The Weekly Dump – 2.9.24

Breaking the Sabbatical Hello! Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody home? I know it’s been a couple of years since anyone last heard from me. I hope everyone out there who remembers me is doing well. If you’re still out there anyways. I haven’t really gone …

The Weekly Dump 12.24.21

Happy Holidays!

I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I’ve been. The short answer is here! I’m right here. Haven’t gone anywhere. I wasn’t planning on it, but I was late the past few weeks, seemingly late every week lately, and just getting burned out.

The Weekly Dump 12.3.21

Time for some vibrantly honest news and view about Santa Cruz. It’s the Weekly Dump! This week, we’ve got gangs, guns, and cocaine. And that’s just one story. We’ve also got another gift from county probation (tis the season!), Sunday in the park with junkies, a little Looking Glass, some Eagles, the getaway car fail of the week, wifebeater hides like a coward in the bathroom, a little Skynyrd, a little Elton John, a history of coddling, woman falls off a cliff and survives, hit and run fatality in Watsonville, and the return of the Weekly Seen.

The Weekly Dump 11.26.21

Time for the “latest” Weekly Dump! I’ve been later but no excuses. Let’s sling some vibrant honesty. This week, we’ve got apathy from SCPD, you take my meth away, Fentanyl for breakfast, the gift that keeps on giving, Fresno tourists, Grandpa is safe but pissed, oh thank heaven, stealing shitty wine, bum hit and run, our predictably next mayor, and the city council overreaches and blinks.

The Weekly Dump 11.19.21

It’s time for last week’s long lost Weekly Dump! In slightly stale and moldy (this is Santa Cruz after all) fashion, we’re talking about the COVID outbreak in the county jail, the local judge who fails the community, an early morning stabbing on Pacific Avenue, a woman gets punched in the head on Riverside, lucky he wasn’t shot, picking up Santa Clara’s trash, where the stolen cars live, here we go around in circles, brawling behind the Catalyst, busting down doors for tchotchkes, ax men, and more.

The Weekly Dump 11.12.21

Time for the fashionably latest Weekly Dump! This week, we’ve got a guy with guns and a mountain of drugs, a guy got shot in the nuts in a robbery, a stabbing downtown, a dead body on Main Beach, falling 60 feet off West Cliff, the poster boy for douchebags, attempted murder suspect arrested in Watsonville, the stuff you get out of jail for free for in Santa Cruz, idiot compassion kills another transient, local land yachts get the bum rush, local homeless vets find a new home in Ben Lomond, and we love you Paige and Damon!

The Weekly Dump 11.5.21

Time for another slightly late with yesterday’s news and views Weekly Dump! Last week, we had a hate crime stabbing, waiting on a friend, Bad Mom doing Bad Mom stuff, the gift that keeps on giving, gremmie out of control, pet shop boys, a typical Halloween bust, and rolling out the welcome Matt.

The Weekly Dump 10.29.21

Get ready for a thriller of a Sunday Halloween in Santa Cruz! In the latest “horror” edition of the Weekly Dump, a guy got stabbed along that trail to Hell, the mom who tried to kill herself and her kids is back in court, a naked guy with a machete finally calms down, the Offspring comes out to play, getting physical on Broadway, Mission seizures, dropping dead in Derby Park, the gift that keeps on giving, flash not in the can, Zooming in on the city council meeting, new Santa Cruz city manager news, and have a safe and happy Halloween!

The Weekly Dump 10.22.21

I’m blaming the atmospheric river for the delay this week. In the slightly delayed Weekly Dump this week, let the water come and carry us away! Suspected gunfire also shut down Highway 17, a guy was shot to death in Watsonville, a falling tree killed a driver in Felton, felonious punks, maced in the face, the new Waffle House, belted in the face, tearing up the Pogonip, controlled burn burned out of control, arsonists torch the Pogonip, and we’re feeling the Bern.

The Weekly Dump 10.15.21

Time for the latest Weekly Dump! This week, Andy Mills is moving along, carrying loaded guns gets you a pass, squeeze box, a temporary wrap, bumosas for breakfast, flash in the can, slash in the can, the wild wild Western Drive, Ryan Coonerty wants to be city manager, and the feds give us $3 million dollars to waste on homelessness.

The Weekly Dump 10.8.21

Another day late dollar short version of the Weekly Dump! This week, we had drug traffickers arrested with ghost guns and lots of drugs, Lord of the Flies, breakfast on Broadway, here we go round in circles, swing and a miss, roadhouse blues, the gift that keeps on giving, playing in traffic on ocean Street, running down a dream, do you know the way to Monterey, and Ryan’s seat got warmer.

The Weekly Dump 10.1.21

Time for the latest Rocktober Edition of the Weekly Dump! This week, SCPD found a pipe bomb at Harbor High, we had a carjacking near the Boardwalk, airing out our dirty laundry, dumpster diving for Santa Clara’s trash, waving his knife on the way out of Pacific Wave, wave a shotgun and still get your Jumbo Jack, pain in the HindQuarter, batter up, dropping in, and third times a charm.

The Weekly Dump 9.24.21

Adios to Summer, it’s officially Fall and we’ve got the latest Weekly Dump falling in your lap a little late this week. We had another drowning up near Davenport this week, the 3rd in the past 2 weeks. We had a drive by gang shooting near the Boardwalk, Saturday night’s alright for fighting, we had a couple local surfers rescue a woman and her two kids after she possibly tried to murder them by driving into the bay, we had a stalker arrested with an assault rifle and a sawed off shotgun, making the Baby Jesus cry, podcasting, the show that never ends, and we Zoom in on the latest Santa Cruz city council meeting.

The Weekly Dump 9.17.21

Time for another slice of vibrant honesty in the latest Weekly Dump! This week, we brought out the Bearcat to help the feds, we had two drownings near Davenport, weird socks, bush league batterers, where’s the grifter union, Watsonville gangbangers plead guilty to murders, smashing pumpkins, the collateral damage of county probation, less than penny bail, Iron Man invades Santa Cruz, Zooming in on the Santa Cruz city council, downsizing the county jails, and the Weekly Seen.

The Weekly Dump 9.10.21

Time for this week’s fashionably late Weekly Dump! This week, we had at least 5 inmates overdose at the county jail on Friday afternoon, welcome to paradise, drunk and out of control in downtown, green grass and high tides forever, drunk raging at Jack in the Box, three penny opera, running down a dream, less than penny bail, more less than penny bail, skating away on the thin ice of a new day, turn the cheek, and we had a water rescue off It’s Beach.