The Weekly Dump 3.30.18

Santa Cruz County Correctional Officer Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Inmate

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday morning that a 29 year old correctional officer was arrested for having sex with an inmate. Because jail inmates cannot legally give consent, it is considered sexual assault so the man faces felony charges of rape. The Sheriff’s Office said the male correctional officer, who worked for the county jail for the past 4 years, was fired for having sex with a female inmate in July of 2017. Rumors around the jail swirled about the sexual relationship but jail management didn’t act until November of last year, when they began an investigation. He was released on $50,000 bail. He will be back in court on April 2nd for his arraignment. The case has been referred to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. The identity of the inmate was not released to protect her privacy.

The county jail is a hot mess, but it’s a county responsibility, and it involves public safety, so of course it’s a hot mess! Let’s not forget the Grand Jury’s own report “Another Death in Our Jail“. That was published in June of 2016. And then in July of 2017, we have correctional officers having sex with inmates. Obviously, the county has learned nothing from the report, or the constant stream of criticism from a very vocal community. They are tone deaf to public safety and can’t get their own “house” in order here. Our courts rarely punish people anymore. Our county probation department hands out “Get Out of Jail Free” cards like Halloween candy, and the county jail is a hot mess. Welcome to the new reality of Santa Cruz.

Mentally Ill Man Barricades Himself in Watsonville Home

An 11 hour standoff with police at a home in Watsonville ended around 4AM on Tuesday when a 29 year old Watsonville man, who apparently suffers from a mental illness, was taken into custody after he reportedly attacked his 61 year old mother with a sledgehammer and chain spurs. The mother along with two small children were able to escape.

The attack happened around 5PM on Monday inside a home they both shared on the 100 block of Maranatha Drive. The suspect also ignited two fires inside and outside the home. When officers arrived, the suspect barricaded himself inside by pushing furniture against all of the doors, according to Watsonville police. After almost seven hours of failed attempts to convince the man to exit the house and surrender, chemicals were inserted into the house. The suspect began throwing household items, including light bulbs and dishes, at officers when Special Response Team members took him into custody with the assistance of a police dog and a Taser. Paramedics treated the suspect for injuries he suffered during his arrest, and he was later booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, child endangerment, and resisting arrest. Additional charges of attempted arson were also recommended.

Sexual Predator Arrested at Downtown Library

I got a tip this week that a well known, local sexual predator was arrested at the downtown public library. He was apparently arrested for a “parole violation” (could be any number of things) and as of earlier this week, he was in county jail on a no bail hold. In 2015, both a Santa Cruz County prosecutor and a public defender expressed concern about the same man, who attacked a woman in Santa Cruz. In July of 2013, he was arrested for felony false imprisonment and felony attempted sexual penetration after he chased two women on Beach Street. He tried to sexually attack one of them before another man intervened and police arrived.

The suspect spent nine months in Atascadero State Hospital where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression and other mental health problems, according to his public defender at the time. Recently, Judge Timothy Volkmann sentenced the suspect to register as a sex offender and serve four years in state prison. However, the suspect’s good behavior and time spent in Atascadero and County Jail meant he already had served the equivalent of that time.

Released on His Own Recognizance and Commits More Felonies

Last Saturday night around 7:30PM,  SCPD was patrolling the area of the 800 block of Water Street where they saw a male they knew had two outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. In addition to the two felony warrants, the car he was driving was reported stolen earlier in the day. SCPD initiated a vehicle stop in the Jack in the Box parking lot on Ocean street. The man was taken into custody without incident and arrested for his two felony warrants, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving a motor vehicle while addicted to drugs, possession of stolen property, being released on his recognizance and committing a felony, as well as other misdemeanor drug and theft-related charges. Earlier this month, SCPD highlighted a case where the same man was arrested for felony possession of stolen property.

County Probation Keeps Feeding Us More Criminal Behavior

During a probation search last Tuesday night on a male suspect in the parking lot of the Inn at Pasatiempo, a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputy found heroin, drug paraphernalia, graffiti tools, a notebook with the moniker “Lerk” written on the cover, burglary tools and a bike believed to be stolen. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail for a variety of crimes. Thanks to social media, the bike was returned to it’s original owner as well.

Felon on County Probation for Robbery Found With Burglary Tools

A Santa Cruz felon on probation for burglary was arrested this past week after Santa Cruz Deputies found him in possession of pepper spray and burglary tools. A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Deputy found several people including the suspect behind King’s Paint. Officials say the suspect was found to be on probation for robbery with search terms. The suspect was arrested and booked into the County Jail for being a felon in possession of pepper spray and burglary tools. So we all know what’s next here. Double secret probation!

True Love

Last Saturday night, CHP Officers responded to the Felton Fair Shopping Center for a non-injury collision involving a vehicle that apparently rear ended a Santa Cruz metro bus. During the investigation, CHP Officers arrested a 50 year old woman for DUI. After learning his wife was involved in a collision, her 50 year old husband, who was also under the influence, drove into the parking lot and was also arrested for DUI.

Car Thieves Arrested on Ocean Street

Around 2:30AM on Wednesday morning, an SCPD patrol officer spotted an occupied stolen vehicle on Ocean Street near May and Washburn Avenues. Inside the car was a 29 year old female from Gilroy and a 28 year old male from Santa Cruz. Multiple units responded and made a high-risk stop with guns drawn. Both suspects had outstanding warrants, and they were both booked into county jail for vehicle theft, outstanding warrants, and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to SCPD, this was the fourth “suspect occupied” stolen vehicle recovered in less than 12 hours for them. I’d call that an out of control issue.

Tweeker Mail Thief Arrested

Early Tuesday morning, a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped a vehicle for expired registration. The driver was found to be on probation so deputies searched his vehicle. They found several small baggies with heroin and methamphetamine, as well as eight opened pieces of mail which appeared to have been stolen from different addresses in Scotts Valley. The driver was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, heroin, paraphernalia, possession of stolen mail, and a probation violation.

It’s Moron Beach

On Wednesday night, a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving through the Moran Beach parking lot when he came across a vehicle occupied by 2 people. After approaching the vehicle, he noticed a methamphetamine pipe on the center console. After the male and female got out of the car, he was able to search the vehicle and found nearly an ounce of methamphetamine that was packaged for sales, along with four digital scales. He also recovered a stolen Microsoft tablet that was stolen last year in the city of Santa Cruz. He was arrested for possession of drugs for sale and possession of stolen property.

I Wonder Who Gave Him Those Syringes?

Thursday afternoon, a citizen called the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs department about a suspicious vehicle in the Soquel area. When deputies arrived, the suspected man in his vehicle lied about his identity, but they were able to determine his real name and found he had a felony warrant for his arrest. During a search of the vehicle, deputies located methamphetamine, a methamphetamine pipe, and a number of syringes. The man was arrested for his warrant as well as other new charges.

Home Rager Arrested in Watsonville

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call about a man who was trying to break down the door of a residence with a bat in the area of San Andreas Road in Watsonville. Deputies said that the man was a former acquaintance of the person living at the home. The suspect was apparently not able to gain access to the house and began smashing out nearby car windows instead. Deputies said the suspect left the area in a car but was spotted by another deputy who pulled him over. He was arrested and charged with attempted burglary, making criminal threats and vandalism.

Santa Cruz Doesn’t March While Everyone Else Does

Am I the only one who thought it was odd and surprising that there wasn’t a march/protest in downtown Santa Cruz this past Saturday while the rest of the country was throwing one en masse? I mean, we seemingly don’t really need a valid reason for throwing a march/protest/party/parade here. Sometimes it feels like we have a different one every weekend. I know there was something in Aptos, and something in San Jose (and San Francisco of course) but nothing in Santa Cruz! I’m not complaining. People that wanted to march could do so nearby, and downtown was nice and peaceful (relatively speaking). Someone told me nothing happened here because “organizers” couldn’t raise the money. Raise the money? All you have to do is show up and walk. Only in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Buys Back 470 Guns

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office bought back 470 guns, including 17 “assault type weapons” during their gun buy back event last Saturday. There were two locations in Watsonville and Soquel. Within two hours, deputies collected hundreds of firearms, and gave out all $20,000 it had to distribute by noon. The firearms will be screened to see if any of them have been stolen and could be returned to their original owner. If they aren’t stolen, the guns will be destroyed.

Downtown Commission Wants More Parking Turnover on Pacific Avenue

Last Thursday, the Santa Cruz Downtown Commission passed two motions calling for a parking restriction on vehicles taller than 6 feet on Pacific Avenue and its adjacent streets from Laurel to Water streets, as well as measures to encourage shorter stays for all drivers on Pacific Avenue. The commission will need the Santa Cruz City Council to implement a downtown oversized vehicle limit first. Concerns were brought up by a downtown leaders group, highlighting issues such as large vehicles blocking business store fronts, long-term parking, vending out of vehicles and metered time limits on Pacific Avenue. Parking Program Manager Marlin Granlund was asked if there was more to the proposed changes, such as people sleeping in their vehicles or “because of that big truck that parks down there and has the loud music.”

Anyone who spends any considerable time downtown (like me) knows “that big truck” belongs to Curtis and his pop-up dance party on wheels. Curtis has a big heart and collects clothing and donations for the homeless, while driving around in his huge truck/trailer combo blasting out dance music. Apparently, Curtis has also accumulated 21 parking tickets, eight sound citations and lots of complaints.

The Happy Story of the Week

Friends of Parks and Recreation (FOPAR) is offering a limited number of scholarships to local kids for summer programs through the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department. but the deadline to apply is coming up fast (as in next week!). If you know any families you think might be eligible and interested in participating, please let them know about this terrific opportunity. Go here to get details and more information!

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  1. I enjoy the Weekly Dump, but I wish you would get hold of a grammar book and learn when the word its needs an apostrophe and when it doesn’t. It’s pretty simple, really.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Meh. If I can’t get a hold of the police, I can always call the grammar police. Thanks!

    • Perhaps it would be best if Diana pointed out the errors so that Ben could correct them. A generic posturing post is just not helpful. If the goal is to helpful then be helpful.

  2. Diana complaining about your grammar after a massive week of mierda is everything that’s wrong in Santa Cruz. This week was a doozy!

    • haha, thanks! It’s cool (I hope I got that right…contraction of “it is”. Check!) If I can get through a week without any obvious typos, I’m happy, but that rarely happens. And like you mentioned, I’ve got a lot more to worry about here than being grammatically correct. But I always appreciate when someone points out when I’m wrong. It happens so rarely! Thanks ES!

  3. and if you ever think of devoting a small section to fashion trends seen around town, i would like to put in a word about the “intellectual-ironic-paul bunyon-hipster” thing. its like u are driving down highway 1 singing like an idiot and dennis wilson 1977 drives past you with that look in his eye- its a sunny day at the beach and you were hoping for dennis wilson 1966 – dennis wilson 1977 is the only thing worse than no dennis wilson at all

    just shave that thing off of your face and get a tan already! when is this madness going to stop! and really – a lumberjack would have a tan! he is busy chopping wood outside all day! if we cant end the beards thing right away can we at least bring back the tan? am i right diana? -girl lets talk about what is really wrong w this town!!

  4. Technically, to assemble in mass on public property (i.e. a march) you need to purchase permits. I’m not sure they cost — and I doubt that was the sole money issue — but it is an issue. The city also needs to provide extra police whenever there’s any type of group event like that.

    • That’s a fair point, and it’s true. But that’s never stopped our local “anarchists” from marching whenever they feel like it. They do it every New Year’s Eve. If permit costs were the only thing stopping it, that’s (or is it thats) an even sadder excuse. Thanks for reading and commenting JMP!

      • Didn’t we have a bicycle race and surf contest going on the same day? Wouldn’t a bunch of jr. high…oh, excuse me….middle schoolers rampaging through town make for even more traffic problems and detours? Thanks for the Mierda and your reporting. It’s all about communication, not necessarily spelling or grammar or typos. Gimme the real stuff instead of pretty. I think you do a damn fine job of putting out a weekly.

  5. Great reporting, Ben. It looks like Chief Mills plan is working. Crime is up all over the county! Glad the county can give out free needles. Otherwise all our junkies would have to move to someplace more welcoming.

    As far as grammar that’s putting form over substance. Keep up the good work!

  6. Santa Cruz. The new Atascadero.

  7. Did you hear about what happened to Susan Pappas from True Olive Connection? Verbally assaulted and threatened and police didn’t show up until the next day. After some brief and pithy comments posted by her husband on some social media site. My Chase bank on Ocean now has a security guard. Welcome to friendly Santa Cruz.

    • I did hear the story about what happened and the explanation I heard from SCPD was something along the lines of they were too busy to respond. What a load of mierda. Hire more cops already! Quit whining about the lack of resources, the lack of cops on duty, the lack of money in the budget, or the high number of “nuisance” calls that take up your time. If we didn’t have to deal with so many nuisances on a daily, hourly basis, you wouldn’t get so many calls. SCPD failed a long time local downtown merchant here. The city failed a long time local downtown merchant here. A NEIGHBOR failed a long time, local merchant here. Congratulations on that new “neighborhood” response plan. Seems to be failing miserably downtown.

  8. Just the Facts

    This just in……….anyone have a clue as to why theParks and Rec. Director bugged out of the job? Word on the street is that he’s up and gone for good! Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. Ben, love your column and the comments. Atascadero sans walls…etc. Last week I wanted to ask you if you think the City would be freer of homeless, beggars, drunks,etc if the county would just pay for…??? The County wishes the State would pay and the State wishes the Feds would pay. We can’t put every transient into jail….jail is better than under the bridge and costs the tax payers. Did you know that the jail charges a “booking fee” for each municipality that brings in a “customer”,,,,at least they used to when I was more in the loop than I am now. Getting taken to jail is practically a luxury in this County. You have to be carefully screened and be able to make it clear you are dangerous and not willing to just move along.
    One more question: are you ok with this guy Curtis blasting music from a trailer-truck and handing out clothing? How about if he was also running the needle exchange.? Just asking.
    And thx for your column. Always a treat on Friday.

    • Curtis collects supplies for the Hopi Indians and drives to the reservation. He does not hand out items to people on the street in Santa Cruz. Nice guy.

    • I want the county to pay what it’s (contraction of “it is”) responsible for. The county is responsible for paying for social service programs within and for the county. The city of Santa Cruz is part of that county, just like Aptos, Scotts Valley, Boulder Creek, Felton, Watsonville, and other towns. But because the the city is the county “seat” (feel free to replace that with “ass”), the city gets the jail, the city gets the court, the city gets the multiple homeless shelters and camps, because the powers that be here know they are all interconnected and feed the social services cottage industry we’ve (contraction of “we have”) created locally. The city and county refuse to bite the hand that feeds them. As for Curtis, personally I like the guy but if I owned a business he parked in front of, I might have a different opinion of him. He’s (contraction of “he is”) an “acquired taste”, and even then it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. hey my friend said thats a pic of gomer pyle and that ben dover isnt your real name… sorry i forgot the apostrophe – im passive aggressive – youre not gonna like it

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