The Weekly Dump 12.6.19

We Have an Opening For a New Judge!

With the pending retirement of Judge Symons, Santa Cruz will have an actual open election, without a sitting incumbent, for a new local judge! Why is this not being discussed more? More information on how to file can be found online here.

If Judge Symons does not file her Declaration of Candidacy by 5pm on December 6th, the filing period will extend until 5pm, Wednesday, December 11th for anyone other than Judge Symons to file their candidacy papers. The County Clerk/Elections Office will be open on Saturday, December 7th from 10am to 2pm if the contest does extend in the event Judge Symons does not file her Declaration of Candidacy.

Anyone know any good moderate candidates? Get them to sign up! So far I’ve seen 2 people who have officially filed paperwork. One of them (Annrae Angel) looks freaking awful. She was married to former city council member Keith Sugar. That should tell you all you need to know about how “progressive” she is. A criminal defense attorney, she ran for judge five years ago in Santa Clara County, where she finished third in a primary election. Here’s the other guy, who appears to be a local attorney. I know nothing about him.

Shots Fired Near Paradise Park

Thursday afternoon around 2:30PM, multiple reports came in that witnesses reported gunshots being fired near the Paradise Park area off Highway 9. SCPD and deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department responded to the scene. No victims were located.

Rick Martinez Announces Retirement From SCPD

Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Rick Martinez announced his retirement after 30 years of distinguished public service this week and SCPD is honoring him with a sendoff. The public is invited to a community celebration retirement reception, scheduled to begin at 4:00PM on December 18th at the Santa Cruz Police Department community room. Elected officials and community leaders will join the public in thanking Rick for his many years of service. In a town where being a cop can be an incredibly difficult and thankless job, Rick always handled himself with grace and class. I can’t say I knew him well, but I always enjoyed my interactions with him. I know many of my friends were disappointed he didn’t get the chief’s job when former chief Kevin Vogel retired, and I’m not sure how much that factored into this decision. I remember hearing from a former city council member who was outraged that Bernal hired Mills over Martinez. She called it a terrible move and predicted it would be bad for morale at the department. And in hindsight, I can’t argue with her now.

I Don’t Wanna Do Your Dirty Work No More

Sunday around 3PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to Aptos Village Way where they arrested a 60 year old Corralitos man for battery with serious bodily injury and domestic abuse. He listed his occupation as “Dirt Work”. And he bailed out on a $100K bond about 5 hours later. Must be some good dirt!

Drunk Menace Taken Down by CHP

Last Saturday around 9:30PM, Santa Cruz CHP responded to the area near Daubenbiss and Walnut Avenues in Soquel where they arrested a 37 year old Santa Cruz man on a number of charges, including DUI, hit and run, evading police officers with a disregard for safety, reckless driving, and driving the wrong way down a freeway. Last check he was still in county jail with a $150K bond.

Turnstiler of the Week

Tuesday morning around 3AM, SCPD arrested a 65 year old man for failing to register as a sex offender. Just the kind of guy you want turnstiling through the system. I’m guessing by the looks of him he’s a homeless transient. Arrested 25 times since 2013. Keep an eye out for this guy.

$500 bail. Released. We get what we’re willing tolerate here. Why are we tolerating this guy?

Cleaning Up Skidmarks on Skid Row

Around 5PM on Monday, SCPD arrested a 30 year old woman on Coral Street for battery, resisting arrest, drug possession, and being drunk in public. Arrested 7 times locally since 2014. That’s a long time to be enabling a woman obviously suffering from drug addiction, probably meth. This is the county drug treatment program. The street.

Gas Skimmers Seem to Love Watsonville

Watsonville police said two credit card skimmers were found at Gomez Gas Tuesday. The skimmers were found while a state investigator was doing routine checks. A few weeks ago, officers found five credit card skimmers at another gas station in the city. So far, no arrests have been made.

Sinkhole Snarls Traffic at Soquel and Ocean

A sinkhole opened up right in the middle of the intersection of Soquel and Ocean streets on Wednesday, causing a headache for drivers who already had to deal with the ongoing rain. Workers began to repair it shortly after.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Last Thursday morning around 8:30AM, a Watsonville man was arrested on the 100 block of River Street for felony vandalism, drug possession, being drunk in public, and of course, the usual “probation violation”. In his case, he was on probation in three different cases and his probation was revoked. At least at last check, he was still in county jail but we know county probation! They give us gifts like this guy every day.

Remember the Name

This week we have our first official candidate in the recall election slash ballot measure. Renee Golder (remember the name!). Although I am slightly concerned that people will confuse “Golder” with “Glover” (they share 5 of the 6 letters in their last names). Just remember “Renee”.

And with the latest rumor about Don Lane floating around, it appears that the pro recall supporters are well organized and have thought this out nicely. Renee vs. Glover couldn’t be a wider contrast in styles and personalities. If Renee pulls in everyone who signed the recall petition, there’s a 10,000 vote head start. And you know they have that mailing list and are ready to use it when the time comes to support her. As for Don Lane vs. Krohn, it’s the lesser of 2 evils for me. But here’s the beauty of this race. Don will pull from Krohn’s base. And if Don’s the only other option than Krohn, it’s Don all the way. It’s for less than a year, and Don has shown he gets shit done in a timely fashion and he actually would get along with everyone else up there! Don Lane, as much as it pains me to say, is a great candidate to run against Krohn. Let them laughably call Don Lane a “Republican”. Don basically neuters Krohn for the rest of 2020 and Renee restores common sense and an ability to work together on the challenges and issues facing the city for the next 3 years. I like how this is shaping up.

Remember the Name – Fort Minor

New Body Scanner Installed at County Jail

This week, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office announced they’ve installed a new body scanner to help detect contraband and weapons attempting to be brought into the jail. The scanners provide high-resolution, full body scans similar to what the TSA uses at airport security checkpoints. A grand jury report from September of last year recommended the sheriff’s office research and evaluate body scanning equipment to detect drugs coming into facilities. The board of supervisors approved a lease for a body scanner at Main Jail as part of the fiscal year 2019/2020 budget.

The Weekly Seen

Who knew the Boardwalk has a mini Zamboni!

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

I first want to thank my buddy Joe for all the hard work he’s put into making Santa Cruz a better place. The people that matter know your legacy and contributions brother. Whatever comes next will only benefit from your hard work and dedication. Anyone who thinks they “shut you down” as usual doesn’t know shit.

And thank you Rick Martinez! You were a terrific cop and an even better person. Enjoy your retirement.

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  1. Another week of crazy….If I wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it.
    I will say, I was super disappointed that Rick Martinez was not picked to be our Chief. I appreciate the guy, super great person. I have had lots of laughs with him over the last couple of years, I personally will miss him.
    Thank you once again for letting us know what is happening in our community!!!!!

  2. I see the agenda is up for the city council’s Dec 10 meeting. I see the rubber stamp of “Health in all Policies” will occur. I doubt many people understand the significance of this essentially Leftist/Globalist document that is now going be law governing policy. California is going down the river sewer of socialism, and Santa Cruz is rowing as fast as it can. If you wade through all the garbage of it you see the naked Leftist politic of it which is not really American principal (it started with Globalists like the UN/WHO).
    It in so many deceptive words says (my paraphrase) “All people are entitled to an equal life outcome because there are factors we define as unhealthy or an inequity in any way we choose” (using the “science” of loose correlations of this to that in the social “sciences”, or it alludes to the right of people to achieve their “potential” being obstructed by again whatever they define as “potential” or causal of preventing that. This is a sea change in American thought that we didn’t exactly vote on as a people and is actually blatantly totalitarian, will be used to decimate individual liberty, and based on some really “sounds good” but actually unsound ideas.
    One such is the idea you can measure someones potential, or know what it is, and the government should then pass laws to ensure that happens. However, potential is an abstraction at best. Unknowable, and here an excuse for abuse of power. Ok, I’ll stop there but the socialists will hi-jack ANYTHING to further their agenda and you better believe it is serious stuff that can end our nation as the last remaining experiment in a free people.

    I see they are limiting public comment on the CACH (homeless task force suggestions) to 30 minutes which will no doubt be packed with homeless advocates bet on it. I see they adjusted the CACH to now have 3 actively homeless persons and 6 with homeless experience. My is that representative of the community or what! (Ah, no) Of course their suggestions are for expensive more and more services period. At least so far. The cesspool will get deeper.

    Then it’s off to an end to this year’s politics, and ring in the new.

    • I see they are already using “Health and all Policies” to justify new developer fees for child care in a parallel fee stream with the county which already does this. While the details are far too sketchy to assess how fair or necessary this is or how the money would be spent (they tell us later after approving it!).. I would mention..”told ya so!” Anything they want is a comin’ and they were sure to schedule bringing this back before the recall in Feb for “some reason”.

      • BraaspheadRevidited

        The truly depressing realization is that where you or I see anything UN related, we recoil and brace for impact, a huge swath of people see “good people trying to save the planet and promote peace” (tikkun olam for those in the know). Policies pushed by the UN end up as “common sense” and play an integral part in the “manufacturing of consent” that rules our post-liberal society. They are playing the long game. Ideas are seeded years or decades in advance.

        One has to keep in mind that children that attend public AND many private schools are essentially subjected to a UN-informed agenda and curriculum (they began making these moves in earnest in the ’70s, remember “change agents”, and by the 90s, were issues directives for global education). Their power is immense and one indication of this power is that it’s increasingly difficult to even conceive of a world without the UN. One of the more frustrating contradictions is how people will lambast influence by billionaires (or corporations) in politics and then turn around and embrace the billionaires’ and corporations’ proposals when they bear the mark of the UN.

        I really don’t know the path forward, Garrett. It is difficult to counter effective propaganda. Look at how strong memes like “America is an idea” or the “Nation of Immigrants” have become. People have even come to think that a poem on the Statue of Liberty is a governing document. HOW DOES ONE ACTUALLY DIALOGUE WITH THIS LEVEL OF CONDITIONING?

        They got the schools (and a Department of Education) and they got a private central bank. The state of permanent Cultural Revolution is going to be difficult to shake. I think there’s going to be a lot lower that we can go. At some point, people will be making a rational decision by foregoing political engagement, circling the wagons and embracing an inward focus predicated on survival as the prime directive. Such people will be targeted for not supporting “change we can believe in” and will suffer hardship upon hardship. They will only survive through tribal alliance.

        You have to remember also that Americans are becoming a smaller share of the population. What we see as change in the wrong direction (and maybe 100 years of that, at least) is seen by new arrivals as “just the way things are” and, perhaps, an improvement from their previous condition. We are a conquered people and must psychologically accept this fact in order to move forward.

        • It sure is going that way. However, lies poison reality, and truth is the cure. Keep tellin’ the truth.
          I can say I was talking a millenial a few months ago about Leftism, and he said “Who cares about a government and ideas they came up with 240 years ago? It’s time for change!”
          No really. He didn’t accept a word i said on a great many subjects, and said I was listening to the wrong people.
          Later I thought I should have asked him if the Bible needed changing, or Mozart, Shakespeare, the Beatles?
          I agree there is a powerful Globalist effort underway, but also this Leftist thingy that is kind of American that has the wrong grievances, the wrong problems identified, and absolutely the wrong solutions. It’s angry people wanting to kill the rich, and divide the spoils, communist style (actually 60’s radical style so far).
          As to accept, not yet. Not really with the last breath I take. I’m very anti-authoritarian.

          • I am right there with you Garrett! Trying something new is not trying Communism, it has been tried and failed. The only thing it succeeds in is controlling people and then everyone has nothing. Socialism is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was a kid in the 60’s, I bought into it too, but I grew up and learned it was all smoke and mirrors. I also listened to elders in my extended family. Not all of the time, but certainly when I believed the lies and got very hurt.

        • well there are a lot of people who do try to make this stuff part of the public dialog. the yes men have been mocking the world bank for a while.. confessions of an economic hit man was on the bestsellers list forever. maybe those 2 groups of people would favor going even more left… not sure… but at least they critisize the current global banking cartel.

          also when you watch the hunger games, those soldiers totally remind you of un soldiers. at least that was the vibe i got.

          we arent reinventing the wheel here. feudalism is old, democracy is old, communism is even old. its pretty arrogant for people to throw away all of the knowledge and experience of past societies.

          anyway teenagers are usually overly idealistic and adults can get into survival mode where they could keep yelling a narrative just to keep their non profit going. its sad but honestly how many adults end up compromising on 100% perfect ethics just to keep their daily job going. we are just not living in a perfect world.

          dave i watched your videos and i was glad to see them. i worried if you could possibly be in any legal trouble for posting those with some of the local activists. i just know legally there are some people just begging for a fight. i just was going to say be cautious — i dont know the rules about that stuff. i can be overly paranoid though so maybe nothing to worry about. cant believe the aggression around here.

    • entitled to an equal life outcome??? lol what creature on earth is entitled to any outcome? life takes so much work… there is a mix of fate and freewill.

      i read one hindu story about karma that said it is good to care and try to help others, but if you see someone suffering and you cant help, and you cant understand it, just know that karma is extremely complex and goes for lifetimes. and they talked about how a certain amount of suffering is unavoidable.

      this is so creepy … it honestly sounds like the govt is claiming they can get rid of fate, free will and all suffering. LOL what a sales pitch… who are the ad geniuses who thought up that one

  3. Garrett, again you hit the nail on the head, but I can’t comment further, I just have no words for the crap we have to deal with. But thank you all for the update.

  4. In other council meetings on 12/10/19, this time the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, Item 30 on the Consent Agenda addresses moving the location of the shelter shuttle the jail parking lot (specifically taking away 20 parking spaces from the limited parking area where county employees from all departments park on a first come basis). The reason is that the businesses and neighbors near the current Front St. location have had enough of the litter, loitering and other joys that have ensued from the shuttle locale, and the city wants to make the county take responsibility. Not much has been said about it and the people living on Blaine St. might not even know about it (unless they saw the KSBW story last night). It’s being strongly supported by former Santa Cruz City Mayor and Councilman Ryan Coonerty and drawing concern from the county employees and their unions, since the problems with the current location aren’t going to disappear by moving to another location.

  5. The woman arrested on Coral St punched a drug dealer. I believe she was working under him. The drugs in her possession were probably given to her by him earlier that day. When she was arrested, she was yelling “He stole my stuff”

  6. Well all I get to see is the end results that prove the ones with the power to make change/enforce laws in SC are tending to the needs of the homeless, criminals, and drug addicts. The truly mentally ill have all but been forgotten cause the criminals and addicts take up all the police and courts time,focus and energy to where now the truly mentally ill are lumped in with the “undesirables”. And that’s NOT being a responsible City Council.

    In my thinking if it was simply just a lack of “ working class/students” not making a big enough presence(Voting!) at meetings and what not Santa Cruz would never have gotten to where it’s at now with crime ect ect. It just seems that the only laws and regulations that can be enforced on the “undesirables” 24/7 365 days a year in SC is don’t kill anyone burn down anything expensive. BUT!! If your a regular citizen/student you have to obey real laws and act CIVILIZED and get real tickets if you don’t. And believe me these repeat offenders don’t mind getting locked up cause it’s never for that long-ask them they be happy to tell you. And that’s IF they even get arrested.

    Males mostly white 16-40 usually hooked on meth, heroine or both traveling around between the hours 6am-6am 🙂 anywhere in Santa Cruz are just by numbers are the main problem that I see. Latin, black, and a few Asian guys make up the other 35%. I have yet to encounter a female that I felt posed any real threat not to say they don’t do they share of horrendous things. But it’s the CONSTANT DAMAGE to property,people and the MORALE that really takes it toll over time.

    I don’t stand for it I let these scum bags have a piece of my mind when I get a chance especially when there hammering on a Jump Bike at 2am trying to remove the probably expensive battery from it with a hammer and screwdriver, or trying to open peoples cars in the odd hours of the night. I have vids up on youtube. any nigh of the week in Santa Cruz I wish I kept all that I deleted I’d have at least 30 vids of these creeps doing and saying all kinds of wonderful things. It’s ok my library get bigger ever shift.

    Like I said i don’t know much about how to run a town but Santa Cruz is the absolute perfect example of HOW NOT TO RUN A TOWN/CITY.

    SCOTTS VALLEY!!-please adopt drug addict Santa Cruz and clean it up!

  7. OK, it’s not called the “Dump” for nothing, here’s my dump (hope it’s OK.. my council letter to the CACH agenda item)
    Dear Council,
    It would appear from looking over the agenda packet of CACH proceedings they do not acknowledge certain realities of homelessness in Santa Cruz, and although I acknowledge we are where we are with this and there are immediate concerns, they will in fact make the problems associated with homelessness for the greater community worse if their focus continues on the path shown so far.
    It is my view as I have stated starting about a year ago, that Santa Cruz has been designated the county dump for homeless at every level of government, and also by the enormous non-profit entities involved with homelessness that have evolved here because they are here.
    My reasons for thinking this is simple examination of homeless resources centered mostly just here, or a few in Watsonville. Other cities have no services, they also have no homeless because of that fact. That the homeless migrate to where the free stuff is should not be controversial. It is observable fact whether it is charity or government subsidy.
    Santa Cruz city has 560% the ratio of homeless to population as the state of California, and the State itself has 2x the national average of the same. This puts us around 11 x the homeless ratio of the nation, and the highest I know of anywhere.
    While geographic boundaries are arbitrary and can skew this data, who pays does not. Who pays in dollars, who pays in blight,crime, threats to public health, fear, and public safety are not. Those are almost exclusively the tax paying homed citizens of Santa Cruz.
    Santa Cruz is also home to extreme collectivist politics, and militant homeless activists. Neither of these are particularly suited to making the homeless population smaller.
    It is my view that no matter how many resources are provided there will always be those who will never, never ever, be self-sufficient and when the resources are 100% used, more will be needed.
    Those who can be helped back to self sufficiency are another matter, but they do take up many of the same resources as the other who can’t.
    It should be crystal clear the 98% of the public not homeless have had their fill of this issue and want less homeless people here. They are correct.
    For this reason, unless you want Santa Cruz to become an even bigger designated cesspool of government + non-profit dependency, the resources should be spread out around the county more, and when so done the resources reduced here. Then there needs to be limits to those resources here and directives to go elsewhere where there are services if excess demand appears.
    There is also the question of the role of city government, and I absolutely believe it is not to usurp the role of welfare of the Federal/State government as channeled through the county. This is even more so when the sole responsibilities of the city like Public Works, police and all the other usual departments are either shorted on budget, or preoccupied with homeless issues.
    I suggest somehow these realities as I have explained should become common logic as I do not see how they are unsound.
    Adding more and more services just here, and expecting homelessness to decrease is unsound.

    • Very well written, Garrett. It seems that along with the recall showing the displeasure of the public we are now getting the trifecta of government, aggressive homeless activists and the media (Sentinel and KSCO) pushing more and more transient/drug abuser crap down our throats at the City level. We flat out can’t afford that which is not ours to solve. Why do we continue to accelerate our descent down our same path to economic instability in this town? What does the “morality” and “compassion” of others make it my responsibility to pay for their cause du jour? I can hardly wait until maybe we get some different council members with a different take on how it is not their or our responsibility to fix a national problem. Thanks for your hard work, once again.

    • There no shortage of educated, kind and caring people in this town like yourself. But we’re are beyond fed up.

      Like the theme song to All In The Family-“didn’t need no welfare startes,EVERYBODY PULLED ITS WEIGHT!!” Ya those Were The days.
      I’m amazed the insight I find here. I get to marinate in the Mierda every night I work I see extremely first hand. What’s wrong with SC. When can we get Santa Cruz BACK?!?!?

  8. I had to Gaurd the [world of stones and mystics] 833 front st I think. cause some scum bags smashed the glass to the front door and broke in. Beats walking all night! It’s amazing how many undesirables would of walked right in if no one was around and took whatever they could carry away. I highly doubt there’s real jewelry in that place anyhow. Oh well there’s no such thing as a smart criminal.

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