the Dump! One story after another that the Senile missed or was too busy pandering to their not at risk progressive audience to write about. It’s all such great insightful reporting that I hardly know where to begin.

    • “It’s all such great insightful reporting that I hardly know where to begin.” – From the top! Thanks Grachus!

  5. I’d like to know more about the RV thing, I see the property where they park (multiple cars and RVs) at the bottom of Brookwood Drive where is usually floods and the road closes. The property entrance on the 1 way road is closed off with a chain linked fence and locked. I think it truely is greenbelt cause no property owner or any info comes up when you search on Zillow/MLS/Realtor. But then how can someone or many squat there. Also I believe it is outside of SCPD area and would be covered by Sheriff (I looked on crime log and nothing comes up for last week). Anyways thanks for the info and if you can find more I’d like to hear it.

    • I heard the city manager lives in the neighborhood. Maybe that’s why nobody’s talking about it.

      • I have a neighbor with a kid at Harbor High, says there was an encampment of “Santa Cruz” homeless bums behind the tennis courts at Harbor and they got pushed out last summer and have re-situated further up the Arana Creek to the area off Brookwood Drive now. Hundreds apparently, close to Dominican which is their local free nights stay Hotel. No one is doing anything about it. So sounds like someone saw Breaking Bad and bought an RV as a mobile meth lab and things went wrong. I’m going to write a concerned letter to the Sheriff’s office this weekend. I’ll write back with what I hear…if anything. Let me know if you hear anything more as it concerns me living in the area and having my small children playing in the neighborhood.

        • Stop Enabling

          That is really concerning. If there are a lot of people camping near the river there is probably also a lot of trash going into the river.

    • Didn’t the city council unanimously vote to make Santa Cruz a sanctuary for broken down RV meth labs?

  6. Don’t worry, according to Micah Posner, we should have more rental housing available after he gets STR (short Term Rentals) banned (source next-door):

    short term rentals
    Micah Posner from NOLO · 15h ago
    Dear Linda,

    Yes. I am working with the Bernie Sanders folks on stopping them. Give me a call or come by if you want to get involved. My cell phone is 227 4772.


    • Thanks Bob. He and his “Select Sanders” supporters locally (because the reality is what he calls “the Bernie Sanders folks” is nothing more than a fringe minority of wingnuts within the group) have about as much chance of stopping this as I do. He’s blowing his usual flatulence out his ass here. At least now we don’t have to hear him break wind as part of the CC meetings. Which makes him even more marginal than he was when he sat up there.

  7. Ben, I finally agree with Chris Krohn on something – investigating the Valvolakis family milking the golf course (City of SC) cow. Ur investigative skills could expose this coverup. There are lots more.

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