The Weekly Dump 6.25.21

Get the Hell Out of Here

Palletpalooza is over! This past week, Caltrans FINALLY got their shit together and cleared out the nasty, extremely flammable, appropriately named “Hells Camp”, the bum camp along Highway 1 and Felker street near the fish hook. It had gotten completely ridiculous, with the environmental degradation, the coddling, the lack of enforcement, the over tolerance. All just beyond stupid and comprehension. It took a big wild fire to get the dummies at the State to notice the issue on THEIR property, which they seemed to justify ignoring under the guise of “COVID emergency”. CHP went in with Caltrans and worked with them to finally tear down the growing pallet village and shanty town.

Remember this?

Hells Camp Burns

We get what we are willing to tolerate!

Carjacking Fugitive Found in San Lorenzo Park Bum Camp

Sunday morning around 7AM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Dakota Avenue, aka the San Lorenzo Park bum camp, where they arrested a 30 year old transient for drug possession. Turns out he’s a fugitive from Orange County who was wanted for carjacking and theft. His bail was set at $100K and last check he’s not in jail, so maybe they extradited him back to Ventura.

Deadly Weapon Assault on Beach Street

Last Thursday around 3:30PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Beach Street for some kind of disturbance. They ended up arresting a 28 year old man and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and battery on a peace officer. His bail was increased to $100K and last check he’s still in jail. You’d think this story might make the local news but apparently not.

Serial Drunk Tries to Steal the O’Neill Sea Odyssey Catamaran

The guy has a local rap sheet a mile long, mostly for what the Chief would describe as “nuisance crime”. And here he is being a public nuisance yet again. Maybe try stealing something less conspicuous next time.

High as a Kite and Riding His Bike on Highway 17

Last Friday morning around 9:30AM, CHP stopped some drunk guy who was riding his bicycle on Highway 17. They ended up arresting him at the Pasatiempo off-ramp, and he was charged woth a laundry list of charges, including burglary, vandalism, drug possession, and riding his bike under the influence.

Liquid Courage Lands Drunk in Jail

Last Friday around 1:30AM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of West Cliff Drive where they arrested a 54 year old male and charged him with making criminal threats, flashing a weapon, and being drunk in public. His bail was set at $10K and he bonded out of jail already.

Unrelated Shootings Along Highway 129

Wednesday night around 11:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a shooting off of Highway 129 between Blackburn Street and Lakeview Road in Watsonville. When deputies arrived on scene, they believed the suspect was inside a nearby RV. The SWAT Team and Crisis Negotiation Team tried to make contact with the suspect but it was later determined he was not inside the RV. The suspect has been identified as a 47 year old male, and a warrant for attempted murder was issued for his arrest. The victim of the gunshot wound self-transported to a hospital and is expected to be okay. The sheriff’s office says this shooting is unrelated to another shooting that happened on Highway 129 on Wednesday.

It’s a Safe Bet Stealing a Car Won’t Land You in Jail

Last Thursday morning around 2:30AM, deputies from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s department arrested a 31 year old male on the 1200 block of 38th Avenue and charged him with car theft and being in possession of a stolen car. He was immediately released under some bullshit nonsense called “emergency bail release”. Emergency? Did anyone tell Jim Hart the state re-opened on June 15th? The thief listed his occupation as “poker player”. I’m sure he knew it was a safe bet that if he stole a car, he wouldn’t go to jail for it.

Suspected Pedophile Arrested in Soquel

Last Friday around 1AM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department responded to the 4600 block of Hilltop Road in Soquel, where they arrested a 62 year old suspected pedophile and charged him with lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. His bail was set at $50K and he bonded out of jail already.

Naked Guy on Felker Street Arrested

Monday night, SCPD responded to Felker Street, our newest “Skid Row”, after getting multiple calls about a naked guy ripping out the interior and wiring of a silver Toyota Prius. Mortar fireworks along with various interior car parts and personal items were scattered around the vehicle and sidewalk. The 46 year old transient has a history of fighting and evading law enforcement. In this case, he didn’t resist and he was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail and got his car towed.

The Ideal Place to Brawl

Last Friday night around 7PM, SCPD responded to the front of the wharf next to the Ideal Cafe for reports of multiple people brawling. By the time they got there, everyone scattered so nobody was apparently arrested.

Zooming in on the Santa Cruz City Council

At this week’s Santa Cruz city council meeting, they took up a pending measure to put on the ballot asking voters to increase the city’s sales tax a half percent from 9.25% to 9.75%. The increase is estimated to potentially bring in a projected $6 million in additional revenue. During yet another marathon by choice 14 hour meeting, they spent nearly 3 hours before a motion and vote were ever made. The tax measure required a unanimous vote to pass and with Sandy Brown voting no it failed. 14 hours wasted. How much did that cost the city?

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  1. California: 10% when you earn it, 10% when you spend it.
    Lets raise taxes again so the services we get from government are improved.

    Yeah, right.

  2. Judi Grunstra

    I admire Sandy Brown for standing up for a living wage for city workers, despite what was darn close to bullying by the mayor, if you watch the June 22 meeting. As she stated, this was the only tool she had, after previous efforts on workers’ behalf failed. If the city budget was in such bad shape, there are plenty of other expenditures they could have cut back. Polls done to gauge community approval for a tax measure showed public distrust of how General Fund money would be spent. Perhaps misuse of funds for renovating the downtown library is part of that distrust.

    • The “Living wage” argument is a pipe dream. Santa Cruz City employees are already earning more than any other municipality in the county. Its recommended that housing alone not exceed 30% of gross income. Median price for a home in Santa Cruz is $750K+, and rent is about $2,000+… Living wage will never happen.
      But Brown did the right thing- she voted “No.” Sales tax, despite what the “Mayor” says, is a regressive tax.

      • It’s very regressive. We have hard working residents barely able to afford food and shelter. Is there no concern for them?

  3. Paige Concannon

    Just rolling my eyes, and shaking my head. Why, you ask, because of all the Mierda!!!!

  4. MuyDeplorable

    Regarding that “poker player”: One of the Mafia movies (decades ago) had a scene where one of the mid-level Mafiosi is brought to the cop shop for questioning. He is asked his name, residence, and occupation. In response to occupation, he calmly says, “I buy, I sell.” (Drugs?) The officer puts down “salesman” as occupation.

    Compare that to politicians: “I tax, I spend.”

  5. No more taxes! Thanks Sandy Brown!
    This city is out of control; the cost to
    live here being one of the primary reasons.

  6. I read this past week that some organization got their hands on FBI crime data and created a list of the most dangerous cities by state. Their California list had 415 incorporated cities ranked from most to least dangerous. Santa Cruz was 20th most dangerous out of 415.

    • MuyDeplorable

      I do not know the report. But was it really “dangerous” or “crime”? A lot of crime is not dangerous in the ordinary sense.

      • I think the report considered assaults, murders, armed robbery, home invasion, burglary, etc. So, much danger and some crime. At least it used the same data types for each city.

  7. “Annoy Mate” Hahaha. Sometimes your sense of humor catches me so off guard that I find myself laughing in spite of the information that follows. Nothing funny though about the ongoing bum-created shit around here; seems like alcohol was the drug of choice this week in more than a few instances.

  8. Saturday morning, there was just a vagrant fire in Arana Gulch…… gonna be a long summer.

  9. One or the progressive’s favorite sayings is, “Put it to a vote – let the people decide.”
    That’s exactly what council was voting on, to put a sales tax increase on the ballot for the people to decide.
    That’s what Brown prevented.
    So much for power to the people.

  10. It shouldn’t be assumed that if the bums aren’t easily visible the problem is solved.

    Bums are an ecological nightmare in the Greenbelt & other nearby wildlands (Pogonip, Harvey West, etc.).

    Rather than making law enforcement play a morale-sapping game of catch-&-release with these criminal slobs, they should be made to do SERIOUS clean-up.

  11. You’ve got all that land from West Ave. on up the cost. You can have vans truck in necessary products for the bums and not allow them to come into the city limits. Tell the council to grow a pair for christ’s sake!

  12. Kevin Freiermuth

    Keep up the good work! Your work is a breash of Fresh air Can’t wait to see next week’s post.

  13. MuyDeplorable

    A few decades ago, in Santa Clara County, I met a man who was a German WWII orphan. That is, his family had been killed in the war, over there. But he had relatives in the USA, so he was shipped over here. He must have been about 10 when he left Hannover, Germany.

    He told me that when he was a small boy, before the war, the government (you know who) would send vehicles around in the morning, and pick up bums in the streets. When you-know-who has soldiers telling you to do that, you had better obey. The bums would be put to work filling potholes, planting flowers in boulevard medians, and other civic tasks. No need for force. They would be fed as the day progressed. At the end of the work day, they would be given just enough cash to buy a bunk in a flophouse, where they could stay overnight. Or, they could spend the cash on a bottle of liquor, then be picked up in the gutter the next morning, as before. The choice was made by the bums. Possibly some of them liked it that way.

    I don’t know if that is true, but it sounds credible.

  14. Just the Facts

    Just came back from Oahu. Amazing the difference between their “homeless” camps and ours. No piles of trash, tidy tents and campsites. They actually look better than some of our a State campgrounds. The difference? An actual respect for where they live and a community sense of pride. They, for the most part part are locals, unlike our vagrant hoards. Yes they do have bad areas, but not nearly to the extent that we do. Enforcement and community pride go a long way. One of their most effective methods? Your not from here? Goodbye…………

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