The Weekly Dump 8.23.19

Man Barricades Himself at Homeless Services Center

Around 10AM last Friday morning, a guy barricaded himself inside the Homeless Services Center on Coral street. He was apparently “terminated” from the program the night before for making threats, and the next morning he scaled a wall and barricaded himself inside the Page Smith house threatening to burn down the shelter. The center was briefly evacuated and the man eventually surrendered peacefully but not before wasting lots of city resources as his tantrum required multiple SCPD units, as well as fire and medics to respond.

Two Arrests Related to Recent Rash of Local Shootings

Last Friday, two men were arrested in connection with a rash of recent shootings in Santa Cruz. A San Jose man was arrested in Capitola after a traffic stop. A Watsonville man was also arrested at his home. Both men were booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail on charges including attempted homicide, being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, and participation in a criminal street gang. Police did not identify which of the six recent shootings the men were apparently involved in.

Breaking Balls and Stories

The city of Santa Cruz officially released an investigative report and other documents related to the investigation of poor behavior by Santa Cruz city council members Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. It’s almost 300 pages long and I’m still suffering through it, so I’ll probably be talking about it for the next couple of weeks. No need to chug this, I’m gonna sip it and take it all in.

Then on Thursday morning, one of my avid readers sent me a couple images describing an incident that happened at city hall that morning involving Drew Glover. Including this screencap of a communication from someone working within the city:

An incident that got this kind of response from the city manager:

Can we get any more dysfunctional here with this guy? Now the situation is so toxic, the city manager has forbidden his staff to engage with Drew Glover. Is this what we want from our city council?

Anyways, as soon as I got confirmation that the incident as described happened in front of multiple witnesses, and my source gave me permission to use it, I ran with it on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Then a few hours later, KSBW is reporting on the morning meltdown story I broke on the 6PM news.

More from KION.

Attempted Child Abduction 

Monday afternoon, a 13 year old girl fought off an attempted abduction on the 7000 block of Highway 9 in Felton. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office reported the girl was walking to her mother’s work after school on a dirt trail when a man started to talk to her before grabbing her arm and backpack strap. The girl was able to run away from the man, who was last seen running toward San Lorenzo Middle School. Apparently nobody has been arrested.

The Gangs All Here!

Last Saturday night around 5PM, the Santa Cruz County Gang Enforcement Team conducted a search of a room at the Ocean Lodge on the 1000 block of Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. During the search, an unregistered 9mm handgun was found in the room and multiple Sureno gang members were present. Two people were determined to be in possession of the handgun and both suspects were on court supervised OR with search terms. They were arrested for weapons and drug charges. Both suspects were minors, aged 19 and 20, and were arrested on a variety of gang related charges as well. Both are still in jail last time I checked.

Been Caught Stealing

Last Saturday morning around 3AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of two people stealing from a front yard on the 500 block of Rodriguez Street in Santa Cruz. The pair of transient bums from Watsonville were caught while stealing from the front yard and detained, one at taser point. One man had burglary tools and a probation hold, the other had an illegally concealed fixed blade knife and a misdemeanor warrant. Both were arrested. One is already out.

Elderly Woman Assaulted on Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf

Wednesday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf for a report of some kind of assault near Gildas. A man reportedly knocked down an elderly woman hard enough to injure her head and possibly fracture her hip. The man got in his truck and then drover to the end of the wharf before turning around and trying to leave. By the time he got to the exit, SCPD was outside waiting for him and followed him a short distance before pulling him over on West Cliff. The victim needed medical attention for her injuries.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last Wednesday around 5PM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department stopped a transient male from Davenport near Ocean and Felker Streets in Santa Cruz who had two outstanding felony warrants. He was also on probation and a search of him turned up methamphetamine and heroin. He was arrested (yet again).

Never Let Them See You Sweat

Early Wednesday morning,Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a man acting suspicious in several backyards along Santa Marguarita Drive in Aptos. Deputies found a man with several local outstanding warrants in a backyard sweating profusely from drug use. He was placed under arrest for being under the influence of drugs and the warrants.

U-Haul Him Off to Jail

Last week, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the U-Haul on the 6400 block of Graham Hill Road in Felton for a report of a vagrant trespassing on the property. They found a male suspect on searchable probation for weapons and drugs. After a quick search of him, they found a pair of scissors hidden in his pocket, along with drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance. All were violations of the conditions of his probation, so he was arrested and taken to county jail.

He Could Have Really Used a Double Espresso

Last Thursday morning around 2AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a man passed out in the drivers seat of his car at the Starbucks on the 2700 block of 41st Avenue. When they arrived, they found him passed out with heroin on his lap in plain sight.

Concern Over Possible Gunman Sighting Puts UCSC on High Alert

Wednesday morning, UCSC police sent an alert to students saying that there might be a person on campus with a gun. According to UCSC police officials, the man was seen in the area of Merrill College wearing all black possibly carrying a gun. After a few hours, the all clear was given, no gunman was found, and nobody was arrested.

Bike Thieves Busted in Aptos

Around 6:30AM on Thursday morning, a couple of burglars visiting from over the hill parked their rented U-Haul in front of Family Cycling Center on 41st Avenue in Capitola and smashed out the front window in broad daylight, stealing six mountain bikes worth more than $30,000. Thankfully, a neighbor saw it all go down and got a good description of the vehicle, and soon CHP was on a high speed chase attempting to stop it. The suspects jumped out of the van along Huntington Drive near Polo Grounds Park in Aptos before attempting to flee on a couple of the stolen bikes. They were soon caught and arrested for commercial burglary. The bike shop got all their bikes back.

After Midnight

Saturday morning around 1AM, a 21 year old woman was arrested on the 900 block of Pacific Avenue for assault with a deadly weapon and being drunk in public. Sounds familiar.

Everyone Loves Raymond

Friday night around 5PM, a 55 year old woman was arrested on the 300 block of Raymond Street for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. She’s been arrested a few times in the past year.

More of the Usual From Bonesios

Tuesday night around 10PM, SCPD responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon at Bonesios at Pacific and Laurel in downtown Santa Cruz. One guy was arrested.

Non-Critical Mass

Last weekend, there was some sort of group bike ride going on around the city of Santa Cruz that depending who you ask, was riding out of control (or maybe they were in control), and running red lights and dodging in and out of traffic (or maybe obeying the rules of the road). I somehow missed all the drama but I heard bits and pieces about it on social media. I did hear a report about a group of bicyclists on West Cliff wanting to fight with some guy in a white Honda on Saturday around 5PM. I don’t think it got violent or physical as SCPD showed up with multiple units and seemed to just follow these guys around West Cliff for awhile until they just called it and left.

We Have a Judge Race in 2020!

I know, you’re probably thinking. How this is newsworthy and why should I care? Let me explain. Some local lawyer recently filed paperwork to run against local Judge Ariadne Symons in the next election in 2020. On the surface it seems worthy of the back page with the notices and the pot store ads. But this actually big news in that it’s highly unusual for anyone to run against a sitting judge. I’ve been told this many times by many different people whose opinions I not only respect, but they would know. Local judges are selected in one of two ways. They either get appointed by the Governor (who is usually pretty liberal, see Brown and Newsom) or they are elected. Even the appointed judges have to run for re-election at some point, but they almost always run unopposed, because the unwritten rule is you don’t want to run against a sitting judge if you are a practicing attorney locally. You might lose and then you might have to face that sitting judge down the road, and nobody seems to want any of that.

Where to Sign Recall Petitions This Week!

Here’s the latest update from petition organizers!

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do!

West Side Farmer’s Market
Mission Street extension and Western Drive
Sat, Aug 24
10 am – 1 pm

Whole Foods (off Soquel Ave)
911 Soquel Ave
Mon, Sept 2
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Marini’s Shutters Downtown Location

This week, local favorites Marini’s Candies will be permanently closing their downtown location. They are an institution downtown and it’s sad to see them close. ““Downtown isn’t really the family friendly environment that it used to be” according to the owner. As if high rent and rampant nuisance crime isn’t bad enough, anyone who goes downtown regularly knows the parade of crap vendors who sell stuff along the sidewalks without paying rent or having a business license are back in full swing. The city has apparently given up enforcing any laws about that.

Valley of the Moon Fiddle Extravaganza at the Santa Cruz Civic!

Next Friday night at 8PM, join Indie Award winning Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser, Ryan McKasson, Eric McDonald and more than 200 musicians, singers, and dancers in a celebration of music, song and dance. Once a year fiddle players from around the globe gather for a week of music sharing in Boulder Creek and then put on a show at the civic led by the legendary Alasdair Fraser. This show benefits the non profit Valley of the Moon Fiddling School. Tickets are available online here.

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

I just want to thank Surf City Barber Shop, Stockwell Cellars, Central Coast Welding and Fabrication, Java Junction Coffee Roasting, Union Foodie Truck, KSCO, Bone-A-Fide Dog Care, Brooks Properties, Carolyn Livingston Campaign Services, Damon Bruder Construction, Biomarcommunications, Jane Becker, and all the other local businesses and business owners who are actively supporting the recall efforts. Please support these brave local businesses, who are being stalked and harassed by recall critics for simply exercising their first amendment freedom of speech rights. They deserve our ongoing support and our business.

Also thanks and kudos to David Plumlee, Terry Spodick, Don Reimann, Robert Stone, David Quesada, Scott Richards, Elizabeth Clifton, Carol Polhamus, and everyone else who has donated their time and money to the recall campaign. Your contributions are very much appreciated!

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  1. Just the Facts

    Glover can only interact with Martine and other dept. heads?
    Looks like it’s time to hire some more paid UCSC staffers! In all my years in Santa Cruz I NEVER heard of such a communique going out to city workers. Truly pathetic.

  2. Now that I have listened to interviews of both councilmen Krohn and Glover on KSCO’s Common Sense with Ashley Scontriano I’m even more glad I sighed the recall. If there’s anyone that is on the fence I would suggest going online to KSCO where everything is archived and listen to them both. If nothing else it will fire you up to get out and sign it.

  3. Can’t wait to hear any follow-up news of the biker invasion. I saw a brief video of it and it sure did not look organized or law-abiding to me. Who rides with bandanas over their faces? Poor Santa Cruz. Thanks Ben for the news reporting. It seems like you are filling the modern equivalent of an old-time local newspaper. It takes persistence and courage. Thank you so much.

    • I heard that is was a “ride-out” akin to a “paddle out” for surfers when a fellow rider passes away. Seeing the way these “people” behaved both Downtown and on West Cliff made me think they were going for a perpetual “ride-out” as their riding looked like it had high potential for causing a fatality. Kids were dooing wheelies into oncoming traffic, practically making cars come to a halt to avoid a collision. And, of course we know what would have happened if one of those poor youth (who is no doubt a good boy that didn’t do nothing and was on their way to college) had been injured.

      • It was an annual Rideout sponsored by SE Bikes. They do it in different cities. I talked to a couple of guys from Sacramento. They said people came from all over: Vegas, San Diego, Sac…They had a 15-mile course with about 1000 riders. They rolled past my shop around 2:30. Looked like mayhem. I don’t think anybody was causing any trouble other than the obvious traffic infractions. I’m sure drivers were pretty uptight about it, but I have had a lot more time wasted by rubberneckers checking out an accident on the opposite side of the freeway or blocking lanes after a minor accident, so I don’t get bugged by a couple of minutes of delay from bikes. I also ride a bike, so I guess I acknowledge that bikers are humans, unlike many drivers.

        • Cool. So an incorporated entity organized and sponsored an event in which minors were deliberately exposed to harm as well as exposed others to harm, committinh traffic infractions while doing so. Thanks for sharing the name of the organization. You make pur job that much easier!

  4. Its a sign of the times when even riding a bicycle becomes a militant group activity designed to control the road and annoy others.

  5. did i understand that correctly lol – so the investigation was about harassing women in the workplace, and this dude, subject of the investigation, decides to to harass one of the women, at work, for her work on that investigation? LMAO. misogyny, usa.

    yeah the city is covering their own ass here, its called human resources dept. its there, to you know, protect organisations from being sued and to protect people including women and minorities from driscrimination and harassment in the workplace. dude the irony. u would not expect to be able to use the pc card against the alt left, but clearly u can lol.

  6. has anyone else heard that a high percentage of males who turn to lives of crime were also sexually abused as children? I would wonder what percentage of the local repeat offenders had that trauma at a young age? is this really a drug crisis in california? a homeless crisis? or is this more about men not being able to process complex emotional trauma in the same way as women? both genders have their natural strengths and weaknesses.
    i cant stop wondering why the local homeless census shows so many middle aged males.

    i think the local census shows a heavy criminal element, but just stumbled across that child abuse info by chance. wondering how much of the street and drug crime in california is more about how oh men can open jars easier and women can process complex emotional crap easier? no idea.

    sorry to go off topic, but california has limited resources to adress this crisis, and maybe it would be good to figure out the real root of the problem.

    this article here says 59% of the men in jail surveyed reported having that type of trauma at a young age.

    does california need to provide more talk therapy for male inmates who were abused as children? idk. if the drug use, crime and voluntarily transience are really symptoms of child molestation scars, it might make sense to address that large portion of the prison population with some proven healing methods like talk therapy?? ok end rant.

    • I always say: more than a drugs, crime, homeless issue, this is a MENTAL HEALTH issue. Isnt that where all this misbehaviour starts anyway?
      We need to make mental health care the first priority in CA… hell in the whole of the US. Like you said, therapy is the only way to truly begin to fix these on going issues as a result of abuse/neglect. Prison and drug use obviously doesnt solve PTSD.
      And what of the truly mentaly disabled people who are living, I mean existing, in filth and squalor as opposed to being in a facility where they can get proper care and regular medication, (Just to be clear I dont mean the horror houses we have now that we call mental institutions), but rather actual places with funding and adequate staff and care.
      Maybe if our tax money was put to this, instead of paying retired senators millions of dollars on a lifetime pension where they only served one term?? Itd be interesting to see the statistics after a movement like that… no?

      • yeah and logically, if a male child was traumatised in a home… they could definitely have an aversion or a hatered of anything domestic. it could be a large chunk of voluntary transience is more about a deep rooted rejection of having a home because thats where they got attacked. and that is what you see here- a real hatred of anything domestic.

        people dont just want to take temporary shelter in a park, they also want to completely trash the park. people want to trash the bathrooms, neighbors yards, doorways, downtown- there is a real consistent desire to trash anything traditionally domestic.

        the sad part is some of the local “intellectual communists” seem to be encouraging that by saying we should all reject everything traditionally domestic and just live in govt owned skyscrapers? or saying we cant even have a right to our private property or parks or sidewalks or doorways. its just a perfect storm. :/

        • Yeah like Glover trying to legalize or decriminalize public defacation. SMH

        • Kris — thank you for these really insightful comments. I’ve never heard that idea before, but it would make a lot of sense. Although there is not going to be just one cause of the homeless / transient problem, it would be great if more research could be done to see if childhood sexual trauma is at least one of the major factors that brings people into that situation.

          I too notice the disproportionate number of men who are homeless, and (as a man myself) it makes me kind of mad. It seems like there are institutions, services and aid that specifically aims to help groups like women, families or various minority groups, but what about for men? What is there for men specifically? Do we have “mens shelters” or “mens homes”? Why not? Are there so many homeless men because men are more susceptible to the kinds of mental problems that lead to homelessness? Or are so many men homeless because of a kind of reverse sexism in our society that assumes that men are strong and don’t ever really need help?

          • Keep in mind what happens when groups of men are put together in facilities, (like the stunt pulled by the man at the shelter just this week?) and no, women dont always get the help they need. If you dont believe me, go downtown. There are a couple with perminate residence in front of the post office and jamba juice. Also men arnt violently and constantly raped on the street (or at least nearly as often I should say) as homeless women, that’s why there tends to be more programs for them.
            Bottom line, you cant help those who dont want it. Men or women. And excusing crimes for it it ludicrous.
            And in this town as progressive as it is, there are programs out there if they DO want help. Trouble is there are rules, like sobriety requirement to show effort to putting your life together like attempting to find employment.
            Sorry, but in not going to support these poor “men” who want to get high and thieve all day because they were abused. That doesnt help them or anyone.

  7. We used to refer to the Critical Mass riders as Massholes. That long ago nickname crossed my mind when I saw them cutting across 4 lanes of traffic against a red light, stopping one lane from inching forward in stop and go traffic and darned lucky that they weren’t plowed down by oncoming cars from the non-backed up direction.

  8. Comparing that BS to a paddle-out is sacrilege…a paddle-out is a spiritual tribute to a fallen comrade and it is peaceful and respectful of the comrade, the oceans and the participants.
    Where is Dave today? Must be his day off.

    • I fully agree; only made the comparison because that is how it was described to me by another person. If you saw some of the burly dudes riding with the kids, you probably would not have wanted to even consider “having a word” with them. I was practically cheering for an accident in my mind (dark and twisted, I know…we can all do better, no doubt but respect begets respect and these dregs were showing anything but respect).

    • Been under the weather but still go to work. And I’ve been vigilant so the places I Gaurd keep getting less trespassing and riff raff. Got my weekly death threat by a young guy I’ve ejected about 10 times the last 3 times were after I caught the guy smoking from a meth pipe and since then made it a point to tell him not to come on the property’s I Gaurd. Luckily I look intimidating or else most of these “ punks” would try to bully me. I called PD talked to an officer of course they know the guy and that’s that, I mainly call so if these scum bags do the same stuff again I have a record to say it’s not the first threat. I don’t want to here “ well you should’ve reported the other times “ so I report as I need to. Yesterday bout 15 min before my shift ended a young black guy on a skateboard passed in front of my car and flipped me off. I don’t stand for crap like this I had to curse at him to get him to stop of course he was far away when he decided to say F-U! To me. I just told him “ people like you are what everyone hates about this town” he basically said F-pigs and yada yada.

      Plenty of punks riding bikes with masks. The “ currier bike” has been moved to next the red ball near the MAH “ your museum” caught a guy pulling parts off of it. But called the number that’s on the for sale sign stating that there bikes is getting vandalized. Of course the guy taking parts from the bike had a mask on but the bike he was on [stolen probably] had a flat rear tire. White guy all in black black bike black mask backpack with tools in it. This was right on the corner next to the red ball. These “ people” don’t care and know they won’t get into any real trouble.

      Prediction of a problem-6:30 am I see a younger black woman walking a white chihuahua and a husky mix sh was wearing a purple wig at one point. She asked me where public bathrooms were I said I really don’t know { but I know why there impossible to find here in SC:)} I then saw her 15 min afterwards I see here playing with her dogs rolling on the ground a guy went to pet her dogs she yelled out “ don’t touch my dogs” I told her if you have issues with people touching your dogs then you going to have problems SC is a dog lover city. She then said she was having emotional problems she declined me calling help for her. Another guy flipped me off this time it was a white guy on a bike with a mask. I’m going to write more later. Thanks for the support and as always ROCK ON BEN YOUVE GOT OUR SUPPORT!!

  9. Just the Facts

    Saw Glover Friday am near the corner of Bay and WestCliff sporting a spiffy black button down shirt instead of his standard purple garb. Perhaps SEIU has finally realized it should not support someone who trashes city employees? He’ll take their union money for his campaign. then throw them under the bus. The fact that he was gesticulating and ranting makes me wonder how this joke teaches conflict resolution!

  10. Dont be fooled by these so called fun loving cyclists…
    About 10 years ago I was driving down westcliff on my way to my west side home, when I came across a group of about 40 of them. (They were protesting against ppl who own/drive cars). While the group were all decked out in peace and love parrephinellia, they purposely were blocking both lanes of the road so cars couldn’t pass going either way. After being stuck behind them at 15 mph for about 3 blocks, I decided to turn off onto Woodrow. 2 the cyclists followed me, then 10 more followed suit, riding my bumper, dodging in and out the front of my car, and screaming obscenities at me. Worried i would accidentally hit one of them, I stopped the car and sat there as they rode circles around me yelling at me, threatening to pull me out of the car and beat me. Unable to move, I grabbed my cell phone and started to call the cops. One of them grabbed my phone out of my hand through the rolled down window and threatened to throw it in the ocean. My instinct was to get out and get my phone back, but luckily I was cool headed enough to stay in the car. I rolled up the window and locked the door and sat there, helpless and wondering what to do next. “Should I just drive away, and to hell with them if I run one of them over?”… but I think we all know how that wouldve went down in local media…
    Eventually, seeing how they were unable to get a rise out of me, they grew bored decided to leave, throwing my phone on the ground as they rode away. Once the coast was clear, I got out of the car and retrieved my phone, then quickly went home and called the police. Cops came, I filed charges, needless to say, not much happened. The ring leader got a ticket for harrassement, and the rest got a stern talking to.
    Moral of the story, no one is immune from mob mentality, no matter how “peaceful” you dress it up to begin with.

    • Probably wouldn’t happen in a jurisdiction with open carry or more accessible concealed carry. People will do what they can get away with and Santa Cruz seems to have had a half-century of “do as you please” which is a recipe for disaster if a community is not strongly grounded in firm morality/ethics. I’ve only lived here a decade and never have I seen such rudeness or lack of civility from people as I have in Santa Cruz and in California in general.

      • Amen to that. “Freedom” here has been twisted into do whatever you want with no consequence.
        And as far as legal carry and conceal, im completely with you.
        You know why you dont see a high percent of home break ins in Montana and Alabama? Because these criminals dont want to be on the home owners business end of a 45 or worse. Just goes to prove the places that liberalize and communize everything only favor freedoms of the ones willing to take advantage of the lawlessness.

        • I agree with your initial sentiment but must disagree on “liberalism”.

          I believe that “liberalism” (classicly defined) can work but only with the proper supporting culture. Liberalism is primarily a product of Anglo-Scottish and some Germanic peoples. Sure, other individuals can conform to the culture but it requires assimilation.

          As John Adams said:
          “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  11. Amen to that. “Freedom” here has been twisted into do whatever you want with no consequence.
    And as far as legal carry and conceal, im completely with you.
    You know why you dont see a high percent of home break ins in Montana and Alabama? Because these criminals dont want to be on the home owners business end of a 45 or worse. Just goes to prove the places that liberalize and communize everything only favor freedoms of the ones willing to take advantage of the lawlessness.

  12. Poor Spooky…that must have been a terrifying experience. But I do disagree about the gun comments. If you had had a gun instead of a cell phone, that is what would have been grabbed away from you. I am amazed you kept so calm, I think I might have driven away just to escape and to hell with hitting one of them.

    • I appriciate the support, but I am highly proficient in firearms (as I think everyone who legally owns ones should be) and it would be a cold day in hell that I would allow someone to take my gun, nor would I have pulled it out on said group unless I truly felt my life was in danger. Knowing the difference is what defines defense vs a horrible outcome.

  13. Garrett Philipp

    Yeah, I know I’m banned from here, but the Tuesday city hall meeting with the usual grievance monger Glover fan club holding “$6 a signature” expensive looking signs bears notice. As a member of Santacruzunited all I can say is nobody I know of gets paid except the treasurer. When I was confronted by the mongers as I attempted to leave they said someone at shoppers corner said they were told they got $6 a signature. The only info I have is perhaps the statewide rent controllers were being paid but I suppose anything is possible and OK if someone was getting paid, but no one seems to know anything about this. Nobody said the Glover fan club was smart. I want to know here they get all these expensive signs from? I and nobody I know is getting paid to do anything. We do it out of concern.

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