The Weekly Dump 8.7.20

Two More People Locally Die of Coronavirus

Two more Santa Cruz County residents died from COVID-19 this past week, bringing the known death toll in the county to six. Of the roughly 1,200 cases reported as of Tuesday, about two-thirds were reported in the last two weeks. The county health officer estimates about 100 cases have gone unreported in the last seven to 10 days. The county is currently investigating 20 outbreaks. Here’s a breakdown of the current reported case count:

  • Capitola: 34
  • Santa Cruz: 202
  • Scotts Valley: 27
  • Watsonville: 597
  • Unincorporated: 208
  • Under investigation: 128

Shooting in the Beach Flats Near the Boardwalk

Last Friday afternoon around 5PM, there was an apparent shooting near the area of Beach Street and Third Avenue near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The suspects were gone by the time SCPD arrived on scene, but conveniently the suspects in the shooting were stopped earlier by SCPD and let go, so SCPD had their names and information. Multiple types of shell casings were found at the scene by investigators. I haven’t heard of any victims in this case. Investigators think the shooting started as some sort of food fight, where bottles and cans might have also been thrown at each other and evolved into a gun battle.

Bomb Scare on Soquel Avenue

Thursday afternoon, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department responded to the 1200 block of Soquel Avenue for a report of an individual in crisis. After arriving, deputies conducted a traffic stop on the person and noticed what appeared to be a pipe bomb located on a seat in the car. The area was evacuated and the local bomb squad was called in to investigate the device. After reviewing the device they determined the object was not explosive.

Two Men Arrested for Suspected Child Sex Abuse in Watsonville

Last Friday, Watsonville Police arrested two men in unrelated child sex abuse cases. In the first case, a 28 year old male was arrested by Watsonville police early Friday on suspicion of five felonies charges related to sex crimes involving a minor, including a charge involving a child three years old or younger. His bail was set at $50K. Seriously? $50K? For raping a toddler? WTF is wrong with this picture and town? He’s been arrested locally at least 14 times since 2014. He’s out of jail already. In another apparently unrelated case, a 70 year old male was arrested on suspicion of continuous sexual abuse of a child, lewd and lascivious acts with a child younger than 14 years. Three different victims reported continuous abuse from the suspect. His bail was set at $250K and he’s still in jail. Hopefully for the rest of his miserable life.

Drunk Car Thief Arrested After Crashing on Highway 17

Two men were arrested in Santa Cruz County last Thursday morning after leaving the scene of a crash involving a stolen car, according to reports from the local California Highway Patrol. One man was driving on north Highway 17 around 5AM when he made an illegal U-turn at Vine Hill Road. He hit a 49 year old Watsonville man driving southbound on the highway. When CHP officers arrived, they found two men running off into the woods. A nearby resident contacted CHP after spotting two men in their bushes. A 25 year old Manteca man was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a stolen car, hit-and-run, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. A 38 year old San Jose man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen car and resisting arrest. A 30 year old Boulder Creek woman who was a passenger in the drunk’s car stayed at the scene and was hospitalized with minor injuries.

For the Turnstiles

Tuesday night around 8PM, Santa Cruz Police responded to the 100 block of Trescony where they arrested a 30 year old male for burglary, grand theft, trespassing, drug possession, and being drunk in public. The Sheriff didn’t want him in his jail and told him to get lost, kicking him to the curb after a “promise to appear”. He’s probably passed out in San Lorenzo park. He’s been arrested at least 11 times since 2014 locally. It’s the turnstile!

The Weekly Seen

Local assholes were out and about busy trashing SCPD last Friday night. No pride.

Weenies Were Flying on Beach Street

This past Saturday afternoon, there was an altercation on Beach Street between a street vendor and the owner of a restaurant across the street. According to witnesses, the owner of a pizza restaurant across from the boardwalk approached a street vendor and began harassing her before pushing over her hot dog cart. A cell phone video captured a shoving match which followed in the moments after the cart was knocked over.

A police report was filed. In the report, one of the restaurants alleges retaliation with vandalism of their outdoor furniture. The street vendors say they’re fed up with the way they have been treated.A GoFundMe has been started for the street vendor who sells hot dogs. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise enough money for the vendor to purchase a food cart that can meet county regulations for a permit.

Suspicious Fire Burns Eucalyptus Grove Off Branciforte

Thursday afternoon around 3:30PM, the Santa Cruz Fire Department responded to a report of eucalyptus trees burning near South Branciforte Drive and Ocean View Way. When the fire was reported, crews were told neighbors on Buena Vista Drive could see the fire. When firefighters arrived, they found about a quarter of an acre burning. The fire was extinguished in about 30 minutes. The fire department said it had spread up several trees, but did not spread to any structures. Investigators said the cause of the fire is still undetermined, but it is considered suspicious. Two words. “Bum Camp”. That area is littered (literally) with illegal bum camps in the woods.

Shake Rattle and Roll

Thursday morning around 9AM, we apparently had a little earthquake just north of Santa Cruz. A 3.2 magnitude earthquake registered 13 miles west of Bonny Doon, according to the the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The tremor was reportedly felt in Santa Cruz and as far north as San Mateo. No injuries or damages have been reported.

The Kitten Rescue Story We All Need Right Now!

A small kitten had to be rescued off Highway 1 near Morrissey Boulevard last Friday after it was found scared and nestled against the center divide. The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter says the kitten was reported by someone driving along the highway Friday morning. An animal shelter officer saw the gray kitten, hunkered down and scared as cars and trucks sped by.CHP assisted in shutting down the highway as the shelter officer removed the cat from the area. The officer safely impounded the cat which is now sitting far away from the highway at the county animal shelter.

The Field is Set

Today was the final day to submit paperwork to run for the Santa Cruz city council. Pretty much the same group as last week. Richelle is confirmed out. She couldn’t get the machine support necessary to make an effective run. That’s how the game is played around here!

The slates are starting to form. All you have to do is look at their endorsement pages and when you see the same names over and over, you might as well just stamp “Machine Backed” on their forehead. For future reference here, I’ll label each candidate with one of 4 labels:

  • MMB: Moderate Machine Backed
  • PMB: Progressive Machine Backed
  • OTOLI: On The Outside Looking In
  • GLFA: Grifter Looking For Attention

So here are some random thoughts, cheap shots, and bon mots:

  • Martine Watkins (MMB): She’s not especially strong at anything but she’s pretty moderate about everything that matters. And she ran a (relatively) tight ship during meetings as mayor.
  • Sandy Brown (PMB): If she’s at the top of their ticket, it’s a pretty weak and desperate field this time around. In her four years on the council, she’s proven herself to be not much more than a Krohn/Glover lackey. She’s a follower not a leader. She’s a willing progressive vote if you tell her how to vote. She’s a hot mess. She’s been a hot mess for 4 years. By herself, she talks a lot in circles (and gets lost), but she’s pretty harmless. She’s certainly less offensive when she’s not just rubber stamping Krohn or Glover’s bullshit.
  • Sonja Brunner (MMB): Don’t know much but I’m learning. She’s part of the Downtown Association so I guess she supports local businesses and that’s a much needed voice. The machine obviously likes her. I think she would actually do fine. She seems smart, grounded, and in it for the right reasons.
  • Kayla Kumar (PMB): I guess she’s part of the slate. She’s the development director of “Food, What?!”, a local non-profit. She’s also worked with Barrios Unidos, another local non-profit. So she’s part of the homeless industrial complex basically. She’s backed by the local socialist democrats.
  • Maria Cadenas: She’s solidly far left progressive in her views. She’s also endorsed by basically the whole Coonerty family. So it’s hard to say where she falls on the spectrum. Somewhere in the middle maybe? She’s also an Executive Director of a local non-profit. I’m seeing a pattern here.
  • Kelsey Hill (PMB): She was an editor at City on a Hill Press, works for the Romero Institute. Endorsed by the fake Santa Cruz For Bernie group.
  • Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson (MMB): This is what a moderate machine backed candidate looks like. Even Don Lane endorses her. She’s obviously solid and well liked by the mainstream “local influencers” and will bring their money and backing.
  • Elizabeth K. Conlan: “We’re under construction. Please check back for an update soon.”
  • Bad Mom (GLFA): Nope.

Open the Hair Salons!

They are getting an unfair shake from the state. Sign their petition!

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  1. MuyDeplorable

    “The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise enough money for the vendor to purchase a food cart that can meet county regulations for a permit.”


    • Street vendors is all that’s going to be left in another year.

    • I think the the problem with the Vendor is that they didn’t have the proper Health Dept permits. And it is a mute point because the Vendors shouldn’t even be there in the first place. If you look it up on the City of SC website it specifically says that vendors are not allowed to sell at that location. The locations allowed for permitted selling is perfectly laid out on the website.

      • At Tuesday’s City Council meeting (Aug. 11) the topic of street vendors is item #31 on the agenda. Read the material included in the packet for the council (on the city web page), then express your thoughts before or during the public comment period of the (Zoom) meeting. I can see pros and cons of allowing a bunch of carts selling cheapo goods.

      • As far as street vendors go, it’s not fair to the businesses that go through all the city permits/red tape and exorbitant rent… only to have someone with a wheeling cart set up wherever they want to… especially within feet of direct competition.
        Not to mention the ability to avoid all regular and extra covid health codes during a pandemic.
        (I thought the goal of the city/county health officials mandated hypocrital rigmarole was to AVOID spreading illness…?)
        Maybe all the “non essantial” out of work folks should just start blanketing street corners with lemonade stands.

    • Today it came out that the hot dog vendor scammed everybody. She has a nice house in Antioch with BMWs parked in the driveway. She can afford to buy her own hot dog cart.

      Reports say that she was harassing other vendors, telling them they couldn’t be there without a permit.

      • Theodora Kerry

        Do you have a link to this info? Couldn’t find anything in the online Patch or Sentinel, and the article in the current online Good Times was obviously written before this info came out.

      • MuyDeplorable

        I also could not find a link indicating the Antioch BMW thing. In any case, given that established restuarants are in very deep doo-doo with this shutdown, and those who can afford to remain open are often reduced to street seating or takeout with limited menu, limited customers, and limited staff, I cannot see the need for hot dog carts or food trucks. With or without permits!

  2. Anonymityisafacade

    Yeah, I noticed that, too, MuyDeplorable…umm

  3. Regarding the hotdogs flying on Beach St. in Santa was The owner of the Falafel Restaurant that was involved in the altercation, not the owner of the Pizza Restaurant.

  4. No men running for SC City Council? What’s up with that?

  5. Sandy Brown is not harmless, she is stealthy. When attempting to reduce the bureaucracy around ADUs, she put forward the idea of reduced permit fees being tied to affordability, “in perpetuity.” This is part of the unsaid, but very calculated, “no growth“ plot. I understand smart and thoughtful growth, but just using whatever means necessary to thwart growth will be disastrous.

    Also, let’s not forget her tearful moment suggesting she did not mean to hurt the assistant City Manager after putting forward a motion to table the censure of Councilmembers Krohn and Glover. Are we to believe she did not know this would hurt an accuser?

    I will not vote for Sandy Brown, in perpetuity.

  6. About 2pm Fri while stopped at Water / Ocean some crazy drove fast down the right shoulder and cut off 4 lanes of just moving traffic (both ways!) as the light changed green, only to be followed by 2 Ranger trucks in hot pursuit. The crazy must have turned to side streets because going that way on Ocean to 17 I didn’t see them again. That could have turned out worse.
    I think it’s time to come out for law and order. If Cummings wanted the big time and was the first black Mayor to say enough Commie is enough, he could gain attention. Probably not as he still thinks there is a shred of legitimacy left in the BLM movement, and hey he’s 2 inches right of a far left lefty. So June was gay month, July was BLM month (although I’m still wondering why the gay flags are still up two months after June, and no BLM flags yet or in all of July, hello it’s August?), and now I see August is to be Muslim appreciation month. I can’t wait to see what month September will be. Native American month? I count three meetings where Cummings opened up the council meetings by mentioning we live on the un-ceded land of the Amah Mutsun tribe. WHY, you would have to ask him, but I suspect when he’s looking around for some group to honor for Sept. it will be them, even if it’s only a handful left, just a guess.
    I’m enjoying my Santa Mierda tee shirt, I’m wearing it now.

  7. Mary Hesketh

    My husband wants to know why the pedophiles get out on bail, but the kitten remains in custody?

  8. It’s good to see actual numbers on covid cases Ben.

    Also do you think the words “progressive” and “socialist” are synonyms?

    • I know you asked Ben, but I can answer that. Technically, a socialist believes the government should control the means of production (all business, everyone works for the state), whereas progressive is more like “Leftist”, which is to say adopts Marxist elements of victim-oppressor labor-management views, also believes racism,sexism, homophobia, and greedy capitalist pig action are currently the major injustices, i.e. also wealth inequality is evil. Not too respectful of private property, individual liberty. Progressives then have many, many check boxes that qualify them, but check more than 1 or 2 and, yep, you are a “progressive”. It’s still pretty true though that the only progress progressives consider is progress towards socialism. Hope that helps.

  9. Watkins , Brunner, and Shebreh are all backed by Santa Cruz Together (who sat out the last election, not this time, will get some $$). The only reason they get this endorsement (they have many, many others), is they push the right buttons on SCT’s most important issues, otherwise, they all mention social justice, equity, racial inequality, climate control WAY too much for me, but I suppose it’s impossible to get elected in this town if you don’t. SCT membership didn’t exactly vote on this, so it is purely their stance on no harsher rent control, and their impressive experience that gets their endorsement as viewed by SCT execs.
    I agree the rest are leftist, and will have to sort through the garbage to see who could be 4’th, although I have a feeling Brown will unfortunately sneak in as 4’th as she did last time (not with my vote however).
    Martine has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from CSU Monterey Bay and the Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute of Public Policy, so has the pure bred educational and experience background to be a certified going somewhere Democrat. While Health in All Policies is her major achievement , that for me unfortunately is one of the most insidious leftist/globalist tools imaginable that in the wrong hands can be used to justify anything and everything leftist strange-o and is devoid of American principals. It expands government control infinitely assuming government can gauge human potential and what factors control it, where and how human potential is unjustly being held back, and write law to “correct” that based on the statistics of evidence based studies. Sounds good, except it is a leftist/globalist wet dream of government control.
    I will back the three “moderates” even as I hold my nose.

  10. I’ve said it before and will say it again—thanks for compiling these local news stories each week. So much of my time for the past five years has been taken up by keeping up with our national news (and NOT because I want to!) that it is hard to stay abreast of the goings-on in my own town. You help so much by giving us this brief, to-the-point synopsis of OUR town.

  11. In case people were unaware, I’ve had the flu this week which is why this week’s Dump is a bit late. But I should have it up later today!

    • Yikes! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, Ben. Hope you feel better soon.

    • MuyDeplorable

      Ben: I thought maybe you were kidnapped by progressives, and are being tortured in a re-education camp. Then, three years from now, you would re-appear with a Ph.D. and a glazed look in your eyes.

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