The Weekly Dump 12.11.20

Critical Mask

As we reap the rewards of ignoring travel restrictions over Thanksgiving, it seems inevitable that more restrictions will be happening to try to slow down the transmission of COVID locally. We are now on the verge of a complete “shelter in place” being ordered for the county, based on remaining hospital bed capacity. It’s very possible we will be in a shelter in place during Christmas. It didn’t have to be this way. But it is and now we just have to live (or die) with it. The spread begins with you. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Avoid groups outside your bubble. It’s about not being selfish.

There have been 5,523 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, and 1,342 are active cases. 253 have been hospitalized and according to a state count, 47 people are currently hospitalized, and 10 people are in the ICU. 50 people have died. 4,131 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 80,960 people have tested negative. Santa Cruz County is in the purple tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, meaning many non-essential indoor business operations are closed. Its adjusted case rate is at 20.9, and it needs to be at 7 or below to move up. It also has a 5.6% positivity rate, and that needs to be at 8% or below to move up.

Man Shot Multiple Times in Soquel

A man was apparently shot in Soquel this past Sunday night. The shooting happened around 7PM on the 3100 block of Winkle Avenue. The victim was shot multiple times and is in stable condition at the hospital. There is no description on the shooter other than he was a male and may have been driving a white sedan.

Better Late Than Never

Last Thursday, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest had been made in connection to a local homicide that took place twenty five years ago. Back in June of 1995, a 41 year old woman’s body was found along the Pajaro River levee near the Highway 1 overpass. According to witnesses, the victim was last seen around 4:00AM that morning walking on Water Street near Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. Forensic evidence led detectives to arrest a 63 year old male in Turlock without incident. The suspect currently is in Santa Cruz County jail on a no bail hold facing three charges. Murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and a parole violation. Yup, a parole violation. Like fleas on a dog.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last Friday around 2PM, SCPD responded to the 200 block of San Lorenzo Boulevard where they arrested a 22 year old male and charged him with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injury, false imprisonment, sexual battery, making criminal threats, committing a hate crime, and oh yes violating his parole. He’s 22 freaking years old, he’s already on parole, and he goes out and does this. All that mischief and mayhem and his bail is set at $50K. Last check he’s still in jail.

He’s been arrested at least 8 times locally since 2017. Less than 3 months ago, SCPD arrested the same guy on the 100 block of Coulson for being drunk in public, resisting arrest, and for FELONY violation of his parole. The Sheriff let him out of jail for free. “PTA”. Less than 3 months later he does this shit. Can we recall Jim Hart? His bail was set at $250K but because of the felony parole violation, he’s on a no bail hold for now.

Liberty Can Get Expensive Sometimes

Last Friday around 3:30PM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department responded to the 100 block of Liberty Street where they arrested a 51 year old male and charged him with 24 counts of various felony weapons charges. His bail was increased to $100K but he’s still posted bond and bailed out of jail. He was arrested back in 2014 in connection to a local bar fight and shooting.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose

Friday night around 8:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1500 block of Soquel Drive where they arrested a 31 year old male who was wanted by san Jose police for outstanding warrants for assault with a deadly weapon and multiple charges of battery. His bail was set at $250K and last check he’s still in our county jail waiting for ride over the hill.

His Imprisonment Isn’t So Fake Now

Friday morning around 1:30AM, Scotts valley Police responded to the 200 block of Mount Hermon Road where they arrested a 37 year old male and charged him with false imprisonment and battery. His bail was set at $75K and last check he’s still in jail.

Flash in the Can

Last Wednesday, SCPD responded to the 700 block of West Cliff Drive where they arrested a 29 year old woman and charged her with flashing a weapon, battery on a peace officer, and felony vandalism. According to police, she spit on them while they tried to arrest her. She’d lose some teeth if she spit at me. Last check, she’s still in jail on a $25K bond.

The Hook Brings You Back

I ain’t telling you no lie. Monday afternoon, a male was spotted face down in the water between the Hook and Privates near Pleasure Point. Good Samaritans called 911 and pulled him to shore. He was apparently conscious, breathing and talking with rescue workers when they transported him to the hospital.

Bicyclist Rides off West Cliff Drive

Thursday evening, SCPD and Santa Cruz Fire responded to the area of West Cliff Drive and Fair Avenue after getting reports of someone falling off the cliff. Apparently, a bicyclist was riding his bicycle on a trail before he plunged off the trail and onto the beach below. The Santa Cruz Fire Department responded with a ladder truck to hoist the man up to the road in a basket. He was transported to a local hospital. No other information was immediately available on his condition.

Local Residents Group Over Dubious Needle Distribution Program

This week, it was announced that a group of local residents is suing a group that has been handing out thousands of needles to drug users in Santa Cruz, resulting in enormous amounts of dirty needles being found littered in the community. The group calling themselves the laughably clueless “Harm Reduction Coalition of Santa Cruz County”, somehow managed to get state approval in August of last year allowing them to freely and uncontrollably hand out syringes to people who use injection drugs. They can be found handing out needles on Coral Street (Skid Row!) near River Street in the Harvey West neighborhood of Santa Cruz. They also offer delivery, which is actually illegal in the city of Santa Cruz. More on this story here.

Changing of the Guard

In one of their final meetings of the year (is it their final meeting?), the Santa Cruz city council took care of some internal business on Tuesday. The selected Donna Meyers to be the new mayor and Sonja Brunner to be the next vice mayor. A solid “moderate” (relatively speaking) majority. And we bid a fond farewell to Cynthia Mathews, arguably the most powerful woman in Santa Cruz. And say so long to Katherine Beiers, arguably the most entertaining thing about watching a Santa Cruz city council meeting on Zoom. We might be missing the comic relief of the local kook parade live at public comments, but Katherine makes up for it on Zoom.
I was thinking today it was just over a year ago and the city council was a complete, dysfunctional, testosterone fueled dumpster fire. And now it’s a functional, respectful, group of people who have shown an ability to work together. What a flush that recall was. Worth. Every. Dime. Spent. Good luck to new city council members Sonja and Shebreh! Thanks for stepping up to serve the community.

The Weekly Seen

The Hardest Working Man in Santa Cruz

For my money, the hardest working man in Santa Cruz is Ron Perrigo. Ron is a contractor with the city and county, picking up trash for them in some of the dirtiest, nastiest parts of the city and county. Ron is kind and non judgmental, doing some of the hardest, dirtiest, most difficult work daily. Ron has literally picked up thousands of tons of trash in Santa Cruz.

For the past few months, Ron has continued to pick up homeless garbage without pay. He has been using his own money to cover dump fees, he pays for his own gas and maintenance on his truck, he’s provided his own trash cans in areas like the homeless camp (on Caltrans property) near Highways 1 and 9. And he’s struggling financially as a result of just trying to do the right thing for the community. Time for me to give back. I’m selling some “I Love Ron” stuff to help raise money to cover any out of pocket costs Ron has incurred in the past few months helping to keep Santa Cruz clean. Anyone who knows Ron (like me) knows Ron is the real deal, one of the absolute nicest people in all of Santa Cruz. All proceeds from sales of Ron stuff will go directly to Ron. Show Ron some love!

Get Your Swagger On!

I have swag! I’m working with Spreadshirt and have my own shop. I just put some basic products up to start with for now with the new logo. You can also click “Customize” and “Products” and pick from other products not currently available in my store. Contact me with any questions or issues. Nothing would make me happier than to see people out and about with my swag. I want photos! I’ve never asked for money, and I still plan to continue to do the Weekly Dump each week and make it available for free, without any paywall or ads or spam (or salary). Think of this as a way of donating to the effort and getting something back for your donation (I only make a few bucks on each item sold). I’d love to do more with Santa Mierda if I had the means to do so. This will help provide the means to do so. And it helps get the word out. The hell with the coronavirus, let’s make this viral. Being stuck inside is the perfect time for online shopping! I’ll love you long time if you buy my swag.

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  1. We ❤❤❤❤❤❤ RON !!!!!!!

  2. How can I donate without getting a t shirt?

    • I’m trying to get Ron to set up a GoFundMe account that goes directly to him. Stay tuned.

      • As someone who works in the River St area, I personally want to thank Ron for all his hard work.
        I’ve personally cleaned up many needles as well as homeless trash and cant imagine dedicating my free time doing it. Truly a giving human being.
        Thank you Ron!

  3. I would also like to donate to Ron and don’t need a T or sweatshirt or mug. Please post if you are able to start a Go Fund Me account for him.

  4. I don’t share your glowing opinion of the city council, but it was better after the recall, and we hope better still next year. Better being defined as not all out Measure M rent control, homeless sanctioned in neighborhoods, more civil, but also WAY too far left for me and no real discourse on anything, anytime ever seen. Almost pure mindless copy cat progressive leftism. I blame the educational system.
    I also don’t share the luv the mask thingy, as there is exactly zero evidence it protects the wearer, and asymptomatic people are rare transmitters of Covid. Any anecdotal evidence of help is because the SICK people that are going out with masks on might relatively reduce their spread that way a little, but the false sense of security is bad news. The lack of prioritization of what really, really matters isn’t happening. More like “U VIL OBEY” no matter what (unless of course you are having a protest, or Gavin Newsom, etc) then it’s OK not to.

    • It’s about protecting each other, what do you not get? If I wear a mask, I protect you from getting Covid if I have it. If you have Covid, you protect me by wearing a mask. Hence, we should all wear masks to protect each other. There is plenty of evidence that it reduces transmission. I guess thinking of protecting others is beyond you. If you want someone to blame for our country’s insanely high Covid numbers, you can start with the orange clown and his merry band of con-artists at the national level. Sounds like South Dakota is good state for you to settle down in. Plenty of like minded people there.

  5. Let’s raise awareness for Mr. Perrigo
    The city should let him dump all of the garbage he picks up for free
    Plus they should probably compensate him for all other expenses since the city is ignoring their obligations to tax paying citizens in keeping our streets clean

  6. You mean to tell me that all those dumpsters on state property are privately owned and provided free gratis because one local man has decided they are necessary to be there?

    Sort of puts to rest the contention that the State and County are responsible for providing services to its destitute citizens, doesn’t it? I wonder if he got a Coastal Commission permit first?

  7. MuyDeplorable

    I came to downtown SC today. Bah. For one things, several of the businesses that I might have patronized had prominent “Black Lives Matter” signs on their windows. Unless there is no alternative, I do not patronize places with BLM or rainbow signs, or those silly “Science is Real” posters. Luckily, there are alternatives.

    I noticed a lot of cops near the Civic Auditorium. Santa was there, too. At first, I thought maybe they were busting Santa for not wearing a mask. Takes a lot of cops for something like that, especially around here. But no, it was a special event, “Santa Cops and Friends for Kids.” Might be worth stopping by, with kids.

    And, of course, the first person who mumbled anything to me was a bum. But you knew that.

  8. Just the Facts

    Ron is the bomb! Full disclosure, I have worked with him many times and he’s a garbage hauling machine. He should be getting much more recognition. But that would be acknowledging that the junkies and vagrants create a public nuisance. Not going to happen. We still love you Ron! He picks up the literal shit on the State property because the State was sued over the “theft” of vagrant property. Same crap Bad Mom keeps spouting here. So now they won”t touch it. Nice visual for our “Gateway to the City.’ The County won”t touch it and the City is already overwhelmed with all the other tons of trash at all the other encampments. Where are all the environmentalists who freak over a plastic straw yet ignore the destruction of our green-belts, parks, and open spaces? Could it be because the local Sierra Club is controlled by the same cabal of so-called progressives that brought us Camp Ross? Time for all of us to haul out the garbage around here.

    • More like, homelessness is a systemic problem, with many different causes including skyrocketing rents here in Santa Cruz. Environmentalists recognize that the actions of individuals make little difference when it comes to environmental issues. It’s completely reductive and ignorant to blame individuals for being homeless. The government needs to enact systemic changes — in the case of garbage collection, instead of relying on the volunteer efforts of very generous individuals like Ron, garbage collection should be subsidized by the City and by ratepayers for folks who can’t afford it.

      If you really cared about beautifying our City, maybe you would consider the humanity of those folks living rough outside. If you want less garbage and people on the street, support politicians and policies that lift people out of poverty.

  9. I LOVE RON! And I absolutely love that you are raising money to help him keep SC clean. Thank you for acknowledging what an incredible human he is what an asset he is to Santa Cruz!!

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