The Weekly Dump 10.4.19

Pleasure Point Man Found Dead After Home Abduction

Tuesday morning around 3AM, a 50 year old man was apparently abducted by a couple of men from his oceanfront home on the 3000 block of Pleasure Point Drive and driven away in his girlfriend’s BMW. Later that afternoon, police found the victim’s body and the vehicle parked along Soquel-San Jose Road off of Highway 17 near two rural properties the victim owned which are zoned for residential and agricultural use. The victim was a millionaire tech executive who recently got involved in the cannabis industry after apparently starting a cannabis manufacturing company, according to a friend of the victim. Investigators have not released the cause of death but are investigating the death as a murder.

Bomb Threat Made Against Metro Bus

A bomb threat made on Tuesday against a Santa Cruz metro bus was apparently a hoax and false report. There was a short traffic delay near California and Laurel Streets  after patrol units responded and blocked the roadway near the bus before looking for the reported bomb.

Maybe He was Shopping For a Belt?

Friday afternoon around 4:30PM, I heard reports about an assault at the Gap on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz. A male reported another male spit on him after he told the suspected spitter his pants were falling down. The suspect ran out of the store and down Pacific, leaving his wife and small child behind in the store. He was caught eventually.

Not So Kind People

Monday morning around 2AM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress at a business on the 3600 block of Soquel Avenue. When they arrived, they arrested one person on scene while two others fled before they arrived. The suspect they arrested confessed to the burglary and identified a second suspect. The suspect’s vehicle contained several cellular phones, burglary tools, a possible firearm and other stolen property. It was towed a few blocks to the Sheriffs office on Chanticleer. Two suspects remain at large.

Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose

Last Saturday around noon, a 38 year old Freedom man battered his elderly mother and prevented her from leaving her residence for almost 6 hours. He also took her phone and prevented her from calling for help. She got an emergency protective order. He got arrested for elder abuse, false imprisonment, and assault and battery. And he’s already out of jail.

Thieves Drive Through Front Door of Walgreens to Steal ATM Machine

Monday morning around 3AM, thieves drove a stolen vehicle through the front doors of a Walgreens in Scotts Valley before stealing an ATM machine located next to the front doors. Scotts Valley police released video on Tuesday showing the theft. Police said the suspects left the crashed stolen vehicle at the scene and moved the ATM in another unknown vehicle. Nobody was arrested and police have no suspects.

Never Ride Shotgun With This Guy

Last Sunday night, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies were trying to stop a silver BMW when it took off and led them into a small apartment complex in Live Oak. The driver took off but deputies managed to detain the passenger, along with a large amount of narcotics. Deputies also determined the BMW had been stolen from within the city of Santa Cruz the previous night. The passenger was arrested.

Arsonist Arrested on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf

Sunday morning around 6:30AM, SCPD responded to the Municipal Wharf where they arrested a 26 year old man for setting something on fire. I think Big Joe reported he was already out of jail on “SOR”.

Brawling at the Elm Street Mission

Thursday night around 8:30PM, SCPD responded to a report of a large brawl on the 100 block of Elm at Cedar. Witnesses reported seeing 10 subjects fighting, with one person swinging a skateboard and another a bat. Everyone scattered by the time SCPD arrived. Witnesses reported the suspects were all between the ages of 15 and 20 years old.

Soquel Avenue Flasher Evades Police

Sunday afternoon around 12:30PM, an unknown person flashed a handgun at a victim on the 900 block of Soquel Avenue. Nobody was arrested and they apparently have no suspects.

A Fifth of Bad Behavior

Friday night, SCPD responded to the 800 block of Almar Avenue in Santa Cruz where they arrested a 39 year old male for assault with a deadly weapon. Arrested 5 times in the past year.

Probably an Empty Vacation Rental

Sunday morning around 2AM, SCPD responded to the 500 block of West Cliff Drive to find a home that had been burglarized and ransacked. Nobody was arrested and they apparently have no suspects.

Outstanding Work by SCPD

Saturday around midnight, SCPD responded to the 300 block of La Fonda Avenue where they arrested two men on a variety of charges, including burglary, drug possession, and having numerous outstanding warrants.

The Bitch is Back

Wednesday around noon, a friend of mine who works off Ocean street told me some drug fueled bum was acting out near their business off Ocean Street so she called it in as usual, and got the usual non response. When the guy turned up in their doorway, they called 911 back and told them they were seconds away from pepper spraying the guy. SCPD showed up pretty quickly after that, and I noticed the guy was arrested for being under the influence and drug possession. He’s been arrested 6 times in the past month, including 4 times in one week and twice in one day. We enable this guy.

Climate Strike Walkout Takes Over Downtown

Several community groups concerned about the environment and the effects of global warming protested and marched on downtown Santa Cruz last Friday afternoon. I’d guess the number was several hundred to maybe a thousand people, lots of students, well behaved. Santa Cruz loves a good march and protest that the majority of people can jump on board with. This was part of a national effort, and other than the previously mentioned spitting incident at the Gap (which had nothing to do with this), it was a peaceful gathering.

36,000 Reasons to Say No Mas

More than 36,000 needles were found in public spaces in Santa Cruz, according to a report by the group Take Back Santa Cruz’s “Needles Solutions Team.” The group released the “Needles in Public Spaces Report” which found that more than 36,727 needles were left in public spaces between December 2012 and September 2019 according to reports from the public. It also said that 15 people have reportedly been stuck by needles during that 6 year period. One woman was allegedly stuck by a needle that had been dumped on her front yard back in June. The report also stated that over 700 needles were recovered in just one day during a clean up of the Pogonip. The report said that a “significant” number of recovered needles were from the Syringe Services Program; however, not all the needles found appeared to have been originally distributed by the SSP. The team recommends that the county operate a true 1:1 exchange in order to prevent needles from the SSP ending up in public spaces. The team also supports the City of Santa Cruz’s acceptance of additional sharp waste kiosks, but wants the city to consult neighbors before putting them in their area.

Stuck in the Middle With You

Get ready for Round 2 next Tuesday! You didn’t think this dumpster fire was actually out did you?

Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right…… I am!

Stuck in the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel

Where to Sign the Recall Petitions This Weekend!

Saturday, October 5th:

  • Westside Farmers Market from 9AM until 1PM
  • Whole Foods (Soquel Avenue) from 9AM until 7PM
  • Surfer Statue on West Cliff Drive (above Cowells Beach) from 7AM until 7PM
  • Harvey West Soccer Fields from 8:30AM until 3PM

Sunday, October 6th:

  • Whole Foods (Soquel Avenue) from 9AM until 7PM
  • Surfer Statue on West Cliff Drive (above Cowells Beach) from 7AM until 7PM
  • Aldo’s from 8:30am until 2:30PM

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

I just want to thank Surf City Barber Shop, Stockwell Cellars, Central Coast Welding and Fabrication, Java Junction Coffee Roasting, KSCO, Bone-A-Fide Dog Care, Brooks Properties, Carolyn Livingston Campaign Services, Damon Bruder Construction, Biomarcommunications, Jane Becker, and all the other local businesses and business owners who are actively supporting the recall efforts. Please support these brave local businesses, who are being stalked and harassed by recall critics for simply exercising their first amendment freedom of speech rights. They deserve our ongoing support and our business.

Also thanks and kudos to David Plumlee, Terry Spodick, Don Reimann, Robert Stone, David Quesada, Scott Richards, Elizabeth Clifton, Carol Polhamus, and everyone else who has donated their time and money to the recall campaign. Your contributions are very much appreciated!

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  1. It is so sad and horrible about the man who lived in Pleasure Point. Kidnapped and Murdered. I hope they catch the people and actually keep them in jail.
    The never ending bs that goes on is just so unbelievable. I know it all happened, I just shake my head about it. Thank goodness we will be talking about the tabled item. I am sure alot of people will be present for this meeting.
    Thank you for always bringing the information on the Weekly Dump. I appreciate all your hard work !!
    I also have petitions to sign, if anyone hasn’t signed yet and would like to sign, just send me a message I can bring it to you to sign.
    Paige Concannon

  2. i remember watching some movie about humboldt county and pot farmers hiding in the forests… everything was peaceful hippie time until some thieves came and then all the hippies ran and got their automatic weapons. i was like uhhh..

    so i guess im lucky i dont like weed anyway.. i know it helps some people but the violence is really sickening. thats just for the techie who it seems thought pot was an ok industry… didnt know the guy but its too bad – legalization has obviously not gotten rid of the violence. :0(

  3. Just The Facts

    There will also be petitions at the Surfer Statue on Friday afternoon till 6:30 pm. Join all your friends, neighbors and concerned residents who have already signed. Let”s not take this BS anymore!

  4. Johnnybitchin

    Once again so.e honest reporting off the “happening ” good and bad through out the city and county..Your thread is the only one I can count on for good honest reporting..thanks again..

  5. Round two of censure proceedings is perhaps needed, but it is also evidence the city is dividing at the seams and GETTING WORSE with this council. This is the main point I drive home when collecting recall signatures. The people voted against rent control. The council (4 anyway) don’t care and will do it against the will of the people if they can. Same with the homeless problem. NO body wants a camp in their neighborhood. Again, the 3 or 4 don’t care, and wanted to, and still do want to put one in a neighborhood. The reality is the people don’t like their solutions they want to force on us, and they don’t care driven by ideological possessions, and a tiny radical fringe that is now emboldened. The civility issue is probably not going away censure or not. Meanwhile nothing really gets done about much of anything except strange-o proclamations of support for things I’m not so sure that many care about, or are the city councils business to endorse.
    I see Oral Communications is now moved to after Round Two censure item. With no way to know if or how long the Round Two item will proceed, or proceed at all, in order to speak one will have to sit through the drama of the entire later CC meeting, the drama speeches if any on censure, then rush to get in line near the end of it as the council votes instead of a time certain 7pm. OK, I’m complaining, nothing new there. 17 days left to get probably more than average recall signatures a week, not an easy task (just guessing) and no sure thing although whomever is left doing it is on overdrive.

  6. Another typical week in the shitshow known as Santa Cruz. Regarding the “Climate Strike”, I have a less benign perspective than Ben. The climate “crisis” is nothing more than a cleverly orchestrated wealth distribution scam. Unfortunately it has become the most successful scam perpetrated on humanity. The climate marchers perfectly fit the description of useful idiots. One unanticipated outcome that has greatly benefited the scammers is the adoption of climate hysteria as a cult religion by hundreds of thousands of useful idiots who would claim up and down that they have no religious beliefs. Wrong. They are the epitome of religious fanatics.

    • Ok then! Adjust your tin foil hats accordingly!

      • Aw, c’mon Ben. I don’t know a single person who has been adversely affected by climate change in any manner more than what we all deal with adjusting to weather. Insight can be gained by following the money. Carbon credits (offsets) are an example. Instead of cutting back on pollution, polluters are allowed to continue polluting if they purchase credits. The purported offset is that trees will be “saved” elsewhere on the planet. The polluter ostensibly pays someone else to not cut trees. However, most of these forests were not going to be cut anyway. The net effect is lots of money changes hands and polluters get to continue polluting. Here’s another puzzling aspect of the climate crisis. Have you noticed that the most strident climate doomsday proponents rarely bring up the issue of human population? I have college degrees and don’t wear tin foil hats. I’ve simply lived long enough to encounter scoundrels and have developed a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism. Nevertheless, I’m plenty fine with rigorous debate. Thank you for your exemplary (and necessary) work with Santa Mierda!

      • The unmentioned fact of the matter is that Santa Cruz County has already reduced it’s carbon footprint by 59% in 2010 when Cemex Closed. No tin foil hat required.

        That has already reduced Santa Cruz County CO2 emissions more than required by AB32 and SB32 combined and decades earlier. Since AB32 and SB32 are the agreed upon and legal remedies to excessive CO2 emissions, there is nothing more that local residents need do.

        To pretend otherwise is akin to suffering from anorexia, where no dieting is ever enough.

        The residents of Santa Cruz County should stop with the hysterical demonstrations and pat themselves on the back for a job well done instead.

    • You sound like you are describing yourself and the other Trump cult followers. I think you need to look in the mirror before calling other people useful idiots. Your cult leader and the Republican party have been perfecting wealth distribution scams for the last few decades. Trickle down economics, political gerrymandering, lowering taxes on the wealthy. Wake up. Or follow Trump off the cliff, who cares.

      • I didn’t mention Trump. I didn’t vote for him or Clinton, both of them poor choices. Political shenanigans are not exclusive to either major political party. Nothing much has changed since the Romans ruled a third of the world.

        None of what you state diminishes the fact that climate hysteria is primarily a wealth redistribution scam.

        • Siberia is melting, and many thousands of people have been displaced, losing their homes and farms. Now how is it that Siberia, of all places, is in a wealth redistribution scam? To deny climate change is to deny reality.

      • Let’s stay on topic. Trump is not on topic. Both Left and Right are welcome here and drifting off topic to national politics won’t be tolerated. Thanks.

  7. I didn’t bring up Trump and was only responding to someone else’s comment, but I agree completely.

  8. How about we stick to what we know to be true, like Santa Cruz falling into it’s own biohazardous cesspool??
    Wish we had the numbers of ppl on bored to march against the ever increasing reality of our town turning over to the druggies and recidivist criminals, as we do for climate change.
    Guess its not as politically fashionable to admit homeless here are gaining the kind of power over this town as some of the bigger industries have over the earth.

  9. Whether you believe in climate change or not, why in the hell wouldn’t you just be a nicer person to this planet. It’s not just one single person’s, its for all of us and the multitudes of other life on it as well as those who come after us. If you feel like it’s a hoax, fine, but don’t go out of your way to destroy what’s not solely yours. We rent the space we walk on, let’s take care of it.

  10. google sb40 and newsom – whether u like him or not- mandatory 6 month rehab for drug addicts on the streets. san francisco is on board for the start of next year. help these people get sober and end the drug crisis. santa cruz needs to get on board. so do other cities like los angeles, oroville, clearlake- extreme drugs are trashing this state.

  11. The climate change denier is called “Greenie”… ..another week passes and we haven’t solved the problems of the world. Good ti know there are a few folks out there still trying. Thx Ben, thx signers of the petition, thx SCPD, and all who stay in the fight against the odds.

    • “Denier”, that’s quaint. I believe that term is straight out of the “Inquisition” more than 500 years ago. Is someone going to behead me or burn me at the stake? Do you realize that calling someone a denier is fundamentally no different than using a racial epithet? I’m not going to discuss climate any longer on Santa Mierda because Ben, the moderator, has instructed us to stay on local topics. I intend to respect that request from here on out. I will simply say I have several college degrees. Sign the recall petition. Out with Krohn and Glover.

      • The first comment was “on point” as it related to the climate march and your opinion of what they were marching for. That was fine but then the discussion took a hard turn about your opinion about climate change, a much larger, more GLOBAL (vs. local) concern. I’m fine with everyone expressing their opinions, but please respect everyone’s right to their opinion (I’m not saying this to any one person but to everyone). I respect anyone’s right to call climate change a human sham as long as people respect my right to call the same theory a tin foil hat conspiracy. Just don’t make things personal.

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