The Weekly Dump 11.15.19

Transient Woman Arrested For Threatening People With Knife

A homeless woman who had pitched her tent on the pedestrian sidewalk of the Water Street bridge was arrested on Tuesday after she brandished a large knife towards several people walking across the bridge. According to Santa Cruz Police, they received three separate calls from victims or witnesses. One witness described her encounter as she approached the middle of the bridge. She said the woman came out of her tent screaming and ran at them with a knife.

This sure as hell ain’t no kitchen knife!

Minutes later multiple SCPD units arrived and the woman barricaded herself back in the tent. SCPD spent nearly 3 hours trying to get her to come out. I guess the dogs had the day off. The Water Street Bridge was closed during the nearly three hour long incident. Eventually, SCPD took the woman into custody and nobody was injured. Bystanders say the woman has been living in the tent on the bridge for several months. She’s been living in a tent on the sidewalk in the middle of a major bridge a block from the county building for several months. Nothing screams apathy from the county like that does.

The Turd That Wouldn’t Go Away

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”

It’s back! Of course it is! Did you really think this was going to go away? It’s like a political STD. At least in Santa Cruz. We can’t get rid of the itch known as “idiot compassion”. I have so much I could say about this but why bother? It just falls on deaf ears (not you my faithful readers but the dopes at city hall). I’m tired of talking about it. I’m tired of these people being on my radar. Get the fuck off my radar. And my lawn. It’s the same old story my friends…..

The Same Old Song and Dance – Aerosmith

I have two words. “Borrowed Time”. Enjoy it while it lasts. It sure as hell won’t last long. I give it less than a week. Late Sunday or Monday, they’ll move in and kick them out. When Bad Mom is asleep in her RV and the media is nowhere around.

Chief Wiggum had his usual nonsense excuses.

If the city council refuses to replace the city manager and the police chief for gross mismanagement and wasting city funds, the people are just going to start firing the city council instead. This little stunt all but seals the recall effort in the spring. People are sick of this anarchy and inaction about it. Glover and Krohn will be out in March. Four more will be gone in November. I’ll just say it. Time to clean house and roll heads. Moderates would never let this shit happen people.

Nothing to See Here Apparently

Last Saturday morning around 6:30AM, a 23 year old male was arrested on the 900 block of Pacific Avenue on a laundry list of charges including kidnapping, assault to commit rape on a child, sexual battery, false imprisonment, and child endangerment. The victim was a juvenile. The suspect remains in county jail on a $250K bond.

Sup Andy Mills? This isn’t newsworthy? This isn’t worth blogging about? Nothing in the news, nothing from SCPD on social media about it. Quit gaslighting us about the homeless constantly and do your job.

Chronic Drunk in Public

Can we really arrest people for that? Now that’s how you clear the new bum camp. And don’t get me started on this absurd “FIT” team. “FIT”: “Failure in Transit”.

I’m Guessing They Were Driving Really Fast

This past Wednesday, a a white SUV was making an illegal U-turn on Freedom Blvd. near Prospect Street in Watsonville when a black SUV crashed into it before ramming into a building and a parked car with two people inside it, sending the parked car flying 75 feet into a light pole. Everyone involved in the crash was taken to local hospitals but all are reported to be in stable condition according to Watsonville police.

Because They Have Nothing Better to Talk About

Talk about wasting our time and our dime. This Tuesday, the Santa Cruz city council discussed decriminalizing psychoactive plants and fungi as an agendized item of business. Justin Cummings, Sandy Brown and Drew Glover recommended a resolution making the investigation and arrest of people who have certain types of psychoactive plants or fungi or who grow them, either for personal use or clinical research, one of the lowest priorities for the city. Those recommending decriminalization said one of the goals is to restore the city’s relationship with nature and that psychoactive practices have a long history around the world. The decriminalization would apply to the psychoactive plants and fungi on the federal Schedule 1 list. Of course Sweety Muffin Top Glover loves this idea. He’s been arrested for drug possession in the past.

UCSC Police Arrest Campus Peeper

An arrest was made last Friday in connection with hidden cameras that were found at showers at the University of California, Santa Cruz Farm, according to UCSC police. A 38 year old male was arrested on a suspicion of invading someone’s privacy through electronic means. This past July, campus police began an investigation after hidden cameras were found at an outdoor shower on campus. The co-ed showers are used by farm and garden students on campus.

Watsonville Gang Members Arrested on Weapons Charges

Last week, Watsonville Police arrested two suspected gang members on gun charges. A juvenile with suspected gang affiliation was arrested on the 100 block of Marin Street last Friday after police served a search warrant at the juvenile’s home and found a high-powered rifle. He was booked him into juvenile hall for having an illegal gun. Last Tuesday, WPD were investigating a report of a stolen shotgun. After a probation search on the 100 block of Second Street, they arrested a 30 year old male on suspicion of being a felon with a stolen gun.

Disorder in the Court!

Around 9AM on Wednesday morning, spectators and criminals alike were treated to a scrap in a Santa Cruz County courtroom when one inmate assaulted another while court was in session. The aggressor was removed from the court and the victim didn’t want to press charges.

Turnstiler of the Week

Tuesday night just before midnight, SCPD responded to the area of Water and River streets where they arrested a 47 year old woman for flashing a weapon and resisting arrest. She’s been arrested 16 times locally since 2013.

Put Him on a Bus Back to Utah

Saturday night around 6PM, a 32 year old male originally from Ogden, Utah was arrested on Mt. Hermon Road by Scotts Valley police and charged with giving a false ID to police, resisting arrest, and felony reckless evading. Over the past week, the suspect has evaded local law enforcement agencies at least five different times. His bail was increased to $100k and he appears to still be sitting in county jail.

County Still Oblivious About Their Shitty Needle Program

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency is looking for community feedback about the Syringe Services program to help inform program development going forward. To get feedback, the county is holding two public meetings. The first meeting was held on Thursday night up on Emeline at the County Health Services building. I spoke to someone who went and they told me it sounds as if the county is just trying to outsource this entire program to non-health professional groups of volunteers, undermining the county’s efforts. Both Supervisors Ryan Coonerty and Bruce McPherson have publicly denounced the idea of secondary needle exchanges in Santa Cruz County. John Leopold is a lost cause on this one. Leopold loves his dirty needles. But where does Zach Friend stand on this? I’ll tell you where he stands. In the shadows. Come on out Zach Friend. Are you truly our friend? Or are you just another gutless politician looking to avoid taking a position on something that actually matters? Time to put up, not shut up.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) will be hosting a meeting on November 21st and they are accepting public comments about the State Authorization Syringe Services Programs. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the regulations that define the authorization process and operational and reporting requirements for state-authorized syringe services programs. Anyone can submit written comments or questions via email – Comments must be received by November 25, 2019 by 5:00PM. So please let them know what you think about the idea of secondary needle exchanges in Santa Cruz. They undermine the county’s own effort, they are run by non-professionals, they create an ongoing public nuisance, and they compromise public safety for everyone. There are four reasons you can highlight in your email!

Santa Cruz Judge Announces Retirement

Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Ariadne Symons announced this week that she is not running for re-election. Earlier this year, California’s Commission on Judicial Performance imposed a public censure on Judge Symons after she ran a red light and tried to have the ticket dismissed. Judge Symons has spent 38 years in public service, starting out at the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office in 1997 and becoming a judge in 2009. Personally, I always liked Judge Symons. She was about as no bullshit as we could expect from Santa Cruz. And now she’s been railroaded into early retirement. Let’s hope for a moderate judge! Can we get a moderate judge to run please!

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  1. How many hours to breach a TENT?! This is why people around here say SC caters to the drug addicts, criminals and homeless. Where else but SPINELESS TOWNS AND CITIES like SC can you see this going on 24 FREAKN/7!! So your average SC creep can take over a public bridge for months then start chasing people off with a large knife ( maybe we should all stop yielding for these scum bags when we see them wander blindly into the streets)

    WHAT HUMAN RIGHTS IS SCPD UPHOLDING-SIDING WITH THE CREEPS AROUND HERE. AT TENT!! Poke a whole with a pen and rip it open!! How’s that defense going to work for that scum bag lady??-“ I’m defending the bridge I live on with a knife” and PD holds these peoples hands when they should be putting cuffs on there wrists, but it’s not how it works around here!!? It’s the regular citizens students and tourists who have to be accountable for there actions.

    I followed the pursuit on my scanner I tuned in as the guy was going the wrong way on Mission then the wrong way up 17 then they lost the guy as he when over the Pasatiemo bridge. He busted they one of the electric gates. Durango with HWY 9 and Santa Cruz stickers on the bumper. Ya rocking a HWY 9 sticker on the vehicle you sleep in and do drugs in really isn’t being inconspicuous.
    But what this guy was doing this a while before he was caught? Interesting…. not surprised at all.

    The horror stories from the very small group of “ cleaners” Im getting to know is appalling they have and still find these “scum” in buildings they call PD and nothing is ever done. Literally people “scum bags” just breaking into buildings and businesses messing up the place and or stealing and doing it over and over and no arrests. Then these scum bags start saying the CLEANERS are harassing them. THEY BROKE INTO A PLACE AND THERE THE VICTIMS?!?!? Write more later

    Return of Ross “ camp”. ???

  2. When will the breaking point occur?! When will enough SC citizens and students get fed up and literally start taking back this city. I can see it happening very soon maybe another SC citizen will get there bike stolen, car or house or business broken into have a family member friend or CO worker get harassed or assaulted by one or more of these scum bags. I still see it in my head a hundred plus SC citizens and students with bright flash lights and self defense devices and just do an old school running off the undesirable and dangerous scum bags that are thriving here. Just run them out-simple to say I know.

    Who’s going to blame us for taking back our town maybe we can start the trend. Then we systematically start shutting down the Shelters and benefits ect ect that waste SC’s money and keep the undesirables coming in masses. So this could be a proper town to where if you want to throw your life away on drugs or alcohol{WHATEVER}, be violent and Blame every thing and everybody else for YOUR problems-you maybe able to walk into SC during the day but by 10pm police,gaurds and citizens will make sure no “ undesirables “ are allowed to be around long and if and when they commit a crime there punishment is fitting. The needles will travel along with the addicts. I’ll join any protests I’ll walk side by side if we the GOOD AND TRUE LOCALS OF SC if we ever do “ Take to the Streets!” I’m even starting to get backlash from PD cause the scum bags are protected here. For some stupid reason

    • Dave,

      What do you mean by “backlash from PD”?

      • Basically I say that because on many occasions not only did PD take no action but they spent more time making sure IM not doing anything I’m not supposed to. So I basically figured out why these scum bags do what they do-there basically allowed to do whatever they want when they want.

  3. Your Turnstiler of the week is the same woman in the tent on the bridge.

  4. Just the Facts

    Talk about “Same Old Song and Dance” ! I’m thinking of starting a “pop-up” pitchfork and torch stand. And yes good citizens they are trying to get your City Parks and Main Beach back on the table as alternative sites if the Ross camp is closed! This reeks of a coordinated effort by Klown and Druglover and their minions to force a camp on the city even though the residents have clearly said no. Sound like Measure M? Remember how well Camp Paradise, the Occupy Camp, the Benchlands, and the first Ross medieval ghetto worked out? Is this really how you want your tax dollars wasted again? Thanks for the insanity quote, you took the words right out of my mouth! P.S. , I’m taking bets on how long the proposed needle kiosk in the Pogonip will last.

    • Good one facts! Inventory for your pop up stand would be easy… Im sure we have plenty of pitchforks and sticks surplus left over from the last clean up of the ross camp

  5. I just cant understand why the city feels obligated to give asylum to these criminals, while the rest of us pay these “leaders” salaries through our hard earned taxes while also paying exorbitant amounts in rent and mortgage, not to mention the same law abiding citizens trying to run a local business in an anarchists paradise.
    I watched the KION report on the re-open of the ross camp… completely one sided only hearing interviews from the only ppl who are in support of it (like the homeless and the homeless supporters.)
    Meanwhile all the rest of us just trying to live hear are either harrassed, slandered ot threatened by them for daring to state any concerns for our rights and safety.
    Like Dave says, something’s gotta give… but will it be too late by then. And I would hate to imagine with the state things are in, what “too late” will look like. SMH…

  6. Say what you want about Judge Symons, but “railroaded” is too strong a term. She abused her position for personal gain and in doing so violated the public trust. We need to be able to trust our judges. When a judge decides that the law should treat her differently than the rest of us it’s time for her to go.

  7. Hmmm! Recreational use of “psychoactive plants” provides one logical explanation for the cognitive processes of most of the Santa Cruz City Council members. Ben, you have my contact information. At your convenience could you get in touch with me on the side?

  8. Huh. It’s almost like if you ignore a problem for months it eventually becomes a bigger problem (talking about the woman on the bridge, here.)

  9. all these policies do is promote rape culture. the homeless census shows a bunch of middle aged males , and the only disability is drugs and alcohol. why is this allowed? why is it normalized? why are they calling it liberal? this isnt even a mental health issue. is there even a legal definition for illegal drug use???? has it all been classified as a mental health disability?

    i dont know the difference between how much it costs to keep someone in prison vs. a psychiactric hospital. we used to know that some people did drugs in order to be reckless and assault other people. now its all being classified as a disability???

    i thought its extremely hard to get disability benefits? i want to believe in programs like what sf mental health is trying to do, but then i look at the price tag.. and wonder if that money should just go to the schools.

    i also did a google search, how many people in california are in prison? it said 110,000. california has 40 million people. we are always told the prisons are bursting at the seams. i didnt find out if more people are technically also in jail as opposed to prison.

    all i know is in SF they are targeting 4000 people for mental healthcare. here in sc the homeless census shows less than 2000 people. in LA they say 60,000 people.

    are we really supposed to allow our entire state to be one big needle, feces, rape culture drug fest when out of 40 MILLION people, barely any are behaving in this way???

    this is not just mental health. a huge chunk is obviously criminal drug activity and violence. its rape culture. what a shock the left wing doesnt care about rape culture. what a shock.

    • You should post comments here more often. You get it and your frustration is shared HERE. The more people who “ tune” into the weekly dump aka Santa Mierda the better.

      • thanks dave – i like your comments a lot too. be safe when you are out there– its just not worth it to risk too much. i try not to overpost because i really have a tendency to do that LOL ;0)

  10. meth was specifically designed by the japanese military in ww2 in order to make soldiers crazy aggressive in battle. thats what i remember reading about it.

    so the law of the land here, is hand out more needles, barely punish the meth, distribution, sales use etc, and then when it makes people crazy aggressive, the courts declare the user mentally disabled!!!

    the people here arent crazy- the drug is making them crazy!!! and for the people who arent addicted, they are just being enabled to be extreme psychopaths!!! this is a joke! get the meth and the heroin out of california. obviously some people really struggle with addiction, but most of this is criminal behavior. so depressing.

  11. At this moment, police are in the process of clearing out the new “Ross” camp. Happy to see they decided to be proactive and not let this thing fester any longer.

    • Julie, that’s really good news. Are they also clearing out the wall of filth going up the hill toward Mission Street?

      • No idea. But you and I both know that the only way they’ll take action is when we all make a lot of noise.
        The other day I parked in the downtown CVS lot when I went to Trader Joe’s. Two guys were sitting on the curb drinking and talking about being “homeless by choice.” I’m so sick of hearing bleeding hearts lumping mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicts, criminal deviants, and “homeless by choice” individuals into the same category as those people who genuinely need some help to get back on their feet.
        So the noise we can make is to push for a major reduction in the welcome mat Santa Cruz provides in the form of the bogus needle exchange and all the other enabling freebies the city offers, as well as to push on the criminal justice system to put an end to the catch & release “turnstile.”

        • I just drove by Ross II and you can’t believe the filth these degenerates left after only a few days. I’m sure some of the toxins will leach into the San Lorenzo River, killing more than a few endangered salmon. But just like all other laws, the “homeless by choice” are exempt. It’s Mierda writ large.

        • I’m glad to see more different names here. Yes we the regular folks and student and the unsuspecting TOURISTS are the minority’s. I’m a security Gaurd downtown SC grave shift and I get backlash from PD when these scum bags are just out doing as they please when they please and are given everything they need and want and if that doesn’t satisfy them they’ll steal or destroy things or hurt people. I found this blog about 2 months ago I share what I go thru and speak my mind. Isn’t good supposed to triumph over evil! TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE WEEKLY DUMP LETS GET STRONG AS A GROUP AND MAYBE WE CAN MAKE REAL CHANGE.

          • Braaapshead Revisited

            “Isn’t good supposed to triumph over evil! ”

            Only when good men (and women) don’t “do nothing”, as the arch-conservative Eddie Burke once penned,

            Complex situation. There is plenty of personal risk to “do something”. The Collective Action Problem is apparent here. Flipping the City Council and thus SCPD is a major strategic goal. Organizing citizen patrols would also be useful (but, again, collective action problem) and could facilitate things coming to a head because citizen order-enforcement will drive Progressives and Communists crazy (despite the fact they regularly advocate for “community policing”) and they will try to shut it down.

            Courage is contagious and speaking up and speaking out is the first step of many.

            Much respect to our host Ben and those like Dave and Kris calling it as they see it!

  12. Apparently we have had #enough!!

  13. OK, I went a little a little nutz-so at the council meeting and spoke a record for me five times with I will admit my usual Leftist-Globalist progressive bashing (and a few choice words about Ross Camp). It usually falls on deaf ears at the council, I do it to get my objections as to that particular kind of government out in public. I rarely agree with grievances of Leftist youth (I question the remaining legitimacy of Marxist victim-oppressor blaming everything on racism, sexism, homophobia, etc), but the issue of a defective one-sided “supply-side” war on drugs is one I partially agree with. However, most of the legitimacy is a complaint against the criminal justice systems extreme penalties for some lesser dangerous drugs the existence of which doesn’t make the case for mind altering drugs “OK to recreationally use”. We saw the advocates claiming in classic Leftist fashion the war on drugs is racist, and these drugs are “miracle cures” , “medicine”, “used for centuries by many cultures”. Whether their version of the origins of the war on drugs was true in the 60’s has little bearing on the now and disregards altering ones mental state like that leaves one little prepared to function in a real world with real consequences. They failed to mention even one downside to mind altering drug use as if none exist. Even heavily researched approved drugs come with more side effect disclaimers on TV ads you don’t even know what they do after watching them. They fail to acknowledge the criminal justice system went through a total revamp under Gov Brown from parole boards to mandatory sentences and still has problems (like 3 strikes where the last one can be almost any minor felony). It seems to me the problem lies there mostly. Even Gov Brown admitted that after all these years. Sans a massive demand side education (actually moral conviction and value consideration), legalization will lead to different problems.
    Since the same council people who brought this matter up (actually copied it in its entirety from Berkeley) are the Public Safety sub-committee look forward to mind altering drug legalization.
    On a another issue, does anyone get PO’ed when the public asks dozens and dozens of pretty good questions, the city council NEVER answers any of them (unless political grandstanding is possible), and takes mass pee-pee/coffee breaks sometimes for 4-5 minutes only when the public speaks? Seems rude and indifferent to me.

    • Garrett, public testimony and oral communications are not dialogues. The council is not there to hold conversations with the public. That is done in meetings with them. These are the rules of the meetings. Only occasionally will a public official respond to comments made in oral communication or in public testimony. Usually to “correct” a statement.

      • I differ. The council did not ask a SINGLE question when it approved the 30 million dollar bond before passage (I am not talking only about oral communications). I asked plenty of serious questions and so did someone else. While it is of course possible they are so well informed they don’t need to consider public input, considering Mathews asked a question AFTER they voted kind of tells us they aren’t. The questions posed by the public many times are quite good, of general interest, and hey, who works for who here. I say they don’t represent the people particularly well, and are indifferent to the public generally. Actually they play fast and loose with facts such as the assertion there was little opposition to the fungi/mushroom item. There were at least six LONG letters explaining in some detail people’s objections to it, only a few in support, and those listed mostly except for one just said they liked the idea with zero justification. That is not reasoned overall support. That the council doesn’t bother to address any justification as to why possible drug abuse should be overlooked is a big tell.
        The assumption they automatically represent the people just because they were elected is false and I can have a different opinion about that. November 22 is a comin’, and March 3 after that for the people to retake their government. I think the wee-wee breaks tell you what they think of the public.

        • Garrett, this is not my opinion.
          “It is important for elected officials and for the public to be very clear about the purpose of the public comment period. This is an opportunity for members of the public to inform the governing body about their views. The meeting itself belongs to the governing body. The public does not PARTICIPATE in the decision-making. Instead, it PROVIDES INPUT to the governing body, which takes the input into consideration in making its decisions.”

          The meeting belongs to the governing body.

          • Public comments are only not dialogs or even considerations if the council decides they aren’t and choose to hide behind what you say. They can and should address serious, thoughtful and reasonable public objections and concerns if they want to keep their jobs. Whether they can get away with not doing that is a matter that we will take up in the next election, whenever that is. I say “hasta la vista”.

  14. “Barricaded” in tent?!!!!???? And living there for several months??? How is this allowed? We need law enforcement and tax payers to gang up on this problem of messed up people with no where to be held. What about spending some of the homeless money on building a bigger locked psychiatric unit? That would provide enforced food, clothing and shelter and also containment. No more poop on the street; no more needles on the beach.
    Also, I am very disappointed to hear that John Leopold is not against adding more needle exchange programs. I live in his district so will try and register my opinion. Thx Ben.

  15. Just the Facts

    If you take Garrrett’s comment “that the council doesn’t bother to address any justification as to why________” and merely fill in the blank space with any number of pressing issues, you have an answer to how the “progressive” majority on the council think and operate.


    lots of people are making fun of this anti meth ad, but they obviously did the double entendre on purpose. they are requesting more federal funding to fight the meth. this article says there is federal funding to fight the opiods but not the meth. not sure how the details work for the funding in this city/state- but the meth crisis is a big deal. glad people made a provocative ad that got everyone talking! and thanks for the kind words dave same to you and be safe!

  17. Working class and people in school that are what a good economy can come from. Police fire ambulance ect ect are there for protection. Hospitals jails and other facilities are in place because we need them-City council is supposed to be a place that a city can communicate WHAT IS WRONG WITH SC’s CITY COUNCIL. IT just seems to be a place where the general public get information that the Homeless and criminals and drug addicts still own this town and there’s nothing police or the public can do anything about. THAT IS ALL!

    Highly HIGHLY intelligent people in this town. None seem to be on the city council.

  18. The addresses of council members in charge should be given to all these “ people “ SC keeps coddling. Maybe then they would see first hand up close and personal how these “ people “ are and what there REALLY ABOUT. To many creeps out here at night with PD just driving by there hands are tied. Sucks.

  19. It’s official Glover and Krohn are up for recall. They stopped counting when the number needed was reached, but it appears around 80% of signatures were valid and the recall effort cleared by an estimated approximately 800 votes each margin. So close, but not that close. Close enough for toast though. Hasta La Vista.

    • and thanks Garrett for gathering signatures. You’ve been stalwart and on the forefront the entire way and continue to give the council a piece of your mind. that has taken a lot of your personal time and I appreciate you keeping this issue alive where ever and when ever you have been able to. and I feel the same about all of the volunteers. I hope a couple really good candidates step forward…I’ve got my favorites from reading next door commentary. it was a lot of work that you guys and ladies put into it and I am grateful that you succeeded so well. here’s to a job well done.

      • Thanks, if I make it I have the usual, actually a little extra, barnburner prepared for next meeting, but they allocate little time to read it all. After further review (with a calculator), the margin was over 1000+ signatures than needed assuming the valid signature count stayed the same (around 78-79%).

  20. As Winston Churchill once said, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” We must push forward and win the recall election. After that the necessary struggle will be securing district elections. There is still much work to do.

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