The Weekly Dump 7.26.19

Dropping the (Arm and) Hammer on Pacific Avenue

Wednesday morning, SCPD shut down a portion of Pacific Avenue from Maple to Laurel streets while fire crews retrieved and identified a white powdery substance found inside of a suspicious package. The package was mailed from Willits, California to Long Island and was sent back through the mail to Avatar Imports on Pacific Avenue. Apparently the package contained baking soda as there was two boxes of Arm and Hammer baking soda inside the package.

The Key To His Problems Is In His Pocket!

Tuesday afternoon, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies busted a man after he was found with a stolen truck. The truck’s owner saw the suspect driving it on Soquel Drive and when deputies arrived, they found the suspect near the truck. After trying to evade authorities by running into a nearby apartment complex, he was caught with the truck’s keys in his pocket and a no bail warrant in his name. He was booked into the Santa Cruz county jail on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle, for the warrant and for possession of a concealed fixed blade knife.

Free Emily!

Santa Cruz makes the national headlines again this week as we do our best to keep Santa Cruz Weird. We’ve got a local woman who for some unknown reason, thought it might be nice to have a wild squirrel for a pet. I guess the squirrel, named Emily, ran away in search of the outdoor world and managed to even have a few kids while enjoying her freedom. Then we all know what happened. She took up residence in a local lemon tree and started beating people up that walked by who she perceived to be a threat to her babies. The city responded with a heavy handed response that included SCPD, Santa Cruz Fire, the local native Animal Rescue folks, and of course, the local news media. And then after all that money spent to capture the angry squirrel, she apparently managed to gnaw her way out of her box and escape once again.

Just Another Example of the City’s Fuzzy Math

So my friend Big Joe recently asked the city for an accounting of the city’s costs associated with Camp Bernal, or Camp Ross, or the Festering Drug Camp That Drew Glover and Chris Krohn Propped Up and Kept Open. What he got was basically a big floating turd.

So the city expects us to believe they only spent $130K on this fiasco? Where’s the amount the city spent on calls for service by fire or SCPD or first responders to that location? I’m not really seeing that. Where’s the cost for the HAZMAT clean up? I’m not seeing that. Where’s the cost to defend the stupid litigation brought by DREW GLOVER and CHRIS KROHN and their friends? I’m not seeing that either. Here’s the city pulling our collective chain and hoping they can flush this turd of a report.

Aptos Man Arrested For Threatening People With Pellet Gun

Saturday night around 10PM, Deputies responded to the report of a man with a gun in the 300 block of Beach Drive. When they got there, they found the man and detained him. Deputies said the man cooperated with the investigation and admitted that he had a high-powered pellet rifle at his house. Based on what he and witnesses told deputies, the man was arrested for allegedly brandishing a replica gun, making threats and child endangerment.

Attempted Stabbing in Watsonville

Wednesday morning around 9:30AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an attempted stabbing on the 400 block of San Andreas road in Watsonville. The 32 year old male suspect attempted to stab the victim with a pocket knife, and also damaged the victim’s vehicle. The suspect fled the scene but was later located and positively identified. Video surveillance was obtained. The pocket knife was confiscated. The suspect was arrested and transported to jail. Last check he was still in jail on a $25K bond.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last Thursday, Watsonville police stopped a man and a woman who just happened to be both currently out on bond for recent felony charges (of course they were!). They were driving a vehicle with no license plates. The male half of this brain trust had search terms pursuant to the conditions of his bond, and with almost no real effort, police found over three ounces of methamphetamine, a large amount of heroin, as well as MDMA, Xanax, a digital scale and packaging materials. They were arrested for possession of methamphetamine and heroin for sale, conspiracy, committing a felony while out on bond and for possession of prescription pills without a prescription. But I’ll bet they paid for that fruit bowl! And look at all those likely free needles!

Business Burglarized and Vandalized in Aptos

Tuesday morning around 3:30AM, three suspects apparently broke into a business on the 200 block of State Park Drive in Aptos and stole about $2K, while causing almost $10K in damages. Nobody was arrested.

Suspected Car Thief Busted in Live Oak

Tuesday around 5PM, a man was approached by Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies outside the Jelli Beanz store on the 2500 block of Soquel Drive for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. As they tried to confront him outside of the vehicle, he fled on foot and tossed a fixed blade knife out of his pants pocket as he ran. He resisted arrest before being detained and transported and booked into Santa Cruz county jail.

Don’t Text and Drive!

Monday night, a Scotts Valley man was driving a black Nissan Frontier on Highway 1 near Morrissey when he got a text message and decided to text back. Bad move. An attenuator truck was assisting Caltrans with a lane closure and Mr. Lack of Paying Attention rear ended it. Nobody was seriously injured but his truck was demolished.

Motorcyclist Hit By Jeep on Mission Street

Thursday around 5PM, there was some kind of accident involving a car and a motorcyclist on Mission near Van Ness. A witness reported seeing a motorcyclist under a white Jeep. SCPD responded with fire and medics. A life flight ambulance was called to transport the victim from Dominican.

There’s a Reason He’s Ex

Wednesday morning around 9:30AM, some real life human skidmark pointed a firearm at his ex girlfriend while she was holding her child at a home on Casserly road in Watsonville. The 36 year old male was arrested on 3 charges, and last check remains in jail.

Jeepers Creepers

After getting a complaint on Monday, UCSC police are investigating who is behind a hidden camera that was found at an outdoor shower on campus. The co-ed showers are used by farm and garden students on campus. It was discovered by one of the members of a residential apprenticeship program at the farm and garden. The showers are now closed.

Be a Team Player

Sheriff Jim Hart is looking for new community members for his advisory group. You’ll get to meet with Sheriff Hart once a month to share concerns and solutions that will make our community a better place to live. The team will also get a behind-the-scenes look at all of our facilities, jails, and go on ride alongs with our patrol staff. More info on how to apply is here.

I would encourage people to sign up for this. I’ve known multiple people who did this. It’s good to have public safety advocates meeting with him regularly.

Sign the Recall Petition!

Here’s where you can sign the petition to recall Drew Glover and Chris Krohn from the Santa Cruz city council this week!

Whole Foods (On Soquel Ave)
Monday, July 29th, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Cowells Beach (NorCal Competition)
Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Every Weekday Downtown:

Brooks Properties
745 Front Street Suite 115C
9 am -12 pm

Cruzio (Independent Suites)
877 Cedar St. Suite 150
Ask for Josie or Robert

Surf City Barber Shop
831 Front St

Bad Company Vocalist Brian Howe Plays For Free at the Boardwalk!

Brian Howe was the former lead vocalist for Ted Nugent before joining Bad Company as their lead vocalist in 1984. He plays 2 free shows at the Boardwalk at 6:30 and 8:30PM.

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

I just want to thank Surf City Barber Shop, Stockwell Cellars, Central Coast Welding and Fabrication, Java Junction Coffee Roasting, Union Foodie Truck, KSCO, Bone-A-Fide Dog Care, Brooks Properties, Carolyn Livingston Campaign Services, Damon Bruder Construction, Biomarcommunications, Jane Becker, and all the other local businesses and business owners who are actively supporting the recall efforts. Please support these brave local businesses, who are being stalked and harassed by recall critics for simply exercising their first amendment freedom of speech rights. They deserve our ongoing support and our business.

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  1. haha, I just realized the 2nd story and the Jelli Beanz story are one and the same incident. This happens every once in a while, but this time I managed to catch it before someone else pointed it out to me! Sorry for being redundant!

  2. Ben, what also is not shown and is probably the biggest cost in the Camp Ross fiasco, is city staff time from Bernal to counsel to assistant city mgr. to all of the planning, finance, p.w., and clerical that held meetings constantly and had very little time to devote to so it took most of their time for months. Hundreds of hours of very highly paid managers were working almost full time on this b.s. while other city business was ignored or glossed over. A real travesty for the budget and drain on the city’s finances that has left us millions in the red.

  3. Where does one begin?? Oh my goodness !!!
    You just can’t make this up !! ??????
    Thank you !

  4. Had to return cable equipment to xfinity place all the way from south county. Stopped in Java Junction to support them. If I was closer I would go all the time. The coffee was great(hot and fresh).

  5. Yup staff time and also non-profit outreach teams that is funded through the county…. Yikes Santa Cruz what is going on….

    • Not to mention pick up of all the needles which flooded the beach after storms. The list goes on and on.

  6. How embarrassing to allow the main ingredient of Brunswick Stew attack you. Reminds me of the people in a Boston suburb complaining about the wild turkeys attacking them. Same solution for both situations can also provide a tasty meal. 😉

  7. Thank you, Santa Mierda. for all you do.

  8. CommonsenseAshley

    Big floating turd! LOL

  9. At long last, the Santa Cruz cops seem to have made some good progress in arresting drug dealers.

  10. Ben, you continue to provide a valuable service to our community…and in the most entertaining way. And I love the community for using resources to TRY to rescue Emily….keeping Santa Cruz weird in the best possible way.
    Keep giving shout-outs to businesses and people who are standing up to power and being brave enough to sign the petitions…it is scary to confront these crazies..IMO.

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