The Weekly Dump 3.22.19

City Council Decides to Move Dumpster Fire to Downtown

This past Tuesday, the Santa Cruz city council decided it was a good idea to move our self perpetuating dumpster fire (also known as Camp Bernal) to a parking lot next to Depot Park. Honestly, I don’t have the patience to list all the various reasons this is all kinds of stupid but I would be at least remiss in not mentioning a few obvious problems here. First, a train runs through it. A TOURIST train. Multiple times a day. It’s like having your ass hanging out of your pants as the people you want to impress go by and stare at your ass, and you wonder why while you stand there scratching it. They will see much worse than that. I know the city CLAIMS it will only occupy the space from “dusk to dawn” but I’m calling bullshit on that. Who is going to enforce that morning breakdown rule? SCPD? Every morning? How much is all this supervision and new “rules enforcement” going to cost? And how much will the city lose in missed parking revenue when the camp isn’t broken down on time every morning, if at all? Santa Cruz residents were outraged after the city announced several sites for potential temporary homeless encampments and safe parking programs.

“I also want to reassure community members that identification of sites Tuesday night is only a first step; there will be many more to take, and the community will be involved in those steps and conversations,” stated city manager Martin Bernal in a letter that was emailed out to the community the day before the city council meeting.

What a LIAR. They made their choice with basically 24 hours notice given that this was a “first step”, then these LIARS foist this dumpster fire in the middle of a downtown neighborhood. Thanks a lot Cynthia Mathews! You really disappointed a lot of people here. I know you’re terming out but did you really need to go all scorched earth dumpster fire on your neighbors here? This will be your legacy. Disappointing.

This parking lot on Washington and Chestnut is adjacent to Neary Lagoon and is the smallest of the 6 proposed locations. It is almost next door to the Santa Cruz Police Department, and behind Perrigo’s Auto Body Shop. The Santa Cruz City Council reserved the power to renew the continuation of an encampment at Lot 24 every 30 days, meaning they could shut it down after a month. Or they could keep it going forever. All of this was done with 24 hours notice to the community, and literally 99% of the community who wrote letters to the city council opposed this. 452-4. But they went ahead and did it anyways! Up to 50 people can apparently sleep there under the planned “Safe Sleeping and Storage Program”, which will reportedly be run by a non-profit with the city providing some kind of infrastructure. By all indications, the homeless encampment at Ross is scheduled to be shut down on April 17th. In addition to this parking lot, the city is also looking to open the previously closed site at 1220 River Street, which could house up to 60 people.


Body Found on New Brighton Beach

Tuesday morning around 7:30AM, police found the body of a 22 year old man along the shoreline of New Brighton State Beach. An initial investigation determined the man and two of his friends were visiting the bluffs above the beach when the victim unexpectedly walked away from the group. It is believed he died after accidentally falling from the bluff.

Seattle is Dying and Santa Cruz is on Life Support

This is a must watch video. It’s about an hour long but it moves along at a brisk pace, and it’s incredibly, vibrantly honest. This is the road we are going down in Santa Cruz. The parallels to what is being said and done in Seattle is frustratingly eye opening.

We need to be more like Rhode Island and less like we are now.

A Vibrantly Honest Tour of Camp Bernal!

Local Yokel Crabby Samuels trolls SCPD and gives us a vibrantly honest look inside Camp Bernal! Trash bins overflowing. Asses hanging out. Don’t step on a needle. Seems like the kind of place I’d expect to find her. Thanks for giving us an inside look at the dumpster fire without having to get dirty or catch any disease.

See any parallels with that Seattle video? Hard to miss something so obvious.

Teens Rescued From Riptide at Moran Beach

Sunday afternoon around 4PM, I heard reports that 6 teens were caught in a riptide off Moran Beach. SCPD responded with rescue personnel and Harbor Patrol All 6 kids were rescued by surfers and lifeguards.

Drunk Hits Three People on East Cliff Drive

Saturday night around 6:30PM, an apparently drunk driver struck 3 people sitting on a retaining wall, as well as a parked car on East Cliff Drive near Assembly Way, according to reports from the California Highway Patrol. Witnesses on scene say the three pedestrians were a family of three. All three went to the hospital with unknown injuries, but they do not appear life-threatening. The CHP is investigating if the driver was also involved in a previous hit and run accident on First and Atlantic Avenue.

It Was Low Income Housing

Last Thursday, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant on the 100 block of Station Ranch Road in Scotts Valley as part of an investigation into a welfare fraud case involving an individual who had been receiving welfare benefits for more than 10 years in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. The Special Investigations Unit of the Human Services Department had been investigating this person, who claimed no income despite living in a home that was recently purchased for over a million dollars. Investigators discovered the person was selling cannabis through online delivery services. During the warrant search, investigators found more than 100 cannabis plants, 90 pounds of processed cannabis packaged for resale, over $150K in cash, 1,100 vape pen cartridges containing cannabis concentrate, and more than 10 pounds of high-concentrate cannabis resin. The total amount defrauded from various welfare programs is under investigation.

Battered by a Shopping Cart

Sunday morning around 8:30AM, a man was arrested for apparently battering another person with a shopping cart on the 100 block of Cliff Street in Santa Cruz. I’m guessing the shopping cart was full of someone’s crap. It’s not like they were shopping at Safeway or Shopper’s Corner, although the cart was almost certainly stolen from a local grocery store. They were parked in front of the Boardwalk. One man was arrested for battery, being drunk in public, and trespassing with refusal to leave. He was booked into jail around 2:30PM. He was out of jail by 4PM the same day. How’s that turnstile working for you Santa Cruz?

Unlicensed Driver Sends Four to Hospital

Last Friday morning around 11AM, there was a serious crash involving 2 vehicles near Harbor High at La Fonda and Soquel. Apparently, an unlicensed high school driver lost control of one vehicle and crashed after hitting 3 vehicles. One student was significantly injured and required a life flight to a trauma center over the hill, at least 3 others went to Dominican with injuries.

Time to Take Out the Trash

Last Friday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a bike theft in the Live Oak area. They were able to quickly locate a suspect with the stolen bike near 17th and Brommer. While attempting to evade deputies, the suspect accidentally locked himself inside an enclosed dumpster storage area. Deputies rescued him and arrested him. The bicycle was returned to its right full owner.

Attempted Robbery Yields Jail Time

Last Friday around 9:30AM, a 34 year old male was arrested for attempted robbery and making criminal threats and trying to dissuade a witness on the 500 block of Soquel Avenue. He was taken to county jail where last check he still sits.

He’s Got a Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Last Friday around 2:30PM, a man was arrested after he was found asleep in his RV with a pellet gun on his lap. When deputies performed a probation compliance check, they found heroin in his pocket and he was booked into county jail.

11 Times and Counting

Sunday afternoon, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a local business in Davenport for a report of someone brandishing a knife at an employee after being asked to leave the store. A State Parks Ranger found the man across the street and arrested him on a variety of charges and recovered the knife used during the crime. Arrested 11 times since 2017. And arrested just 3 days earlier.

He Was Just Mething Around

Last Thursday around 6:30AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of someone trespassing at a home on the 100 block of Ocean View Drive in La Selva Beach. A 25 year old male made illegal entry and was found inside the house with meth. He was arrested for burglary and drug possession in addition to trespassing.

Look What You Made Me Do Again

Saturday night, a man was arrested for drunk and disorderly, as well as assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest on the 800 block of Swift street in Santa Cruz. He was eventually arrested and last check was still in jail.

Watsonville Man Arrested For Riding a Horse Drunk

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies and the CHP arrested a man for riding a horse down the road while drunk. Deputies conducted an equine stop on E. Lake Avenue, and the CHP came later to evaluate the man for riding a horse while intoxicated. He was arrested for public drunkenness and the horse went home with a family member.

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

Hey there’s a new comedy club in Santa Cruz! It just opened at the location of the old Riverfront Twin theater on Front street next to Trader Joe’s. We could use a lot more laughter here. We tend to take ourselves way too seriously in Santa Cruz. Insert Social Justice Warrior joke here. I normally don’t promote stuff here but I wish these guys the best and I’m making an exception. Good luck and I hope you can transform that space into something successful.

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  1. It seems as if the city saw a pile of garbage, they’d just walk on by until enough people complained, but if they saw a “pile” of common sense they’d attack it out with a vengance. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. i watched that hour long video… and the shorter one of the camp here. i agree rhode island has a much better plan than seattle or santa cruz. when you listen to the types of assault committed under the influence of these drugs…. i cant even repeat them. and seeing the interviews of people in recovery helped me to have some compassion for people living that life. i hope more people can get out of that cycle.

    shame on you city council for even thinking of moving the camp so close to one of the few parks where kids can actually play sports in the sun and so close to the boardwalk and the main beach! you have no concern for the welfare of all the kids in this city!

    what kind of crisis management is this? the census shows huge numbers admit to disabling drug addiction and your solution is to move those people near one of the main summer attractions for all the families in the bay area?! in the hour long video above multiple people said 100% of the people living on the streets are addicted to deadly drugs. 100%!!! and the poor cops being forced to risk their lives around this activity – for what?!

    if this city council were on the titanic, they wouldnt scream women and children first, they would scream middle aged white dudes on meth first. way to go guys. i hope someone can use your played out politically correct b.s. to bury ur plans. this crap doesnt even add up by your own standards.

    LOL at “low income housing”

  3. Brandon Clifford

    Abbi Samuels may think she’s the Ross Camp documentarian and police watchdog, but in reality, she’s provided a a must-see video for anyone who’s had a bicycle stolen (aka “experiencing bicycle theft”) in Santa Cruz County.

  4. The CITY Council doesn’t work for the City at all! Instead , they are just killing Santa Cruz off, with one bad decision after another. Even when the City ‘s people absolutely, positively says NO !!!! How many different ways do we have to say NO to the CITY COUNCIL before they listen to US, the very people they are supposedly working for ??
    This is what it feels like while watching Santa Cruz Die!

  5. Next door to lot 24

    I watched the Seattle video too and the one here too. The whole time I watched it kept reminding me of Santa Cruz (the Seattle video of course). I guess the city council likes to play musical chairs with these camps. I work right across from lot 24 and was shocked that the council decided to set this up. Ben is right, the homeless aren’t going to set their alarms for 5:30 in the morning everyday and just leave promptly at 6 AM. What insanity! How many of them are just going to hang out in the soccer field waiting for the camp to open or when they get kicked out every morning? I predict I will be making a lot of calls to the police department soon.

  6. nearylagoonresident

    I live 2 blocks from Depot Park, and as a father of 2 small children I’m very scared about the effect this will have on our neighborhood.

    There is a Day of Action planned at Depot Park at noon on Sunday, March 24th. We have just confirmed that Drew Glover will be attending. Please come by help us stop this encampment from becoming reality. Please tell everyone you know.

    • why is drew out wearing his purple t shirts if all he does is bend to the alt left? if he wants to be a leader in this city he will find a way to unite the two political extremes here. this city is completely polarized between the alt left and the alt right. i have experienced more angry political extremism here than in any other city. the moderates i have met refuse to speak up because they dont want to deal with the shunning from each extreme.

      the local alt left voices are conning a bunch of naive ucsc teenagers into thinking they are voting for peace…. yet santa cruz has become one of the most violent areas around!!! and those same voices are conning drew glover into believing he is a leader. drew isnt leading, hes following a bunch of alt left barnacles who need to read 1984 again.

      why dont you stop the gimmicks like giving away free donuts to a bunch of 18 year olds, or jumping from one crisis to another and try representing the huge variety of voices in this community? maybe take a second to see the horror that drugs are causing in santa cruz? the polarization is unbearable. the city council is supposed to represent everyone here, not an extremely small select group of people who are in a drug crisis, but being used as a convenient scape goat for a housing crisis to try to force a total restructure of society and socialism.

      try bringing people together instead of this childish good vs. evil crap. everyone says drew thinks he is leading the city council and plays up the politically correct card all the time- there is nothing politically correct about all of the grown men hopped up on methamphetamines and terrorizing the resisents of this city.

      it has nothing to do with the cost of housing, and nothing to do with any of the politically correct narrative we have all been fed growing up in california. try bringing people together. start by respecting the voices on the city council who disagree with the alt left broken record!

  7. Read the Senile

    With regards to the post of the drunk male who caused an accident on East Cliff last Sunday, I will point out he is none other than the photographer for the Watsonville paper, the Pajaronian! ..But, he lives in Santa Cruz

  8. where can i see the seattle video? there is no link in the story…
    Do i just look it up on youtube? BTW you are doing a great job
    reporting the atrocity that Camp Bernal has become! I’m proposing
    make fliers for all the residents there and letting them now they all
    the ability to get up and leave at anytime, why not be humane for once in their
    lives and do just that. We are feeding a drug induced nightmare! Never would
    I have dreamed that this would take place here.

    • Yes, sorry Grace. I’m guessing you’re a “subscriber” who likely gets the Weekly Dump delivered by email and I keep forgetting that when I embed a video, it doesn’t carry over to the email version for some odd reason and I need to also include a link in addition to the video. Both videos can be seen above, but didn’t show up in the email version (and no link either). My bad. But check out both videos above from the website!

      • hey how do you have the guts to keep doing this crime blog? do you ever feel like you have been targeted for doing this blog? it’s ironic because the only reason people log in to read this stuff is because they have been attacked already… then they complain on here and they get attacked more. so i can’t really call it targeting.. but you know whoever made it away with the childrens piano lessons and some cheap toiletries.. and set me back 100 bucks with the broken car window.. and you know also didnt target any other cars in the whole parking lot.. i mean you guys really made an impact here.

        santa cruz is MUCH more fun when you are just passing through.. and dont bother to deal with any of the people who think they are leading this place. 4.5 Million people dont visit here every year for your commie crap, or your drugs, even the really fancy party favors.. the really fancy shit that kills college kids, THE HOMELESS, and leaves local paramedics scraping 15 year old kids bodies up off the pavement. 4.5 million people visit here every year for that awesome ocean, and the boardwalk. it’s really sad what is being done to this place.

  9. In addition to the Seattle video, please check out this one about San Francisco, it is much closer to us and we are most likely getting the spill over – San Francisco’s Infestation of Zombie Vagrants cost Millions in Feces/Needle Cleanup & Crime —

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