The Weekly Dump 11.5.21

Beach Hill Hate Crime Stabbing 

Tuesday morning around 4AM, SCPD responded to the area near Main and Beach Streets after getting reports of a stabbing. Two male victims told police that a male attacked them, calling them homophobic slurs while brandishing a pair of knives. According to police reports, one of the men was stabbed in the leg and was transported to a trauma center for treatment of a significant wound that was not life-threatening, The attack was apparently unprovoked. Officers arrested a 39 year old Watsonville man several blocks away from the scene, and arrested him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed dagger and a civil rights violation/hate crime. He was being held without bail due to a suspected violation of the terms of his release related to a July criminal case. His bail was increased to $200K.

Waiting on a Friend

Tuesday afternoon around 1PM, SCPD responded to the area near Front and Laurel after getting reports of a possible assault. Apparently a woman was beaten at the Metro downtown and a security guard called it in. The suspect had left by the time police arrived but the victim told them he was probably hanging out at the Food Not Bombs bum magnet slopfest in the city owned parking lot at Front and Laurel. Sure enough, he was waiting in line for a meal when they got there. A 65 year old bum was arrested and charged with battery. Since it was a misdemeanor, he wasn’t really arrested. I’m not even sure if he got a ticket.

Just Bad Mom Doing Bad Mom Kinds of Things

Saturday afternoon around 5PM, SCPD responded to the bum magnet on Front and Laurel (otherwise known as the “Food Not Bombs parking lot”) after getting reports of a physical fight that might involve knives. As if this wasn’t predictable enough, turns out Bad Mom and one her many boyfriends were involved somehow. The initial report said up to 10 people were brawling. Multiple units responded and when they arrived, they found one victim suffering from lacerations and from being pepper sprayed. PD asked dispatch to call probation to put a hold on Bad Mom’s Sugar Daddy for violating his probation. He was arrested but they let him out of jail for free anyways. That’s our Sheriff!

This is the same clown who just apparently got a six figure settlement from the city of Santa Cruz for a police brutality lawsuit he filed after a few (still nameless) guys from SCPD beat the shit out of him during one of his many recent past arrests. Bad Mom and her Sugar Daddy brawling with bums at the bum hangout downtown. I hope someone was watching the kids somewhere else.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Early last Friday morning just after midnight, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1100 block of South Green Valley Road where they arrested a 26 year old male who had a laundry list of outstanding felony warrants attached to him, including felonious assault with serious bodily injury, making criminal threats, violation of civil rights, drug possession, violation of parole. He was on parole. Of course he was on parole!

Gremmie Out of Control

Friday afternoon around 3:30PM, SCPD responded to the 1200 block of Water near Poplar after getting reports about a robbery in progress. Witnesses reported seeing suspects fighting with each over something attempting to be stolen. Around the same time, reports came in about an assault on the 200 block of Poplar where a woman was beat up by a gang of 8 juveniles who were waiting for a bus near Melrose. Victim said her face was busted up and her teeth were broken. Police had a good description of the suspect, who police thought could be a student at B40 Junior High School. There’s nothing worse than a gremmie out of control.

Gremmie Out of Control – Pearl Jam

Pet Shop Boys

Saturday afternoon around 2:30PM, SCPD responded to the 500 block of Seabright Avenue after getting reports of a disturbance at a pet shop. A male reportedly battered two employees of the business. The suspect left the scene in a BMW and was last scene on Murray Street near the harbor. I don’t think anyone was actually arrested.

Dressed Like a Bum For Halloween

Last Sunday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to the area near Pacific and Elm streets in downtown Santa Cruz, where they arrested a 24 year old guy from Fresno for battery and making criminal threats. He’s a regular. We’ve been coddling this guy for years. It’s why he’s still here.

I’ll bet he lives in San Lorenzo Park.

Rolling Out the Welcome Matt

Next Tuesday, the Santa Cruz city council will make it official and name Matt Huffaker, the soon to be former city manager of Watsonville, to be the new city manager of Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz city council  announced in a press release that they made a unanimous recommendation for Huffaker. They will vote on the appointment at the council’s Nov. 9 meeting. If approved, he would assume the position on Jan. 3, 2022. I’m sure I’ll be talking about Matt a lot going forward, and be talking a lot less about Martin Bernal. Nothing personal Matt! I’m encouraged by the feedback I’ve gotten. If I could offer up two words of advice: “Don’t Suck!”.

Get Your Swagger On!

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  1. I wonder how many people are actually in the SCCJ and For what crimes. And why do we even have police in SC I mean most violent Offenders don’t even get a ticket. Nothing changes in SC it just gets worse and redundant. Wonder what would of happened if the security Guard was not there

  2. Reality Check

    I remember the good old days, when guys who drove BMWs were just assholes, and not criminals.

  3. New city manager coming in; thank god not Coonerty. My understanding is that the city mgr is the one who will choose whoever takes Mills place. Many people feel the interim chief, Escalante, should become permanent, but so far I haven’t been able to find out much about him; Ben, maybe you know? If we can then just be rid of Hart, this area might have a chance at actually making a dent in the rampant crime around here.

  4. Dont suck” is good advice but not very useful advice. I hope the guy gets a chance before he runs afoul of your satire. And thany you Ben for persevering in writiing your weekly column that is one of the only truelyLOCAL news sources in our community.

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