The Weekly Dump 4.10.20

Santa Cruz Closes Beaches & Parks Over Coronavirus

This week, the Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer announced the closure of all beaches, including surfing, trails and pathways. The County of Santa Cruz has issued a Supplemental Public Health Order for the temporary closure of public parks, trails and trailheads, and beaches and beach access points from Wednesday, April 8th through April 15th.

The Cost of Congregating in Public Right Now

As I was researching stuff for this week’s Dump, I noticed an unusually high number of citations written by the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s office for violating the shelter in place emergency ordinance. It looks like they were focusing mostly on the beaches in their jurisdiction, and I noticed at least 20-30 tickets written just this past week. And I don’t think these are cheap tickets. Close to $1000 I believe. So unless you want to be a whole lot poorer for being selfish by going to the beach while the rest of us stay inside, don’t go to the beach!

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart reported last Saturday, locals received 23 of the 24 tickets the sheriff’s office issued to people not following the shelter-in-place order. The order also applies to people using park facilities, such as basketball courts, and surfers. The county has jurisdiction up to about a mile out from the shoreline. Deputies won’t paddle out or take boats to surfers on the water who are purposely ignoring the order, but they will issue tickets when surfers return to land, according to Hart.

No Get Out of Jail Free Card For Mayhem

Wednesday afternoon around 1:30PM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1200 block of Webster Street where they arrested a 32 year old male for battery with serious bodily injury, mayhem, and assault with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $25K and last check he’s still in county jail. What’s “mayhem” you might ask? Well it’s this done maliciously.

Looting the Catalyst

This past Tuesday, SCPD responded to the Catalyst for a report of a burglary in progress. After they arrived, officers observed two suspects leaving the building, and they were detained in the back parking lot on Center Street. They also found a third suspect inside the Catalyst. The trio tried to steal a significant amount of alcohol from the business and were arrested for burglary, looting, and violating the shelter in place order.

Armed Robbery in Felton

Wednesday afternoon around 3:30PM, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported armed robbery near the Felton Fair Shopping Center in Felton. The suspect was described as wearing a black and white checkered flannel shirt and black jeans and was considered armed and dangerous. No arrests have been made.

Would He Let Me Out of Jail Free For Doing the Same Thing?

Wednesday morning around 6AM, SCPD arrested a 45 year old transient woman near the corner of Elm and Cedar Streets in downtown Santa Cruz for being drunk in public, drug possession, and flashing a weapon. Sheriff Jim Hart decided she wasn’t a threat to public safety when he gave her one of his “Get Out of Jail Free ” cards as part of her “Pre Trial Assessment”.

She Has a Jim Hart Fast Pass

Thursday afternoon, SCPD responded with multiple units to the 100 block of Surfside Avenue after getting reports of a possible home invasion involving a man with no pants on. Turns out he was actually a she and SCPD managed to track her down in the nearby neighborhood pretty quickly. She even managed to put her pants back on apparently. Of course she’s out of jail already. On Wednesday, she was arrested off of Blackburn for being drunk in public and trespassing. On Tuesday, she was cited and released for being drunk in public. Never mind the Get Out of Jail Free Cards, she has a Fast Pass. Just scan and go.

Turnstiler of the Week

Wednesday afternoon, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 100 block of Dogwood Drive in Watsonville where they arrested a 40 year old for first degree burglary, drug possession, and of course, a probation violation. He’s already out of jail. He’s been arrested locally 24 times since 2015. Obviously, we have no idea how to keep this guy in jail longer than 2 days.

Should Have Sheltered in Place

Monday night around 8PM, SCPD responded with multiple units to the 1100 block of Mission near Rigg Street for a disturbance involving a 45 year old male, who was eventually arrested for resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer. Last check he was still in county jail.

Trash Truck Overturns on Graham Hill Road

In this week’s literal edition of the “weekly dump”, a garbage truck driving along a wet Mount Hermon Road between Scotts valley and Felton overturned, snarling traffic for awhile. No injuries were reported that I know about.

The Purple Reign of Terror is Officially Over

So this will likely be the last time you’ll hear me talk about “Drew Glover” or “Chris Krohn” for awhile. If they decide to revive their flogged carcasses of a local political career, I guess you’ll hear their name mentioned this fall. And I suppose it’s possible one or both will try to run again in the fall. We all know their bruised and fragile egos are telling them to run again. And given how many people voted no, I’m sure they feel kind of empowered to try again. And I hope they do. Because if they do, all of their dirty laundry will come front and center for them all over again. And I think a lot of people are sick of them and their dirty laundry. We didn’t get to see any kind of pathologically narcissistic “farewell speech” from either one, so thank God we were spared that. The meeting itself was another complete dumpster fire from city employees showing a complete lack of basic technology skills in trying to navigate an online meeting. I guess the IT guy took the night off.

Santa Cruz County Announces New Efforts to Treat Coronavirus Patients

This week, Santa Cruz County announced a partnership with 1440 Multiversity and the Simpkins Family Swim Center to create alternate care sites for up to 100 coronavirus patients. These new locations are designed for patients who need hospitalization but don’t have complex medical needs. The goal is to free up local hospital capacity to house critically ill COVID-19 patients.

They also announced they would deliver meals to those in need. Staff with 1440 Multiversity will be preparing hundreds of meals to be delivered three times daily to vulnerable residents in shelters throughout the county. Alternate care sites are not open to the public and are not walk-up medical facilities.

UCSC Scientists Working on Rapidly Deploying New Coronavirus Testing Locally

UCSC scientists are working on a diagnostic testing lab on campus that will meet the needs of students, staff and the community. The lab could be the only facility capable of testing samples locally and results could be made available almost immediately. They are targeting high capacity testing with 24 hour turn around times according to UC scientists associated with the project. Testing will begin with students and faculty currently sheltered in place on campus. Eventually, testing will be for first responders and other essential workers to determine their status on the job. They could begin testing by the end of this month after getting CDC approval.

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  1. I assume the citations issued to people who violate the park closures will only apply to those people who seem to be taxpayers. The homeless / street people will probably be told to move on with no citation, only to return in a couple of minutes.

    • Jim nailed it! Yesterday I saw multiple groups of bums huddled together hanging around downtown with no intervention by police at all. And the day before I saw a police car rush the wrong way through the Wharf toll lane to “intercept” three people who were looking at the beach. Since the homeless never show up in court and are not held accountable for anything this crackdown on normal citizens simply trying to take a walk, surf or swim is completely unjustified. If you want everyone inside then be honest and declare martial law but in the meantime the local cops – who regularly ignore most crimes – should back off from these draconian measures. I sent a letter to my rep on the Board of Supervisors regarding this unequal application of the law and I urge others to do so.

      • If I had the resources, I’d do a setup with a video camera and sit near some bums in a closed area and record myself getting cited and the bums getting a free pass and taking it to court. This 2 tiered legal system is bogus. Bums are immune to the law and they know it and use it.

        • You are so right.

          • How’d you get a pic up for the comments board I wanna put a pic of my doggie moo-Moo rott/Pitt (mom) chihuahua/papillon (dad) beyond cute.

        • You know Jim your really on to something. If I wasn’t already a huge target for the Advocates ( they actually have real power in SC)(beyond WRONG) but true I’d help you do just that. We need to show just how lopsided it is here. If laws can’t be enforced on the parasites as I refer to them as then we need to show how that is a fact here. That just because a certain group of “people” in SC cannot be policed that other means need to be enforced-customized to the individual. I tried putting up was I was having to deal with on YouTube being a Gaurd at the Galleria and the advocates got me fired cause I was “cruel “ and said “cruel words”to some young “homeless couple”( public shaming) but I’d get death threats and physical assaulted and that’s ok by the Advocates standards. It’s to bad us regular folk have work and take care of our responsibility’s or else we can have the time and energy to expose SC for what it is-free to criminals and drug addicts and homeless by choice and expensive for everyone else. I mainly got on this blog to see about filtering out the parasites so that the truly homeless and truly mentality ill can get the help they so desperately deserve, honesty that’s the main reason I comment so much is I hope that can and will happen. And it’s a great place to vent 🙂

    • Yup you said it- assbackwards SC

    • It’s all about the money.

  2. Jamilynn Willaman

    I’d like a Santa Mierda mask. Just the words. Can this be done?
    Always a joy to read.

  3. Well, the CA Judicial council has set a $0 bail for all misdemeanors and felonies, with the exception of a few offenses. Hit and run causing death, felony assault with force likely to cause GBI, elder abuse, and many more are a-okay for no bail. Wooot woot.

    • The problem is these looters and felons are still getting out of jail just after a few days or even hours. Like the guy that just broke into the Gem shop on front st not long ago. He came into my work 4 days later asking for hand outs.
      Everyone blames cops, but cops can only arrest. Its ip to the stupid judges in this county to do their job and convict with longer sentences.

  4. There’s even chain link fences put up to block the Lil “camp areas on the bridges. But yet the guy who LIVES in a tent on the corner of the 3 story parking garage next to the Wells Fargo on River st is STILL there and was either provided two large garbage cans or just had them now to look like he’s trying not to be a freeloading scum bag. I bet if I or some other regular person tried to set up a tent next to his we would get denied and told some bogus reasons why HE can be there. We all know why he hasn’t been told to leave even though he been at the same spot almost 6 months- he’s a scum bum that’s dug his heels in and has the Advocates on his side. Since I still have the optimistic disease I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before the city tells him to be “ please leave” this city needs to take care of and start backing up those of us who make this place a CITY instead of THE PARASITES-the real mascot of SC 🙁 booooo!

    • I just saw that guy I keep mentioning on River st. In just a freakin towel like he just got done bathing himself, smug look on his face like he’s at his own private B&B spa getaway. Where’s two gallons of deer fence when you need it. I have to much time on my hands sometimes:)

  5. Greg Tedesco

    I can’t believe you did not mention that Coral Street was closed so the bums have the whole street now

    • The bums always have the whole street. It’s called “Skid Row” here for a reason.

    • I too would like to know why this street was closed off.
      I mean, I know why it was closed off.
      But what is the “pretended reason”?

      • Word from the city is to make the street safe and to get a handle on the situation. I have seen a drop in drug traffic, but the dealers still know how to get in. There are guards on the street, but they don’t/can’t do much.

    • The city claims to be worried about spreading covid all while the ppl (bums) with the highest likely hood of contracting and spreading it are using the bathroom wherever, whenever.

  6. Howdy fellow Santa Poopers,

    Regarding farewell speeches, did not at least CK publish a diatribe in the “Sentinel” about how the town is controlled by rich landlords and developers and big outside money? I always laugh about that one. If it were true, would not the City be overrun with high rises and apartments? As far as I can tell, for the last 40 to 50 years the City of Santa Cruz has pretty well kicked the butts of anyone trying to build anything (well, except or pet projects, like hotels and PAMF). Hotels are loved, because the City only gets maybe 14% of the property taxes. Housing is a money loser for the City, but all (or nearly all?) of the transient occupancy tax flows to City coffers. Who argues against fleecing a tourist? What you see and experience is what the City Council voted for.


  7. Haaa!! They are now using 2 guards per graveyard shift at the Galleria. I guess they realized that’s a safer option for the Guards…..

  8. 8:10 am this morning I’m on water st at the lights waiting to turn left on to ocean st light colored Jeep Cherokee with no front lights (physically) no front bumper w guy is honking his horn yelling stuff while the light is still red by the time I get my phone out to call 911 I’m passing A whole bunch of SCPD (not sure what happened near Togo’s or McDonald’s or in between) as I’m talking to dispatch giving his plate he stops goes in reverse for a few seconds on ocean st the. Goes forward pulls onto pryce st loops into the gas station heads towards HWY 17 then suddenly turns and heads onto HWY 1 south FLYING. IM on the phone with dispatch this whole time till I hang up and watch as he goes up 1 passed Morrissey he eventually slows down cause I’m surprised I catch up to him since I figured he was gone I’m guessing his vehicle isn’t in good enough shape to keep going full speed. I call 911 again cause he kept pulling over and waving and giving me the thumbs up. Idk. By this time I’m patched thru to CHP he’s no longer speeding so I stay a ways behind him I give his plate and direction he gets off and runs the light going left on to Park st or Ave toward Soquel then turns right on Soquel then I just figure I’ve done my part I looped thru willowbrook ln then thru back on to Soquel and checked behind the Safeway near state park dr and then headed home. Just another day in Santa Mierda!!!!!

  9. The City Insider

    I’m confused…. I walked by the farmer’s market on the West side with my husband today and there were so many people in a total clusterf*ck in there! Hummm.
    Closing surfing at Cowell Beach and the Lane. Makes total sense…
    But surfers like my husband that are the most responsible people in the world can’t go surf?
    Whoever said waves were like a giant sneeze must have been on shrooms.

    • I think it is more likely to prevent the over the hill gang from doing easter week in Santa Cruz. the over the hillers won’t be lining up to go to our farmers markets.

  10. Just as I was waking to work, yes I’m still a guard yes still in Santa Cruz and in just about the same area. This guy (done by year-month-day)4-4-8,16-2-19,18-3-2,18-3-7,18-3-16,18-3-24,18-9-11,18-10-25,19-5-14,19-6-14,19-8-19,19-9-26,19-12-24,20-1-14,20-1-29.
    Mr.Santos Lopez was cursing and saying he was going to “kill all you Mother*%#~S” I wasn’t sure what to make of this, there was a lady sitting in a bench next to me a couple in a car(regular folk) so being that my Relife was soon to be where I was standing in front of our building entrance where she gets picked up so to try to get rid of the guy or at least see if I could do something about what I was seeing I decided to ask the guy “what’s going on?” He decided to walk up to me, but I was prepared first put my phone video record and pulled out my pepper gel so he kept his distance but was still trying to square up to me and divert his face I guess to see if he could get a good swing at me and not get sprayed. He was just drunk and out of it but I managed to get 10 seconds of video before calling 911. He kept threatening me and being a creep as he headed towards where else the Galleria I even told dispatch were he was going. PD didn’t find him but 10 minutes on Mugshots Santa Cruz and I found him and his arrest record I then had dispatch have an officer call me so I can let them know I Identified who it was I encountered. Before I went in my building the lady on the bench who ran as soon as she saw the guy come at me came up to me and thanked me and said before I showed up she really didn’t know what she was going to do or what was going to happen if I didn’t intervene. I just said ya well most SC folk are numb to this stuff and probably would have kept walking and not even call the cops. Then she remarked as to all the tension out now cause the pandemic and shelter in place. I just said next time just call the police they tend to show up faster if a female is calling. 3:53 pm today

  11. Ya I’m on special detail so I’m “escorting maintenance guy around buildings”-there from a few towns away don’t come here unless it’s for work. There blown away about what kind crap they see just gettn here they say what most do” don’t the cops do any about all the (Bums) and (Tweakers) around here”. So I spent a lunch hour filling them in best I could in the hour lunch break,I’m just there cause I have an access badge to get into places and I’m not going to distract them while there working. But there hard working dudes and where there from this stuff just doesn’t happen creepy drug addict “homeless” just everywhere. Not my words! And of course I’m getting to know more janitors with the same kinds of stories of finding “homeless” all the time where there not supposed to be usually shooting up,rambling or passed out. Some are woman all are Latino so far 80% of the janitors I’ve meet being a Gaurd are of that ethnic background. A lot of them say it a disgrace to be on the streets throwing your life away where there families come from. So all I can do is recommend Ruger brand pepper gel and YouTube on videos on how to use it. One lady asked if I could teach her self defense I just told here just be aware of your surroundings have your pepper gel handy when your in SC day or night and call the cops cause to many people just don’t when they see creeps being creepy. I write down for them -The Weekly Dump/Santa Mierda-they laugh, and tell them to please let people know about it. Word of mouth you can’t beat it. Oh guy on River st is still there with a few more tents next to his.

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