No weekly dump this week. After almost 5 years of putting this out every single week, this is the week that I’m taking my first week off. 

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Don’t fret. I’ll be back next week. Hopefully vibrantly refreshed. Have a great week!

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The Weekly Dump 2.5.21

  1. I so enjoy your weekly updates on what is REALLY going on in our little city.
    THANK YOU! Missing you but, totally see the need for you to “fill your well”
    with some R&R. At least, I hope you are getting R&R. Not sick? Take care
    of yourself. Your public needs your insight and comments. Truth is hard to
    find. You’re a Santa Cruz “Treasure.”

  2. Enjoy your break. Maybe promise yourself to take a break from time to time. Another day in Paradise, except for… Never mind.

    1. Enjoy my friend !! Thank you so much for giving us the truth via the dump ! Enjoy your time off buddy !!

  3. Find a cove. Stare at the ocean. Don’t look back at the town. Repeat as often as necessary. Thanks for everything you do.

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