The Weekly Dump 12.15.17

Man Run Over By Cement Truck Dies on Encinal Street

Thursday morning around 7:30AM, a man was found dead on the 100 block of Encinal Street after a commercial truck ran into him according to Santa Cruz Police. When SCPD arrived on scene, they found a male victim deceased in the middle of the road. Encinal Street was shut down between Highway 9 and Limekiln Street for hours while police investigated the scene. The man was walking in the area when the truck struck and killed him, which was captured on surveillance video, according to SCPD. The wreck was initially investigated as a hit and run but the driver, who cooperated with investigators, did not know the wreck happened. The truck was seized as evidence in the open investigation. The man’s name is being withheld pending notification of relatives. An autopsy will be conducted this week to determine the cause of death.

Another Week Brings Another Deadly Overdose to Camp Coonerty

I heard through the grapevine that another person died as a result of a drug overdose in Camp Coonerty on Tuesday night. How many more have to die there to see what an absolute shit show this has become? This place isn’t for people to sleep. This place is for people to hang out, do drugs, prostitute themselves and others, chop up bikes, and just generally engage in a lot of bad behavior. And the city’s response to all this is “we don’t have a clue how to stop it so we’d prefer if it happened in one location and we’ll provide the location”. What a complete “cop out” and failure. But the biggest failure in all this is the county of course, led by our city rep on the Board of Supervisors Ryan Coonerty. And he wants to give us four more years of this mierda? Just say “no mas” to Ryan Coonerty this fall.

Santa Cruz Man Arrested For Shooting Fire Chief

A Santa Cruz man was arrested after allegedly shooting a U.S. Forest Service division fire chief, who was shot while driving on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road in Monterey County Monday night. The victim was shot in the neck and ear while driving back to his station. The suspected gunman was identified as a 25 year old man from Santa Cruz. The suspect led Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies and Fort Hunter Liggett officers on a chase through the Army post. Law enforcement authorities opened fire on the suspect’s truck with bullets striking the driver’s side door. The suspect sped off after the gunfire hit his truck but was eventually arrested and taken into custody.

Man Robbed and Stabbed in Scotts Valley

From Scotts Valley, we get a report that Monday night, a victim called 911 to report that he had been robbed and stabbed at knifepoint. The victim was familiar with one of the robbers and immediately identified him. Officers conducted surveillance on his residence in an attempt to locate the suspect. When he returned home, he was arrested an in possession of 28 doses of LSD, as well as a knife and prescription pills. The subject admitted to his role in the robbery and further investigation lead to the identification of a second suspect, who was also arrested. Both suspects were charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy, as well as possession of LSD and prescription pills without a prescription.

Don’t Fence Me In

Interesting article in the Senile this week. Santa Cruz officials are turning to fencing in our public parks in order to protect them and keep them safe. Laurel Park and Star of the Sea Park are the latest in a list of several public spaces to receive six foot high wrought iron fencing around the parks. The fences were approved by the City Council on November 28th and two days later, the announcement was made at a neighborhood meeting at the Louden Nelson Community Center, adjacent to Laurel Park. This is what happens when you lack vision and ideas. You give up. Does anyone really think a fence will fix the problem here?

DUI Driver Crashes & Rolls SUV

Monday morning around 2AM, SCPD Officers responded to an accident on the 100 block of Ocean St. The 21 year old driver from Watsonville lost control of his Toyota 4Runner while driving on San Lorenzo Blvd. and rolled it through the sign of the Ocean Gate Inn. He was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DUI.

Everything Else Here is Free For Bums

Sunday night around 5:30PM, I heard a report that a man walked into Beach Liquors on the 100 block of Beach street and stole a large Corona, walked out without paying and crossed the street to the weekly salsa dance party next to the Ideal and was just hanging out in the crowd. He didn’t seem too concerned about any repercussions for his bad behavior here. Why should he? It’s obvious he couldn’t pay for it and we don’t punish those that can’t pay.

Just Your Average Vagrant Downtown

Last Friday around 7:00PM, SCPD was responding to numerous complaints regarding drug activity on the east side. As they were patrolling the area, they noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in the 800 block of Water Street. After making contact with the 61 year old Felton resident, they learned he was on probation (Of course he was), and his vehicle was searched as a result of his probation terms. Officers located over an ounce of methamphetamine, a police scanner, nearly $1000 in cash, digital scales and two replica firearms. The man was booked for possession of methamphetamine for sales, a probation violation, and other misdemeanor charges and taken to the county jail. I’m guessing he had that scanner turned off!

Logical Can Also Be Greedy

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about the seemingly obvious position being taken by SCPD to selectively enforce the law and punish people (or not). While I can somewhat understand the logic being applied here, the actual “unofficial” policy is pretty offensive. Basically, it boils down to punish the people with the ability to pay and ignore those that can’t. The biggest problem there is we’ve seen the laundry list of serial recidivists that break the law daily and they’re the people that “can’t pay” and are being ignored more often lately.

I always say it’s always about money and this is really no different. In fact, it validates that theory for me. It’s not just about “the money” as it relates to who pays for the homeless social service programs (a county responsibility that the city consistently bears the burden of). That debate is now playing out publicly every day “Camp Coonerty” exists. The city and county are too busy pointing fingers at each other to truly work together to solve this. And the city is correct to be pissed off and tired of being stiffed with the bill for the county’s lax oversight and policies. It’s also about the money in who can actually pay their fines and who can’t. That’s the selective enforcement part. It’s targeting people who can pay. It’s discrimination for money.

Runaway Llamas in Harvey West Area

Sunday morning around 9:30AM, I heard a report that 3 llamas were wandering around the 200 block of Encinal, and a neighbor was concerned that they may run off and get into traffic on River street. SCPD was looking into a nearby Llama farm located off Highway 9 as possibly the home to the runaway llamas.

Donut Disturbance on Mission Street

Around 1AM on Sunday morning, a report came in about a disturbance at Ferrell’s Donuts on Mission street. You don’t say? Apparently the disturbance involved a battery on someone as well as felony vandalism for breaking a window. The male suspect took off running along the railroad tracks near Mission and Swift street. After a literal foot chase, SCPD eventually got the guy detained and in handcuffs. Fire and AMR were also called to respond because the suspect was covered in blood from multiple cuts he probably got from the broken window.

Hot and Sour With SCPD

Around 1:30AM on Sunday morning, a male suspect was uncooperative with SCPD in the parking lot of the Golden Palace Chinese restaurant at 415 Ocean street. The suspect refused to cooperate with an attempt by SCPD to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. Multiple units were sent to the scene to get him to cooperate. They eventually arrested the guy without incident.

Maybe They Were Just Napping

Saturday afternoon around 4:30PM, fire and AMR were dispatched to the Metro Center downtown after a report of a couple of teenagers who were apparently passed out and unresponsive on a city Metro bus that was parked in the lot.

Fight at Ultramat

Friday night around 7:30PM. I heard a report of 2 males physically fighting at the Ultramat on Laurel. That laundromat has it’s fair share of sketchy characters that like to hang out there, especially with it being directly across the street from the regular and obvious open air drug market next to Laurel Park. Oh, did I mention it’s a block from the SCPD main station?

Dead Man Found in Capitola House Fire

A man was found dead in a Capitola home after a house fire early Sunday morning. Capitola Police and the Central Fire Department responded to a house fire at 717 Sunset Drive around about 12:30AM Sunday morning. When the flames were extinguished, a man was found dead inside of the home. Police and fire officials are currently investigating the cause of the fire and the man’s death.

Water Main Break Shuts Down Water Street

Friday afternoon around 1PM, a water main break closed down Water street between Ocean and River Streets in Santa Cruz. Water flowed between the Santa Cruz County building and the jail, forcing a temporary closure of Water street between Ocean and River streets for hours. Traffic was detoured around the block until limited eastbound access was eventually restored. Water service was disrupted to both the Santa Cruz County Government Building and County Jail during the break.

What’s Coming in 2018 Local Elections?

Two seats are up for election in 2018 on the Board of Supervisors. District 4 represents the south county and Watsonville and District 3 represents the city of Santa Cruz. District 4 County Supervisor Greg Caput is back running for a 3rd term. So far, three Watsonville city council members (Jimmy Dutra, Felipe Hernandez and Nancy Bilicich) have announced plans to run against him. District 3 County Supervisor Ryan Coonerty has two announced challengers so far (Steve Pleich and Doug Deitch).

On the Santa Cruz City Council, 3 seats will be up for grabs in November. New Mayor David Terrazas is terming out so his seat will be replaced by someone new. Richelle Noroyan says she’s running again. Cynthia Chase has not made an announcement. Drew Glover has also announced plans to run. I think J.M. Brown is also planning to run again.

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  1. We need new City Council people !! Keep Richelle but get rid of the rest now !!!! Anyone up for it ??? I am ?

    • I like DT…keep him too

      • Yeah, I agree. Richelle and David are really the only 2 people I trust up there to do the right thing. I might not agree with everything they want or say, but a vast majority of the time I do. As for the others, I feel the Cynthias views shift with whatever the feeling du jour is, but they both pander too much for my tastes. I like Martine but I really still have no idea what she’s thinking. She’s far too quiet up there and I wish she would lead more than just listen all the time. As for Krohn and Brown, my feelings about them are pretty obvious to anyone who follows this website. My hope is more pragmatic community members come forward instead of the usual parade of local whacktivists looking for attention. Thanks Big J!

    • We do need new CC people. The right kind of people. Go for it Paige! At least as far as the race to win goes, the more the merrier. Thanks.

    • These dumb shits need to go, anyone with a vision or desire should apply.

    • What we really need is a new County Supervisor…maybe ALL 5! Someone who swings a big hammer.

  2. Oh My God they’re moving Camp Coonerty in one month to a gravel parking lot near the San Lorenzo river which floods. Front page story in the Senile today. At least they’re giving this “exercise in city council incompetence” some coverage. Although the reporting was that they’re supposed to be “rules” in this gravel parking lot, there’s no need to worry about “rules” being enforced – because this – after all – is Millsville.

  3. Surprisingly enough, the walking Toilet Brush Robert Norse has been strangely quiet about the Benchland Bumfest, after bellowing for 20 years that “WE” should provide a Campground with all sorts of amenities for any and all Junkies that managed to scam a ride here.

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