The Weekly Dump 7.14.17

Shark Attacks Kayaker Near Steamers

Tuesday afternoon around noon, reports came in about a possible shark attack off West Cliff drive near the lighthouse by a kayaker who was knocked out of his kayak by a shark. Nobody was hurt. The man said he felt something nudge his kayak, and when he looked down he saw a great white shark in the water next to his kayak. The shark then attacked his kayak and the man was thrown into the water. He was eventually rescued by harbor patrol. A large bite mark from the shark’s teeth was visible in the front of the kayak.

DHS/ICE Deports Seven People From Recent Central Coast Raids

The Department of Justice has released new information on the recent ICE operation which took place on the Central Coast. The DOJ said of the 25 people arrested during ICE raids in June, 7 have been deported, while 15 are in jail at either the Rio Cosumnes Correction Center, Contra Costa Jail, or Yuba County Jail. Three people were released from custody. ICE was targeting wanted criminals, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives. More than 83% of those arrested had prior criminal convictions including DUI, cruelty to a child, drug offenses, obstructing justice, domestic violence, burglary, sex crimes and weapons violations according to ICE. They did not disclose if those deported were actually from Santa Cruz, but according to their records only 3 of the 25 people were actually arrested in Santa Cruz.

Serial Arsonist Arrested in Downtown Santa Cruz

Last Friday night around 10:30PM, SCPD and the Santa Cruz Fire Department responded to numerous reported trash can fires in the downtown area. The first fire occurred in a trash can in the parking garage at Soquel and Front streets. About 8 minutes after that call, another trash can fire was reported at Pacific and Cooper streets. Five minutes later, another trash can fire was reported at Pacific and Walnut. Then while SCFD was responding to that call, they noticed ANOTHER trash can fire on the 1300 block of Pacific. Witnesses gave officers descriptions of the suspect seen causing the fire and based on their descriptions, SCPD apparently identified a serial recidivist who frequents downtown. Officers fanned out in the downtown area looking for the suspected arsonist and found the 37 year old man near Elm and Pacific. A witness also came forward and identified the suspect for the arson in a garbage can on Pacific Avenue. Officers booked the man into jail for arson, as well as a probation violation. PROBATION! The County hands it out like candy on Halloween. We suffer for it. 

Shooting at Barson and Pearl on Saturday Afternoon

Saturday around 2PM, reports came in that a man was shot in the neck or head at a home on Pearl street near Barson. The residence was described by SCPD as a “known gang house”. After SCPD arrived, they seemed to determine that the victim’s injuries may have been self inflicted. In any case, they weren’t actively looking for a suspect after it happened, and the victim was transported and then flown to a trauma center over the hill. No word on his condition, because as usual, there was NOTHING in the mainstream local news about it.

Pot Grower Shot in Early Morning Raid in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Around 6AM last Friday, members of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife raided a marijuana grow site near Rattlesnake Gulch and Highland Way in the Sierra Azul Preserve, close to Soquel Demonstration Forest, resulting in a shootout. After a brief exchange of gunfire with authorities on site, a suspected marijuana grower was shot. No law enforcement officers were injured. The gunshot victim was flown to a Bay Area trauma center.

Robbery and Stabbing on Chestnut Street

Tuesday night around 7PM, reports came in that a man was stabbed off of Chestnut street near Depot Park. SCPD sent multiple units to the scene to search for suspects and evidence. The 25 year old male victim reported he was stabbed and robbed by two acquaintances. The suspects, a 27 year old male and a 34 year old male, were in the company of the victim. The victim claims one man pulled a dagger and held it to his throat. The suspects threatened to kill him if he did not hand over his money. The suspects then attacked the victim stealing $500 in cash. The victim sustained a cut to his hand deflecting the knife during the struggle. SCPD found and detained one suspect, who possessed the stolen cash. The officers also found the discarded knife and had a lead on the second suspect, who was also arrested a short time later. SCPD arrested both men and charged them with robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and assault with a deadly weapon.

Carjacking at Laurel and Front

Friday night around 8:45PM, a report came in that a white Chevy Malibu was stolen after it’s owner was threatened with a gun on the 300 block of Front. SCPD initiated a Project ROPE shortly after, which was later cancelled when they failed to locate the vehicle. Multiple units searched the downtown area looking for it. The suspect was described as a white male with a beard in his thirties. Sounds like the victims were a couple of local kids. My question is: why would anyone want to steal a Chevy Malibu?

Naked Guy Smashes Windows Downtown

Wednesday morning around 9AM, reports came in that a naked man was raising hell on the top floor of a downtown parking garage, throwing stuff off the top floor down onto unsuspecting people walking by. He also broke a car window, which was witnessed by the car’s owner, who was too terrified to confront the man. SCPD arrived and arrested the obviously mentally ill suspect. When asked if the mental health worker (MH1) is available, PD was told no, they “weren’t in yet”.

Man Shot in the Ass in Boulder Creek

I heard reports that a man was shot in the ass in Boulder Creek on Wednesday afternoon around 1PM. It happened on the 100 block of Crescent Drive. No word on the man’s condition, or whether any suspects were caught. What a pain in the ass!

Fight at Almar and Mission

Got a report on Wednesday morning around 11AM that a man was beating up a woman near the corner of Almar and Mission. SCPD responded as usual. By the description, it sounded like both were transients living out of a car. I think I hear about this type of call (domestic violence involving a man and woman transient) at least once a day. And those are just the ones I hear about. But hey, let’s just roll out the welcome mat here for transients living in vehicles. What could possibly go wrong?

Wildfire Threatens Homes Near DeLaveaga Golf Course

Friday afternoon around 2PM, a wildfire was reported near the DeLaveaga Golf Course. CalFire reported it was about 2 acres wide at its peak, with witnesses describing the fire as “spreading rapidly.” CalFire helicopters and an air tanker made retardant and water drops to prevent the blaze from spreading into a nearby neighborhood. A second small wildfire ignited nearby, but firefighters were able to quickly douse it, and refocus on the main fire, which was mostly contained by 6PM. No injuries were reported. Investigators have not yet determined what sparked the wildfire.

Early Morning Accident Results in Fatality on Highway One

I heard from a number of people that there was an early morning car accident on northbound Highway 1 that claimed the life of at least one person. It happened around 3:30 in the morning near the 41st avenue onramp. Apparently, a witness described seeing the car leave the roadway and crash into a group of trees, where it caught fire upon impact.

Nude Instagram Model From Davenport Arrested in Florida

An Instagram model from Davenport faces multiple charges after she allegedly attacked police during a naked romp at a waterfront Florida hotel. Twenty five year old Brissa Dominguez, who goes by “baybaddiebrie” on Instagram, wasn’t wearing any clothes when she fought with officers at the Edge Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. She was arrested on charges of trespassing, resisting an officer with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer in the incident, which occurred early in the morning of July 5th. The latter two counts are felonies. According to the Smoking Gun, police responded to a complaint from the hotel’s manager that Dominguez was causing a disturbance around 4:20AM and refused to leave the hotel. When local police arrived, they found the defendant nude. When an officer handed her a towel to cover herself, she struck him in the face by snapping it at him. It only got worse from there. According to the police report, Dominguez kicked and attempted to bite and spit on another arresting officer. If that wasn’t enough, while being handcuffed she landed a “mule kick” into the body of one of the arresting officers. Dominguez was released from the Clearwater county jail after posting $10,000 bond.

But His Story Sounds So Plausible!

Early Friday morning, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies questioned a male who was loitering with a friend at the 7-11 on Soquel Drive. Inside the man’s pockets, deputies found a California ID card and a credit card belonging to a woman that had her vehicle stolen in Santa Cruz on July 3rd. The male told deputies that he found the items in a wallet on the street, which he threw away after removing the ID and credit card with the intent of returning them to the rightful owner. The man was taken to jail for possession of stolen property.

Free Friday Concert at the Boardwalk

This week features Blue Oyster Cult! Formed in New York in 1967 and still going strong, they’ve sold over 14 million albums worldwide. Known for hits like “The Reaper,” “Burnin’ for You,” and “Godzilla.” More cowbell please! Free shows on the beach at 6:30PM and 8:30PM.

Weekly Shoutouts

Weekly shoutout to Dr. Joiner and his staff at Joiner Orthodontics who bought a brand new surfboard for a 9 year old patient who had his board stolen by some creep.

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  1. Just read this from SCPD blog spot….young kids, maybe gang related, and of course near my house so I’m especially worried…maybe they were just hunting the goats last week at Harbor High ?? Haha. The housing development across from the Harbor High baseball fields seems to be having a heavy bad element hanging out there over the recent months fyi .

    • I saw that story about the kid with the gun but it was too late to include this week. Thanks for sharing it Slice!

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