The Weekly Dump 6.18.21

Back to Normalcy

California officially went back to “normalcy” (I can’t really call it normal, it may never be normal again) on June 15th, meaning many mask mandates expired and restrictions considerably eased. Why now? Is it the so called “herd immunity” threshold we keep hearing about? I doubt it. We aren’t there yet. Is it because of a significant decline in the number of new COVID cases? Possibly. That’s almost certainly part of it. is it political? Of course that’s part of it to some degree. It’s always been political. It’s one of the prime reasons the Governor is facing a recall. But we’ve gone over a year (about 15 months since the first lockdowns and shelter in place orders came in March 0f 2020), and people are COVID fatigued mentally as well as physically. Time will tell if we see another spike. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, please do so. Those who don’t get vaccinated will just be seen as collateral damage to the government. They won’t care if you live or die if you choose to refuse. You’ll just be an unnecessary statistic.

Murder and Mayhem is Apparently a Non-Story in Santa Cruz

Last Thursday night around 9:30PM, Capitola Police apparently arrested a 56 year old male on the 1900 block of 46th Avenue and charged him with murder, mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and resisting arrest. Wait, somebody was murdered in Capitola? A wanted murder suspect was arrested last week in Capitola? I doubt you’ve heard about it anywhere but here. He’s still in jail though so at least there’s that!

Of course it took the Sheriff’s department TWO WEEKS to update their arrest logs. Talk about a lack of transparency. Why the hell are we paying for both “Public Information Officers” when they can’t even perform the simplest, most basic tasks required from their job? Or maybe their jobs are to fetch Jim Hart’s coffee or Andy Mill’s dry cleaning? Where’s the public information from the people we THE PUBLIC are paying for? If I was a student and I turned in a paper two weeks late with no explanation I’d get an F. If I was an employee and I failed to do my job for two weeks, I’d get fired. Am I missing something here? Yeah, I’m missing transparency and accountability here.

Freepers Creepers

Sunday around 3:00PM, a man entered two businesses on the Municipal Wharf and creeped on a couple of teenagers that were shopping. He would drop a set of keys on the ground near each victim, then reach down with a concealed camera in his hand and take a picture under their skirts. SCPD put his picture on blast looking for the public’s help identifying the guy.

And here he is walking around downtown Santa Cruz on Thursday, creeping on more young girls. I heard SCPD knows who he is and he was picked up Wednesday night and of course released, either on penny bail or a cite and release. He’s back downtown. He’s still wearing the same fucking shirt!

Bad Habit

Wednesday night around 6PM, SCPD responded to the Habit Burger on Ocean Street after getting reports of an altercation involving a transient male swinging his skateboard at someone in the business. The suspect was last seen headed down Ocean Street. Apparently nobody was arrested.

Madre de Mierda y la Ramada

Around 7:30AM on Tuesday morning, SCPD sent multiple units to the Ramada on Ocean and May streets for a report of a male screaming and banging on a room door, then entering the room through a window. When they heard the room number, you could feel the exasperation in their voices on the scanner when the name on the room came back to a particular madre de mierda, who has been living in the room for months with her two felons on probation boyfriends. And I guess her kids are there too. Who knows. The exasperated police show up, parties apparently get separated, nobody gets arrested. The drama just follows her around.

The Weekly Walking Undead Story

Monday afternoon around 1:30PM, SCPD along with Santa Cruz fire and medics responded to the San Lorenzo park bum camp after getting reports of a possible fentanyl overdose in the camp. Someone on the scene administered 3 doses of Narcan which seemed to do the trick. The woman apparently got up and walked away refusing any medical attention, but probably searching for her next fix. Next time she might not be so lucky.

Do-Rag Guy Gets a Smackdown

Tuesday morning around 10AM, SCPD responded to the area near the 400 block of Beach Street, across from the entrance to the Santa Cruz wharf. Witnesses reported that some guy with a bandana around his head was challenging people to fights in front of the Picnic Basket. Multiple units responded and the guy seemed to resist arrest until he didn’t resist anymore. He apparently required medical attention. Possibly from the dog.

Lord of the Flies

Tuesday afternoon around 1:30PM, SCPD sent 3 units to the bum camp in San Lorenzo Park after getting numerous reports about a transient male walking around threatening someone with gun. Witnesses reported seeing a gun in his waistband. A female who was with him was apparently being threatened. They were gone by the time SCPD got there and couldn’t be located so nobody was arrested. “Self managed” camps. Yeah right. Give me a fucking break. It’s a combination of an apathetic police force (and I can’t blame them, they respond to SLP multiple times a day for various assaults and thefts), a Sheriff who can’t seem to keep anyone in jail, local judges who hand out weak penalties, a DA’s office that probably dismisses half their cases. We’re pissing in the wind here.

UCSC Mandates COVID Vaccinations for Fall Semester

The University of California is doing a policy reversal and will now require COVID-19 vaccinations for all students, staff and faculty returning to campus in the fall. The decision is a change of policy after the UC system announced in April it would only require COVID-19 vaccinations after at least one vaccine got FDA approval. The policy will apply to all 10 UC campuses, with exemptions for medical and religious reasons.

The Weekly Seen

I can see that “managed camp” looks real well managed.

San Lorenzo Park. This is our jewel of a public park turned human dumpster.

Get Your Swagger On!

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  1. Jesus H. Whatever! Anyone reading this should be up in arms, particularly if they have daughters. That peeping creep should be in jail, or beaten to a pulp, or both. He’s still on the streets? That’s fucked up.

  2. re: “Murder and Mayhem is Apparently a Non-Story in Santa Cruz

    >If the charge is preceded by “(PC) 664,” then it’s actually an attempted murder. Penalties are the same as if the act was completed, but it gives the DA’s Office wiggle room. I see a plea deal in this guys future (No Contest to obstruction, and a dismissals on the 664/187, the Mayhem, and the assault with a deadly weapon. That’s how those stew bums (ADA’s) roll… and he’ll get probation! Ha ha ha…) You’re also correct about central coast media: Absent.

    >The SCPD’s PIO isn’t involved in publishing the arrest reports. That’s done by what is most likely the most dysfunctional, lazy, rudest bunch of people in City Government: SCPD Records. The SCPD PIO is getting paid $85K a year plus full benefits for posting cute pictures of K9s on FB.
    The Sheriff’s Arrest Logs on the other hand are published by their PIO. She doesn’t like doing it, and has to be constantly goaded. I mentioned to her about how important transparency is, and making a weakness a strength, but that hasn’t yet made any difference.

    Great “Dump.” Keep up the good work.

  3. Quick update: “Freepers Creepers” guy was apparently arrested by SCPD on Thursday night. Which just coincidently, was AFTER that photo I used was taken. His bail was increased to $25K and as of Friday morning he’s in jail. For now. All of his charges are non-violent misdemeanors, meaning Hart would normally give him a “PTA” or penny bail.

  4. Quick update: “Freepers Creepers” guy was apparently arrested by SCPD on Thursday night. Which just coincidently, was AFTER that photo I used was taken. His bail was increased to $25K and as of Friday morning he’s in jail. For now. All of his charges are non-violent misdemeanors, meaning Hart would normally give him a “PTA” or penny bail.

    • Thanks for the update Ben! That’s some good news. At least the authorities now have his name. How do we get him on a “Pedophile” list? I guess he’d have to go to trial first.

  5. Jim Northcutt

    “Those who don’t get vaccinated will just be seen as collateral damage to the government. They won’t care if you live or die if you choose to refuse. You’ll just be an unnecessary statistic.”
    Like this state government gives a shit about you now?

  6. “Those who don’t get vaccinated will just be seen as collateral damage to the government. They won’t care if you live or die if you choose to refuse. You’ll just be an unnecessary statistic.”…Nor will the drug companies or the government care when you kick the bucket from the “side effects” of these experimental inoculations. Here’s a bit of a fun fact. Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA vaccine technology, said the COVID vaccine lipid nanoparticles — which tell the body to produce the spike protein — leave the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues. Fun stuff.

    • Gabrielle D Laney-Andrews

      I haven’t been sick a day since menopause five years ago, night sweats every night. I hear that viruses can’t survive over 80º. Perhaps doing a sauna would have the same effect. Everyone should be able to decide what is best for them healthwise. Whatever you want to do, you should do and we should stay out of other people’s business. And as I posted below, I am not able to take a vax anyway some sort of allergy to the ingredients that are added (the serum?), just like folks with peanut allergies I think. I could go into toxic shock which could kill me as well.

  7. Beth Ann LaBarba

    Thank you so much for keeping it real…Please watch these…We are not being told about the thousands in the UK in the streets refusing vaccines, and proof of vaccination cards. We are not being told about the long term effects of the toxic vaccinations.

    • If the long term effect is that I’m alive, I’ll take what comes. If you don’t want to vaccinate, fine. Just stay out of public locations where you will be infecting others. Don’t bring others down with you.

      • Gabrielle D Laney-Andrews

        I don’t understand, if someone is vaccinated why should they worry about others? I can’t take a vaccination, my doctor told my mother that when I was five for the smallpox vax in ’63. I don’t know why, but we haven’t chanced it since then and nor have I been sick for several years and certainly not once since Covid. I think it had something to do with the “serum” whatever that means. Everyone in my Kindergarten class got the shot but me, I cried as I felt left out. I still wear a mask when required. I use natural supplements and herbs to boost my immune system too. My cousin and brother got the vax and were really, really sick after, could it be a genetic thing?

  8. MuyDeplorable

    Ben: Regarding the weekly cover photo, which looks like a high-end bum resort with a red umbrella.

    May I ask, is that an actual bum-built installation? If so, I must admit that it looks better than some private properties on the west side of Santa Cruz. Those would be properties that were purchased long ago, when prices were MUCH lower, with Prop-13 low taxes. Some are still occupied by the low-income owners, some are rentals. In any case, the westside property owners are now millionaires, if they sell. Some of them are hard to distinguish from the bums, in terms of attitude.

  9. City Insider

    Lots of homeless individuals with their warped sense of reality…why is the city paying employees time and 1/2 To clean Main Beach over the fourth of July? This place has become nothing but a paradise for losers. I see it every day. gimme gimme is all they know. How about putting the needle down and picking up all your fucking trash ?

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