The Weekly Dump 6.18.21

California and Santa Cruz are officially open for business again (kind of)! We’re talking a return to normalcy, murder and mayhem is a local non-story, freepers creepers, bad habits, Madre de Mierda y la Ramada, the weekly walking un-dead story, do-rag smackdowns, lord of the flies, UCSC mandates, and the Weekly Seen.

The Weekly Dump 6.11.21

We’ve got a big old Dump for you this week! It’s been one of those kind of weeks! We’ve got the needles and the damage done, a couple of brawls at the wharf, a liquor store stabbing, a dead body behind the tannery, an attempted murder in Watsonville, a couple of beatdowns in the benchlands, plastic machetes, bad tourists from Oregon, harboring sex offenders from North Carolina, the walking not quite dead, Bumnesios, motorcyclist hits bicyclist, solo Highway 17 fatality, paying tribute to a local hero, burning RV shuts down Highway 1 traffic, solo kayaker rescued, stolen guitars recovered, Zooming in on the city council meeting, and we’ve got our first official candidate for Ryan’s seat.

The Weekly Dump 6.4.21

Time for another edition of the Weekly Dump! We kicked off summer this week, surviving our first ever “post pandemic” Memorial Day weekend. We’re seeing downtown get re-shaped, packing heat downtown, gunfights on Elm Street, getting assaulted with a deadly weapon at “Friendship Gardens”, making the Baby Jesus cry, set up like a bowling pin, a running stolen car isn’t a good place to pass out, it’s good to have friends with Narcan, subjective law enforcement fail, Watsonville thieves arrested, faith hope and charity, two killed in Corralitos crash, and Big Basin Vineyards is opening a new wine bar downtown!

The Weekly Dump 5.28.21

It’s our 5 year anniversary this week! Every week for the past 5 years, I’ve put out the Weekly Dump, bring you the vibrantly honest news and views of Santa Cruz. How did I celebrate? I went to see Los Lobos on Cowells beach last night and took my time publishing this morning! In other news, a local vagrant playing in traffic on Mission Street got arrested, ninja gangs, solo crash in Seabright kills local man, he’s gone, keeping our local pets safe and sane, crash into me, grand slam in front of Denny’s, Felton RV fires, hopping over the wrong fence, The Wolves are back, new community wellness center coming to Live Oak, Zooming in on the city council meeting, and we keep handicapping Ryan’s successor.

The Weekly Dump 5.21.21

Time for the latest Weekly Dump! New look for the website too! As for the content, we’re talking yellow! And we’re going in and out as usual, a man drowned at Main Beach this week, gangbangers with guns, getting your kicks in San Lorenzo park, the hook brings them back, Felton burglar arrested, swatting flies, and the race for Ryan’s seat continues.

The Weekly Dump 5.14.21

What in the hell blew up in Santa Cruz last night? That’s the big question! We also say goodbye to the bum camp festering near the intersections of Highways 1&9, the forecast calls for rainclouds, outstanding, Santa Cruz man arrested for stealing a police car, jail escapee arrested, the latest COVID numbers from the county, the slow slog towards district elections, Zooming in on the city council meeting, Pablo Cruising at the Dream Inn, and handicapping Ryan’s seat.

The Weekly Dump 5.7.21

Better late then never, it’s the latest Weekly Dump! This week, a local creeper breaks into a home downtown, turds on the run, say it don’t spray it, oh thank heaven, foaming at the mouth for a Jumbo Jack, gifts that keep on giving, weekly trick or treats, wildfire scorches Big Basin, how it started and how it’s going, not the dump you’re looking for, the latest COVID numbers for the county, and I’m handicapping the odds for Ryan’s seat.

The Weekly Dump 4.30.21

Time for the latest always vibrantly honest Weekly Dump! This week, we watch the child rapist and murderer get slapped on the wrist, Ryan Coonerty waves the white flag, triple no still amounts to yes, turnstiling at the county jail, bum rolling on Ocean Street, welcome to paradise, the always predictable probation violation (and we know how serious the sheriff treats it), playing in traffic on Mission Street, brawl at Safeway, banana plugged, the facts about local crime, Watsonville man arrested in Bakersfield for attempted murder, and the latest COVID numbers for the county!

The Weekly Dump 4.23.21

Time for everyone’s favorite part of Friday – the latest Weekly Dump! This week, we’ve got beanbags flying in Boulder Creek, getting a little action in, dust in the wind, throwing your life away at 22, was it one of those homeless hotels, teen arrested in Texas for Santa Cruz murder, Felker Street vagrancy, down on Main Street, the weekly bumfight, the mayor of Seabright, the latest COVID numbers, the battle over needle pollution is far from over, and we say adios to a couple local landmarks.

The Weekly Dump 4.16.21

Time for another edition of the vibrantly honest Weekly Dump! This week, we’re sticking a fork in TOLO because it’s done, a driver fleeing police crashes and burns, the turnstiler of the week, cervezas and machetes, the usual skid row vagrancy, felons with guns, guy threatening people downtown with a knife arrested, the tourists are back, tickets are toilet paper, and the weekly human dumpster fire.

The Weekly Dump 4.9.21

Welcome to another vibrantly honest edition of the Weekly Dump. This week, we’re talking Ocean Street, our long neglected gateway through our dirty laundry pile. We also had an officer involved shooting in Aptos, a pipe beating in San Lorenzo Park, a couple of attempted carjackings, the gangs all here, felonious assault on my intelligence, rotten peaches, the usual felon with gun and heroin story, Top-a-Lot of dysfunction, Super Silver thief busted, still our number one public safety hazard, the new cite and release, bum fire burns under the fishhook, arsonist arrested at Seabright, and more.

The Weekly Dump 4.2.21

The Boardwalk is open for business and so are we! This week, we had another transient stabbed in his tent while squatting along the San Lorenzo river, the Watsonville man accused of killing his brother this week was arrested in Gilroy, locking down Felix Street, another Watsonville pair arrested for attempted murder, we had an OD in the public bathrooms by the wharf, we’re talking more about the needle nonsense coming from Sacramento lawmakers, the no hold winner facing 38 charges, small plane crashes in Watsonville, Camp Coonerty is back yet again, the latest COVID numbers from the county, and the Boardwalk is open again (kind of)!

The Weekly Dump 3.26.21

Follow me, don’t follow me, I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush! This week, we’re getting ready to move into the Orange tier, SCPD arrests pair for St. Patrick’s Day crime spree, another bum fire lights up the bypass, skidding along skid row, swing and a miss, drunk and disorderly preschool teachers, angels and saints, bums and vagrants, waking up the neighbors, felons with guns, the latest COVID numbers for Santa Cruz County, and the latest scuttlebutt from the Santa Cruz city council.

The Weekly Dump 3.19.21

I’m going off the rails of this crazy train! What a week. We pulled a woman’s body out of the river near the Boardwalk, we had FOUR armed robberies in the blink of an hour, we had two stabbings in the blink of 24 hours, we had a huge bum fire at Highways 1 and 9 that shut down the bypass and endangered local businesses, we’ve got the usual assortment of former felons behaving badly, the latest on COVID numbers as we get close to seeing Orange, aye Calypso, and Puddles takes us out with some Ozzy.

The Weekly Dump 3.12.21

Time for the latest Weekly Dump! This week, we find out who bashed in the head of the homeless guy in San Lorenzo Park, the city council waffles, back in the red, shocking depositions, serial sprayer arrested, the turnstile gets stuck, flash in the can, cars are deadly weapons, a bit of Clashing, phone thief busted, the village idiot, the FBI comes to town, the felon farm, the Weekly Seen, and ACE is the place!

The Weekly Dump 3.5.21

Time for the latest Weekly Dump. Keeping Santa Cruz vibrantly honest since 2016. This week, we’ve got a story about a bum fight gone bad in Bum Park, and the lengths the liars go to avoiding the truth, the Boulder creep, serial arsonist suspect arrested, a red hot welcome to town, why pull over, the Weekly Seen, fatal DUI crash kills passenger on Highway 9, the latest COVID updates for the county, and it’s back to school time!

The Weekly Dump 2.26.21

This week, we get ready to say goodbye to Martin Bernal, blame the assholes that voted for this, city council talks about reducing idiot compassion, local felon arrested in South Lake Tahoe, penny bail keeps them out of jail, drunk and belligerent on a Sunday morning, Aptosia, local motorcyclist killed on Mission, the gift that keeps on giving, probation violation kept him in jail, breaking bad on Shaffer and Delaware, the latest local COVID updates, taking out the trash, and who lost a stash of cash downtown?

The Weekly Dump 2.19.21

Time for another edition of “Talk is Cheap and I’m Free” aka The Weekly Dump. This week, i’m talking about the murder suspect picked up in Watsonville, the carjacking and kidnapping and crazy car chase that started on West Cliff, don’t let your drunk friends play with their gun, squeeze boxed, three shootings in two days in South County, time to move the jail out of downtown, pandering to local progressives on homelessness, the latest COVID updates, the Regal None, and more.

The Weekly Dump 2.12.21

I’m back! Still vibrantly honest! This week, I’m talking about Martin Bernal’s human dumpster fire, Tony Montana arrested in Watsonville, in SCPD’s front yard, picking up garbage on Ocean Street, not in our jail, turnstiler of the week, the least surprising arrest of the week, maybe they needed gas, woman crushed by big-rig downtown, the latest updates on COVID, and more!

The Weekly Dump 2.5.21

No weekly dump this week. After almost 5 years of putting this out every single week, this is the week that I’m taking my first week off.