The Weekly Dump 1.22.21

It’s Joe Time Folks!

Well it’s been a four year slog to hell but change is finally coming to DC. It’s official. Like it or not, it’s Joe time folks! I mean, we’re still in a raging pandemic that huge numbers of people can’t seem to take seriously, thousands of Americans are dying every day to the point it’s not even the lead story anymore, the local economy is broke, schools are still closed, businesses are compromised to the point of failure. And did I mention we have a homeless camp festering in our (former) jewel of a city park? Yeah, life is still pretty shitty and sucks right now. But maybe we’ve got hope? Hope that things won’t get significantly worse? Hope we’ve turned a corner on political divisiveness? I do have hope for these things. And I know a lot of other people do too. All we are saying is give peace (and Joe) a chance.

And how about Amanda Gorman! Wow. She absolutely crushed it under pressure. Back in 2017, she said she wants to be POTUS in 2036. I would not bet against her.

Amanda Gorman – “The Hill We Climb”

The Latest COVID Numbers From Santa Cruz County

There have been 12,275 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, with 2,810 currently active cases. 113 people have died, 357 people have been hospitalized, 78 are currently hospitalized, and 12 are in the ICU. 9,352 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 103,902 people have tested negative. Santa Cruz County is in the purple tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, meaning many non-essential indoor business operations are closed. Its adjusted case rate is at 39.3, and it needs to be at 7 or below to move up. It also has a 10.3% positivity rate, and that needs to be at 8% or below to move up.

Murdering the New Year

Well that didn’t take long. Just 17 days into the new year, Santa Cruz has our first murder. It happened early in the morning on Sunday. SCPD got a report around 6AM that someone was down in the roadway near the 700 block of Emeline Avenue. When they arrived, they found a male victim who was pronounced dead on arrival. No suspects have been identified and nobody has been arrested. The victim was a local homeless person. So of course the story barely makes the news for a day and then it’s all but forgotten. Come on Andy, how about a fucking update here? Too busy to talk about a murder on your watch? Just 17 days into the new year! He’s been on Twitter at least 3 times since the murder, talking his usual platitudes and vapid nonsense. Absolutely nothing about the murder that happened  5 days ago.

Shooting on Westside Sends Man to Hospital

A shooting on the 200 block of Seaside Thursday night sent at least one man to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Multiple callers reported hearing 5 shots near Garfield Park, and they got a report from a victim who had been shot and was being transported by a friend to Dominican. SCPD sent someone to the hospital, where they found the vehicle that transported the victim with 5 bullet holes in it. The victim had to be flown to a trauma center for his injuries. Witnesses described a drive by shooting or multiple people shooting at each other. Police think it could be possibly gang related. No suspects have been arrested yet.

Crazy Police Chase Ends Up in Downtown Santa Cruz

This past Monday, a woman stole a van from a clinic in San Jose, with someone in it, and led police  on a chase all the way over Highway 17, ending at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz. According to police, the 34 year old woman stole a van from outside a dialysis center in San Jose, with a senior patient lying in the back seat. Police chased the stolen vehicle from San Jose into Santa Cruz before being stopped on Water Street. The 84 year old patient was fine after his wild ride. The San Jose police department handled the arrest.

Watsonville Barricaded Criminal Gives Up Peacefully

After a standoff with police that lasted nearly 9 hours, an armed man who barricaded himself inside of a home on the 100 block on Ginos Court was safely taken into custody. The 30 year old man was charged with felony criminal threats, brandishing of a firearm, felony burglary, violation of a domestic violence restraining order, and resisting/delaying his arrest. Around 1AM on Tuesday morning, the suspect broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and pointed a gun at her, in front of their 4-year-old son and her father. All three were able to safely leave the residence and call the police. Officers responded and found the suspect inside the home armed with a handgun and refusing to come out. Numerous local law enforcement agencies responded and provided support. Around 10:30AM, the suspect finally surrendered peacefully to authorities. His bail is currently set at $100K and last check he’s still in jail.

Hasta la Vista Baby

Monday night around 6:30PM, California Highway Patrol officers stopped a 22 year old male just south of Vista Point on Highway 1. He was arrested and charged with DUI, carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, carrying a loaded firearm in public, being a felon in possession of a firearm, being a known gang member in possession of a gun, and of course, the ever ubiquitous, always predictable, felony violation of parole. Because of that last part, he’s currently in county jail on a no bail warrant. He was previously arrested in 2016 in Madera County for robbery and carjacking. So much for second chances.

Pennsylvania Fugitive Arrested in Watsonville

Last Friday night, Watsonville Police arrested a 38 year old male on the 100 block of Nielsen Street for battery, resisting arrest, and battery on a peace officer. He was also a fugitive from justice in Pennsylvania, where he apparently previously robbed a bank. He got a “PTA” for the first 3 charges, but he’s being held on a no bail warrant for the fugitive part. I guess Pennsylvania likes to keep their criminals in jail!

Pulling Bangers From a Shell

Monday night around midnight, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department arrested a 20 year old male in the area of Shell Drive and West Beach Road and charged him with two counts of felony burglary, flashing a firearm, and trespassing. He’s in county jail on a $25K bond.

Dysfunction Junction

This Wednesday, a Sacramento judge ruled the city of Santa Cruz couldn’t clear a homeless encampment at San Lorenzo Park because COVID-19 continues to be prevalent and dispersing inhabitants would increase health risks. Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen granted a temporary injunction to block the city’s attempt to close the park, which would have evicted a growing number of people living there since last year. In December of 2020, City Manager Martín Bernal issued an “executive order” to close  the illegal camp, describing the situation as unsafe and untenable and a greater danger to the community than if the homeless campers were dispersed. The order said the encampment was home to drug use, crime, fire safety issues, and destruction of trees and grass, among other problems. Van Keulen didn’t rule out a closure of the park in the future. Attorneys representing the city and the park’s squatters are asked to file status reports as the pandemic eases. The judge will review the case again at a hearing on March 16th and determine what changes, if any, are needed.

Warm Weather and High Winds Trigger Local Wildfires

This past Tuesday, unseasonably warm temperatures followed by high winds sparked a series of fires this week in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In all, about 120 acres burned. Almost 16,000 PGE customers went without power after high winds knocked trees onto utility lines and dormant embers from the CZU Fire may have also contributed to the wild fires. Among the fires around Santa Cruz this week, we had:

  • The “Freedom Fire” burned about 40 acres  in the area of Freedom Boulevard and Hames Road in Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley. About 100 nearby homes were evacuated Tuesday and repopulated Wednesday, according to Cal Fire.
  • The “Panther Ridge Fire”burned about 20 acres on Stapp Road, east of Highway 9. About 20 nearby homes were evacuated Tuesday and repopulated Wednesday, according to Cal Fire.
  • The “China Grade Fire” burned about 22 acres on China Grade Road and Foxglove Lane, 4 miles northwest of Boulder Creek.
  • The “Bonny Doon Complex” (formerly, Fanning and Empire fires) burned about 20 acres at Fanning Grade Road in Ben Lomond.
  • The “North Butano Fire” burned about 15 acres, 90% in Pescadero Creek County Park, Loma Mar, in San Mateo County.
  • The “Bloom Fire” burned about 9 acres at Little Basin Road and Upper Bloom Grade Road, northwest of Boulder Creek.

Rain is expected this weekend which should help douse any hot spots.

Tased in Abbot Square

Monday night around 10:30PM, SCPD responded to the area near Abbott Square in downtown Santa Cruz for some kind fo disturbance involving a man with a shovel. He was tased at least once unsuccessfully before SCPD was finally able to get him in handcuffs in front of Pour on Pacific Avenue.

Joy Ride Ends Without Much Joy

Last Saturday night around 9:30PM, SCPD made a high risk stop on a suspected stolen vehicle on the 600 block of Laurel Street near downtown Santa Cruz. Police arrested both occupants of the car on a variety of charges, including auto theft, drug possession, making criminal threats, and bringing drugs into jail. The 23 year old female driver has been arrested at least 5 times locally since 2018. The male half has been arrested at least 6 times locally in the past few years.

Bite Me

It’s the return of “Bite Me”.

This week I happened to be walking through the downtown farmers market on Wednesday and out of the corner of my eye, I spot the “cannoli guy”. Dolci!  Ciao Bella!

I tried to pay him a visit last week but the line was too long and I’d forgotten about him but in passing the market, I noticed he had no line! Going in!

Full disclosure:  I love cannolis.

So I ordered the 4 and get the 5th one free deal, and while “Franco” made up my cannolis, I waited patiently.

The final result was a small to-go container of Italian pastry bliss, lovingly prepared by an old Italian guy. They were delicious. The shells were light and crispy, the filling was light puffy ricotta and whipped cream, with a hint of lemon, a dusting of confectionery sugar, and dark chocolate chips. Salut Franco. Check out his dolci at the downtown farmers market over by the baked goods.

Get Your Swagger On!

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  1. Hey
    I just appreciate the effort you put into reporting;
    I often read nothing in the Senile that you report on.
    I want to thank you… I don’t want items, but would be happy to donate to you financially to keep things going.
    I saw no address.
    I am a 55 year resident and am truly wanting to help free press. I am older and want to send a check.

  2. MuyDeplorable

    Thumbs up for the tip regarding cannolis!

    But don’t be too sure about “Hope we’ve turned a corner on political divisiveness?” The way I see it, this all started in 1964, when Bob Dylan wrote “The Times They Are a -Changin.” Have a look at verse 3, lyrics on Dylan’s own official site. It begins with, “Come Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call.” Impeach Bob Dylan! Maybe impeach the Byrds, who recorded it, among many others. I had that album. The Santa Cruz connection: Remember Positively Front Street?

    When I visited this web site, I first thought that Ben had not yet updated it. Needles in the cover photo. Then I realized it was MORE needles than last week.

    • I dont have much hope… regardless of who is in the White House at this point.
      Until we look at the virus from a logical and honest stand point …and not a political one where hatred for another side and egos in need of saving face are concerned… these mandates will never have consistency nor will we be able to accurately obtain the true risk of either the virus or the vaccine.

  3. I know exactly who the guy with the shovel was… not because I was there, but because I had seen the meth addicted homeless man between river st and downtown walking around with 2 shovels on his back (crossed-strapped like samaria with katona) and new it was a matter of time before he used them as a weapon.
    My friend however was there for the arrest, and he applauds the police for the restraint and professionalism in a situation that could have gotten them or someone else seriously injured.
    Not to mention this is a great example how tasers dont always work.

  4. The new Santa Cruz reality: Plastic straws are banned due to their great impact on the environmental quality of life after much fanfare and warnings of impending environmental destruction from politicians. Yet, they are voluntarily replaced one hundred fold by plastic syringes after distribution approval from those same politicians. Go figure. It does not make any sense at all.

    • That is the problem, like lets gets rid of oil production or distribution just to buy it elsewhere. What people think will come out of this administration is a pipe dream and it will fail. Government needs to be simple and based on results, not feelings. I see nothing changing in Santa Cruz except it keeps getting worse, but I get one gets used to it and forgets then new comers never know what it was – its what government relies on.

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