The Weekly Dump 7.9.21

Santa Cruz Police Clean Up Bum Trash

This week, members of the Santa Cruz Police Neighbor Policing Team (NPT) filled up three truckloads of bum garbage that had been accumulating in San Lorenzo park next to the lawn bowling area. Homeless squatters were using the spot for camping, and police found the area filled with an old couch, garbage, needles, and other biohazard materials. So now we have our local cops picking up after these people? Like they have nothing better to do with their time? Where’s public works? Where’s the sanitation department? Why are the police picking up garbage? I get the pandering photo opportunity here. I know Chief Wiggum and his secretary love to stage feel good photo ops for SCPD. This ain’t making me feel so good. This is like picking up a soda can in a mountain of nearby garbage. And the mountain of nearby garbage is literally within eyesight of this location. What about the complete human clusterfuck of stolen bike parts, random furniture, stolen pallets, and environmental degradation taking place literally a hundred feet away? Andy Mills allowed that “camp” to fester and grow out of control and now we have this. The loss of a downtown park and an SCPD photo op.

Did They Give the Deputies a False ID?

Wednesday night, deputies from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s department tried to stop a driver who failed to yield for about a mile before coming to a stop on a dead end street. Both driver and passenger were from San Jose and the driver was on parole. With the help of CHP, both were detained. A vehicle search revealed over seventy California ID cards, a shaved master mailbox key, credit cards, stolen mail, blank credit cards, a credit card embosser (used to make fraudulent cards), a card skimmer and a fake firearm. Both were arrested and the vehicle was towed. The driver was also on parole for vehicular manslaughter and a parole hold was placed.

They Were Checking Out the Nice View

Wednesday night, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies noticed a vehicle stopped in the middle of the Buena Vista Drive offramp on Highway 1. After making contact with the driver and a passenger, deputies found a loaded revolver during a search of the vehicle. The gun was also reported stolen out of Kern County. Both the driver and passenger were booked into jail for multiple firearms related charges including possession of a stolen loaded firearm.

Cataclysmic Converters

This past Wednesday around 5:30AM, SCPD responded to the 500 block of Frederick Street in Santa Cruz for a call of an interrupted catalytic converter theft with gunshots being fired. A witness reported seeing two men underneath and around a parked Prius attempting to remove a catalytic converter. After the witness yelled at the suspects as they drove by, the witness reported hearing three gunshots as they drove away. Officers at the scene located shell casings confirming the shooting. Officers also discovered the suspects were successful in stealing the catalytic converter from the vehicle. No suspects have been identified at this time.

Pickup Truck Barrels Into Three People in Watsonville

Sunday night as firefighters from Santa Cruz County Central Fire Division battled a wildland fire off of Mills Lane in Watsonville, a driver in a pickup truck reportedly then drove into the scene and into a crowd that was watching the effort to extinguish the blaze. A firefighter and a spectator were taken to a nearby hospital and have since been released. A third person hit did not require medical attention. The 28 year old suspect from Salinas was arrested.

A Bad Day at the Beach

Monday afternoon around 1PM, SCPD responded to the #4 lifeguard tower on Main Beach in Santa Cruz after getting reports of a possible robbery involving someone stealing a cell phone. When they arrived on scene, they found a victim of a battery who had been assaulted with a deadly weapon. AMR responded for the victims’s injury. The victim also had 4 outstanding warrants from out of county so he was arrested and extradited back to San Mateo. Getting beaten, having your phone stolen, and then getting arrested and extradited for your outstanding warrants. I’d call that a bad day at the beach.

A Chrysler Sebring?

Wednesday afternoon, a suspected drunk driver in a Chrysler Sebring led Watsonville Police on a short chase while driving the wrong way in traffic and crashing into parked vehicles. Officers responded to reports of a hit-and-run crash involving a white car on Martinelli Street after the driver left the scene and continued driving on a flat tire. Officers found the 60 year old man and tried to pull him over but he refused to stop, leading them on a short chase which ended after he drove to the Watsonville Fire Department parking lot on Airport Boulevard and rammed his car into two unoccupied training vehicles. A Chrysler Sebring? Does Abuela know someone took her car?

A Little Fix For the Road

Monday around 1PM, SCPD responded to the Safeway parking lot on Mission Street in Santa Cruz after getting calls that two people were passed out in a vehicle with needles in their laps. Fire and AMR responded and asked for PD backup. Apparently the junkies drove off headed north along Mission street before SCPD arrived.

Watsonville Family Nearly Burns Down Their Home With Illegal Fireworks

Sunday morning around 3AM, Watsonville Fire responded to a home on Crestview Drive after the homeowners left active fireworks in a garbage can, which then spread to the back of the home. Neighbors are being credited with alerting the family after they noticed the house catch fire. They helped douse the flames with buckets of water until firefighters arrived. The fire was extinguished by 4AM and no one was injured. Three people and two cats were displaced and are receiving help from a shelter. Don’t even get me started on these assholes having two cats and blowing off fireworks outside their house.

The Hot Dog Mob From Antioch is Back and Busted

Sunday night, SCPD responded to the area of Beach Street near the volleyball courts after getting reports about a large amount of property belonging to food vendors that were earlier lined up along Beach Street. When they arrived, they found an assortment of gear and food stored on the sidewalk along the railing and in several pop-up canopies. The area was filled with coolers, cooking devices, beverage jugs, and large battery-powered wagons. Officers found food was left sitting out and open  beverage jugs. They found one person hanging out in one of the pop-up canopies watching over everyone’s crap. Then they discovered the owners of this mess were camping on the beach. Officers cited three people from Antioch for being on the beach after hours and issued a 24-hour order to vacate. They also instructed them to immediately remove their property and vacate the beach. SCPD returned later and found one person with left out food from the vending group still there. Officers cited him for the misdemeanor and revised the order to vacate to a week instead of just 24 hours.

Last year I wrote about flying weenies on Beach Street. I’d bet money this is the same group from Antioch.

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  1. Paige Concannon

    JFC !! Antioch venders, I am betting they are the same ones also. Murder In SC…? unbelievable, but yet here we are, especially since some grifters are trying to make money off of it. It is disgusting.
    Santa Cruz is dying, is just that. Cops are cleaning the mess, where are all environmental groups, people, etc. It is heartbreaking to me.
    Thanks for the dump!

    • Paige, regarding “environmentalists”, I continue to believe that the bum camps seriously violate state environmental regulations and the federal Clean Water Act. In Santa Cruz County the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board is the regulatory gatekeeper of the Clean Water Act. They have serious enforcement and penalty authority. Someone needs to report bum camp violations to the water board. I can’t do it because of work conflicts. Their contact info:

      895 Aerovista Place, Suite 101
      San Luis Obispo, CA. 93401-7906
      (805) 549 3147
      Fax – (805) 543 0397

  2. LMAO. Abuelas Sebring. That’s funny…. The rest, not so much. What a damn mess we live in!!

  3. MuyDeplorable

    The needle car in the Safeway parking lot… Responders respond, but the P.O.I. (persons of interest, or maybe I mean P.O.S.) just drive off? Not captured? Did anyone write down the license plate? Does anyone really know what time it is, does anyone really care?

    And, nobody noticed the license plate for the catalytic crapmen?

    As for the pushcart vendors: A week or two ago, I noticed 3 or 4 together, pushing their carts in the direction of the beach. This was along the walkway between Dopot Park soccer field and the railroad tracks. A lone pushcart is not unusual, but what caught my eye was that despite these evidently being together, the carts all had different businesses (not the cart pusher names) written on the side. I wondered whether those were legit names. Or, it could be that the carts were rentals, which circulate here and there (like rental cars).

  4. Pissed-Off Local

    How the f*ck does SCPD even think that their effort sends a good message? Just like you said, my immediate thoughts were “why are the police doing this?”, “what about the city departments that SHOULD be doing this?”, and “you may ask yourself ‘well, how did I get here?'”.

    Starting to think that SC is broken beyond repair. What a shame.

  5. Just the Facts

    Chief Wiggum photo op is correct. Public Works and the Parks Dept. do that same job all day everyday, not just when the cameras come out. There is absolutely no reason for those CSOs to be doing that other than a cheap PR stunt. Our Parks Rangers eliminated by Wiggum would be the ones normally enforcing San Lorenzo and the other parks. Thanks Andy. It’s no wonder everyone from sketchy food vendors to auto thieves swarm here. No enforcement and no punishment if you are caught.

  6. Hi Ben, I tried to send you an email, but gmail is telling me it doesn’t recognize your address. I understand what at and dot mean, so I’m baffled. Have you changed your email address? Please let me know. Thanks!

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