The Weekly Dump 8.17.18

Neighbor Shoots Mother and Daughter in Aptos Wednesday Night

Wednesday night around 6:30PM, a 58 year old Aptos man shot his neighbor and her daughter over some kind of dispute before walking back to his house and barricading himself inside. One of the victims was flown to a trauma center where she is reported to be in stable condition. The other victim was treated and released from Dominican. Sheriff’s deputies and officers from SCPD, the California Highway Patrol and State Parks responded to the scene and evacuated several neighbors. Multiple SWAT vehicles were seen on scene as well. Crisis negotiators were negotiating with the suspect throughout Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. The man finally surrendered peacefully around noon on Thursday.

Man Stabbed in the Face

I posted this to the Santa Mierda Facebook page about a week ago:

Then 11 days after it happens, SCPD FINALLY acknowledges it happened! Posted Thursday.

Oh, be on the lookout 11 DAYS LATER! Ok. Thanks for the timely update.

Mom Assaulted in Laurel Park in Front of Her Son

This past Monday morning, a local mom was assaulted by a seriously mentally ill woman in front of her young son. At a kid’s playground. In a public park managed by the city of Santa Cruz. ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE POLICE STATION. If a kid’s playground in a public city park located directly across the street from SCPD main station isn’t a safe place for families to take their children to play, let’s just call it like it is. NO PARK IS SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY IN SANTA CRUZ RIGHT NOW.

Here is the victim’s eyewitness account of the assault, in her own words:

“I was picking my son up from a camp at the Louden Nelson Community Center at noon on August 8th, 2018. I picked him up and he asked to play at the park for a minute. All of the sudden I hear a woman screaming f-bombs at the kids and their parents at the top of her lungs. At first I was unsure who she was verbally assaulting. The Ranger on site, gratefully, started heading in her direction. She was standing on Maple Street in front of the park full of children but on the street side of the black gate. Now I realize she is screaming at all of us. She begins, while screaming threatening language at the kids, to turn off Maple toward the side entrance of the park. I then decide to block her from possibly coming in that way and say, “Leave our children ALONE! GO AWAY!” She then starts to scream that I am the devil and trying to kill her. I figure at this point better me than the kids. She starts to come at me. She had a blue jacket in one hand and folded cardboard in the other. I just kept repeating, “Leave our children alone.” She is still mind you screaming and frightening everyone in ear shot. The Ranger is now on one side of me and a neighbor on the other. My child is fearfully watching on the other side of the gate. She started shoving and punching me with the hand in a fist holding the cardboard. She tries to whip me with her jacket, which I catch with my hand and throw to the ground. She begins to throw punches at me, hitting my chest, neck and side of my face area. Again, I just stood my ground saying to leave our children alone. She fled on foot down the street and took a left on Center.”

So there’s your eyewitness report directly from the victim. And was the suspect arrested? Oh hell no. Yes, I know, there was a RANGER standing next to her as she pummeled the victim in front of her son, and yet, this obviously deranged woman STILL GOT AWAY. Did the Ranger just forget how to I don’t know…be a Ranger here? So as usual, nobody was arrested here. And as usual, there was no word about any of this from SCPD, from the city, from the local news.

Until the next day when the same woman assaulted another person downtown! I can’t make this shit up. SCPD basically refused to arrest this woman until she basically assaulted another person the next day. THEN they decide to arrest her. They waited until she assaulted another person the next day before taking this shit seriously. And then, after she’s arrested, we find out she just got here from San Francisco by way of Utah. Now she’s a Santa Cruz “resident”. I’m sorry, but seriously, what is wrong with the people running this town? Are they blind? Stupid? No, they’re willfully ignorant in the name of being politically correct. Shame on us. Shame on us for tolerating this level of bullshit here. I can’t say it enough. No mas. No more status quo. This is your status quo. What about this screams “give me four more years of this”?

Dancing Bum Hit By Tourist Train Near Homeless Services Center

A 48 year old local bum was hit by a Santa Cruz Big Trees & Pacific Railway passenger train at the intersection of Coral Street on Thursday afternoon. Witnesses described the man as dancing in front of the train when he apparently stumbled or fell under the train. No word on his condition.

Drug Lab in Aptos Shut Down

On Tuesday, Santa Cruz County deputies were called out to a property near the 1000 block of Cathedral Drive in Aptos for a suspicious car being loaded with bags of pot. When they arrived, they found butane canisters, loose leaf marijuana, and a large amount of Butane Honey Oil.

After getting a search warrant, they found a Butane Honey Oil operation in a pop-up garage on the property. The lab contained about 3,000 pounds of loose marijuana, 25 pounds of processed Butane Honey Oil and equipment worth about $40,000. Guns, ammunition and cash was also found. Two Aptos men are suspected of running the operation and the investigation is ongoing.

Fishing Boat Destroyed Near Natural Bridges

Sometime on Sunday, the fishing boat Pacific Quest ran aground near Natural Bridges on the west side of Santa Cruz. The US Coast Guard and others off loaded more than 1000 gallons of diesel fuel to prevent it from leaking into the Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Green Acres We Are There!

Monday morning, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 900 block of Bostwick Lane in Love Oak for a man who was trespassing at Green Acres Elementary School. Deputies found a man who was on probation (of course he was!) at the school with all his stuff scattered nearby. After a search, they found a stolen computer and a BB gun. The suspect was arrested and taken to jail.

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

This week, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Felton Covered Bridge Park after witnesses reported seeing 2 men vandalizing a redwood bull carving near the entrance to the park. A deputy found both men walking away with the broken bull horn in their possession. Deputies also found a couple of bottles of alcohol the pair had just stolen from a nearby store. Both men were arrested for damaging the redwood bull carving, shoplifting, and public intoxication.

Just Another Random Bum Fight

Sunday night around 10:30PM, I heard a report of a couple of guys beating each other up on the 100 block of Van Ness near Mission street. One male was heard yelling “I’ll burn your (f-bomb) house down”. SCPD arrived and found a couple of transients, one who possibly needed medical attention.

El Circo del Ayuntamiento

We’re holding steady at a dozen this week. I’m hearing all kinds of good dirt and gossip now, so it appears things are really kicking into high gear here. I hear Greg Larson is really ramping up his efforts locally, with a team of “heavy hitters” behind his campaign (including the current and a popular former mayor). I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until Coonerty & Company jumps on his bandwagon. Hey, at least he appears to be moderate! Will he be willing to push the county for more resources and accountability? Like I’ve said, those are the 2 things I’m looking for here. Someone with a moderate, pragmatic, approach to city management, and someone with the cojones to stand up to the 5 old, white guys that run the county and treat the city like their red headed stepchild. Puppets need not apply here. Of course, if you’re happy with the current level of culo besándose from the city to the county now, by all means vote the status quo, bought and paid for candidates here.

I’m starting to get dates for upcoming forums and public meetings with the candidates, and I’ll share those dates and events soon. I encourage all registered voters living in the city of Santa Cruz to try to attend at least one event! I think it’s critical you see these people in person, that you hear their words with your own ears, that you meet them and chat with them, and don’t be swayed by how this group tells you to vote, or that group tells you to vote. Think for yourself! And it’s actually quite entertaining. I plan to be at a number of them, and who knows you might run into me. I will be covering all the action here if you can’t make it, but please try to come to at least one. I’m also including a link to candidates websites as I become aware of them. You can read more about their profiles, experience, platform at those links. If they have a current website, their name will be a link. I encourage you to check them out and get to know them.

The Line Up (listed alphabetically)

Craig Bush
Craig unsuccessfully ran for city council in 2014. I remember him from back then. His big thing I think was water, and of course back then desal and water were pretty hot topics. And if I remember correctly, he had this really cool beard and great baritone voice. I have no doubt he’ll break up the monotony with his presence.

Paige Concannon
Paige is a former cook for the Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall who has been volunteering at the St. Francis Soup Kitchen for 10 years and counting. Known by her neighbors as the “Mayor of Seabright”, Paige is focused on improving public safety. I’m all for that! She’s not easily intimidated by people, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she’s blunt to a level that makes certain people uncomfortable (and probably should), and she won’t be bullied by the status quo, and I don’t think she’s afraid to try to rock the boat here. I think she’s a very interesting (and rare) case of someone who has walked the “progressive” walk locally, but understands the limits and impacts of overdoing it, or doing it the wrong way.

Phillip J. Crawford
Phillip J. Crawford unsuccessfully ran for judge on the Santa Cruz Superior Court in 2010, so he’s familiar with the numbingly dysfunctional Santa Cruz political scene. Just the fact he actually ran for judge intrigues me instantly. According to some simple research on Google, Crawford has served as a police officer and sergeant, professor of law and justice, attorney, court executive officer and a justice system consultant. He sounds like my kind of guy so far! Looking forward to hearing more.

Justin Cummings
Justin is a UCSC graduate and works for UCSC. He apparently moved to Santa Cruz 11 years ago from Chicago and lives in the Beach Flats neighborhood. He worked on the rent control ballot measure and said he is interested in addressing the city’s affordable housing shortage and general city safety and security. Well, since I think rent control is an incredibly dumb, short sighted, and naive idea here, I’m guessing we don’t see eye to eye on that one. I did notice that apparently Justin and Drew won the hearts and minds of that fake “Santa Cruz for Bernie” group that doesn’t really represent the majority of former local Bernie supporters. And honestly, I think a lot of local Democrats BLAME Bernie for Trump winning the election. And let’s not forget, the guy behind the fake Bernie group? He’s the same clown behind the rent control initiative. This is what I mean by “SPECIAL INTERESTS”. We have enough of that crap going on already.

Drew Glover
Drew lives in the Eastside/Seabright neighborhood, and his major themes include vague cliche stuff like “sustainability, a climate of compassion, inclusive representation in city politics, transparency and accountability”. Nothing tangible like public safety, balancing an out of control city budget against rising pension cost obligations, better accountability of the city manager, you know, important stuff like that. I ran into a couple of Drew’s volunteers the other day at the Church Street Fair. Really nice, sweet, idealistic kids who don’t have a clue. One of them told me about Drew’s big idea for subsidies and housing vouchers for low income housing residents. I explained we already have a program like that, it’s known as “Section 8”, and it comes from the federal government, who has a lot more money than we have. He seemed shocked at my answer, like he had no idea what to say. So there you go. When I explained that if rent control passes, he and his friends probably won’t be able to find housing, he couldn’t quite grasp that concept. Given the Kool-Aid these kids are drinking about rent control, I’m not surprised when they can’t grasp the truth.

Cynthia Hawthorne
Cynthia is a psychotherapist who apparently helped organize the last two women’s marches locally in downtown Santa Cruz. She previously served on the Santa Cruz City Schools board. I still don’t know much about her. I’ve heard from numerous, unconnected people that she’s apparently “difficult to work with”. Great! Like we don’t have enough of that already. I’m not particularly inspired to learn more here.

Dave Lane
Dave is a retired UCSC auditor who wants to cut back the police budget and reverse course on any goals for low income, high density housing. Cut back the police budget? GTFO. Next!

Greg Larson
Greg is one the newest entries in what is fast becoming a crowded race. On paper (meaning given his background and experience), he looks like an excellent candidate. He’s not a career politician, but he’s had a career working in city and state governments, including a stint as the city manager of Los Gatos. His entry definitely moves the needle for the moderates here in a good way. The real question for me is not if he’s qualified here. He obviously is. The question for me is always going to be how bought and paid for are you? I want 2 things from my candidates here. I want them to be “moderates” and I want them to be willing to stand up and fight the county (and Ryan Coonerty, who is supposed to represent us in the city) for better support, more resources, more accountability, etc. We won’t get that from any candidate willing to kiss his ass for an endorsement. I feel you have the first box (moderate) checked. Not so sure about that equally important second box. I’m obviously intrigued, but not enough to jump on your bandwagon yet.

Michael Mahan
Michael is a Santa Cruz County assistant district attorney. He wants to help the police in prioritizing a crack down on serious crimes, as opposed to petty offenses. Aren’t we already doing that? And how well is that working? It’s not. Next!

Donna Meyers
Donna is apparently interested in getting housing programs working, addressing social service issues and making sure local infrastructure is ready for global warming related changes. And if you want to know what the “status quo machine” looks like (and who they back), look no further than Donna! Do you really want 4 more years of the crap we have now? I sure as hell don’t. Talk about being part of the Connerty Kool Kids Clique here. This is it. It’s time to end this madness. No mas. Nothing personal. I’m just tired of electing ineffectual puppets here. Do we really want to elect people who Ryan endorses (because he knows they won’t stand up to him and the county)? How can we seriously expect “friends of Ryan” to stand up to him and demand more from the county? We can’t. Sorry Donna. Nothing personal. I’m judging you by the friends you keep here.

Richelle Noroyan
Richelle Noroyan is the only incumbent candidate running, and works in community relations at UCSC. She’s arguably the most moderate current city council member (along with David Terrazas, who is being termed out and replaced). I’ve definitely had my differences with her. I think she sometimes worries too much about being liked (don’t we all?), so she panders sometimes. But she can usually be counted on to do the right thing when it counts. And she’s often the one asking the tough questions everyone else is too afraid to ask. For that alone, she’s worth it. I voted for her last time and I’ll vote for her again. She’s good for Santa Cruz.

Ashley Scontriano
Ashley has worked locally with Metro Santa Cruz, Good Times, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel, helping launch Santa Cruz Magazine. She has also worked in fundraising at UCSC for both the Arts and the Humanity Divisions. She is now a local small business owner and is interested in improving community safety, addressing housing shortages, and supporting business growth locally. She recently helped organize a community rally in downtown Santa Cruz to support women victims of violence. Her family has a long history in Santa Cruz, owning the Dolphin Restaurant at the end of the wharf for 70 years until 2009. Ashley attended Westlake Elementary, Branciforte Junior High, and Harbor High School before attending UC Santa Cruz. She checks all my boxes here. She’s smart, articulate, and fiercely determined. She’s a straight shooter in a town that can’t shoot straight.

Register to Vote Online!

Hey, don’t forget to register to vote in this election! There is nothing more important you can do as an individual than get like minded people to register and vote. I’ll be reminding people every week here until the deadline so get used to it!

Bite Me!

We have a new feature on the Weekly Dump! “Bite Me!” will highlight and review some of the fine (and maybe not so fine) eating and drinking establishments in Santa Cruz county. We’ll have a couple of different guests joining me to do these reviews on a hopefully frequent basis. Because who doesn’t want to know where the locals go? This week, I kick things off with a review of a Santa Cruz institution. – BD

Jack’s – Santa Cruz

There are many places to grab a burger in Santa Cruz, but there is only one Jack’s. For my money, Jack’s is the best burger in Santa Cruz. Located at the corner of Lincoln and Cedar streets in downtown Santa Cruz, Jack’s has been dishing up made to order grub for centuries (ok, maybe not that long but a long time). Jack’s offers a number of other different sandwich options, including a righteous tri-tip sandwich. They have loads of burger variations, but their basic “burger basket” is my standby. And they have milkshakes! Their menu is typical burger shack variety, with pretty much all sandwiches coming in at less than $10. And the burger basket with fries is about $8 out the door.

Jack’s brings you back to a different time in Santa Cruz, when life (and burger options) were simpler. They always cook your burger to order, which takes longer of course. You really can’t be in a hurry if you go to Jack’s. That’s not a diss on their service, which is always quick and efficient. If patience is a virtue, then your Jack’s burger is the reward. The burger basket comes with the equivalent of a large order of their excellent fries. Seating inside is pretty limited to about maybe 15 people tops, but they have a nice outdoor patio with picnic tables and umbrellas which is the most popular place to enjoy your meal. It’s also one of those places locals like to sit out on the patio people watching the Santa Cruz crazy train go by while enjoying Santa Cruz’s finest burger.

202 Lincoln Street
Santa Cruz

The Queen Has Left the Building

Respect – Aretha Franklin

The English Beat Play Free Shows at the Boardwalk

The English Beat formed in Birmingham, England, in 1978. Their music blends elements of Latin, ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock music. The band has toured the world opening for artists like David Bowie, The Clash, The Police, The Pretenders, R.E.M., and Talking Heads. Two shows at 6:30 and 8:30PM.

The Weekly Seen

Downtown Santa Cruz. Nothing to see here. 

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  1. Any news on the incident tonight (Thursday) just off westcliff at about 530? Can’t count on the news or law enforcement telling us about it!

    • I heard about it right before publishing and didn’t have enough time to collect all the information about it. I’ll cover it in more detail next week. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Ben, as always a fabulous job !!
    I am officially a running candidate, despite all the “stuff” they threw at me !!
    You rock !!

  3. Did anyone read the Sentinel article about a commission to study district elections? Each council member selects a member and the remaining committee members are selected by Martin Bernal. Any take on this, and the hopes that a cherry-picked committee will recommend any changes?

    • Thanks Moe. I watched the meeting from the comfort of my living room. I do have some thoughts on this I meant to cover this week but ran out of time and space. First off, big props to Mayor Terrazas for getting this on the agenda and encouraging a public dialogue here. I really appreciate his efforts to move this forward this year (vs. waiting until next year), simply because I know how they drive this clown car. Moving it to next year just stalls the inevitable, and illustrates the status quo tactic of punting stuff down the road (or better yet, for a citizens committee and let them talk about it for 6 months until it’s off the public radar). At first, Mathews appeared to be the biggest advocate to stalling this until next year (no surprise there), until Noroyan suddenly jumped on board. Then it became a slog of a discussion until something finally passed unanimously. It was pretty much a huge waste of time, lots of pandering over this, just to have a discussion among the community over whether it’s even a good idea. Guess what? It’s gonna happen. The threat of a lawsuit will insure that this will eventually happen here. So the City Council needs to quit playing games here and get onboard. The Santa Clara Mayor spoke the unfiltered truth. The city needs to stop thinking they’re smarter than everyone else here. They’re not. The city charter will be changed. It’s inevitable. Put up or shut up already.

  4. Nozzle, El Douche

    Here’s another caption option for The Weekly Seen photo…
    The Transient Loophole: Someone refusing to be properly labeled as a bum by not technically sleeping on the (actual) street. Only in Santa Cruz.

  5. Is this a problem? Why isn’t there a button to donate to get the council members out! I was a complete IDIOT and voted for Sandy Brown, thinking she would vote on her own. If you watch/rewatch the council meetings, she looks over for approval to Kronin IN EVERY VOTE! Please look at the tapes!
    Sandy Brown is just a rubber stamp.

  6. i like that typo “love oak.” im gonna say thats where i live from now on. people are gonna be so jealous! ♡♡♡♡ its gonna go like this:

    random person: where r u from?

    me: love oak

    random person: no way wheres that?

    me: its too cool for u, u will never find it!

    random person: no fair!

    me: ahahhahahahhhahahaha!

  7. Jack’s definitely has the best burgers, they offer horseradish has a topping which is utterly splendid!
    Thank you for that review and for your journalistic bravery that pulls the masks off all the monsters hiding here! Your on my gratitude list for sure!

  8. Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

    I respectfully disagree about Richelle, I have butted heads with her about important issues here on the Eastside too many times. I agree with voting for Paige (whom I have met and respect) and Ashley, so I will be checking out Phillip J. Crawford and Greg Larson instead of Richelle.

  9. Can’t bring myself to vote Noroyan, because of her support of all of the emergency ordinances the council has imposed and her apparent belief that taxes are too low and the only impediment to solutions for the vexing problems the city has. She was a moderate when the council had more moderates, and became progressive when the council had more progressives.

    Larson, Concannon and Scontriano might bring needed change. Anyone else is status quo or worse.

    • I can’t vote for her again, either, after she crafted the kneejerk law turning honest citizens into criminals for having a home protection firearm readily available in case of a home invasion robbery or worse, regardless of the need or ability to do so safely.

    • Thank you Gabrielle Laney-Andrews !
      Rainbow I am available to chat anytime.
      Thank you Santa Mierda !!
      Ada anytime you would like to talk I am available.

  10. there was a 29 year old man hit by a 24 year girl in boulder creek early saturday morning she was arrested for DUI my daughter was friends with him and had stopped to offer him a ride his car had broken down he told he was ok and was just going to wsalk 10 mins later he was killed she was very upset when she found out what happend she was most likely the person to talk to him

  11. If you go to Mugshots SC and type in the name of the Dude who got hit by the train and his friends who were quoted in the Sentinel article . One guy 5 times another guy 6 times and the last dude 16 times. SHOCKER !

  12. Look’s like people need to take “law enforcement” into their own hands in this town. Surprised you didn’t mention the man who charged police officers with knives and got shot in Watsonville on Wednesday. Jack’s Burgers is the best!

    • Thanks Joe! Too much crime, not enough time. I did hear about the Watsonville shooting though. It’s another instance of a mentally ill person left to their own non-faculties to somehow exist and cope in everyday, normal life like the rest of us. The County Shuttle (the street to jail and back again) is not how a civilized society treats the mentally ill. But that’s how we roll in fake compassion, fake progressive Santa Cruz. Talk is cheap. It does nothing to get people like the Watsonville victim, or the person who committed 2 assaults in 2 days downtown before finally being arrested, help for their obvious mental health breakdowns. A simple 5150 test administered by SCPD officers who are not mental health professionals is just not going to cut it as far as public safety is concerned. That’s obvious.

  13. I can’t vote for her again, either, after she crafted the kneejerk law turning honest citizens into criminals for having a home protection firearm readily available in case of a home invasion robbery or worse, regardless of the need or ability to do so safely.

  14. I just wanted to say I appreciate people leaving their opinions about the city council candidates. It actually provides them (if they read it) good, unfiltered, no bullshit feedback about what people think so far. Minds can be changed easily sometimes through a good honest discussion. That’s what I feel we are having here. Just please, no personal insults. Keep it clean and on topic. Thanks for engaging in a meaningful dialogue here.

  15. So two guys steal liquor, break a horn off the carved bull and get arrested for intoxication, vandalism and theft. Huh, we had a guy jump all over our cars, yes, plural, and attempt to break into our house. Damage to cars $4,000. Was he arrested Noooooo, he was taken to Dominican because he obviously was high on something. Then released from the hospital. we keep trying to get the identity of this person to try to get monetary restitution but Sheriff Dept will not give us his identity. Where is the Justice here? Vera

  16. Bruce Brownstein

    Yo I appreciate the news – good work thx. Are you a Trump supporter? You know pussy grabber Trump – yeh – called a woman a DOG last week. I would just like to know.

  17. Gracias por la mierda. Very sad story about the mom in the park. Sad that our town is at this point. And no arrest. Wtf. Please all, let’s bring in some change with the next election.

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