The Weekly Dump 10.16.20

Watsonville Missing Woman Found Murdered in Santa Cruz

In a recent press release, the Watsonville Police Department has classified a missing persons investigation as a murder investigation. Watsonville Police recovered the body of a 24 year old woman and her 47 year old husband is the primary suspect. Watsonville Police detectives located her body in Santa Cruz just before noon Thursday. The family’s only known vehicle was found in Santa Cruz as well. The victim was reported missing around 3AM on Thursday morning. Police said the couple’s two young children are safe and with family members. The county medical examiner is working to determine the victim’s cause of death. As of Thursday night, the suspect/husband remained at large.

Just More Proof That Crime is Down

Last Monday morning around midnight, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies stopped a driver in Watsonville for having a fake temporary license plate displayed on his vehicle. He was in possession of meth, driving with an open container, and was in possession of someone else’s credit card. You think that’s enough to at least warrant a trip to jail? NAH. He was cited and let go at the scene. He was given a fucking ticket and told to carry on. You want to know why “crime is down”? Here’s why.

Getting Out of Jail For Free

Tuesday night around 5:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1900 block of River Road where they arrested a 44 year old Brookdale woman after she threatened another woman with a knife before punching her in the face. She was charged with flashing a deadly weapon and battery on a peace officer. You think that’s enough to keep her in jail? Not in Jim Hart’s jail! he ler her out on a “PTA”. The old Get Out of Jail Free card. Pathetic.

Getting in Trouble Gets Expensive

Last Monday morning around 11:30AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 2000 block of Larkin Valley Road where they arrested a 38 year old male, charging him with making criminal threats, brandishing a weapon, and battery. He’s out of jail on a $10K bond.

Running in Place

SCPD responded to a subject passed out in a vehicle with the engine still running and in gear this week. Officers worked in tandem to safely shift the car into park and wake up the driver. Officers also observed numerous drug-related items strewn about the vehicle in plain view. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a large quantity of Xanax, packaging material, scanner, cell phone, scales, various drug paraphernalia. SCPD arrested the driver for drug sales.

COVID-19 Updates for Santa Cruz County

There have been 2,633 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency. 23 people have died. 2,403 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 53,402 people have tested negative. 166 have been hospitalized in total. According to a state count, 17 people are currently hospitalized and five are in the ICU.

Santa Cruz County is in the red tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, meaning some non-essential indoor business operations are open. Its adjusted case rate is at 4.2, and it needs to be below 4 to move up. It also has a 2.2% positivity rate, and that needs to be below 5% to move up. The county needs to meet the criteria for three weeks before moving to the orange tier.

Santa Cruz City Council Race

Martine. Shebreh. Sonja. No fourth. Don’t forget to vote!

More New DeCinzo?

I hear some people are offended by this latest DeCinzo cartoon. Just like old times!

and Vote for Manu for 1st District Supervisor for Santa Cruz County. 

Get Your Swagger On!

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  1. I object to the prejudicial and stereotypical misuse of the noble poodle breed for political purposes.

  2. johnnybitchin

    How about a XL long sleeve in white or gray..ill buy two…love the Dump…..thanks

  3. Love DeCinzo. I hope he does some stuff on Hart’s “revolving door”.

  4. I’m all for Manu, he’s a breath of fresh air but that cartoon is questionable. Nazi Germany had cartoons pillorying Jews as rich businessmen flaunting their wealth. I can see how this was seen as anti-semitic.

    • The power of “the comparison to NAZIs” veto is rapidly declining, mainly due to overuse. Come on, now. We can never be even remotely “equal” if certain classes of people are considered beyond reproach in ways that would be tolerated if directed towards other classes of people.

  5. I’ve had multiple friends of the Jewish faith laughingly tell me it’s not anti-semitic and they were in no way offended by it. I’ll take their word for it.

  6. SO HAPPY to see DeCinzo again! He was the Best part of the GoodTimes newspaper back in the day!
    I always wished and hoped that he would publish a book of all his Fantastic cartoons that were published over the years and new ones too!

    Thanks again for bringing him back to me.

  7. What does a fella got to do in this County to go to jail!?

    DeCinzo has always had that ability to slice through the bullshit, distill the nonsense of any given Santa Cruz shenanigan and make me laugh. Hooefully he will keep it up.

    • MuyDeplorable

      Apparenty it is worse in San Francisco. Saw a news article about yet another place closing down, because the street life just walk in and brazenly steal, in plain view. If under $950, and if the police even bother to respond, it’s PTA. Ignored, of course.

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