The Weekly Dump 5.1.20

The Beaches Are Closed! The Beaches Are Open! The Beaches are Kind of Open!

In the span of about 24 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, we went from having a proclamation from the governor that he would be closing all beaches in California to no wait, he only meant the beaches in Orange County. What a clusterfuck life has become lately. So apparently, the county is still controlling beach access right now, and the county has decided local county beaches will be closed from 11AM until 5PM every day until further notice, and access during other times is only for “exercising” (in other words you can go if you keep moving but sitting or laying on a blanket is a big no).

Locals only! That’s obviously the message you send to people over the hill when you close the beach from 11-5. And it’s a good message to send. Keep your germs and your trash on your side of the hill.

Dead Body Found Above Soquel

Last Sunday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies and investigators responded to a wooded area near Redwood Drive off of Glen Canyon Road in the Soquel hills area for a report of a dead body. Someone apparently came across the body on Saturday while they were checking the property line. Given the suspicious circumstances with the location and condition of the body, an autopsy was conducted and it was determined the victim was murdered. Initial findings show the victim had been stabbed. I heard an unconfirmed report the victim had been found stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Sounds like he was murdered to me! Investigators later identified the man as a 36 year old Santa Cruz County resident who had been listed as a missing person since December 2019 with the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Sunday Afternoon Stabbing On Skid Row

Santa Cruz Police confirmed there was a stabbing on Coral Street in Santa Cruz Sunday afternoon. Police said it happened around 2:00PM and one person was injured. No story from Dandy Andy about it. I noticed in the arrest logs a 43 year old male was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats around the same time in the same vicinity (“Highway 1 and Railroad tracks”) so I think it’s safe to assume he’s the stabber. He’s still sitting in county jail on a $25K bond. And he’s a bum recidivist, been arrested locally 29 times since 2013. We coddle guys like this.

Stabbing Near Downtown Sends Man to Trauma Center

Saturday around noon, multiple SCPD units responded to the 1100 block of Laurel Street for a report of a stabbing. Details are scarce as usual, but apparently a male was stabbed in the chest near a creek that runs near Laurel and California streets and made his way up to a residence on Laurel, which is when police were called by a homeowner. The victim needed a life flight over the hill to a trauma center for his injuries.

Porta-Potty Dump Truck Runs Over Homeless Squatter in San Lorenzo Park

Wednesday morning around 6:30AM, a truck that pumps the porta-potties the city placed in the benchlands area behind the county building and court house apparently ran over a homeless person who was sleeping or passed out in the grass. This is one of those “only in Santa Cruz” stories I can’t make up. I’m sure the driver was pretty shaken up. As for the victim, I have no idea on their condition but I think they were taken to a trauma center over the hill for their injuries. Here’s a novel idea. Get the fucking squatters out of the San Lorenzo Park benchlands! Put them into shelters or jail. Both provide a roof, indoor plumbing, and meals. We know the sheriff doesn’t want ANYONE in his jail right now, so that option is out. But stop turning San Lorenzo Park into a human dumping ground. The county has their head up their ass as usual here. Where’s Ryan Coonerty? Anyone seen or heard from him lately? (of course not).

Attempted Murder Isn’t Much of a News Story

Apparently not in Santa Cruz anyways! Monday morning around 2AM, SCPD arrested a 37 year old male for assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and attempted murder. It was serious enough that his bail was increased to $450K and he’s still sitting in jail last time I looked. Nothing on the news about it. Nothing from Chief Wiggum about it. But there it is!

So Much For Protecting the Victim

Last Friday night around 5PM, SCPD responded to the 1900 block of Mission Street where they arrested a 51 year old male for assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. He bailed out of jail on a $25K bond. Where’s his $450K bond? I hope his victim got a protective order.

More Mayhem on Coral Street 

Still waiting to hear from Chief Wiggum on this one too.

But hey, crime is down right Chief! 

Double the Trouble

Saturday afternoon around 4PM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department responded to the 5200 block of Soquel Avenue where they arrested a 58 year old vagrant for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Still in jail on a $25K bond.

Hefty Bail for Local Car Thief

Sunday morning around 3AM, Scotts Valley Police responded to the 100 block of Bean Creek Road where they arrested a 34 year old male and charged him with stealing a car, possession of a stolen car, and drug possession. He’s still in jail with a $250K bond. I’m not sure why his bail is set so high for seemingly charges he’d get the Get Out of Jail Free card for. Maybe it was a really expensive car or he had a lot of drugs on him (or both!).

Joy Riding Ends With a Trip to Jail

Friday night around 10:30 PM, SCPD was involved in some kind of chase through the lower Ocean and Beach Flats area with a reckless motorcyclist who was speeding and running red lights with no helmet on. They eventually chased him to a motel on the 300 block of Ocean street and arrested him in one of the rooms there. He was also wanted out of Marin County, and had a suspended license and was on probation.

Felton Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Last Friday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 28 year old Felton man as the suspect in an armed robbery at the CVS in Felton earlier this month. He is being held on $125K bail.

No Get Out of Jail Free Card for Aptos Robbery Suspect

Sunday morning around 10AM, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s department responded to the 500 block of Willow Heights in Aptos for a report of a robbery. After they arrived, they arrested a 41 year old male for robbery and resisting arrest. At least he had to pay to get out of jail. He bailed out on a $50K bond.

Just Another Jerk at Grant Street Park

Saturday around 5PM, SCPD responded to Grant Street Park after getting reports of a man masturbating next to the playground. I’m guessing it was just another cite and “release”, resulting in a happy ending for the local pedophile in the park.

Public Safety?

Nothing like a one cent bail for brawling at a 7/11, drug possession, possession of a stolen firearm, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle, and of course the $1000 ticket! It might be time to just buy a gun for self protection. The worst they will do is give you a one cent bail for carrying it around with you. Who needs a CCW permit? 

Turnstiler of the Week

Sunday afternoon around 1:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to “Chanticleer at the tracks” (is that even an address?) where they arrested a 38 year old woman for being drunk in public and resisting arrest. The self proclaimed “accountant” has been arrested locally 27 times since 2014 and is our Turnstiler of the Week!

Motorcyclist Killed in Solo Accident on Highway 9

Monday afternoon around 5PM, a solo motorcyclist died along Highway 9 after apparently hitting a guardrail and crashing near Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. The Felton Fire department reported two witnesses attempted CPR on the victim until Felton firefighters arrived on the scene but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chaminade Villa Burns Down

This week the old Chaminade Villa, a dilapidated and abandoned house located on the Chaminade property, burned to the ground. Mostly likely it was being used by homeless squatters and the fire was a result of that. The fire itself was quickly contained which prevented it from spreading to other buildings on the property.

The Santa Cruz City Council is Functional Again!

Amazing what a few weeks does here. It’s been about a month since Chris Krohn and Drew Glover were fired by the community, and the new city council is getting shit done! In their second full meeting (sequestered at home for the most part and limited to meeting online), the city council managed to have another relatively productive, functional, fake-drama free, meeting. Gone is the endless narcissistic flatulent pontificating. The big take away from this meeting was barely a blip on the radar here. See the next item!

District Elections Are Coming to Santa Cruz

I’ve been saying saying this for years. It’s just a matter of time and the time is apparently now, or 2022 to be more precise. In this week’s meeting, the city council met to discuss an item in closed session (not open to the public) where they discussed an item to posed “significant liability” to the city. Normally we don’t hear much if anything or at all about these items, but this week city attorney Tony Condotti gave a quick “update” on the item during the later open session in the afternoon. That’s where the reveal was made that the city council unanimously approved moving forward with settling any pending lawsuits and litigation by planning for the city to transition to district elections for the city council beginning in the fall of 2022.

Happy May Day!

Go watch the classic Wicker Man (not the shitty Nicolas Cage version but the original).

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  1. So golf courses can open, the wealthy can have their hedges trimmed (i never saw construction storm in seabright FYI) but locals can’t use the beach. Heaven forbid if all the tech families living at pastatiempo can’t use their golf course, while the rest of us locals are banned from sitting outside on a blanket at the beach. I guess we know who the county prioritizes.

    Bill Maher had a great segment last week with a reputable doctor scientists from yale. Barring a vaccine (minimum 18 months away) their is no possible way to avoid the spread of this virus. The only “cure” is herd immunity. The vast majority of those dying from this pandemic are immune-compramised or at risk in one way or another. 95% of people do not even exhibit symptoms. Yet we are telling people they can’t earn a living for their families. How about those who are at risk stay home and those who are not take sensible precaution in public and get on with it?

    • This is not an economic me vs. them issue, it is a matter of science and smart behavior. Landscapers wear masks and often work alone, so low risk. Golf courses that have remained open near Sacramento etc. wipe down all carts with antiseptic, only allow one rider in each cart and only groups of two, so again social distancing is very easy, from what I’m told by someone who played. As far as cost, one person’s golf, 3x – 4x a month can be considerably less costly than another’s pot and craft beer/ or normal dinner out, costs per month, so let’s not play the victimhood/ class warfare game.

      Should we forget about that fact that this virus is expected to come roaring back this Fall with potentially more ferocity than we have seen and shoud we set aside the fact that what we do now, may lessen that future insurgence? Yet you want to complain about not being able to sit on the beach?

      Do some reasearch on shadow striping and ground glass lung irregularities and how lung and other organs that even in asymptomatic carriers, can have dramatic irregularities in their bodies with yet unknown long term effects. Discover that the 500% increase in heart attacks in N.Y alone in Feb, is believed to be early signs of the Corona Virus. Discover how the stomach and intestines, the liver and other organs can be impacted and how social distancing at 6 feet is a fallacy because anyone without a mask who sneezes launches a certain percentage of toxins that become aerosol spray and remain in the air even when the cloud is walked through, several minutes later. We owe it to ourselves and others to be informed, to be smart and take responsible actions even if it means missing out on staring at the ocean. It will still be accessible when it is safe and appropriate to be there.

      • With all due respect, please stop these sort of scare tactics.

        The vast majority of folks who die from the virus are the elderly and/or preexisting conditions including obesity.

        Only 150 contracted the virus in a county of near 200k and only two deaths. I suspect more people will die from the side effects of this “quarantine” — suicide, substance abuse, undiagnosed diseases than will die from this virus.

        We should have the freedom to take the risk to get the disease. That risk is part of life. There is no freedom without risk. I am willing to get the disease and risk the terrible things that you list. If others such as yourself want to stay at home and not go out, that is your choice. But, that choice has been taken from us.

        We can’t stay at home forever. Children have to get to school. Parents have to go back to work.

        All the initial models showing this was the Captain Trips have all been false. ALL. The same is likely true for the so called second wave. I don’t trust them anymore that I trust the governor who brings in Tom Steyer or the city who has to hire a consultant to tell them how to run the “shut down”.

        Government has gotten a whiff of authoritarianism and they like it.

        • “Only 150 contracted the virus in a county of near 200k and only two deaths”. Did they actually test EVERYONE? Otherwise these numbers are bullshit. You scare me more than he does. Go ahead and publicly name 4-5 friends or family you’re willing to publicly “sacrifice” and kill for your “freedom” right now. Anyone who thinks this is all government control propaganda gets a serious eye roll from me. I’ll take science over Billy Bob’s libertarian conspiracy theories every single fucking day.

          • “Only 150 contracted the virus in a county of near 200k and only two deaths”. Did they actually test EVERYONE? Otherwise these numbers are bullshit.”

            These numbers are on several sites that reference the county health office. I’m not making those numbers up. They are easily found.
            Of course everyone has not been tested. Has the county or city healthcare system been overwhelmed? Has the NYC or Detroit or LA healthcare system been overwhelmed? We did ALL this in order to buy time for hospitals and not kills the drs and nurses AND learn about how bad this virus really is or isn’t. THAT time is over and we have our answers.

            Shall we wait ’til we test everyone or vaccine before we open RESPONSIBLY?

            “Go ahead and publicly name 4-5 friends or family you’re willing to publicly “sacrifice” and kill for your “freedom” right now.” As if that is really the choice to be made. If my friends and family chose to isolate themselves until EVERYONE is tested and there is a real vaccine, they can do so. No one will stop them. I want MY freedom to chose to risk myself. I am capable of researching and making my own informed decision. If you are afraid that an asymptomatic person will infect you then stay home.

            “Anyone who thinks this is all government control propaganda gets a serious eye roll from me. I’ll take science over Billy Bob’s libertarian conspiracy theories every single fucking day.” What an odd response to my comment. I’ll leave it at that. But, will only re-iterate that there is a great deal of info on the reality of the virus. I would encourage everyone to do their own research and stop living in fear.


      • Sounds like you’re pretty worried about the virus. You should stay home.
        I’m not worried about it so I’m going for a hike today.
        There is a lot of science and information out there about the virus. Some of it is conflicting. That’s why it’s important that we keep as many of our personal freedoms as we can.
        Enjoy the day.

  2. Wrote this before I got the new Dump. But I’ll Always have something to put here as Ben diesel cause SC is overrun by dangerous parasites and SC basically INSISTS they can live here And insists that there are to be left alone,and there more then free to do whatever they want especially assault people cause the Advocates here make sure the violent scum bag PARASITES have more rights then the average law abiding citizens. So here my latest it’s a long one keep in mind I wrote this before this dump came out wrote is 30 min before- grab a Snack 🙂

    So a new issue came up today and I didn’t put it together till it happened again I called PD already and reported this best I could. As I was coming to work today on River st an older transient male about 60 yrs old in grey clothing brownish pants walked right in front of my car I purposely go 16-20 miles an hour for this exact reason cause there’s always transients about there and I know my speed cause I have a huge digital read out for my mph.

     Well I didn’t think much of it till I got off today and was headed down river at doing my same pace, the same guy walk out in front of my car. And I saw he was right in front of the guy who had the big set up (tent) in front of the 3 story parking garage next to Wells Fargo. He’s now on the river side of River St right next to the road. The guy is still using the same  big burgundy cloth umbrella he’s always had and I saw his face he was laying on the ground, so I wouldn’t doubt he’s talking that older guy to just walk out in front of my car since the guy knows I come to work and leave from work there 4 days a week. 

    I’m aware I can take other routes but this kind of stuff is beyond ridiculous it’s bad enough this town is overrun with transient criminals and drug addicts and if we just keep bending to there bad behavior it will just get worse cause there actions will just get bolder and more deliberate and I’m just not going to stand for it. Not really sure what can be done. But Iam going to have my phone on record on a phone stand on my dash flipped the other way so I can record it if it does happen again tomorrow and when I leave for work. I may just make it a habit,since I stand up for myself against these transients I’m now a target. 

    I’m sure PD went to river st tonight and did there best,who knows it may not happen again or at least not for a while but these acts were completely deliberate and were focused at me cause if this guy the older transient did this all day he’d be hit by a car or someone else would have called it in. I mean do I need police escorts when I come and go from work so they can witness this first hand,well I’m not going to do that. My guess is my car will start getting messed with all cause I’m #1 was a Gaurd at the Galleria and did my job well #2 I still park my car in the same area. And #3 these parasites have nothing better to do with there time besides to behavior that keeps them on the streets like drugs and crimes.

    Like I said before this town is assbackwards in that the sum bag,parasites and criminals can literally do as they please- use drugs and get as high as possible, get drunk as possible harass as many people as possible get hand out as much as possible, and if anyone tries to do something about it be it a citizen(s) and or law enforcement either nothing can be or does get done about it or cause of this 0 bail crap going on they don’t even get “a slap on the wrist” if IF! They do get arrested. And the Parasites are able to band together better then regular citizens cause they have nothing better to do and retaliate on whoever gets in there way couple that with these “Advocates” that are even worse then the parasites on the streets and we get were we are at now-no justice for the regular good citizen that make SC run. That’s why I use the term Parasites it fits perfectly there are large groups parasites here in SC that take all they can that’s given then forcibly take things they are not(breaking into car,houses and businesses,shoplifting ect ect).

    Also harassing and ASSAULTING people all the time including sometimes especially women and of course the police. Then they get benefits they don’t deserve from places like emeline,welfare,unemployment and social security. Then take up the shelters spaces when it’s there fault there on the streets so there’s no room for those who just need help getting on there feet. And more come here everyday and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  3. I meant to say “Ben does” not Ben diesel but hey it’s Ben diesel Vin diesel it’s still kinda cool. But I wanted to comment on this latest dump. This was a particularly bad WEEK ya no wonder Ben has to do this Weekly,I mean GEEZ don’t the people in charge here in SC know what’s going on here in SC!! EVERY DAM DAY!!!! and I noticed as I always do when Scotts Valley police deal with a crime or Santa Cruz Sheriffs deal with a crime the punishment fits the crime. And in Scotts Valley just right next door the town isn’t a heaven for drug addict criminal parasites neither is-LosGatos,Aptos,Capitola,Watsonville,Pajaro,Monterey. Basically SC is the only city/town that has these problems and in the capacity and frequency it does. We can’t even tell people who are SHOOTING UP DRUGS to stop doing so. They figure “It’s there privilege” based on how it is here it’s pretty much true add the fact law enforcement enforcement has there hands tied and are also busy 24/7 dealing with this crap add the Advocates telling every Parasites to basically AND literally and Physically FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO DO DRUGS AND CRIME.

    I’m figuring it’s a losing battle the parasites and the advocate LEADERS have this town, if you can’t see it well you must be deaf dumb and blind. I got the large undiluted dose of reality real fast having to tell these parasites no to trespassing (BIG JOKE) not to loiter (HA! HA!) and not to sleep on private property (doing that deserves death threats) btw. I’m lucky I live out in the woods of SC my wife doesn’t believe in guns only cause she’s been shooting bow and arrow since she was 12 it’s not hard to learn but I prefer her crossbows.

    I’ve said it before if the citizen start an uprising I’ll be Right there but we will be small compared to all the scum bags that have nothing to lose and are experts in being violent and have all the time in the world to do battle. Martial law and military force against all the criminals, drug addicts, drug dealers Parasites and the activists is what it’s going to take and I can see it now the bleeding heart news media will just says”SC citizen want to force the homeless out of SC!” And we all know that cannot be further from the truth we here don’t have issues with “homeless” people here in SC.

    I can say that it more people carried PEPPER GEL not the type you can carry on a key chain but the pepper gel that you can fit in a pocket it would help and try not to get the the pepper gel that has a built in LED light all it does is make the person you are trying to spray put there hands up to block the light from there eyes it’s a bad design but good in theory. Ruger brand Big 5 13-17$ or Mace brand just make sure it’s gel it shoots farther and doesn’t mist in the air (AS MUCH) as “spray” watch some YouTube videos on it after you buy it and if you in SC especially down town keep it handy especially if you know you going to encounter and especially engage with a “scum bag”

    and unless your going to pay 500$ for the same exact type of tasers used by law enforcement and keep it on you 24/7 don’t consider “tasers #1 they don’t really work like they do in movies and TV most violent folks It doesn’t work on them but mainly you have to touch the person with it and that’s not ideal AT ALL! AND having a knife or gun or blunt object is good for MOVIES AND TV but in the real world you pull a knife on a violent criminal it’s going to give him the green light and unless you highly trained with a knife and willing to go all the way it’s a bad choice there either going to take it from you or you’ll end up fighting with them cause they’ll try and take it away also there rarely by themselves or never far from earshot of more scum bags to back them up. You can get a gun and C.C permit but your still going to be put in the same situation-it will still come down to training and your willingness to commit cause if not your going to put yourself into a position you can’t get out of THEN ALSO- this is SC these “homeless” are beyond protected so all you can really to is “protect yourself” from them cause they will lie like no tomorrow and do everything in there power and with help from the Advocates to get YOU the regular citizen into trouble.

    The lady who got attacked could’ve been killed and the scum bag even if he got life in prison wouldn’t care in fact he’d be set with a place to live and still hand out with his own kind-violent criminal scum bags. ALSO if you do kill one of these scum bags you’d probably should move away from SC cause you’ll never be left alone and your home vehicles and family and friends will become targets of the rest of the parasites and especially the dam Advocates. Look at what happened to me for just saying mean words like “pay taxes get a job” and “public shaming” that gave the Advocates all they needed to make enough noise and THREATS to get me fired. My wife says I’m good at predicting the future and it’s gong to take some one or some people probably a family to get killed before SC figures out that having SC be a safe heaven for drug addicts criminal parasites is not a good idea and never has been. Then I fear some good citizen will defend themselves and or family/friends end up killing one or some of these scum bags and end up in prison. I’m just fed up with how SC is and more then that concerned for the good people in it.

    Probably lots of typos in what I wrote I hope my message gets through though.

  4. Several months ago, Chief Mills wrote this:
    “When Fear Grips the Soul”

    “When a neighbor’s bike got stolen, it was the scuttlebutt of the neighborhood. Now we hear about it, read about it on three different social media sites, see hundreds of comments and wring our hands not recognizing the impact this has on us, our children and our happiness. Indeed, the real culprits are the thieves. Social media intensifies the effect on our psyche.
    Social media is not all bad news. Social media can be a powerful tool to reduce crime by educating potential victims on how to prevent crime and spread the word about increases or decreases in crime and the identity of suspects. Fear mongering, however entertaining it might be, is more harmful than helpful.” (7.24.19)

    I’d like to point out that this week, main stream media locally got every one of their “top stories” by trolling social media (I know they were all over my page!). In every case, these stories proved to be true. Every case. Without exception.

    Would these stories have even surfaced without social media? Doubtful. Just sayin’

  5. Going to district elections could potentially be a game changer for the City of Santa Cruz, depending on what the electorate does.

  6. I could of written the same as Dave. It still is shocking to me that bad behavior has now become normal behavior. I, of course, could go on and on but that won’t help it will just piss me off even more.
    Thanks Ben !!!

    • You should write anyway I’m sure or at least HOPE these Dumps get read by the higher ups. But I keep saying maybe if the Dump/Mierda gets big enough the lump of dirt under the rug will be to big to ignore and then something will be done about it. And I’m sure you say some important things, I’m not very well educated I just know what I know and cause of my parents back round in law enforcement,the correctional system and dispatch I’m much to aware of what goes on on that end. Can we force the city council to go thru every weekly dump week by week maybe even read it out loud COMMENTS included:). I keep believing maybe the change could start here. But man I loose hope more and more with each Weekly Dump or it just pisses me of to no end. Just had a though- it’s amazing how the parasites are out and about now and left alone and I bet if we start putting up “Weekly Dump/Santa Mierda “ posters up WE will get into trouble. I feel I’m going to be commenting quite a bit this week so I’ll do my best to make points and not rant. Oh geez I didn’t even mention what I witnessed and when thru doing my weekly post in SC a few days ago. Ya I do understand how angry you get cause I’m getting rather heated just remembering that day. I’ll post it later once I get to work and take my lunch break cause I’m sure to have more things to say if those scum bags I encountered yes pull the same ? on me again. But I’ll just call PD I’m not going to fall for the bait.

  7. In “1984” yesterday’s enemy was todays’s friend, and propaganda was revised accordingly.
    Yesterday: Anyone not using re-usable grocery bags is evil.
    Today: Anyone using re-usable grocery bags is evil.
    Yesterday: Anyone alone in a private car is evil. Use public transportation, or walk.
    Today: Anyone using public transportation or walking is evil. Drive your car, alone.
    Yesterday: Single-family homes are evil. More high-density housing!
    Today: ???

  8. If only the SCPD and the sheriff were as committed to ridding the community of real crimes, bums, drug addicts, gangs and cartels as they are to making sure no one lies down or sits on the beach…

    Wake up, folks – your “progressive” leaders are turning you into prisoners in your own community and ruining the lives of thousands with the lockdown measures. The long-term toll of home foreclosures, homelessness, loss of retirement funds, suicides, bankruptcies, domestic violence and a sense of hopelessness that will result from this ongoing lockdown of our lives will result in far more misery and death than the virus.

    One last thought for those of you who have embraced the belief that “we can only trust Science” (capitalized to note the deification of the term) remember that the virus was created in a lab by scientists and then those scientists – who turned out not to be infallible – screwed up and allowed it to escape the lab, killing thousands.

    • Indeed. The last time the beach closure was lifted, I was on my way there with a beach chair, but was intercepted by SCPD before I got there. Warned away. I know of no (as in zero) evidence or science suggesting that a solo middle-aged man, who wants to sit by himself in a secluded area and read a book, is any kind of epidemic threat. There are signs on some front lawns saying “Science is real,” but I suspect that they mean Astrology and Tarot. Too bad that magic mushrooms don’t grow in sand. If they did, we could all go there for “medical reasons” and we wouldn’t be bothered.

      • Does the law only apply to you. No? Then every middle aged guy, middle aged woman, young guy, young woman, old guy, old woman is going to flock to the beach and gosh, it won’t be so empty anymore! Keep thinking the earth is flat and you can’t die from this.

        • Except for the homeless bums who are already out in public, every other middle-aged person I know is at home watching cable television or videos. May I ask, when was the last time you saw anyone read an actual book? Have you seen the images of folks who flocked to the beaches? Did you notice that virtually none of them were middle-aged, or alone? Science is real. So are facts. But the law is not real! If the people vote for something thar the politicians don’t like, then they go to a court that will strike down the law. Once again, bums on the streets!

    • Nice fear mongering. Way to create more divisiveness.

      • Ben, let’s suppose that I were the subject of an INS deportation order. The local (or state) police accost me, for sitting at the beach reading a book. The database shows the order. What do you think will be the result?
        A. I am hauled in right there, transferred to the INS, then deported.
        B. The police call federal authorities, who do the deed.
        C. My existence is ignored.

        Divisive? Laws generally applicable? When was that?

        Incidentally, according to the official FAQs on the county health web site, marijuana dispensaries are essential businesses. So we can all be sure of our bong hits, as long as the stuff is pick-up or delivered. No need to panic buy. There’s plenty more.

  9. SC. He was screaming to hard and loud his whole body shook. So I called PD out of general principle. Few hours go by and I hear a commotion at the building next door I don’t guard it but like I said it next door to my post at first I thought it was people just being loud.

    But I was then approached by two or the employees as they started to describe what happened and the guy causing the scene they point behind me cause the guy pulled into my area. He had a mask on his chin but refused to put it on to go into the store. I guess he circled around to further harass the employees but instead had to deal with me. All he was able to get out in his incoherent babble was about “rights” and natsy’z I’m spelling it wrong to avoid the filters.

    But I wasn’t having it and cause of how I look he almost peed himself and left but just went down the street and came back to the sidewalk “the looney safe zone as I call it” cause they will always say this is the sidewalk I can be here bla bla bla! And ya he’s right so I recorded him. By then i had called PD twice and I saw them at the lights. They actually arrested the guy but I guess didn’t book him cause there no mugshot.

    Then just a few hours later I hear the familiar sound of someone screaming but I could pin point it. Again a few moments later the same employees asked if I saw the lady in the grn Toyota Sienna screaming at the top of her lungs stopped in the middle of the street then just like earlier they point and say look there she is,she was across the street. I did my best to get the plate and description cause it not my post and I can’t leave mine. The lady then left and I was able to get her plate but the saw me and sped off almost going head on into a car in a nearby intersection. Gave PD dispatch the plate and story of what happened.

    If you don’t know why drug addicts act this way keep in mind there were 3 incidents the first to my best judgment was borderline mental illness and hard liquor second was for lack of a better work an A-hole. The last since I was able to see the lady was drug use “an addict” drug addicts barley feel normal to super happy and nice when there on the drug of there choice. When they are not and especially “jonsing” or “coming down” they can be severely depressed/suicidal to lethargic or very irritable/raging mad. Add the fact the only people they associate with are other addicts and alcoholics that steal from them/lie to them-each other,compound that with them knowing there lives/realities are F’d up and there minds are controlled by there addictions your going to get some very irrational unstable individuals. So my guess is she stopped in the middle of the road cause either the person she was with did something along the lines of messing with her next fix or realized the bought fake drugs or found out some news about not getting the next fix or found out she got ripped off of money and can’t get her fix. Or the person she was with was having those problems and she was telling them off cause addicts only care about themselves and there drugs/alcohol. Either way an addicts-issues,problems,concerns,plans/every waking second is about there next fix and how to get it.

    That’s why they live out of junked cars right before they live on the streets all there money and focus goes to there next fix. And they honestly don’t care. And if you think oh poor people it’s the drugs taking them over they have no control-THATS THE GOAL for a true addicts it’s to get so wrapped up in it and let the drugs take them over. And don’t fall for the classic amp excuse especially when it comes to HERION addicts-oh detox can kill me or detox is to painful or stuff like that I’ve know many X HERION addicts,meth addicts all the above. They actually know how to quit they use those classic excuses to get but into pricey rehabs that they no they can’t afford and families can’t afford. An true hard core addict turned X addicted will never waste time trying to get another addict help cause they know first hand it up to the individual cause they did it themselves with no one else’s assistance. We’re not taking N.A places like that are were you still have hope as a substance abuser and have not graduated to full blown hard core addict on the street status. Hopefully N.A is all one needs and you never go back. Cause I’ve heard it from true X hard core addicts it’s a hard life that years fly by like months and none of them can guarantee they will stay clean it messes with your brain that much but so far these folks I know of have 5-10 years plus and it’s looking good for them

    And if your an addict in S.C or places like it, there’s no reason to quit it’s an easier life being doped or drunk off your ass-you assume no responsibilities/no job no rent, your food blankets tents and sleeping bags are provided not to mention needles you can get cash aid from emeline and a food card you just sell to a dealer every month you can pass out anywhere you may go to jail every once in a while but if you hook up with the advocates you have a “street attorney” and it’s not illegal to posses and be on drugs in SC unless you really do something like assault or set something on fire or rob a bank. As I’m writing this I’m listening to my police scanner app.

    And I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with the crap that goes on here every 2min or so and it the usual stuff we read about here. It’s a game if go to the highest priority call but a more higher priority call keeps coming in to the point that the 3 people who say a “a homeless guy with a stick is threatening people” gets pushed aside to the 2 people calling on a “homeless guy with a knife” then that gets pushed down to yet another “suicidal person in the San Lorenzo park” I don’t have my scanner on that often but this was about the same case last week and I mentioned it here!

    The guy is still making other homeless walk in front of my car again today so that’s why I’m listening to see if they going to contact those scum bags but I doubt it cause there always busy with the same old B.S that the people who run this town ALLOW TO GO ON!! I can’t tell you guys enough times to just get a scanner app and listen to what SCPD has to deal with the scanner apps I tried on get SCPD but that all you need they do make tons of arrests daily but there not in control of the fact 95% of then will be released in a few hours. I’ve spent my 15 min break and 30min lunch on this typing like a mad man and it probably pretty long by now. Oh well give y’all something to read. We are all are allowed our own opinions I’m not siding with anyone one this virus talk/shelter in place all sides have there points and opinions

  10. Didn’t copy paste right here’s the firs bit

    So ya doing my 1 8hr shift in SC this is how it went. I show up before employees and just check things out. Construction was going on near by. On my second walk around I heard before I saw the regular think we should be used to in SC but we are an individual SCREAMING. But I haven’t seen it t this extent- older “homeless guy” pushing a shopping cart and was screaming at the construction workers.

    Then screaming at nothing as he was headed towards down town SC. He was screaming to hard and loud his whole body shook

  11. Dave, dial it down. you’re wasting too much space here. Keep it short, please